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21 Apr
My handwritten Web Development notes ✍️

1. CSS selectors ☑️ Image
2. Some important CSS Pseudo classes 🔯 Image
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21 Apr
La réforme de l’#assurancechomage a été remise sur les rails, et devrait s’appliquer à partir du 1er juillet. Des 10aines de milliers de personnes vont perdre une grande partie de leur allocation #chomage. D’autres n’y auront plus accès. Par @NolwennWeiler bastamag.net/reforme-assura…
Selon l’Unédic, 1,15 million de demandeurs d’emploi verront leur allocation #chomage baisser après le 1er juillet du fait du changement de calcul du salaire journalier de référence (SJR). Les jeunes et les personnes en emploi discontinu seront les plus impactés. Exemple ⤵️ Image
L’argument du gouvernement de dire que les droits sont certes moindres mais qu’ils dureront plus lgtps n’est valable «que pour des travailleurs intermittents qui cesseraient de l’être le jour où ils sont indemnisés : une catégorie bien improbable de chômeurs» pour @mat_gregoire Image
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21 Apr
Chennai Test positive rate all time high 23.8% today crossed 20% forecasted by model last week. It could cross 25% in 3-4 day. Forecasting model shows TN would cross 1 Lakh active cases in 5 days, Chennai 40K in a week. Public support critical at this moment #StopTheSpread 1/8 ImageImageImage
10 days growth rate of active case in Chennai at 95% and TN at 112%. Doubling Rate of Active cases for TN is now 9 days and Chennai at 10 days.
So rest of TN also growing faster now. 2/8 @ChennaiRains @kprabhdeep @rameshlaus @ashokhavarshini @karthikeyannews @karthickselvaa ImageImage
Comparing Chennai Wave 1 and Wave 2.
Test positive rate is now all time high 23.8% crossed last year peak of 21% took 45 days to overtake last year peak TPR, and it took 30 days to cross daily new case of last year peak 2393. The curve is still parabolic. 3/8 #COVIDSecondWave Image
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21 Apr
Nestle Annual Report Notes (Motilal Oswal)🧵

*Some good charts in there*

Market cap: 164,738 crores.
Revenues: 13,350 crores.
P/E: 79.11
P/B: 81.58
Dividend yield: 1.17%

Here we go👇

Barring 2QCY20, where all Consumer companies, especially those with their own manufacturing facilities, faced supply-chain issues due to the sudden COVID-led lockdown, Nestle India reported 10-11% sales growth in 3 quarters in CY20.

This means that for four consecutive years (excluding revival from the CY15 Maggi crisis in CY16) the company reported double-digit, or close to double-digit, sales growth, which is better than peers.

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21 Apr
1/Story @BylineTimes needs to be looked at.
We need to understand what happened, who all was involved & there must be accountability to restore trust & integrity for the sake of Democracy.
Did #CambridgeAnalytica Collude w/Russia's Intelligence Svcs TO INTERFERE IN US ELECTIONS? ImageImageImage
2/ Cambridge Analytica, had a degree of intersection with and proximity to Russia, and specifically Russia's intelligence services". -- Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
#KonstantinKilimnik #PaulManafort #Ukraine #RickGates #SteveBannon #CambridgeAnalytica ImageImageImage
3/Three foreign-based "Influence for Hire" co's that played a role in the 2016 Election:
#PsyGroup (Israeli based - founded by Joel Zamel)
#ColtVentures (linked to Michael Flynn)
"micro-targeting social media messaging" much like those of the IRA. ImageImageImage
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21 Apr
I don't think people appreciate how *fast* police incidents, like shootings, go.

So let's have a watch.

Second 0:27: the cop has no gun in the first half. He's drawing it in the second half of second 0:27. He gets his grip at the start of second 0:28. Ma'kiyah is charging. ImageImageImage
Second 0:28. The officer has his gun out and is yelling "Get down! Get down!" as Ma'kiyah Bryant charges her would-be victim with a knife, covering at least 10 ft in her charge. ImageImageImageImage
Second 0:29: Ma'kiyah Bryant attempts to stab her victim with the large knife she is carrying, into the very start of second 0:30. ImageImageImageImage
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21 Apr

Analisis Drone Emprit

Saya merasa perlu untuk membuat analisis percakapan tentang isu ini, karena dari data DE ada hal yang penting untuk jadi pelajaran bersama.

>> Image

Ramai diberitakan di media juga dalam percakapan netizen tentang hilangnya nama pendiri @nahdlatululama KH Hasyim Asyari dari Kamus Sejarah Indonesia terbitan @Kemdikbud_RI.

Isu muncul 19 April 2021, dan pada hari yang sama sudah ada klarifikasi dari Kemdikbud. Image

Kita ingin tahu bagaimana awal mula munculnya isu ini, dan bagaimana peta percakapan publik di media sosial Twitter.

DE menggunakan kata kunci: Kamus Sejarah
Periode analisis 19-20 April 2021. Sebenarnya data sampai 21 April, tetapi kita hanya ingin tahu awalan sj.
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21 Apr
I swear the inappropriate reply to today's Minister @BowinnMa reward of tax relief for FAMILIES in the form of @TransLink & @BCTransit youth passes of "why not seniors" & lack of gratitude from @taxpayerDOTcom confirm too much about our politics.

Yes, a #bcpoli #bcbudget2021🧵!! Image
But first, all photos are mine and were taken pre-pandemic. Thanks for understanding.
First point: by the time you add the youth fare(s) of children to a traveling family's transit fares... it's normally cheaper for a family to DRIVE in that circumstance or even use a ridehail or taxi. That's math.

That's just not good fiscal policy for congestion relief or ze🌎!
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21 Apr
राम नवमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ 🙏🏻
ॐ रामचंद्राय नमः
ॐ रामभद्राय नमः
(Read full thread) आज बात इक्ष्वाकु वंश के राजा मर्यादापुरूषोत्तम श्री राम के(राजकुल)गुरू ऋषि वशिष्ठ की- Image
१. वशिष्ठ एक सप्तर्षि हैं - यानि के उन सात ऋषियों में से एक जिन्हें ईश्वर द्वारा सत्य का ज्ञान एक साथ हुआ था और जिन्होंने मिलकर वेदों का दर्शन किया (वेदों की रचना की, ऐसा कहना अनुचित होगा क्योंकि वेद तो अनादि है)।
२. उनकी पत्नी अरुन्धती है। वह योग-वासिष्ठ में राम के गुरु हैं। वशिष्ठ राजा दशरथ के राजकुल गुरु भी थे। उन्होंने ही राजा दशरथ को पुत्रकामेष्टि अनुष्ठान कराने का सुझाव दिया था।वशिष्ठ ब्रम्हा के मानस पुत्र थे। त्रिकाल दर्शी तथा बहुत ज्ञान वान ऋषि थे। Image
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21 Apr
This is the rush to judgement in the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting, blaming the police for protecting an innocent girl whose life was threatened by Ma’Khia who was attempting to stab her.

Part 1/ ImageImageImageImage
Part 2/ ImageImageImageImage
Part 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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21 Apr
Buenas noches, les recuerdo que la fuente de datos es:
github.com/CSSEGISandData Image
El estado de los casos acumulados y casos nuevos a nivel global es el siguiente. Hoy somos el país número 25 con más casos nuevos en el mundo. ImageImageImageImage
El estado de los decesos a nivel global es el siguiente. Hoy somos el país número 3 con más decesos totales y el 15 en decesos nuevos en el mundo. ImageImageImageImage
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21 Apr
@saludcolima Diferencia entre ayer y hoy.
Activos: 7 mas
Recuperados: 10
Defunciones: 1
Positivos: 18
Negativos: 59
Total Notificados: 99 Image
@saludcolima Cambios en los sospechosos:
Hay 22 sospechosos más:
Ambulatorios: 16 mas
Hospitalizados: 6 mas
SSA Estatal: 13 mas
IMSS: 3 mas
ISSSTE: 3 mas
SEMAR: 2 mas
PRIVADOS: 1 mas ImageImage
@saludcolima Ocupación Hospitalaria General: 19 abril 2021
Estatal: 09.58% (+0.58%)
•Hsp. Reg. Uni.: 🔽5%
•H.G.M.: 🔽1%
•Miguel Trejo: Igual
•ISSSTE Man: Igual
•H.G.Z. 10: 🔼3%
•H.G.Z. 1:🔽1%
•José Rivas: 🔼26%
•29ª Batallón: 🔼4%
•H.G.Z. 4: 🔽13% Image
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21 Apr
This is a *stunning* injunction. Not only what it orders LA to do, but also it's description of how we got here. Structural racism, exclusionary zoning, cowardly and feckless leaders - it's all here. Some highlights below (thread!)
First up - making it clear that racism features front and center in our homeless crisis. Image
Why? Because ... "While Black people comprise only eight percent of Los Angeles’s population, they make up 42% of its homeless population" Image
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21 Apr
1/ There's a lot of hunger for information about TSMC, what they do, and how the business operates.
So I put together
Ten Charts That Tell The TSMC Tale
We often think of TSMC output always rising. Certainly revenue *usually* rises, but actual shipments often stagnates or even declines Image
TSMC can boost revenue when output stalls by raising prices. This isn't as simple as it seems. Chip prices, like-for-like, fall over time. So to extract more money per wafer means always advancing technology.
Compare them to UMC and you'll see the difference. Image
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21 Apr
The US reported +883 new coronavirus deaths today, bringing the total to 582,456. The 7-day moving average rose to 747 deaths per day. Image
The US had +60,317 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 today, bringing the total to over 32.5 million. The 7-day moving average declined to below 68,000 new cases per day. Image
16 US states had over 1,000 new cases today. Michigan led the pack with over 6,000 new cases, followed by Florida and Pennsylvania with over 5,000 each. Image
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