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Jun 25
Book recommendations
J. Jureidini & L.B. McHenry
"The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine"
amazon.com/-/de/dp/174305… Image
Ray Armat (@RayArmat
"Masks, Crutches, and Daggers: The Science of our Self-delusional, Addictive Homo economicus Brain"
amazon.com/-/de/dp/B09X1Y… Image
L. Oakley
"Crazy And It Was: Surviving the Corporate Pharmaceutical Corruption of Western Medicine"
amazon.com/-/de/dp/099085… Image
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Jun 25
Ya que Twitter ha suspendido la cuenta a nuestro médico favorito el Dr. John B. Intentaré subir todo lo que él reporte.
Igual me la suspenden a mí también pero merecerá la pena si llega la información correcta a las personas correctas.

¡La verdad tiene que hacerse ver! Image
Apoplejía hipofisaria (infarto o hemorragia de la hipófisis) tras la #vacunacióncovid: sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
"... puede estar infradiagnosticado".
Encefalitis aguda tras la #vacunacióncovid: tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.10…
"se ha sugerido el uso de dosis múltiples, vacunas mixtas contra el COVID-19 o refuerzos. Por lo tanto, esperamos que los casos de encefalitis después de la vacunación contra el SARS-CoV-2 sean más frecuentes". Image
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Jun 25
The real is beyond the meditator as well... Image
A thread on meditation..2/5 Image
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Jun 25
This is absolute F*KCING crazy. A man faces prison because a Cedar Rapids government official and a Huffington Post reporter are willing to LIE on record can claim that "two peaceful protestors" were ran over when video clearly shows they were part of #NightOfRage mob. Image
The two victims are shown in the screen grab above. Here is the video of the event.

Peaceful protestors don't attack a truck and try to pull people out of it.
Yet Cedar Rapids official Lyz Lenz who was participating in the protests, is being cited by the Media for videos she is sharing of the events.

But she HAS DISABLED COMMENTS ON her videos to push her one-side false narrative and stop other accounts.
twitter.com/lyzl ImageImage
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Jun 25
Breaking news out of Phoenix, Ariz.:
Pro-abortion protesters surrounded the capitol in an attempted insurrection & began pounding on the windows. Law enforcement has used tear gas to disperse the crowd.
Two journalists on the ground confirm the protesters were pounding on the windows. Lawmaker Wendy Rogers says the mob was threatening to break them. #Insurrection ImageImage
Footage from outside the Arizona state capitol in Phoenix after the pro-abortion mob had been cleared:
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Jun 25
On this day in 1975, Indira Gandhi proclaimed #Emergency.
Fundamental Rights were suspended.
Civil Liberties were scrapped.
Opposition was put behind bars.
Press censorship was imposed.
Democracy was wounded.
We lived in fear of the midnight knock. n1
#NeverForgetNeverForgive ImageImageImageImage
As darkness descended at noon and freedom was shackled by the #Emergency regime, repression became the norm. Nehru Dynasty seized the nation and the Constitution was rendered meaningless. Government and Judiciary became putty in Indira Gandhi's hands.
n2 Image
One of the defining slogans of Indira Gandhi's #Emergency was:
“India is Indira; Indira is India.”
And backing Indira Gandhi were the Communists.
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Jun 25
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Jun 25
This is why it is so important that people understand who @GidMK is and why his defence of "it was just a formatting error by the journal" was such an out and out lie.

@sonia_elijah @JesslovesMJK @profnfenton
Here is the original thread from "Health Nerd" @GidMK denying his links to the CCP.

Except he doesn't even understand who is running his own "lab".

He explicitly denies that these people are affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

You have to understand how the CCP works. It's the long game. Infiltration not invasion.

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Jun 25
𝙏𝙖𝙡𝙚 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝘿𝙤𝙤𝙧 𝙤𝙛 𝙎𝙤𝙢𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙝 𝙏𝙚𝙢𝙥𝙡𝙚 :

Once upon a time there was a bαrbαrian named Mahmud Ghazni who came to plunder our magnificent Somnath Temple.

Not only did he loot its riches but he also took away a precious Sandalwood door from it
#Thread Image
In this lithograph(taken from plate 10 of 'Afghaunistan' by Lietenant James Rattray) of the tomb of Ghazni, the folding doors shown were reputed to be that sandalwood door carried off by Ghazni in 1026 during his last robbery of the temple Image
Artist James Atkinson in 1840 makes a painting of the exterior of the tomb of Mahmud where he mentions about the looted sandalwood door carved & joined in the mausoleum, that the robber Ghazni brought with him after desecrating the shrine of Somnath. Image
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Jun 25
Leftists promoting political violence 🧵/1 Image
/2 Image
/3 Image
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Jun 25
As if this day wasn’t bizarre enough already.

The infamous ‘Q’ has returned after 18 months of silence.

Writing two new posts:

“It had to be done this way.”

“Shall we play a game once more?”

On 6-24-2022 (6-6-6) Image
Here is a thread I did on ‘Q’ and the occult philosophy surrounding it.
Don’t forget that Space Delta 18 opened today. The logo is interesting.
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Jun 25
Pongan atención que hoy les voy a contar la verdadera historia del Rey Leonidas. Image
Muchos conocieron la historia de los Leonidas y sus 300 espartanos por la película de 2006 dirigida por Zack Snyder y protagonizada por Gerard Buttler. Image
Pero en realidad la historia es bastante popular desde hace siglos, de hecho la propia película está basada en una exitosa novela grafica de Frank Miller y su entonces esposa Lynn Varley. Image
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Jun 25
Hoy en #ArgumentosEnUnaBaldosa con @ValeArvejita: el “argumento Chamberlain” de R. Nozick, o “libertarios contra la igualdad”.
@ValeArvejita El “argumento Wilt Chamberlain” [nombre de un jugador de básquet famoso, que, para no ser cipayes, vamos a reemplazar por el de Lionel Messi] es un célebre razonamiento de Robert Nozick, inspirador de los “libertarios”, contra un ideal igualitarista de justicia distributiva. Image
@ValeArvejita Mientras muchas personas afirmarían que una distribución equitativa de los recursos económicos de una sociedad sería un fin deseable −más allá de la cuestión de los MEDIOS para lograr tal fin−, Nozick quiere argumentar que, en rigor, NADIE puede sensatamente QUERER esto.
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