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Jan 23, 2020 60 tweets 52 min read
#Thread for reflections, commentary, and snark on the Pre-General Conference briefing in Nashville. This is billed as more “informational” than “conversational” event—so those aspects will be here!

Scroll for the whole thread and hold onto your butts.

#UMCGC #PreGC2020 #UMC First hearing from the Indy Plan promoters.

So we get 20 minutes on this Plan...but now they are saying that all the Indy Plan supporters are now supporting the Protocol.

#UMCGC #PreGC2020 #UMC
Jan 20, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
I think this article misses the mark: it isn’t about sensationalistic age discrimination.

1. It’s a church restart. We do a number of these in the northwest. The church closes, then a new church start begins in the old building. So the church is wholly new...

[1/4 #umc] 1. (cont’d) It sounds like the AC hasn’t done the work to get the closing congregation on board with the mission, but the process is not in error. We’ve seen it work before. The AC had better take some deep learnings as to why the situation dissolved to this article.

[2/4 #umc]
Feb 23, 2019 73 tweets 63 min read
Beginning of multi-day thread: coverage of General Conference 2019 in St. Louis.

Qualifications: I’m a reserve delegate from the greater Northwest, and a press-credentialed blogger at

Follow for updates, analysis, and copious snark. #umcgc #gc2019 #umc Found outside the convention center. Caption options:

- Jesus, you took the wrong wheel
- GC is already off the wheels.
- Where GC is going, we don’t need wheels.

#umcgc #gc2019 #umc