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A small group of #UMC traditionalists wearing rose colored glasses has been pushing the idea that the Protocols will result in a vibrant, renewed traditional church encompassing ~20% of existing US UMC church. Unlikely.
Michigan Annual Conference results today, where 91% sought to advance the Protocols to #GC2020 suggest this idea of a vibrant remnant is foolishness. The liberals know this & are allowing these Traditionalists to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Even the African churches are looking at the Protocols as an exit ramp from the progressive twisting of Scripture. They once stood with US #UMC traditionalists for a Scriptural view of human sexuality, but when US traditionalists capitulated, they gave up too. Sad! 3/3
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Whether the #Protocol passes or not, it's clear that the #UMC experiment in theological pluralism was a failed one. One pressing question, as we look to the future, is "what happened?" I've said before that 72 was unable to prevent the slide into doctrinal indifferentism.
But the more I think about Methodism as a theological tradition, I think it better to say that the attempt to patch up de facto doctrinal indifferentism with 72's rhetoric of "theological pluralism" failed. The fragmentation was already too deep.
Since 72, one problem we've faced is a tendency to construct our vision of doctrine over against the bogeyman of "dogmatism." Paranoia about a theologically-uniform Methodism led to a mistaken conception of doctrine. But this is a false paranoia.
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Social institutions offer collective identity, a way to be “us.” We can take them as formative, rooted in submission, or as performative, a place to express our individuality. The THEORY of denominational structures like the #umc is that it’s the 1st; yet we yearn for the latter.
Since the #UMC is a “we” structure many find themselves pushed to submit to a structure that includes that which they find repulsive. The “we” declares an aspect of identity & proposes communal action that the “I” cannot abide.
If the #UMC could reimagine the nature & function of itself as a denomination, loosening the elements of control so more constituents could say of it “This is me” AND “this is not me” we could have a way forward together.
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#Thread for reflections, commentary, and snark on the Pre-General Conference briefing in Nashville. This is billed as more “informational” than “conversational” event—so those aspects will be here!

Scroll for the whole thread and hold onto your butts.

#UMCGC #PreGC2020 #UMC
First hearing from the Indy Plan promoters.

So we get 20 minutes on this Plan...but now they are saying that all the Indy Plan supporters are now supporting the Protocol.

#UMCGC #PreGC2020 #UMC
The Indy Plan supporters suggest NOT electing new bishops in 2020 because of the upheaval/transitions.

Surely it has NOTHING to do with the wave of progressive/centrist delegates who will shut out any traditionalist bishops in 2020 in every jurisdiction.

#UMCGC #PreGC2020 #UMC
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I think this article misses the mark: it isn’t about sensationalistic age discrimination.

1. It’s a church restart. We do a number of these in the northwest. The church closes, then a new church start begins in the old building. So the church is wholly new...

[1/4 #umc]
1. (cont’d) It sounds like the AC hasn’t done the work to get the closing congregation on board with the mission, but the process is not in error. We’ve seen it work before. The AC had better take some deep learnings as to why the situation dissolved to this article.

[2/4 #umc]
2. Intergenerational ministry is necessary and valuable. This site would fail without it, and obviously this was not communicated well. Now, does the previous congregation own the building and the leadership? No. It’s not the old church. It’s a new church.

[3/4 #umc]
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A TERRIBLE proposal. I'm grieved.

It should be called “How #UMC traditionalists from around the world demonstrated majority support for their Biblical view, and then had their mandate squandered by US progressives seizing both the narrative and the remains of the Church” 1/
Basic outline: pay the traditionalists to go away nicely, but set a plan in motion where most traditionalist congregations will be trapped in the system and unable to leave.

Prediction: most traditional-minded #UMC congregants will leave UMC entirely over this capitulation
Conferences would vote to disaffiliate by July ‘21, but local congregations would be required* to wait until that happened & then have up to three and a half years for the local church to do something other than what their conference did.
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Since #GC2019 I've been struggling to understand who the centrists are in the #UMC and, in light of the tone-deaf #UMCNext plan from those who claim the mantle of centrism, I've been working to comprehend their perspective. A thread...
I can't help notice that so many in the #UMC screaming, "Unity! Unity! Unity!" have no interest in unity among the catholic Church and the teaching of nearly all Christians in all places at all times regarding sexuality and human relationships. Why is that? Partially because...
There is a myth in the #UMC which proclaims some mass of 'centrists' who exist amid radicals on the right or left regarding the denomination's schism over human sexuality. But either you support inclusion of practicing gay clergy and same-sex marriage, or you don't.
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We traditional UMs often include the rise of Sunday school and the decline of classes and bands in our narratives of the decline of American Methodism in the nineteenth century. There's something to this, but it neglects to address the situation we face today.
Wesley's societies, classes, and bands were for spreading Scriptural holiness, and they worked in his day. But he inherited a tradition that was in fine doctrinal shape. What was needed was the renewal of a people in line with their doctrines.
We stand in a far different position in today's #UMC. Our experiments in doctrinal indifferentism over the past two generations have left us doctrinally awash. We need doctrinal and spiritual renewal.
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The congregation for the 25th conferment of degrees at Africa University in Mutare has just started. @ChronicleZim @StarFMNews
Professor Munashe Furusa applauded students for overcoming hardships to this graduation day thanked parents and other stakeholders for supporting the group that is graduating throughout their studies. @Africa_Univ
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Recently the @UMChurch voted to reject its #LGBTQi participants, both lay & clerical.

But the #UMC of Gernany has rejected this vote.

"The UMC in Germany will therefore not follow the chosen way of controlling people in their disposition and imposing stricter penalties."

"Just as I watched over them to dig up and pull down,
so I will watch over them to build and plant, declares the Lord. "

Jeremiah 31.28

Thus begins the German church's response to the terrible decision made by a simple majority of the delegates at the Special Session.

Attached are screenshots of the entire powerful statement from the German Conference of the United Mrethodist Church.

Please read them.

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The various crises in American religion– especially the talk of division in the #UMC--have prompted me to revisit research I did in the 1980s as the Southern Baptist Convention was being transformed into the monolithically conservative body it is today.…
How does a denomination arrive at and move through a split? It’s not enough just to have an argument about theology or practice. That argument has to tap deeper social divisions. And then the very complicated organizational work of division has to get underway.
There were real theological differences between the SBC parties, just as there are between the traditional and progressive Methodists, but the differences were also social and political.
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A wee reminder to my #UMC friends -- Methodism began as a spiritual movement to renew a decaying institutional church and serve the outcast, the marginalized, and the poor.
It is the WCA "traditionalists" who are NOT traditional. They are like 18th century Anglicans (sorry Anglican friends!) who tried to quash a spiritual movement of inclusion and love.
It is the WCA "traditionalists" who are appealing to authority and order and ecclesial control -- like the Anglican bishops who criticized and chastised John Wesley and the early Methodists.
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I view the United Methodist Church in the same light as the Boy Scouts of America and the state of West Virginia itself. All three are entities I was steeped in that wronged me, and my memories of all three are completely intertwined.
I realize a lot of queer and forward-thinking people are coping with grief from the UMC's insurgent bigotry, and I'll say...I know. I went through all of the same emotions when I deconverted 20-odd years ago.
But I want to talk about something else: *Why* did the #UMC ever have a reputation for being progressive/affirming/non-bigoted in the first place?
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Beginning of multi-day thread: coverage of General Conference 2019 in St. Louis.

Qualifications: I’m a reserve delegate from the greater Northwest, and a press-credentialed blogger at

Follow for updates, analysis, and copious snark. #umcgc #gc2019 #umc
Found outside the convention center. Caption options:

- Jesus, you took the wrong wheel
- GC is already off the wheels.
- Where GC is going, we don’t need wheels.

#umcgc #gc2019 #umc
Opening prayer and service is focused on submission and subservience, surrendering ourselves to God. That’s a good reminder amidst our machinations and seeking to control the votes that we are in service to God. But I doubt those who do that are heeding it. #umcgc #gc2019 #umc
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The #NextMethodism will be less focused on data and techniques and more focused on helping people come to faith in Jesus Christ and walk in the Spirit. The fullness of the gifts of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit will be emphasized.
The #NextMethodism will be much more interested in the power of God and much more humble about what we can do in our own strength. Instead of offering only what we already know we can do for others, we will learn (again) to offer the promises God makes to all of us in Scripture.
Formation in the #umc has been like balancing your checkbook. We are taught to write checks that we know we can cover. The problem is that Christian ministry never has been about the ability or strength of the leader. If it is, we do not have what the world needs.
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Many conservative evangelicals define “faith” as believing hard things. What this means is that justification by faith is actually earning your salvation through believing hard things and orthodoxy is whatever seems hard to believe in today’s world.
Conservative evangelicals have bastardized the concept of orthodoxy by redefining it as hard beliefs that cut against the grain of secular humanism, the most prominent one being that practicing homosexuality is a sin. This allows them to feel like their faith is “costly.”
The reason conservative evangelicals can never change their view on homosexuality or remove it from the epicenter of their “orthodoxy” is because they need the feeling of “costliness” that being anti-gay provides them in order to have a sense of security about their salvation.
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