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Since #GC2019 I've been struggling to understand who the centrists are in the #UMC and, in light of the tone-deaf #UMCNext plan from those who claim the mantle of centrism, I've been working to comprehend their perspective. A thread...
I can't help notice that so many in the #UMC screaming, "Unity! Unity! Unity!" have no interest in unity among the catholic Church and the teaching of nearly all Christians in all places at all times regarding sexuality and human relationships. Why is that? Partially because...
There is a myth in the #UMC which proclaims some mass of 'centrists' who exist amid radicals on the right or left regarding the denomination's schism over human sexuality. But either you support inclusion of practicing gay clergy and same-sex marriage, or you don't.
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The various crises in American religion– especially the talk of division in the #UMC--have prompted me to revisit research I did in the 1980s as the Southern Baptist Convention was being transformed into the monolithically conservative body it is today.…
How does a denomination arrive at and move through a split? It’s not enough just to have an argument about theology or practice. That argument has to tap deeper social divisions. And then the very complicated organizational work of division has to get underway.
There were real theological differences between the SBC parties, just as there are between the traditional and progressive Methodists, but the differences were also social and political.
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So there have been a lot of takes on the UMC #gc2019 votes on LGBT issues.

But the take with the most relevance to non-Methodists is one I haven't seen anybody make. So here goes.
Also, cc @salimfurth for sending the email that prompted this thread
Different churches organize themselves different ways. For example, my own church body, @thelcms , gives a lot of power to laypeople at the congregational level, but then also has a strong center: it's got a very weak mid-level bureaucracy compared to e.g. Catholics, Methodists.
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1/ I've got a couple of thoughts on the difference between the containers of faith and what we actually put in those containers, brought to you by my tweet that blew up last night about crises of identity and fighting for a place within your tradition. No hashtags.
2/ (This will find the people it needs to find.)
3/ If you grew up as part of a tradition, the material contained within that tradition is your rightful inheritance. Whether you grew up Methodist, Catholic, Episcopal, Jewish, Muslim, Baha'i, Hindu, Orphic, Vodouisant, whatever—that's yours. You have a share in it.
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This is a profoundly bad take. The claim ”we have the Bible while you have pagan philosophy” is precisely the tool of the colonizers. And as Audre Lorde taught us, the master's tools will never dismantle the master’s house. #UMCGC #GC2019
Dr. Kulah’s remarks are deeply cynical. He knows the liberal Methodists are vocally critical of western colonialism. The problem is that the theological foundation that rejects LGBTQ inclusion is the same one that supports colonialism.
Or to put it another way, the theological framework that has led Christians in the west to critique colonialism is the very same one that has led to the embrace of our LGBTQ neighbors—along with the whole global church.
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The United Methodist Church (@UMChurch) has wrongly voted to reject LGBTQ inclusion, after many years of work & support by LGBTQ members.

Thankfully, people who love deeply & without condition are the real Church, and LOVE the real religion.

#GC2019 #LGBTVoices
Go ahead and WEAVE YOUR FICTION into the life & words of Jesus Christ, @UMChurch. Know this - doing so destroys the church & mocks the Holy Spirit and the words/life of Jesus Christ. There IS no greater sin.

#GC2019 #GCUMC
As a person who is part of many, many (MANY) generations who existed within the UMC, and whose family STARTED one of the first UMC churches -- I am incredibly disappointed. However, I hesitate to go so far as to say anyone should just give up on @UMChurch
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Know this. The @UMChurch just fell under the weight of bigotry, and based upon a small handful of biblical verses that can be interpreted in different ways. Christ himself never spoke a word about homosexuality. And he never sent any away from himself.

#UMCGC2019 #gc2019

Methodism died by hands of less than 900 delegates.

The Council of Bishops and those who did the study on which this vote was based had endorsed the One Church Plan, which would have allowed all to stay. That was rejected.

#umcgc2019 #gc2019 #LoveOverFear

To the female pastors who supported the Traditional Plan: be very ashamed.

There are 100 times more proscriptions against women in the Bible than against #LGBTQ participants.

When you are defrocked in the coming years you will have your own votes to thank.


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It was not a great day for the #LGBTQ community nor for their supporters and advocates at the #UMCGC2019 #gc2019.

The person I love most in the world is likely to have his life upended by whatever decision the delegates to the GC make.

This does not sit well.

I had held out hope that the African & South American Conference delegations would seek to move beyond mere provincialism and instead would try to hold the denomination as a whole to a different and higher standard. A standard the outside world would be encouraged to emulate.

That has not happened. Nor have the American Conference delegations been able to break away from the tribalism that can infect smaller allied groups within larger ecumenical bodies.

Thus, coalitions that would seek to demand better of itself have not been formed.

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THREAD: Watching the 2019 UMC Special Session of General Conference has been absolutely heart-wrenching.

#UMCGC #GC2019
Baptized into the church by water and spirit as a baby, the UMC promised to, "...surround me with a community of love and forgiveness, that I might grow in my service to others; to pray for me, that I might be a true disciple who walks in the way that leads to life." #GC2019
Years later, confirmed in the Methodist church, I promised to faithfully participate in its ministries by my prayers, my presence, my gifts, my service, and my witness – and I have. #GC2019
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1/Can we talk for just a moment about this idea that goes around EVERY TIME we have this debate? You know, the one where people say, "just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I hate you"? #GC2019
2/I preached this morning on the gospel lectionary: the sermon on the plain from Luke. The one where Jesus says "Love your enemies". I'm sure the a lot of us not at #GC2019 did. You all know as well as I do that Jesus didn't mean "a warm feeling" when he said "love".
3/When Jesus talked about loving someone, he meant doing active good to them. The "feelings" you have about them are secondary to the actions you take. You don't love a hungry person by feeling pleasant towards them. You love a hungry person by feeding them. #GC2019
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Beginning of multi-day thread: coverage of General Conference 2019 in St. Louis.

Qualifications: I’m a reserve delegate from the greater Northwest, and a press-credentialed blogger at

Follow for updates, analysis, and copious snark. #umcgc #gc2019 #umc
Found outside the convention center. Caption options:

- Jesus, you took the wrong wheel
- GC is already off the wheels.
- Where GC is going, we don’t need wheels.

#umcgc #gc2019 #umc
Opening prayer and service is focused on submission and subservience, surrendering ourselves to God. That’s a good reminder amidst our machinations and seeking to control the votes that we are in service to God. But I doubt those who do that are heeding it. #umcgc #gc2019 #umc
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