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Since 2006, 700K veterans, military families, & supporters have been electing Veterans to office & fighting for progressive values. (Text VOTEVETS to 88424)
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4 Jan
You want to know who David Perdue is? He's about as corrupt as they come, because there's only one thing he seems to care about -- how much money he can make off being a US Senator, and it's coming at a cost to our veterans and active-duty military. (1/5)…
Perdue maximized profits off his investment in a defense contractor, steering billions to submarine construction projects, all while being the chair of the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower. (2/5)
Perdue also diverted defense money to Trump's border wall. This hit Georgia hard with roughly 70K active-duty military. It's more than clear Perdue never made Georgia or our military a priority, just his bank account and allegiance to a wannabe dictator. (3/5)
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6 Nov 20
He wants to know? Ok. We’ll tell him.
Military ballots are Mail-in ballots! The same ballots that he said he didn’t want counted.
Ballots will still be coming in from overseas, somewhere he never had the courage to personally go, for days.
And last we checked, Military Times had Trump LOSING the military vote to Biden. Which is probably why he wanted them blocked not only in Georgia, but in other states as well.
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6 Nov 20
With just a few very tight races left in battleground states, it's clear that our program was able to help turn out thousands of military families and veterans. #VoteVetsVoteBlue #Election2020

(THREAD w/ state stats)
In Georgia, our program sent over 77K texts to military families and veterans, of which, we ID'd 12K hard Biden supporters, 5,278 of whom voted early or by mail.

Biden currently only has a 1,500 margin in the state.
#VoteVetsVoteBlue #Election2020
In Nevada, we sent over 37K texts to military families and veterans, of which we ID'd 6,600 hard Biden supporters, 2,547 of whom voted early or by mail.
#VoteVetsVoteBlue #Election2020
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5 Nov 20
Congratulations to the many victories in state and local elections for VoteVets Emerging Leaders! #Election2020

(THREAD w/ #VoteVetsEL wins)
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2 Oct 20
We wish Donald and Melania Trump the best, as well as staff and those who were in contact with them, including reporters and the Bidens.

This White House was too cavalier about a virus that should have never infected the Commander in Chief. In fact, DOD has guidelines.

You can read DOD directives here:

First, DOD says if you have symptoms, you must inform your supervisor and STAY HOME. Clearly that didn't happen.

Second, service members must quarantine as soon as they exhibit symptoms. This didn't happen.

DOD also says if you've been in contact with someone who has COVID, and you're asymptomatic, you should still quarantine for 14 days. Today, it seems a number of WH staff are at work, despite potentially being exposed.

Positive test results don't always show up immediately.

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7 Sep 20
Donald Trump likes to claim that he wants to end #ForeverWars.

So why hasn’t he? Because he doesn’t want to.

First, Donald Trump is a liar who has not only NOT ended #ForeverWars, he’s actually opposed efforts to do so, making Americans less safe and the world less stable.
Trump gave a speech in 2017 about getting troops out of Afghanistan. Right now there are approx. 8,600 troops in Afghanistan.
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28 Jul 20

"Trump knows NOTHING of sacrifice or service to this country..he cares NOTHING about the Constitution nor the men & women who risk and lose their lives in its defense"

July 28, 2016: Khizr & Ghazala Khan spoke at the DNC as Gold Star parents of Captain Humayan Khan.

Today: 28 families look back at Trump’s reaction as "an early chapter in Donald Trump’s incessant abuse of Gold Star Families"

In 2016, Khizr Khan told Donald Trump: “You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

After four’s only become more painful and clear: Donald Trump knows nothing of sacrifice or service to this country, Donald Trump knows nothing about honor.

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23 Jul 20
VoteVets, @amprog, and veteran members of Congress are urging for the necessary $3.6 billion in funding to state election officials for safe and secure vote by mail programs. (1/5) Image
“Millions of service members stationed overseas have voted by mail... It is time to give states the resources they need to provide a vote-by-mail option so no American has to choose between their health and their right to vote." - @RepJasonCrow. (2/5)
“We’re proud to stand up today, alongside the members leading this letter, and help strengthen our constitutional right to a free and fair vote. Our country is stronger when more people exercise their right... The Senate must act.” - @Will_P_Goodwin (3/5)
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10 Jul 20
Yesterday, @JoeBiden released a bold economic plan to #BuildBackBetter—a plan that will empower service members, veterans, & their families.

⬇️ READ our statement from VoteVets’ @Will_P_Goodwin and the following thread to learn more about this PRO-WORKER, PRO-VETERAN plan! Image
.@JoeBiden's manufacturing policy puts labor unions at the table--as a true partner with business and government--something that has been lacking in the past 3 1/2 years under the Trump administration. #TeamJoe #UnionStrong
Thanks to @JoeBiden's plan, anti-union companies would have to think twice before they fight workers' freedom to choose a union and collectively bargain. #TeamJoe #UnionStrong
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9 Jun 20
(THREAD) Confederate traitors killed over 360,000 Americans in the Civil War to defend slavery, yet Army bases across the US bear their namesake with pride. We want to highlight who these monsters were and their crimes against our country:
Camp Beauregard near Pineville, LA, named after Confederate Gen. P.G.T Beauregard. Beauregard led Confederate troops in the First Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Shiloh, and the Second Battle of Petersburg, resulting in the deaths and casualties of over 50,000 troops.
Fort Benning, near Columbus, GA, named after Confederate Brig. Gen. Henry L. Benning. An advocate for secession after a failed run for Congress, He was appointed to the GA Supreme Court where he challenged state adherence to the Supreme Court rulings. He ACTUALLY said this:...
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9 Jun 20
Check out this powerful statement from former Ft. Benning commander, @PaulDEaton52, on our demand to remove the names of Confederate officers from US military installations. Now. Image
“As a former commanding general at Fort Benning, it didn’t escape me that I was going to work every day at a base named for a Confederate General and traitor to the United States, a racist and an incompetent warfighter.
"Worse, the base was not named after him as a goodwill gesture after the Civil War. It was named more than fifty years after the South surrendered, as a way of reasserting the racism that the south stood for. I regret I did not act then, on conscience.
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12 May 20
The Heroes Act, led by @SpeakerPelosi, brings bold solutions that will save lives and protect veterans and military families across our country. Learn more from @VetAffairsDems Chairman @RepMarkTakano ⬇️ Image
Expanded Health Coverage: As we work to stop the spread of COVID-19, it is crucial that anyone who needs healthcare during this crisis can get it. That is why the Heroes Act will authorize VA healthcare for all veterans who lost their health insurance due to the pandemic.
Support for Homeless Veterans: The COVID-19 crisis has affected tens of thousands of homeless veterans as shelters have closed and funding for vital services have become strained.
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6 Apr 20
BREAKING: Retired Captain of the USS Iowa calls for Acting Navy Secretary Modley to resign, or be fired immediately. Full statement here:
More Captain (Ret) Seaquist: “Now it seems it was Mr. Modly who cracked under pressure, apparently from a White House angry that the Captain's attempt to take care of this crew was making the President and his team look bad.” Full statement:
More Captain (Ret.) Seaquist: “Bizarre and inappropriate as Mr. Modly’s actions may be, vets will recognize a second, bigger problem: So far, the Navy chain of command has been silent, invisible. That is also very wrong and very dangerous.” More here:
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12 Sep 19
"Just when you think you've seen it all, the children will pay for the wall" - @SpeakerPelosi on President Trump's outrageous decision to steal money from the U.S. military to pay for his racist border wall. Mexico isn't paying for the wall, military families are.
Shameful (yet predictable) to watch @senatemajldr stand by while $62.6 MILLION for building Fort Campbell Middle School in Kentucky goes to a worthless wall. #TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies
And @SenThomTillis is A-OK with Trump ripping $41 MILLION from Camp Lejeune, $6.4 MILLION from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, and $33 MILLION from the replacement of Fort Bragg's Butner Elementary School #TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies
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14 Apr 19
Hi, Congressman, veterans here. Couple of points:

1. All of us are grateful for Rep. Crenshaw's sevice to America.

2. @AOC was *clearly* talking about right wing domestic terror, which make up almost all recent attacks, as the GOP Trump admin has stoked racism.

More below.
Here is @AOC's tweet, on right wing terrorism

And here is an article, explaining in more detail what she was talking about.…
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19 Feb 18
Iraq War vet and VoteVets Dir. of Gov't Relations, @will_c_fischer, on latest news surrounding VA Secretary Shulkin: "While Secretary Shulkin has done himself no favors, we are supremely concerned about stories that have emerged that point to an internal campaign at the VA..."
"..., led by those who would totally destroy and privatize the agency, in conjunction with Koch brothers organizations, to undermine the secretary.

There must be an Inspector General investigation into whether there has been a coordinated effort by VA or White House staff..."
"... with groups like Concerned Veterans for America, in any way, to push for Secretary Shulkin's ouster, so someone who wants to wholly privatize the agency can be installed.

Finally, should the secretary resign, we call on the Senate to reject any replacement..."
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18 Sep 17
#GrahamCassidy cuts #Medicaid. 1,750,000 veterans covered by Medicaid. A vote for #GrahamCassidy is a vote to take healthcare from veterans.
Insurance coverage for nonelderly veterans increased after the ACA due in part to Medicaid expansion. #GrahamCassidy
Medicaid expansion led to larger coverage increases for low-income veterans. #GrahamCassidy
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