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🤓 Learn more about significant U.S. weather and climate events and how they compare to the historical record: #StateOfClimate Visible satellite image of ...
May contiguous U.S. average temperature was 62.4°F, 2.2°F above average—ranking 11th warmest in the 129-year record: #StateOfClimate Map of the U.S. showing tem...
🥀 May contiguous U.S. precipitation total was 2.56 inches, 0.35 inch below average—ranking in the driest third of the record: #StateOfClimate Map of the U.S. showing pre...
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Every #MemorialDay, I share this video.

French caretakers take the sand from Omaha Beach in Normandy and scrub them into the letters to give them the brown/gold coloring.

They do this for all 9,386 soldiers who died.

France also gave us this land as American soil.
Please feel free to include memories of your loved ones in this thread.

The grave you see is that of MAJ William Andrew Richards. He was a member of the 112th Engineer Combat Battalion.

His unit was in action against Nazi forces on Omaha Beach killed in the early hours. Image
William A. Richards Medals and Awards:

Distinguished Service Cross
Purple Heart
American Defense Service Medal
American Campaign Medal
European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with Arrowhead Pin and Bronze Star
World War II Victory Medal Image
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This #MemorialDay, we hope to raise awareness about the lesser-known history of this holiday. 1/3 ImageImageImageImage
We hope to ensure the contributions of Black Americans are remembered and celebrated. 2/3 ImageImageImage
Our hearts also go out to those remembering loved ones. We pay tribute to everyone who has served our country, including our clients and colleagues. Thank you for your contributions and service! #MemorialDay 3/3 Image
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Memorial Day was established as a national holiday to remember those people who died while serving in the U.S. armed forces. It is currently observed every year on the last Monday of May.

#Armyhistory #MemorialDay Image
The observance of Memorial Day originated with the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), an organization of veterans who served in the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Revenue Cutter Service during the American Civil War, as a special day to honor their fallen comrades. @TradocCG
It was first called "Decoration Day," because it began as a day set aside, separately in both the North and South, when the widows and orphans of the dead would gather at the graves of their loved ones to decorate them with flowers and other remembrances. @ArmyChiefStaff Image
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This #MemorialDay Wkend we remember the #WWII casualties with ties to Nova Scotia interred at #ArlingtonNationalCemetery - Sergeant Lawrence Holmes Flynn, #USMC, 2nd Lt. Harold Elton Hoskin, #USAAF, Lucius Gould McLauchlin, US Army, and PFC Charles Wilfred Penney, US Army ... Image
Seaman 1st Class Philip Douglas Quinlan (US Navy), son of Martha Quinlan, born in Whycocomagh, NS, & Fireman 1st Class James WW Kaler, son of Margaret Kaler born in NS, are interred elsewhere but memorialized at Arlington ...
WWII Veteran Gen. George C. Kenney (US Army), born in Yarmouth Co., NS, was commander of the Allied Air Forces in the Southwest Pacific Area was also interred elsewhere but is memorialized at Arlington ...
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As we rest, reflect, & remember on this holiday weekend, here’s my 129th #ScholarSunday thread of great public scholarly writing & work, podcast episodes, new & forthcoming books from the past week to help ya do all three! Enjoy, & share more below, please. #twitterstorians
Starting with a few favorites from the week as usual, including @ehphd’s delightful thread of some of the best Tina Turner scholarship in honor of the icon’s passing:
Taryn White wrote for @SmithsonianMag on Edna Lewis, the mother of soul food:…
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No American story is more pitch-perfect for the combination of #MemorialDay & #AAPIHeritageMonth than that of the 442nd Infantry Regimental Combat Team, the all-Japanese American #WWII regiment that would by war's end become the most decorated unit in US military history.
The 442nd's more than 14,000 awards & honors include a posthumous Medal of Honor, awarded in March 1946 to Private Sadao Munemori for his heroic actions to save the lives of two fellow soldiers during heavy fighting along Italy's Gothic Line.
& as I write in my new @SatEvePost Considering History column, Munemori is just one of many Asian Americans who've received a posthumous Medal of Honor for their service & sacrifice. #twitterstorians…
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The weather is comprised of atmospheric conditions. Those conditions are based on available chemistry. The weather is a byproduct of physics. Probably wrong, what do I know? That’s not the point. But weather is a concept we’ve all experienced.

A wee thought experiment🧵👇🏻
Imagine if you will, you are god. A god that looks like us. I say “us” because we know what we look like, so let’s envision this together. At this moment, for all who are reading and participating, god has just become a he, she, they, them and all the cool things that you are.
Welcome. Now as a species, mere mortal humans have built telescopes that can see as far back as 46 billion light years. This is a very large amount of universe. However the universe is more than they can see. So let’s just say that what humans see is gods, I mean your sandbox.
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They would want you to barbecue.
They would want you to go to the lake.
They would want you to go to the beach.
They would want you to pop your feet up open a cold one and watch your kids play.
They would want you to rock out to some live music.
They would want you to camp.
They would want you to watch a parade.
They would want you to have a picnic in the park.
They would want you to go on a bike ride.
They would want you to go fishing.
They would want you to laugh.
They would want you to sing.
They would want you to be with friends.
They would want you to bake a pie.
They would want you to be with family.
They would want you to fly our flag. They would want you to be free.
I want you to understand the cost.... and never forget it.
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Originally called #DecorationDay, from the early tradition of decorating graves with flowers, wreaths and flags, #MemorialDay is a day for remembrance of those who have died in service to our country. It was first widely observed on May 30, 1868 Image
to commemorate the sacrifices of Civil War soldiers, by proclamation of Gen. John A. Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of former Union sailors and soldiers. Image
This national event galvanized efforts to honor and remember fallen soldiers that began with local observances at burial grounds in several towns throughout the United States following the end of the Civil War, such as the May 1, 1865 gathering in Charleston, South Carolina Image
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On this #MemorialDay I love to share this video.

French caretakers take the sand from Omaha Beach in Normandy and scrub them into the letters to give them the brown/gold coloring.

They do this for all 9,386 soldiers who died.

France also gave us this land as American soil.
Of the 9,387 Americans buried, only four women are buried there.

Sgt. Dolores Browne and PFC Mary J. Barlow and Mary H. Blankston, were members of the first all-female and the first all-African-American battalion to serve overseas.
Their battalion was nicknamed the six-triple eight.

This battalion of 850 women was the only all-black Women’s Army Corp unit to be deployed to Europe in WW2.

The "Six Triple Eight" was responsible for sorting mail to soldiers.
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Memorial Day is a unique holiday on the American calendar. It is a solemn and sacred day that we remember and pay homage to the military members who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
America remains a very divided nation. However, if you are looking for something to bring us together, you need to look no further than Memorial Day itself.
Unlike Veterans Day, which is a celebration of those who have served our nation in uniform, Memorial Day is a somber occasion to remember the sacrifice made by those who never made it home.
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Know his name: Maj. Gamaliel Turner. He conceived this weapon that may be #Ukraine’s last, best hope of stopping Putin’s cruel armored columns. #MemorialDay…
I’m in this soldier’s home near Fort Benning, Georgia because his ballot was personally challenged by the county Chairman of the Republican Party. We will hunt him and confront him.…
In World War II, Black soldiers called this ‘The War on Two Fronts’: the fight for democracy in Europe — and democracy in America. #MemorialDay2022…
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On this #MemorialDay, please join me in remembering my uncle, Seymour Levine, who was killed in action during #WorldWarII. Image
2nd Lt. Levine was a platoon commander in Company F of the 182nd Regiment of the Americal Division. In March 1945, the division was assigned to take Cebu, an island in the Philippines held by the Japanese. #MemorialDay Image
Some 14,500 Japanese soldiers were hunkered down in caves and fortified positions high in the hills of Cebu. (Photo of
182nd in action on Cebu from…) Image
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A #MemorialDay Thread🧵1/
Lt. Miroslav "Steve" Zilberman
Came to the US from Ukraine w/his parents. Joined USN out of HS & became an ET. 2003 later commissioned under Seaman to Admiral program after graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in comp science.
2/Entered flight training, CQ’d earning wings of gold and eventually became an E-2C Hawkeye pilot w/the VAW-121 Bluetails, embarked with CVW-7 in USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (CVN 69), operating in the AG supporting OEF over Afghanistan
3/6 Apr 2010 returning to IKE lost the port engine due to oil pressure. Starboard engine experiences a “runaway” prop causing rapid loss of altitude - unable to feather prop. As the aircraft commander this young LT, husband and father calls for the crew to bailout
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On Memorial Day, I remember Delta Force snipers Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart.

During Black Hawk Down, they inserted into crash site to save pilot Mike Durant.

Both men died after a prolonged gunfight that saved Durant’s life. Both earned the Medal of Honor. #MemorialDay Image
"He ran to the sound of the guns."

On Memorial Day, I remember Delta Force operator Joshua Wheeler. He was killed during a 2015 raid to rescue 70 prisoners from ISIS in Iraq.

When the assault stalled, Wheeler led the way through the breach and died.

He served 14 deployments. Image
On Memorial Day, I remember Michael Murphy and the men who died during Operation Red Wings.

Under heavy enemy fire, Murphy exposed himself so that he could call for help from an elevated position. His last words ever were "Thank you."

He earned the Medal of Honor. Image
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Today is #MemorialDay. While it has become a day for BBQ's, beaches and sales, please remember the real reason for this day, and why so many have off work to observe it.
Interestingly, no one agrees where Memorial Day started. Numerous places claim it, which only proves how important we as a nation agree it is to remember our fallen.

At any rate, the name Memorial Day wasn't official until 1967, some 100+ years after the first observances.

This is also not Veterans Day. While we'd argue any day is a good one to thank a Veteran for their service, and ask how they are, today is dedicated to those we've lost.

It's not a "Happy" day, either.

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Memorial Day is to remember those who died for our country.
But today, I think of a friend who continues to risk his life in our military. His 3 kids and his wife. The work he's doing.
Our friend flies big planes.
He evacuated thousands from Kabul. He flew into the madness and got people out.
I took his wife out to lunch while he was there. Sat with her. Worried with her. Felt it.
The war in Ukraine has made me feel so helpless.
Our friend flew and left weaponry to arm the Ukrainians.
He's a helper.
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Since 2018, more American children have been murdered in school shootings than American service members have been KIA. #MemorialDay
This includes 2020 when kids weren’t even in school.
Every year, more than twice as many Americans die by gun violence than American service members died in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Again: That’s every year in America versus two wars that last a total of 30 years.

And no, that statistic doesn’t include gun-related suicide.
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On this #MemorialDayWeekend, at the end of another painfully long week, here’s my 78th #ScholarSunday thread of great public scholarly writing & work, podcast eps, new & forthcoming books from the week. Add more below & solidarity! #twitterstorians
Gonna start with the best thread I read this week on guns in America, @UnlawfulEntries on lessons from her “Guns, Money, & Politics” class:

As we mourn with Uvalde, also an important moment to remember the town’s inspiring activist histories (h/t @CarisAdel):…
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20 years ago, it was around 6 months that I had been in the US for the first time. My morning commute then was taking an @NJTRANSIT train from #Metropark to #NewarkPenn and then the @PATHTrain to #JournalSquare crossing over to another train to finally reach #Newport by 9 AM
On #LabourDay that year I had made my first online purchase - a @KonicaMinoltaUS camera on @eBay. How much I rue not having bought it before the #MemorialDay would come later. From the office on the 22nd floor of the #NewportTower, the #NewYorkSkyline was always breathtaking
On the #MemorialDay weekend that year, some of us friends, all in the US for the first time, went all across #Manhattan. From #TimesSquare to #NYSE and then to the twin towers of the #WorldTradeCenter all without a camera alongwith me. Always thought there will be a next time
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The Decoration Day series continues with Frederick Douglass' amazing & crucial 1871 speech at Arlington National Cemetery! #decorationday #MemorialDay #twitterstorians…
As much as the overt, neo-Confederate Lost Cause narrative and all that came with it became dominant in the post-Civil War US, I would say that another white-centered narrative was & remains just as destructive: that the Civil War was a terrible tragedy.…
That tragedy frame relies on another narrative with which I grew up: recognizing the courage & sacrifice of soldiers on both sides, even if we acknowledge the war's true cause. Douglass takes that on directly in the conclusion of his stunning speech:
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