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Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial for those deceased 1941–1945
Cambridge (England) cemetery contains remains of 3,811 American war dead. The inscribed Wall of the Missing records the names of 5,127 missing servicemen. We remember. #MemorialDay2019 🇺🇸
There is 'No Known Grave' for LTC Leon Robert Vance, Jr. On June 5, 1944, he led a Heavy Bombardment Group in an attack against defended enemy coastal positions in the vicinity of Wimereaux, France near Pas-de-Calais to support the anticipated D-Day landings. #DDay75 #MemorialDay
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I was just watching a really moving #MemorialDay tribute video at the @FresnoGrizzlies game until they got to a part about America’s adversaries and showed a photo of the @AOC between images of Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-un. That was some seriously offensive editing.
Here’s the #video shown by the @FresnoGrizzlies tonight, found on @YouTube:
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I want to reflect on this during #MemorialDay on what we used to have in office for 8 years. I actually cannot believe we survived. Now we are thriving as a nation because we have a President who loves this country. Below is what we used to have. See the whole thread. 👇
1) M Obama saying this is the first time she has been proud of this country because we elected her treasonous husband, Barack Hussein Obama
2) At a parade and we are able to read M Obama’s lips. ALL THIS FOR A DAMN FLAG” Michelle Obama
#MemorialDay 🇺🇸
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There is a day in November when we remember who served & came home – but today is the day when, all across America, in gatherings large and small, we pause to honor and remember those who served our nation and did not come home. It is Memorial Day in America. #MemorialDay
Nearly 1 million Americans have fallen in uniform since the founding of this nation. Americans of every race & creed have fought & died for our freedom. But numbers tell nothing of the lives of promise cut short, dreams unfulfilled,families shattered. Words fail when heroes fall.
To families of the fallen, who have sacrificed more than we can ever know: Know that the hearts of every American are with you today – & they will stay with you always. #MemorialDay
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A #MemorialDay thread

Walked down to the Reflecting pool to check out the memorial to the lives lost in Iraq/Afghanistan and in other conflict zones

I was trying to simply be grateful

But I couldn't help feeling angry about their loss
The people who advocated for this stupid, pointless war, which caused 4400 American deaths and 32,000 American casualties

Are still public figures, and completely unapologetic for their advocacy

@BillKristol, @maxboot, @davidfrum, many others

Have they no shame?
Rhetorical question.

But that's why I decided to support Trump and get into politics more seriously

If there was a moment that crystallized my support for Trump it was this one

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Remembering those soldiers who fought in the war against white supremacy and injustice in America:

Denmark Vesey
Nat Turner
Harriet Tubman
Fannie Lou Hamer
Martin Luther King Jr
Malcolm X
Medgar Evers
Fred Hampton
Jimmie Lee Jackson
Rev James Reeb

Remembering those soldiers who fought in the war against white supremacy and injustice in America:

Sojourner Truth
Marcus Garvey
Rev George Lee
Lamar Smith
James Chaney
Andrew Goodman
Henry Schwerner
Viola Liuzzo
Adam Clayton Powell
James Baldwin
Vernon Johns

Remembering those soldiers who fought in the war against white supremacy and injustice in the world:

Nelson Mandela
Muhammad Ali
Fred Shuttlesworth
Ralph Abernathy
Ida B. Wells
Ella Baker
Hosea Williams
Dorothy Height
Dick Gregory
Eldridge Cleaver
Steven Biko

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BREAKING RESEARCH FROM @infinitechan H/T to @M2Madness for sending over, buckle in things are heating up, Happy Memorial Day Patriots!
On 5/25/19 @realDonaldTrump tweeted about the "Age of Enlightenment". In Q post 144, we are given the phrase (New) Age of Enlightenment. Along with the following bracketed letters: [th] [I] [s] [w] [e] [e] [k] , THIS WEEK. Could 144 refer to the 144,000 Luke's little flock?
From : 144 aísthēsis (a feminine noun) – properly, the brand of sense-discernment which "cuts through" hazy ethical (moral) matters to really "size things up" (used only in Phil 1:9)
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Donald Trump’s time in the White House has been marked by constant crisis. He rules by crisis, creating dramas to stoke his political base and normalize chaos. Now, with 2020 looming, he appears to want a war. Can we prevent it?… #MemorialDay
Trump likely views war as key to his re-election, since war has a way of boosting a president’s popularity. Will he force us into an unnecessary war? Will he use “national security” as an excuse to seize more power, erode the Constitution and increase persecution targeted groups?
Here are 3 ways to short-circuit his war strategy:
1. Call it out: This “trumped-up” war will only happen because Trump wants it. Say it.
2. Don’t buy the lies: Actively disbelieve anything he says on the march to war.
3. Hit the streets. Protest works.…
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Since we are celebrating #MemorialDay I wanted to put a “freedom” Q thread together. All posts relevant to the word “freedom.” 🇺🇸🇺🇸👇 #QAnon
2) Q “FREEDOM” 🇺🇸
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Front Royal, VA is the site of the first War Dog training center, established during WWII to train canine soldiers.

The town's Memorial Day event is centered around honoring war dogs who died protecting our country.

I was not expecting this. THREAD #MemorialDay
War dogs served as scouts, mine detectors, sentries, and messengers. They also can lead human soldiers to those wounded or killed in action. 1/
There were 4,000 dogs deployed to Vietnam. They were so effective that a bounty was placed on the head of every war dog. 2/
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I had dinner with a friend last night and we started talking about the wars, being a veteran, and #MemorialDay. As we spoke, I started to realize that I’m really angry.

I told her about how infuriating it is to be working on an anti-war campaign for an 18 year long war.
It’s infuriating to constantly see how much the entire country can kiss whatever ass may happen to be inside a uniform, but we can’t for the life of us be bothered to demand an end to open-ended wars. It hasn’t been without cost. We’ve got all the reasons to be furious.
We’ve lost so many vibrant people, wasted TRILLIONS of dollars, and decimated poor communities around the world.

I’m just god damn sick of hearing “thanks.” What the hell are we even thankful for? The fact that young people keep volunteering to serve in a war with no end?
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My father was in Patton's army, fought Battle of the Bulge, crawled thru Europe for 2 yrs, & when a French bakery refused him & his soldier buddy bread though their money was on the counter, they politely raised their guns & asked again.. #MemorialDay
They weren't cowboys. They stood in a long line of customers, waiting their turn. The guy refused to serve them after they just helped save his country. He never talked about the war, he told me this to explain why he wouldn't go 2 France. He should have gone back 2 that bakery!
My father's army unit was first in to liberate Buchenwald concentration camp. He had a camera during the war (probably got it in battle, it was a Hasselblad). For any holocaust deniers, I have photographs..Even for those who made it back, life was never the same. Thank you all.
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Don’t know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day? Here’s a personal story of mine on why it’s important. (thread)

Remembrance is an underrated form of prayer. When we remember, we encourage that memory. A moment of great character can produce other moments like it when folks take the time to keep that memory alive.
Today, I want to remember one soldier, in particular, who has meant a lot to me. Thing is: I never had the honor of meeting her.
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Every #MemorialDay I re-read the Medical Report of Action written by my late grandfather, Abraham Lenzner, about the events of September 25, 1943. He was the Senior Medical Officer on LST 167 when it was attacked as it unloaded supplies on the island of Vella Lavella. 1/
He was standing next to a close friend as three Japanese planes came “diving at the ship out of the sun.” He scrambled onto the main deck and ducked inside to grab his helmet as bombs rocked the boat. 2/
The spot where he‘d been standing was destroyed; his friend, killed. My grandfather was hit by shrapnel. The lights went out. The ship was engulfed in flame.

“All this action,” he wrote, “was but a matter of seconds.” 3/
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EVERY War that America has started or got into for the last 120 years has been sold to the public with nothing but lies.

Remembering all those who died for lies, in Wars for Wealthy Elites and Corporate Profits.

This isn't #MemorialDay.

Its Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, and General Dynamics, Day.
It is designed to boost their profits.

They wouldn't make so much profit if they didn't bribe the politicians to start wars and ordinary Americans weren't scammed into supporting them.
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Remember Marine Lance Corporal José Gutierrez, among the first killed in battle in Iraq. An orphan who fled Guatemala for the US, he was at one time undocumented. He was granted US citizenship posthumously. #MemorialDay
Following the death of their parents, “Jose eventually made the 2,000-mile trek from Guatemala to Los Angeles, promising the sister he left behind that he would become an architect and design great buildings.” #MemorialDay…
“By mid‐2009, more than 119 immigrant military members had earned their citizenship posthumously after dying in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.” More from @AmericasVoice:… #MemorialDay
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Staff Sergeant Matt Maupin, US Army, 1983-2004.

(cc: @jaketapper)
In Iraq, early April 2004, a sectarian Iraqi cleric called for a jihad against coalition troops. His militia destroyed 8 bridges overnight, attempting to stop traffic between Baghdad Airport and a nearby coalition base.

His goal? Cut off fuel and ammunition from allied forces and “starve” them out of the base.

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Remember all those who gave everything for our freedom today. #MemorialDay2019

Ronald Reagan at Arlington National Cemetery on #MemorialDay in 1985: “It is, in a way, an odd thing to honor those who died in defense of our country, in defense of us, in wars far away.  The... 1/3
imagination plays a trick. We see these soldiers in our mind as old and wise. see them as something like the Founding Fathers, grave and gray haired.  But most of them were boys when they died, and they gave up two lives – the one they were living…and the one... 2/3
they would have lived. When they died, they gave up their chance to be husbands and fathers and grandfathers.  They gave up their chance to be revered old men.  They gave up everything for our country…for us.  And all we can do is remember.”
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Memorial Day - Thanks to all that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.…
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On #MemorialDay we rededicate ourselves to honoring the service of the nation’s men and women in uniform, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us and for our nation.
I’m so proud to represent the many brave Vermonters who serve in their communities and far from home, and I’m sharing some reflections about those who gave their lives so that others might live. #MemorialDay
Cpl. Edward Wilkin was born in Burlington and served in the Army in WWII. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his superb fighting skill, dauntless courage, and inspiring actions when…
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1. #News ~ We remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
If not for these #HEROES we would not be FREE to enjoy this #MemorialDay as we do #ThankYou

Thank you @realDonaldTrump
for bringing back Patriotism to America
in a greater way

#MemorialDay2019 #GodBless
2. #News ~ WATCH: Good Samaritan Folds, Returns American #Flag Blown Off Pole

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #MemorialDay
3. #News ~ Hundreds of Patriots Protest Ilhan Omar at CAIR Fundraiser In Bellevue, Washington (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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Today all across Texas and our great nation we pause to honor the brave sacrifices of our military members as they continue to lead and serve at home and abroad. We also unite as Americans to pay tribute to those who gave their lives while serving our country. #MemorialDay
It is because they fearlessly defended our liberty that we are able to stand here today in our beloved nation that serves as a beacon of freedom to all. #MemorialDay #MemorialDay2019
Let us never forget the sacrifices of our brave men and women in uniform, and we pray that God will continue to bless them, their families, and the United States of America. #MemorialDay #MemorialDay2019
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Today, I remember Chris Walsh.

Chris was a medic w/ the @STLFireDept, and a Corpsman 2nd Class w/ the @USNavy.

He was killed by an IED on 4 Sep 2006, conducting combat operations in Fallujah, Iraq serving w/ 3rd Batt, 24th Regiment, 4th @USMC Division.

Already an experienced medic assigned to #STL's ever-busy Engine House 32, he volunteered to go to Iraq as medic after enlisting as a reservist in 2004.

Throughout his deployment his team leader said Chris "nurtured & cared for the Marines of his platoon in an exemplary manner".
One night, while on patrol in Anbar province - and having just survived an IED attack - Chris saved a young Iraqi baby's life.

"Baby Mariam"

It is an incredible story of poise & courage & you can watch a short video about it here:

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"Decoration Day" renews memory of soldiers who gave their lives that our nation might live. Or in former Pres. Lincoln’s words, “That this nation shall have a new birth of freedom.” It was first instituted by the Grand Army of the Republic - May 30, 1868..1/12
@realDonaldTrump...for the purpose of strewing w/flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, & whose bodies lie in almost every city, village, hamlet & churchyard in our land (Civil War reference)...2/12
Every #MemorialDay a national moment of silent remembrance takes place, 3p local time. It's unclear where the tradition began/initiated as many memorial gatherings were community-based. The Fed Government declared Waterloo, NY official birthplace, 1966...3/12
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