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2022 California Housing Legislation - over 100 bills this year.
More details:…
Details in thread! 1/
#CALeg California Housing Legislation Highlights as of March 27, 20
More bills this year on limiting wildfire risk:
#SB1292 from @HenrySternCA: Allows cities to limit housing in fire zones & replacing the zoned capacity elsewhere. For every unit of removed from a fire zone, 2 units of capacity must be added elsewhere.…
Sharon @quirk_silva has several housing bills this year.… including one that's wildfire related:
#AB2705 Fire hardening & retrofitting standards. Also provides funding for hardening 300,000 homes in very high fire hazard zones.…
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NIMBYs frequently oppose ADUs on the grounds that #ADU residents will overwhelm on-street #parking. Are they right?

@cgthigpen and I take a look in our new study in @JTLU2008

A🧵on our findings: 1/11
@cgthigpen and I surveyed Sacramento homeowners to investigate the supply and sufficiency of residential parking for single-family homes and what that means for ADUs:…

Our first step was to estimate actual garage use. We found that the most common individual use was storage (75%), followed by car parking (63%), use as an extra room (12%), and living space.

3/11 Image
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Thanks to California’s new accessory dwelling unit (#ADU) laws, homeowners can help solve our housing shortage. It’s legal now.

But wait, there's more! In cities like #Pasadena, these same laws are making it easier and cheaper to build an addition.😃🧵… Image
Under #Pasadena’s current code, “any addition to an existing residence…of over 150 square feet triggers a requirement to provide two covered spaces within a garage or carport.”

Left: addition legal!
Right: no asphalt, no addition...😢 ImageImage
Instead of managing the curb parking actually owned by the city, #Pasadena planners found it easier to force every homeowner spend tens of thousands of dollars pouring concrete & building garages.

Has this added to Pasadena’s historic charm? ImageImage
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Thousands of #California homeowners are eager to have renters next door.

They’re so eager to have renters that they are spending millions to attract them.…
Why did it take so long for us to realize that thousands of California homeowners want to have renters next door? Because until 2017, most CA homeowners couldn’t legally build an accessory dwelling unit (#ADU) on their property.…
What happened when California made it legal for most homeowners to add a small rental home (i.e., an #ADU) to their own property?

A 925-fold increase in permits issued to build accessory dwelling units in 7 years! Lots of us like having renters next door.
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California's legislature started 2021 with over 100 housing bills. About half are still active. The rest may return next year, or in rare cases, later this year as a gut-and-amend of an unrelated bill. Details in thread & at… PDF at… Please visit for the text versi
Wildfires and earthquake preparedness: the direction we're going in is hardening existing buildings, and tougher codes for new buildings. SB12, SB63, and AB1329 are still active.
Coastal zones: the remaining active bill is #AB500 to encourage housing near coast, especially if affordable and/or near transit.…
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Inspired by @ncoxbarrett live tweeting of Dallas ZOAC meetings on #parking, we will live tweet Denton's Development Code Review Committee today, where they will discuss primarily #ADUs and #ParkingRequirements. Starts in 10 minutes:
And we're off. Before we get to #ADU and #parking, we're talking about the word soup of legally non-conforming homes that are deemed legal, but modifications cannot increase the nonconformity.
Staff: if there is a proposal for an ADU, they would not be able to use existing parking to satisfy the ADU parking requirement, and they would have to do so without removing any existing parking for the home.
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Reforming Seattle’s Single Family Zoning: Three Truths:

Truth 1) We've outgrown the urban village strategy.
It has been a great success for locating 80% of the housing built over the last 20 years in proximity to transit, but we can't expect the same 6% of land to house the next generation of Seattleites--at least another 100,000 people by 2040. (Seattle Planning Commission)

Urban villages are too small, too few, and the edges are highly contested because we’ve struck such a stark line between what is allowed inside or out. It is a equity issue now, and will get much worse. (image is of relative density across UV boundary street)

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