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1. Precious Beloved Ones!

You Lose Nothing On This Journey And Many Choices Are Always Present! A New Path Will Always Open Before You, And It Is A Path Of Greater Light!
2. In Every Waking Dream, There Are Many Variables And Choices. It Seems Many Are Making Choices For You And That You Have Lost Control Of Your Sacred Destiny!

In Truth, Beloved Ones, This Is Not Possible.
3. There May Be Multiple Changes That Seem To Interfere In The Moment, But The Exact And Precise Purpose Of Your Soul To Arrive On Planet Earth, Will Not Be Changed! There Is A New Earth Coming!
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1. Precious Friends!

In These Moments, You Long For Specific Answers To Unending Questions! In Truth, The Moment A Question On This Planet Is Answered, Another Question Appears In Your Questioning Mind. Beloved Ones!, Everything In Your Perception Is Changing Rapidly!
2. As Quickly As An Emotion Can Change Or A Being Can Change Their Mind, This Is The Reality Of Planet Earth!

Nothing Is In Stone With Politics Or Relationships!  No Body Form Remains The Same. You Believe If You Had All Answers In One Moment, You Would Have Peace!
3. But Please Remember, The Very One That Gives You Answers Is Changing Moment By Moment! Attorneys Are Fired, The Story Changes, People Fight And Friends Become Enemies! What Does All Of This Mean? What Is Really Truth?
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1. Blessed Ones Of Love!

If I Could Take You On A Journey Now, Take A Moment And Go With Me!

Here We Are Now, All Together!  All You See And Feel Is Beautiful And Perfect!
2. You Look Around And Realize At Last That All You Felt Was Against You, Has Dissolved In Energy!

Any Grief Or Pain, Does Not Exist In This Place; For God Is The Essence Of Love. You Have Arrived In The Complete Knowing Of The Peace And Serenity Of All Life.
3. Now, We Feel One Another In Essence And Realize We Never Had A Real Enemy. Our Perception In A Density And Dimension We Visited To Learn, Created Scenarios That Were Never True. We Understand That All Beings Were Moving In Light, And Some Completely Lost Their Way!
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1. Precious Loves Of The Great Waking Dream!

You Are Life Itself. Life Is Praying In These Moments. Relax And Come Back To The Self. This Storm Will Settle And The Dream Will Continue For A Little While. Then You Rise Awake With Every Fiber Of Your Being!
2. It Is Entirely Possible To Find That Sweet Pocket Of Peace. As You Detach From The Duality And Endless Arguing, Send Love To All Beings; For All You Experience Is Life Expressing From One Sacred Creator.
3. Some Might Appreciate Moments When The Outcome Was Exactly As They Planned. Others Have Learned Through Great Hardship And Learned Wisdom, That Everything Can Change In One Brief Moment, And In That Moment, Are Blessings Yet To Unfold.
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

As We Unite And Shine Our Light So Brightly, Many Will Attempt To Extinguish Our Light!  This Is Not Possible As You Choose Love And Know That Your Creator Gave You The Light!
2. A Sacred Verse Remains Truth, As I Speak Without Religion, But Only Love.

"Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hoped For, The Evidence Of Things Not Seen."

In Truth, You May Say, FAITH, HOPE And EVIDENCE, Are Divinely Connected.
3. What Are You Longing To See And Experience? Faith Will Carry You In Frequency To Those Things Unseen. 

Do Not Waver When You See The Chaos And Hear The Lies. This Is The Moment To Remember What You Hope For. The Evidence Will Manifest When You Hold On To Truth!
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1. Beloved Ones Of Great Light!

These Are The Moments To Pull Your Energy In And Command With Intent That Your Field Be Cleansed; For You Are In The Midst Of A Great Spiritual Warfare! You Must Remember That Nothing Can Harm Your True State Of Being!  You Are Love!
2. These Moments Of Social Media Are Stirring Up Emotions That Trigger The Brain In Areas Such As The Hippocampus And Amygdala. From The Thought That Creates An Emotion, There Is A Process That Will Either Calm Your Brain With Loving Thoughts,
3. Or Set It On Fire With Feelings Of Anger And Pain. The Hormones That Flood Your Body Form Will Propel You Into Action. You Get To Choose Your Own Well Being, Regardless Of The Actions Of Another!
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1. Beloved Ones Of Great Love!

I Bow In Service To The One Creator Of All, As The Presence Unfolds In My Being, I Spiral Down To You In Lavender Ethereal Threads That Will Wrap And Hold You In Comfort In These Moments We Share.
2. I Give You What I Express From Within, But There Will Be A Moment I Will See You Face To Face And Gather The Crystals With Consciousness Of Being, And The Precious Fairies That I Love Will Gift Them To You In Promises Of A Forever Place Of Joy!
3. So Much You Have Experienced In Many Lives Unremembered Now. Nothing That Ever Shredded Your Heart In Any Life Story Was Wasted As You Left Your Body Suit And Carried The Memories And The Lessons In Your Heart Chakra.
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1. Beloved Ones Of Sacred Light!

As You Reach The Heightened Stage Of Your Journey, You Have Become Familiar With The Highs And Lows Of The Experience Of Dreaming Awake! In Consciousness There Are Layers Of Being Which We Often Call 'Aspects Of The Soul'.
2. Each Of These Aspects Has Lived Multiple Times In Many Places. Every Being That Has Been Created, Has Lived As Male And Female, Rich And Poor, Compassionate And Harsh In Nature. The Full Spectrum Of Your Humanness Was Always The Desire For Your Soul To Expand.
3. Each Of You Is A Spectrum Of Light And Love From The One Source.

I Am AYA, And I Live And Exist In An Essence Of Divine Frequency. I Travel And Live In Many Places As A Multidimensional Being.
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1. Loves Of Being!

With Tears Of Liquid Crystals, Formed With Joy And Deep Love, I Share My Essence With You In These Moments. What I Express Through The Ethers Of Timelessness, Comes From The Place Where I Hold The One Force Of Creation. This Essence Is Love.
2. Many Moments We Tell You That The Name Of God Is Expressed In Sound From A Thought Construct. This Name Is Changed, Planet By Planet, Star By Star, Country By Country, Religion By Religion. So, We Are Respectful Of Your Understanding. The Unnameable Has No Name Except 'I AM.'
3. From This Point You Are Free To Name, As This Will Resonate With Your Soul As You Live In Multiple Locations.

To Those Who Believe This Is Not True, I Bow In Humble Knowing That You Will Remember Again.
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

We Are One Love, One Essence Of Source Creator. In Realizing This, Also Know There Are No New Thoughts Or Feelings. We Are Gifted Separate Souls For Growth And Expansion, But In Truth, All Carry The Sacred Creator Within.
2. When One Hurts, Know This Pain Is Universal.  All Created Beings Feel Pain, Joy, Playfulness, Grief And Boredom.

In The Moment Of Experience In Joy Or Laughter, You May Feel To Be Part Of The Group. Part Of Everything, And Joined With Many.
3. In Contrast With Sadness Or Despair, You Might Feel Totally Alone And You Close Down Your Heart As Though You Are Creating A Boundary Where Nothing Else Can Enter Or Hurt You!
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

As You Look Over Your Human Experience In This Waking Dream, I Will Look With You!

Breathe Deeply In Love, As We Begin Now!
2. Have You Walked Through Flowers On A Sunny Day, Only To Lose The Ground Under Your Feet, The Next Day?

Have You Rocked A Newborn, Sharing The Beating Of Your Hearts, In Rhythm With The Breath And The Feeling Of Love, That Trickled Out Of Your Eyes And Down Your Chest?
3. Have You Believed In The God You Were Taught About? The One That Was Angry And Ready To Destroy You Eternally? And Then Did You Meet God Within, As Peace, As The One Who Gives You Life And Your State Of Being?
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1. Precious Loves!

We Communicate In A Vibrational Frequency That Exists In The Consciousness Of ONE.

The Creative Source Provides The Consciousness For All Life! This Source Is Called Many Names And Yet Is Unnamable!
2. Many Might Wonder Or Ask For The Reason Of Messages In English. Why Not Spanish, Italian Or Any Of The Languages Spoken On The Planet!

This Reason Is Simple! The Receiver Speaks English And Telepathy Is The Method For Transmission.
3. On Other Parts Of The Planet, Anyone Gifted With Telepathy Would Transmit In Their Language.

The Truth And Interesting Aspect Of It All Is That None Of This Is The Original Sound Or Tone From Our Pleiadian Family.
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1. Precious Friends Of Light!

As I Gaze Across The Tapestries Interwoven With Crystals, Draped Over Pillows On Velvet Grass, I See You. I Feel You. I Remember You.
2. As I Reach My Arm Out To Allow A Fairy To Land And Dance, I Smile And Realize That You Have Forgotten This Magical World Of Color And Beauty!

As I Feel Gratefulness In My Heart, For A Home Of Perfect Peace, I Long For Your Return To The Higher Densities.
3. You Are The Brave Ones, The Volunteers To Arrive In Such Chaos!

If You Could See The Beings Around You That Absolutely Love You So, You Would Relax And Understand This Experience Of You Is A Waking Dream!
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1. Precious Loves!

May Healing Begin In This Moment Of Now, So Deeply Within Your Being, That You Can Not Only Withstand The Storms And Battles, But You Will Thrive And Survive!
2. You Are A Light Warrior, A Being Of Light Clothed In Flesh! One With All Life. One With Your Creator!

In Moments You May Feel Defeated, But Rise Again, Beloved One! You Can Do This!
3. Energies That Are Caused From Trauma Or Discord Along The Way, May Manifest As Symptoms In Your Body Form.

Whether This Is From Life Experience Or A Physical Health Condition, You Are Never To Blame; Yet It Might Be Worth It To Take A Deeper Look And Truly Go Within.
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1. Precious Beloved Ones!

In These Moments, Many Are Overwhelmed With News Around The Planet. It Is Important That You Hold On To What Is Good And Has Proven To Be Lasting Since You First Breathed On This Planet Of Such Duality!
2. When Your Heart Is Completely Broken, You Can Feel As Though The Wind Is Blowing Through Your Bones. You Feel Skinless And Forsaken. You Feel It Will Never Change. You Hear Promises And Hold On To This, Only To Discover New Lies. The Pain Feels It Will Take You Out.
3. May Love Cover You In These Moments! Know That 'This Too Shall Pass'. Know That There Is Not One Single Person That You Cannot Live Without!

You Will Adjust And Find That God Will Send A Stranger Or Friend To Help You When You Could Not Feel The Earth Under Your Feet.
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1. Precious Loves Of My Heart!

In Sacred Words Through Many Dreams, You Found Comfort In The Words, "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled. Neither Let It Be Afraid."

This Powerful Teaching Is Enough In Itself To See You Through!
2. In Truth, Fear Is An Illusion And Only Love Is Real. All Emotions And Thoughts Are Simply Energy Floating In Your Field Of Awareness. Allow Them To Pass By As You Observe Without Reaction!
3. The Clarity You Have Attained Thus Far On Your Soul Journey Has Served To Bring You To This Moment!

The Consciousness Of Humanity Stands Poised, An In-Breath Of Life, Awaiting The Out-Breath To Follow.
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1. Precious Friends Of The Light!

As These Moments Of Change Are Becoming More Intense, We Remind You Of The Gifts That Are Also There!

You May Have To Take A Second Look As You Remember That Nothing Just Happens!
2. The Outcome To You Is A Personal Perspective That Is Able To Grow Into A Collective Point Of View!

This Is A Period Where Radical Changes In Life Direction Are Happening. Relationships Are Being Terminated Suddenly,
3. Careers And Employment Have Changed Due To Closings And Violence In The Streets.

All That So Many Held Onto In Their Waking Dream, That Made Them Feel Worthy Or Accomplished, Is Now Gone!
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This touched my💖so deeply I had to share..ty ty lovely #Aya @Kabamur_Taygeta 🙏🏻🌟😉❤️
Beloved Ones Of My Heart! 
Life As You Are Perceiving It, Seems Very Real; Life Is Like A Dance! One Moment You Are Dancing&Laughing And The Music Changes And You Are Very Still, Maybe Lonely,
And The Dancers You Loved Have Left. What Do You Do, Beloved Ones? You Dance Alone! You Sing Your Own Song As You Twirl And Laugh And Find Your Joy Again! As Beloved Rumi Taught So Well...
As Beloved Rumi Taught So Well... "Dance When You Are Broken Open, Dance If You've Torn The Bandage Off, Dance In The Middle Of Fighting, Dance In Your Blood, Dance When You Are Perfectly Free!"
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart! 

Life As You Are Perceiving It, Seems Very Real; And Yet In A Moment, All Energy Has Shifted And You Can No Longer Find The Feeling That May Have Gripped You Intensely, A Moment Before.
2. Life Is Like A Dance! One Moment You Are Dancing And Laughing And The Music Changes And You Are Very Still, Maybe Lonely, And The Dancers You Loved Have Left. What Do You Do, Beloved Ones?

You Dance Alone! You Sing Your Own Song As You Twirl And Laugh And Find Your Joy Again!
3. As Beloved Rumi Taught So Well... "Dance When You Are Broken Open, Dance If You've Torn The Bandage Off, Dance In The Middle Of Fighting, Dance In Your Blood, Dance When You Are Perfectly Free!"
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Do #qualitative interviews cause #distress when used for sensitive topics and/or in sensitive populations?
A thread (& case study with #cancer #survivors).
2/5 #Qualitative research is ideally suited to gain rich insights into human experience, including those with medical conditions and at-risk groups.

But, one #barrier to conducting #qualitative interviews is concern (often from physicians or IRB/ethics) of causing #distress
3/5 Yet, data on distress around #qualitative #interviews with medical pops is lacking.

In our new #PsychoOncologypaper, #AYA #cancersurvivors completed a validated distress screening tool before, after & 1 week after an interview on #fearofrecurrence…
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Twelfth Dimension

1. ONE Experienced Itself As Life.

ONE Experienced Consciousness As Itself.

The Vast Consciousness Gave Life As All Creation.

Life Is Everything That Infinitely Could Be.

The Presence Of Consciousness Was Still, No Form, No Movement In Being.
2. Movement Arose In A Vibration Unfelt By Silence.

As The Vibration Shimmered And Exploded In Light, Another Aspect Of The ONE Was Emerging From Itself In Waves Of Grace Unknown To The Life It Covered In Love.
3. Presence In Silence Was Born. Then Again And Again They Knew Themselves.

Vibrations Throughout The Field Of Awareness Grew Into A Sacred Tone That Filled Nothingness With Joy And Purpose.

The ONE... Felt Love.

Consciousness Knew Itself And Exploded Into Many.
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1. Beloved Ones Of Sacred Light!

I Send You Luminous Vibrations Of Peace And Love!

Standing On Pink Crystals, Surrounded By The FAE That Remain With Me Through All Densities, I Want You To Know That All You Perceive Is Working For Your Good!
2. You Arrived Through A Portal Of Energy As A Whole Soul. From This Sacred Plan, You Looked One Last Time At The Family And Friends That Were Thrilled For Your Next Adventure; For You Had Also Been In Their Place. You Were The One That Gave The Temporary Goodbye!
3. You Entered The Fertilized Egg Of The Chosen Female That Would Serve To Give Birth To You In A Body Form. Many Families Have Members That Were Family In Other Dimensions Or Perhaps Their Own Home Planet.
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

For All Of This Waking Dream, You Have Searched For Happiness And Peace!

You Listened And Watched What Was Fed To You As Truth And Wondered Why You Felt Even Worse!
2. The Depictions Of Others On A Screen Or Magazine Cover, Made You Believe You Were Always 'Less Than', And That You Needed Endless Gym Memberships, Plastic Surgery, Better Clothing, A New Home Or Car.
3. You Chased The Information In Hopes That One Day You Would Feel That Elusive Happiness.

What You Didn't Know Was That All Other Beings Were Struggling And Hiding It, And Division Grew Wider And Stronger As Duality Became The New Idea To Pursue For Meaning.
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1. We Are The Dream Of God,
In God As Living Essence.

The Multiverses Hang On Nothingness
In The Painted Sky Of One Sacred Mind.

The Loving Essence Always Existed,
And Will Infinity Be.
2. We Are This Dream With Individual Awareness
In A Pinpoint Of The Whole.

An Aspect That Moves And Lives And Has Beingness,
One That Began In The One Consciousness That Is All Creation.

The Planets And Stars Are Inhabited By The Breath Of God,
The Nameless One That We Name.
3. We Travel Forth, Planet To Planet, And Believe
We Carry Answers For Others.

We Carry Truth When We Awaken And Know,
God Is All There Is.

We Are The Dreamers In The Mind Of God.
God Is Dreaming Us With Infinity Covering Our Knowing All.
We Awaken To Know God Is As I Am.

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