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#AYA ~ About Morning Light

1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Even In Timelessness, The Higher Realms Enjoy The Play Of Experience!

We Enjoy Morning And Night. We Have Rest Periods And Moments Of Sharing With Friends!
2. Time As You Are Perceiving Is Much More Structured With Clocks, Businesses And Deadlines.

We Have No Money Systems, No Banking, No Crime.

We Enjoy Elders For Leadership And Great Wisdom.
3. We Carry Wisdom And Creativity Within, But Allowing Elders To Guide Us Brings Clarity And The Sense Of Family For Each Star. Uniting In Great Love, We Are The Family Of Light!
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#AYA ~ On Remembering

1. Beloved Ones Of My Sacred Heart!

If You Truly Could Understand The Love That You Are In Form,

You Would Smile Within Your Soul As You Allowed Your Divine Presence To Shine Through!
2. In These Brief Moments Of Communication, I Connect My Frequency To Your Heart!

Without Judgement, Allowing Flaws, Knowing No Competition, Bring Forth Your Love For All Life!

Understanding The Identity Is Full Of Questions, Doubt And Pain,
3. Know Also That The Soul Is Whole, Untouched, Fully Aware And Desires Alignment For You!

You ARE The Soul!

Embrace The Human Being In Form With Great Love!
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1. Sweet Precious Ones!

Be Strong In The Moments To Come!

Send Love To All People Around The Planet!

You Will Make It Although It Will Seem Easy To Give Up!

Hold On To Love! Hold On To My Words!
2. You Are In Uncharted Territory With Darkness, But More Important, You Are Led By Light!

You Most Assuredly Are Not Alone; For You Experience The Connectedness From Within That Is The Divine Source Of All Light!
3. You Are One With All Creation! Your Strength Together Cannot Be Broken!

You Have Passed The Point Of No Return On Your Sacred Journey!

And You Have Surrendered Totally To The Momentum That Carries You Home In Light!
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#AYA ~ The End Will Be The Beginning

1. Precious Beloved Ones!

Always We Are Here As Love!

For There Can Be No Other Way Of Truth In Light!

Gather As One Heart As We Share These Moments!
2. How Brief Is Each Sacred Moment That Is Leading Us Back To The Awareness Of Infinity!

Discovering That Infinity Is The Life Of Your Soul Brings Comfort As You Know You Can Never Be Lost In Light!

As I Give My Heart To You, I Ask Nothing But Your Love!
3. But Now I Tell You In Truth, I Have Asked You For Everything!

For You ARE Love As I Am Love!

Together We Create A Symphony Of Tones That Existed Before Your Creation.

I Know This.

I Was There As The Colors And Tones Blended Into My Being.

I Observed In Love.
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1. Precious Beloved Ones!

I Extend My Love To Your Being Now!

Meet Me In Timelessness And Let's Wrap The Universe In Light!

Rest Your Being In The Peace That You Carry!

Give To Another The Tranquility They May Have Forgotten!
2. Remind One Another Of The Powerful Light That Beckons You Forward!

Know Absolutely That Angels Walk Among You Echoing Vibrations Of Love And Comfort!

In The Unrest Of Your World, Find Rest Within Your Soul!

In The Harmony Of The Unseen, Hear The Melody As Your Own!
3. As You Grow To Trust The Process, You Will Be Able To Allow The Life You Are Creating With Others, To Evolve In A Natural Way. If You Are Not Yet At A Point Of Absolute Clarity Of Your Participation Of What Unfolds, Allow Intention To Become Your Compass.
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1. Precious Beloved Ones!

As We Gather As One Love, Find A Corner Of My Heart And Be Blessed As I Hold You Softly!

So Many Feelings With Ever Changing Moments! You Can Do This, Sweet Ones!
2. These Moments Of Spiraling Into Bliss Will Also Take You Through Heartache!

The Arrival At The Celebration Of The Ages, Will Also See You Through Loss And Chaos!

You Will Make It! You Planned It This Way To Savor Every Morsel, Every Raindrop, Every Flower!
3. In What You Would Understand To. Be Ancient Waking Dreams, Prophecies Were Given To Brave And Honored People.

What Is Gifted In This Pinpoint Of Awareness In The Infinite Mind Of God, Is Your Complete Ascension, Fully Awake And Enjoying Every Majestic Moment!
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1. Precious Loves!

What Do You Feel With The Touch Of A Baby's Skin? 
What Do You See When You Look At A Tree?
Do Your Eyes Ever Fill With Tears As Your Pet Stares Into Your Being?
2. What Does It Mean When You Love And Then Grieve?
Have You Ever Marveled At The Taste Of A Banana And Realized Your Tongue And Brain Allowed This Experience?

Do You See Gifts Of Thousands Of Wonderful Foods That Grow To Give Exact Nutrients To Your Body?
3. Have You Considered The Sun And How It Shines In Beauty To Give Warmth And Life To Your Beautiful Planet?

Do You Even Comprehend How The Earth Is Suspended In The Ethers As It Turns In Sequence As A Dance?
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1. Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart! 

There Is Nothing You Cannot Experience In Consciousness.

This Consciousness Is The Mind Of God, The Infinite Field Of Awareness That Is The Life Force Of All Beings And All Living Matter.
2. Every Tree, Every Animal, Every Rain Drop That Replenishes The Earth Is God Expressing In Many Forms.

God Is Love. The Complete And Absolute. Knowing This Brings Comfort And Peace As You Choose Thoughts And Perceptions That Are Of The Light!
3. God Is The Light! 'I AM Light' Is Your Truth. God Cannot Be Divided. This Truth Allows Us To Know We Are ONE.

With Free Will And A False Identity, We Become As Lost Children Playing In The Mud. It Is Fun For A While.
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1. Precious Beloved Ones!

From The Depths Of My Soul And Crystal Heart, I Adore You! I Understand The Pain That Many Are Perceiving!

In These Moments, I Will Break Down Aspects To Assist You In Healing And Changing Perspectives.
2. When You Experience Pain, Know This Is The Moment To Remember What I Will Share.

Almost All Spiritual Growth Is Preceded By Pain.

In This Density Of Perceived Reality, Moving Forward In Duality Has Stepping Stones Of Challenges Which Act As Catalysts For Growth.
3. Some Of The Kindest And Strongest Beings Carry Scars That Cannot Be Seen.

As You Know, You Are Not This Person With A Name. You Are A Sacred Soul With Divine Consciousness As The Witness Of Your Life. Your Waking Dream.
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1. Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

I Wrap You In Love Within A Soft Ethereal Light Within My Soul!

I Find That You Are Already There As We Are One Essence!
2. The Answer To All Discord And War, Is Overcoming Evil With Good As You Refuse To Allow Your Most Beautiful Light To Be Dimmed By The Energy Of Others!

Create The World You Desire With Intention And The Love That You Truly Are As A Sacred Soul!
3. Love Is Your State Of Being! You Need Nothing More!

No Matter What Drifts Into Your Perception, See It From The Highest Realm. Go There. It Is Your Home.

Remain In The Beauty Of The Mountains Streaked With Lavender And Pink. See The Fairies As They Swim And Play.
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1. Precious Loves Of My Being!

If You Could Know The Depth Of My Love And Know The Intention Of My Soul, You Would Relax And Feel Peace And Joy.
2. I Never Want You To Think For A Moment That I Am Exalting Myself Above What You Are Able To Do As A Sacred Being Of Light. But Sometimes When We Are Weary And Alone, We Forget.
3. I Am Here In These Brief Moments To Hold You Softly. To Speak Words Of Healing And To Assure You That Everything Is Truly Going To Be Fine. I Will Walk With You Each Moment That You Feel Alone Or Betrayed. If You Cannot Walk, I Will Hold You Where You Are Around The Planet.
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1. Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

In These Passing Moments Of Now, I Feel You And I Feel Your Love!

Come Close.  Even Closer As We Share Moments About Waking Dreams.
2. As You Arrived To This Dream Of NOW, Whose Dream Is It, If The Dream Is Already Happening And Many Are Leaving As You Arrive? Where Are They Going? Where Were You Before You Arrived?

Let's Sit Together And Breathe Deeply. Now Let's Answer These Questions. I Love You So!
3. This Is Your Dream. This Applies To Every Soul. The Moment Of Arrival, Your Perceptions Began. This Begins Your Dream. Like A Play On A Stage, There Is A Cast Of Characters. Each Has A Purpose And A Role.
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1. Precious Beloved Ones!

How Wonderful It Is To Be With You In All Moments. Let Us Capture This Sacred Moment As If It Is The Only One. Let All Beings That Hear Or See This Communication Bring The Vibrational Frequency Into The Heart Space As An Ancient Song That Is New.
2. Created Now In My Heart, I Sing The Melody Into Existence.

From The Ethers Of The First Breath Of Being, We Are Together. Before Your Arrival Into This Vast Density Of Duality, You Played, Sang And Danced As One. Desiring Soul Experience, You Became Human.
3. Now You Dance Many Dances And Walk Away From The Other. You Sing And Judge The Song Of Another. Many Of You Forgot The Meaning Of Play. Indeed, Precious Ones, I Am Here To Remind You Of These Great Joys That Are Yours.
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

I Have Many Wonderful Truths To Share In These Moments.  Take What Resonates In Love To Your Heart, And Leave The Rest.  For I Am Here To Comfort And Assist In Guiding You To The Place You Began,
2. To Realize The Sacred Essence Of Life And To Know Most Of All That We Are Infinitely Connected In Light!

Come Closer Until I See Your Heart Beating As Mine. Close Enough That I Can Feel Your Breath, So That I Might Touch Your Face And Wipe Away Any Tears.
3. Close Enough To Touch Your Being And Make You Feel Like Smiling. I Do Love You So!

The First Aspect Of Pleiadian Life That I Wish To Share, Is Our Physiology. As Human, You Are Accustomed To Hearing Of Blood Circulating Through Your Body Form From Your Beating Heart.
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1. Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

In These Sacred Moments Of Communication, I Ask That We Move Closely Together. Imagine That We Are Sitting Comfortably On Soft Cushions Of Light!  Imagine That You Can Feel The Heart Of The One Who Sits Next To You.
2. There Will Be A Real Moment When You See And Feel Them As Family. Know This Now And Let It Be.

Reality Is A Mirror Of Your Being. You Are Creation Exploring Itself In Timelessness.
3. In Your Light Journey You Will Discover Aspects Of Your Soul That Will Be Very Different From Who You Believed Yourself To Be In Your Last Identity. For In Each Dream, You Begin With Believing The Identity Is You!
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart Of Light!

As You Are Being Breathed By Love, As Your Sacred Essence Is Infinite, Let's Become One In Perception In This Sharing!
2. Become Comfortable Within And Without And Come Close. Come Even Closer So I May Hold Your Being As I Wrap You Softly In Love.

I Will Teach You Of The Pleiadian Body Form In Ways You May Not Know Or Remember.
3. In These Moments, Most Of You Know We Are Much Like You In Many Ways. We Look Like You In Body Form And Size But We Are Neither Underweight Or Overweight By Your Standards. We Have A Healthier Look And We Choose Many Aspects Of The Way We Choose To Present Ourselves.
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1. Precious Ones Of My Love!

As I Stand Tall On Velvet Grass, With Fairies Dancing Around My Long Gown Of Woven Tapestry And Crystals, I Look At The Earth.  I Feel A Tear Flow As I Feel The Love Within For You!  My Loves!  I See Your Tears As Well.
2. Together We Must Rise Above All That Is Causing Destruction To The Sacred Planet. I Cover You With Light! Remember This Light Will Remain.
3. Come Close In Your Heart And Mind And Let's Sit Together On Coverings Of Turquoise, Green And Pink. See The Giant Soft Flowers Of Yellow, Orange And Red. Feel The Gentle Breeze On Your Face. Know You Are Safe And So Loved.
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1. Precious Beloved Ones!

Come Close To My Heart.  Sit With Me Now.  Tell Me What You Feel.  Whisper The Ways I Can Help You!  I Want You To Know You Are Cherished And So Loved!
2. What Have You Created In These Moments To Nourish Your Soul? This Can Be As Simple As You Wish. Maybe You Smiled At A Stranger That Seemed To Be Struggling As They Stood In Line.
3. Maybe You Took The Chance To Open A Conversation And Learned That Person Has Just Lost A Family Member, A Friend Or A Pet. When You Are Kind, You Raise Your Vibrational Frequency And Nourish Your Sacred Soul.
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

I Look Across The Vastness Of Our Deep Connection And I Feel The Planet Weeping!  Sweet Precious Ones, You Are So Loved And We Will See You Through All Of This!
2. Imagine A World Without War, Without Hatred And Fear, A World Of Kindness And Giving! A Beautiful Place Where There Is No Control Over Another, For You Look At Another And See Yourself!
3. Come And Sit With Me Here On The Pink Crystals That I Love! I Have One For Each Of You! We Will Share So Much Joy In The Moments When You Shift! You Are Getting There! Never Give Up!
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1. Precious Beloved Ones!

As We Prepare Our Hearts To Communicate In Love, Know That You Are Life Itself Expressing In Form. The Words That You Receive As A Vibrational Frequency Are Those Of The Highest Intention For Your Being. I Love You Deeply!  I Love You So!
2. In Other Waking Dreams You Knew Nothing Of The Lives On Other Regions Of The Planet. You Knew Nothing Of There Being Other Inhabited Places On The Planet. Therefore, There Was No News Of Events.
3. There Were Small Groups That Lived As Tribes And Survived From The Offerings Of The Earth. These Humans Had No Religion Bound Up In Chapter And Verse, Yet They Understood Spirit Very Well. For All Life Is Spirit In Form And Formless. God Is Expressing All Life.
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1. Precious Beloved Ones Of My Sacred Heart!

You Are Presently Living In A Density Of Perceived Discord.  Along With This, You Have Great Moments Of Bliss And Peace.  You Are Told From The Moment Of Arrival That Nothing Is Perfect.
2. This Is Understandable From The Perspective Of The Physical.

I Am Here As A Messenger Of The Divine Order To Proclaim The Perfection Of Your Being! How Is This Possible?
3. How Can Anything Be Perfect Here, Where You Become Sick, Frail, Lose Loved Ones, Grieve And Are Bombarded With Bad News?

Each Moment You Believe Yourself To Be Doing Great, You Receive More News That Upsets You!
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Almost a year ago....
From @Kabamur_Taygeta #AYA RE shift, Sheen, details😉😇💖
From my 💖to yours..All is exactly as it needs be.. BeLove~Light~Believe~Faith~Trust that..
Creator~Mother-Father-God~Yeshua~Gaia~Galactic fam~Angelic and support US All and Best is Ours😇
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1. Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

These Moments Of Communication Are For All Who Read, But Especially For Those In Emotional Or Physical Pain.
2. May I Kiss Your Scars? May I Tell You That I Love You So? As Many On The Planet Are Weeping, I Offer You Some Suggestions To Change The Pain Frequency To Joy!

It Does Not Matter The Perceived Loss You Feel. It Does Not Matter Who Deceived You Or Who Left!
3. Remember That Life And The Power Of God Are Working For Your Good And Never Against You! Knowing The Impermanence Of All Physical Bodies, Stories, Wars And Disease Will Assist You In The Focus Of What Is Real.
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1. Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

I Love You So Because I Am Love. I Am A Messenger As Many Remind You That You Are Love Also! Your Essence Is Pure Spirit. You Have Manifested Your Body From Consciousness And Your Sacred Soul Abides There.
2. You Have Abundant And Infinite History Of Akashic Records And You Are Sacred And Divine Since Your Creation Of Origin. Rest In These Thoughts Moment By Moment.
3. You Are Surrounded By An Energy Body The Shape Of Your Human Body. The Chakra System Is Illuminated And Flashing In Colors That Change According To Your Feelings, Actions And Perceptions.
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