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1. #PLEIADIAN Collective

Friends Of Planet Earth!

These Are The Moments To Thrive!

The Great Awakening Is Before You And All You Perceive Will Change,

In The Twinkling Of An Eye!

We Are With You! ~~Pleiadian Collective
2. #IKAI

Brave Ones That Have Come To Be Light For Others!

I Am IKAI, Elder Of Taygeta And Leader With Many Of Galactic Light Forces!

You Are Part Of The Greatest Moment To Be Alive On Earth!

No Other Dream Story Will Compare!
3. I Do Not Speak To You Often But You Must Know I Am With You!

The Crafts Seen Are Increasing As Also The Great Love And Unity!

There Has Always Been Darkness On The Planet;

But The Light That You Are Covers This When You Unite In Love! ~~IKAI
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1. Loves Of My Being!

In These Moments, I Hold You Closely,

And Whisper That I Understand Your Pain!

Pain Can Take You Deeper And You Will Come Out Shining Brighter Than Ever!
2. Sometimes When Things Seem To Be Falling Apart,

There Is Something Miraculous And Deeply Spiritual Happening!

The Multiverses That Live In Each Cell Of Your Being Have Heard Your Cries To God!
3. You Carry This Life Force And You Are This Sacred Force Of Existence!

I Too Have Walked Through Pain That Would Shock Many Of You!

Things I Felt Would Kill Me,

Made Me Fall And Be So Wounded That I Felt There Was No More.
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

As The Proceedings Of Lies Parade Before You,

I Offer You The Wisdom And Comfort Spoken Through The Ages;

'Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, Neither Let It Be Afraid.'
2. In All Stories There Are Opportunities To Grow And Expand Your Essence To Greater Light!

It Does Not Matter What Another Says Or Does That You Quickly Want To Judge!

All Are On A Different Path And Some Choose Darkness Over Light!

Stay In Your Light!
3. Believe Only Love Is Lasting And Real!

Know That The Universe Is Ruled By Cause And Effect,

And Karma Will Balance All Energy Like A Boomerang!

You Need To Do Nothing But Breathe Now!
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1. Love Of My Heart,

In This Moment,

In This Place,

Become ONE With Life!

With Loving Intention, You Will Experience A Connectedness With Higher Densities!
2. In The Process Of Your Own Unfoldment Where Knowingness Of All Sleeps Before You,

You Have The Power Within To Look Behind The Curtain,

And At Last, To Pull The Curtain Down!
3. As You Awaken Further You Will Understand What Has Been Created Before You,

By Many That Wish To Confuse You And Hold You Back!

At That Same Moment, You Will Understand That You Are Also The Creator!

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1. When Perceived Moments Of Discomfort Or Anxiety,

Seem To Settle Over You And Disrupt Your Field And Change Your Plans;

Perhaps Exactly In The Moment You Felt All Was Finally Going Your Way;
2. When You Followed All The Prescriptions Of Wisdom,

And You Finally Got That Smile Back!

And You Were Just Coasting Along Feeling, 'I Got This!'

Then Suddenly, The Ground Seems To Give Way Beneath Your Feet!
3. The Sky Turns Dark And It Is Cold And Bleak.

Friends Or Family Let You Down And The News You Hear Is Clearly Lies!

Beloved Ones!  Sweet Angels!

What Is Going On?

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1. Sweet Beloved Ones!

As We Live Our Many Dream Stories;

I Am Here To Say I Love You So,

To Those That Have No One To Remind Them 

How Loved They Are By So Many Friends Unknown!
2. I Also Wish To Remind You That This Reality On Earth,

That Is Ever-changing, Is Especially Challenging For Children.

Those Born Into Constant Negative And Violent News,
3. Given Cell Phones And Computers As Soon As Language Is Learned,

Are Both Blessed And Have The Disadvantage Of Matrix Programming!

This Is The Reason So Many Are Unawake And The Chances Of Awakening Are More Difficult!
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

What Illusion Have You Created In These Moments?

Behind The Curtain Of Name And Form,

Find Your True Self!

2. Your True Self Is All That Is Real!

What Is Not Real Is The Dream Story You Live Now,

With Name And Form!

You Are The Formless One Of Love,

Looking Through Eyes Of Form,

Yet Needing No Eyes To See!

3. You Are Being Breathed By Love!

The Person With Name And Story Has No Control Over Breath Or Heart Beat!

The Illusion Always Has A Purpose To Propel You;

First Into Nothingness,

As You Leave The Story Behind;

Where You Then Find Everything That Is!

You Are This!
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

You Are Free In All Moments Of Life!

Breathe In Peace To Fully Live In This Realization!

You Arrived With A Purpose!
2. It Is Entirely Possible For Each To Discover And Know Their Purpose!

You Will Remember Who You Really Are As You Are Transformed By Love!

The True Self Is Behind All Confusion And Stress,

Ever Guiding And Watching All That Transpires!
3. Allow All Perceptions To Change To Serve You!

This Is Not Siding With What Is Perceived As Wrong;

But Rather Knowing There Is A Higher Purpose For You!

You Are Perfect And Complete In Truth!
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1. The Presence That You Bring Into This Density,

As Your Light.

The State Of Being That Does Not Change;

Find This Now.

In This Moment.
2. You Will Realize That At Each Age, You Felt This Presence Of Being.

The Body Changed Many Times From An Infant To An Adult.

The Cells Of The Body Are New Cells And Continually Change.
3. The Personality Has Changed As Learning And Experience Increased.

What Did Not Change Is The Presence.

The One Looking Through Your Eyes At The Being In The Mirror.

The Being You Created To Be In Form.
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1. Everything Is A Gift,

If You Choose This Perception!

If Nothing Is Random And All Is Connected,

Then Suffering Can Stop And Pain Can Be A Catalyst 

For The Deepest Journey Into Your Own Soul!
2. You Are Here By Choice To Experience Duality And Depth Of Experience.

Many Things You Would Never Choose As Human,

You Understand As A Soul, Nothing Can Harm You!
3. You Have The Choice To Use Every Single Moment Of Hurt Or Confusion,

To Turn It Around By Your Own Perception,

And Cause It To Work In Your Behalf!
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1. Beloved Ones,

Become Aware Each Moment,

Of The People You Allow Into Your Sacred Place Of Being.

This Field Of Energy That Surrounds You,

Is The Cocoon That Holds You While In Form.
2. The Formless Is More Real Than What You See With Eyes!

There Are Ethereal Fibers That Attach From One Being To Another.

Empaths Often Have Tears In Their Field From Allowing Toxic People Too Near.

Those With A Low Frequency Are Drawn To Take Your Energy!
3. They Drain Your Life Force And Can Take Your Body Health.

Loving And Well Intended People That Are Aware Of This,

Can Protect Their Energy Field By Staying Present,

Leave The News Stories To Play Out Without Your Constant Monitoring!
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1. Beloved Ones!

Many Have Been Wounded In The Name Of Love;

Love Heals And Does Not Harm!

Many Have Made Promises And Stated Facts,

While Knowing Each Word Is A Lie!
2. In Each Moment You Must Balance Guarding Your Heart,

While Allowing It To Remain Open!

Love Is Your Truth And Power!

Allowing Others To Walk Their Own Path,

Does Not Mean You Could Or Should Attempt To Change Them!
3. In Truth, Everyone Is On A Different Place On Many Paths!

Vibrate Higher And Break The Programming Of The Mind!

You Were Created As A Heart Based Being!

This Is Your Answer And The Always Available Path!

Rise And Heal In Light And Sacred Love!

I Love You So!

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1. Beloved Beings Of Light!

In This Moment Of Now,

Remember Who You Are!

Know That In Truth;

The First Seven Years Of Human Life,

You Were Programmed In What Is Called The Theta State Of Consciousness.
2. This Is A Hypnotic State For All Beings.

You Entered The Matrix! You Were Programmed In Every Moment;

Into Doctrine, Into Whatever Society Told You;

What Your Parents Told You About Your Worth;

What Others Told You About Your Flaws And What You Needed To Be Better!
3. You Arrived In Perfection And Forgot With The Programming;

A Powerful Being Of Light, Clothed In Human Form Needed For Grounding.

The Ego Is Interfacing With Third Density And Your Programming Told You Who You Are.
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1. Beloveds Of My Heart!

In These Ever Changing Energies Of The Waking Dream;

We Have Many Things Left Unsaid!

For In The Soon Coming Moments Of Sacred Creation,

We Remind You Of The Joy That Will Surround Your Being!

2. As I Communicate With KABAMUR And Our Family Each Day,

We Focus On What Is Important For You To Use And Think On As Positive Aspects Of Life And Power!

For What Is Soon To Be;

You Now Perceive As Future!

In Truth, Our Beloved Ones,

You Have Lived All Of This Many Times!
3. We Will Focus On A Beautiful Aspect Of Sacred Communication Shared By All Life,

And Forgotten In This Tiny Moment Of The Dream You Share.


Telepathy Was The Language Of The Heart Chakra When You Began Your Journey!
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1/3 "Trust That The Love And Power Of The Universe Can Dream A More Balanced And Peaceful Dream,

Than The One You Dream From Wanting More For Self,

And Less For Another.
2/3 Realize The Sacred Lessons Available Each Moment That You Choose Love Over Fear,

And Giving Over Taking,

And That There Is No Winning In True Perspective.
3/3 There Is Only Spiritual Awareness And Endless Adventures Of Expanded Consciousness And Knowing You Are One With All."

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1. Beloved Friends Of The Sacred Planet!

We Stand With You In The Realm Of This Waking Dream,

As Hurricanes, Wars And The Changing Of Clones Is Ongoing;

We Ask That You Trust In The Power Within!

Love Is Your Safe Haven!
2. The Calm Within Each Storm And The Answer To All Questions!

It Is Not Possible For The Ego Structure To Maintain Without Assistance;

And Yet Many Will Fall Away And Collapse Under The Energy Of It All!
3. We Remind You That Each Has The Choice For Divine Perception,

And With This View Of The Story, The Individual Will Maintain Integrity And Truth And Remember It Is Only A Dream!

As You Awaken You Will Understand That No Human Was Ever Harmed!
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

In These Moments Of Change;

We Remind You Of Oneness With The Expression Of A Perceived Separate Identity.

The Identity Of A Role You Are Playing With Purpose!
2. It Is Easy To Get Lost In The Chaos And Energy Of The Moments Playing Before You!

Breathe In Love!

We Honor The Presence Of The Sacred Creator And All Life That Is Being Breathed.

Close Your Eyes If You Wish To See Clearly!
3. Cease To Listen To Narratives That Overload Your Central Nervous System,

And You Will Find Truth Within!

Be Silent And Do Not Engage In Negativity,

And You Will Witness Your Own Heart Singing!
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

I Hold You Within My Love As I Move And Breathe!

Love Is Your True Being!

Nameless And Formless, You Were Given A Name;

And Created In A Sacred Density By The ONE.
2. In This Moment Of Now, You Are Not Able To Remember Other Dream Stories.

Each Aspect Of The One You Are Created To Be,

Has Great Purpose And Designed Intricately.
3. It Does Not Seem That You Would Choose To Find Yourself In Such A Chaotic Dream,

Where So Many Are Fighting To Be Right And First; And Others Are Fighting Just To Survive.


Where Does This Originate?

It Is All Mind Created.
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

We Remind You Of The Precious One That You Have Always Been;

And Always Will Be!

Through The Densities Of Each Moment,

You Must Stop And Allow The Energies To Flow!

All Will Balance And You Will Remember That Love Is Your State Of Being!
2. As You Continue On In The Chaos Around You;

I Offer You My Love And Remind You Of What Really Matters!

What Is Real And What Is Not?

If You Did Not Arrive With It;

And It Does Not Leave With You;

Count It All Joy!

It Was Never Meant To Stay!
3. Consider All People And Circumstances As Visitors!

Feelings And Emotions Are Visitors!

People Come And Go In Your Life And Heart As Visitors And Teachers!

Employment Comes And Goes;

Homes Come And Go;

The Economy Comes And Goes;

Pets Come And Go;
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

In These Sacred Moments Of Life We Share;

I Go Within To Seek The Love That I Am.

Each Moment That I Am Being Breathed,

I Long To Know What I Have To Offer You!
2. The Needs And Pain Of Current Situations Around The Planet Are Felt By All,

Whether Consciously Or Unconsciously!

We Are Sharing This Sacred Dream!

We Remind You Often That Each Has A Purpose!
3. If You Are Being Breathed, You Are Love And So Loved!

It Is Important To Not Compare Yourself To Another;

For Their Journey Is Sacred Also And May Look Very Different From Yours!

Breathe In Love, My Sweet Beloveds!
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

We Come To Remind You Of Who You Really Are!

In These Moments Of More Incoming News;

Remember What We Speak And Be At Great Peace!
2. The Dream Story You Share Was Prepared In Such A Way,

To Allow You To Question Life; To Go More Deeply Each Moment!

Never To Confuse You Or Cause Discord;

But To Assist You In Awakening As You Know This Is Not Who You Are!
3. The Real Essence Of The Consciousness Is Powerful And Pure!

You Find Yourself Watching And Waiting For More Response For Good!

You Are Observing Crimes And Hearing Of The Unspeakable.

Know This Is The Story Of Many Characters And Those Of Darkness Are Leaving.
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

In These Moments Of The Sacred Dream,

We Wish To Share Many Thoughts And Love Frequencies Of Creation.
2. The Depths Of Existence Have Been A Mystery To All Life Forms,

As Pleiadians Were Created In Tones And Color; Without Language,

We Created Our Own As Chords Of Love And Song Came Forth.
3. Our Sounds As Gifts From Mother-Father God, Prime Creator, The One Force,

Giving The Power And Force Of Deep Love To Evolve And Share And To Access Powers To Create Technology To Share In The Multiverses.
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Own Heart!

We Are Love Manifested By Truth!

Together We Live And Move And Have Our Being!

We Remind You In Every Moment;

You Are This LOVE!

Love Essence Is Your True Self And State Of Being!
2. Allow 'State Of Being' To Become Your Living Mantra!

Say It And Think It Through The Day!

Thoughts Override Emotions When Believed!

Believe This! You Are Sacred Love!

As We Complete This Waking Dream With You,

Know You Are Not Alone!
3. The Sacred God Force Within You That Is Breathing You,

And Moving Your Heart To Beat And Your Muscles To Contract;

Also Is Feeling You Individually And Collectively!

Now We Breathe As One!

Feel This And Know!
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1. Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

As We Perceive These Moments Of Life Together,

My Words To All Beings Often Seem Like Love Letters!

We Have Our Own Way To Express As Everything Unfolds;

And I Speak As One And I Speak As All.
2. You Love Me As I Love You;

Yet You Might Not Know This Now!

Smile And Breathe!

For I Well Understand The Constant Flow Of Changes That You Feel;

In Your Body, Mind, Spirit And The Beautiful Dream Of Life.
3. Each Cell Is Changing Moment By Moment,

As The Atoms Dance And Play And Then Vanish Into The Ethers,

With All Perceived Problems, Loves, Losses.

You Awaken And Know Who You Are!

The One That You Believe Yourself To Be,

In The Role You Chose To Play For A Purpose!
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