1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart Of Light!

As You Are Being Breathed By Love, As Your Sacred Essence Is Infinite, Let's Become One In Perception In This Sharing!
2. Become Comfortable Within And Without And Come Close. Come Even Closer So I May Hold Your Being As I Wrap You Softly In Love.

I Will Teach You Of The Pleiadian Body Form In Ways You May Not Know Or Remember.
3. In These Moments, Most Of You Know We Are Much Like You In Many Ways. We Look Like You In Body Form And Size But We Are Neither Underweight Or Overweight By Your Standards. We Have A Healthier Look And We Choose Many Aspects Of The Way We Choose To Present Ourselves.
4. Whether Waist Length Hair, Black, Brown, White Or A Combination, We Wear Our Hair Long And Straight Or Braided With Crystals. All Is Pure In The Pleiades So We Use No Soap Or Products To Clean.
5. We Have Pure Water And We Swim In Crystal Clear Bodies Of Water With Fairies And Beautiful Flowers Floating On Top!
6. We Have No Body Shame Or Crimes And This Allows Freedom Of Nudity, Wearing Body Wear That Resembles Silk Body Suits, Or Elaborate Clothing For Celebrations Or Galactic Meetings Where Other Star Friends Gather.
7. I Have Spoken To You Many Times Of The Woven Tapestries With Crystals. These Can Be Worn, Draped Or Spread On Velvet Grass To Sit On In Groups. Clothing Is Optional And Never Judged. We View All As A Choice.
8. When We Gather In Groups, There Is Always Music And Laughter. Our Musical Instruments Are Many And Varied. Most Of The Stringed Instruments On Earth Had Their Creation With Us. We Have Shared Our Great Architecture With All Ancient Civilizations.
9. We Have Colorful And Elaborate Art And Carvings On Huge Structures Where We Lounge And Sleep. We Have No Roof As You Do, But We Can Close The Top If We Choose. We Prefer Complete Nature And Enjoy The Skies As Crafts Land Or Come Close To Signal.
10. Very Large Animals Walk Freely And Are Loving Pets. UKA Is A Large White Tiger That Is My Personal Pet. He Has Traveled With Me If I Go Alone And Is Gentle And Kind But Fiercely Protective Of Me. We Live Without Fear For Our Vibration Is Very High.
11. But Traveling Through Lower Densities (Vibrational Frequencies) And Dimensions (Locations), There Can Be An Entity That Enters Our Field That Is Taken Out Immediately.
12. At The Moment Of The Grand Shift, You Will Have The Joy Of Seeing Large Animals With You As They Come Close To Be Petted And Want To Be Close Like A Little Puppy! As Fear Leaves Your Awareness, Joy Will Fill Your Being!
13. Come Closer As I Share About Our Heart! Pleiadians Were Created In ELOHIM. When There Was No Disease, No Eating Of Animals, No War. We Spoke In Tones And Color. Love Was Our Language. Sacred Source Was Our Power And Knowing. We Were Giving Hearts Of Pure Light.
14. We Have A Beating Heart But There Is No Blood In Our Body. We Have Circulation, But It Is Of Light! For This Reason, Our Body Form Does Not Die. Our Nourishment Is From Large Fruits And Vegetables And Pure Water, But These Are Also Of Light.
15. The Colors Are Vivid But So Is A Light Spectrum. We Taste And Enjoy But It Is Not Digestion As Humans. We Replenish And Light Carries Us To Move And Choose Our Activities.
16. We Are Beings Of Light. For This Reason We Can Be Bi-Local. We Can Use Our Expanded Consciousness To Appear On Earth Or Another Planet And Be On Our Home Planet In The Same Moment.
17. We Are Not Limited By The Illusion Of Time. We Have No Fear Of The Illusions You Are Facing In This Final Waking Dream! For This Reason, We Have Remained With You In All Dreams.
18. We Incarnate As Human, We Stand By You In Non-Physical. We Land Our Crafts Before You And Allow Endless Filming So That You May Understand Our Presence Is Love.
19. We Have Attended Many Meetings With White Hats In Government And At Times We Walk With You On Streets As We Sometimes Protect, Though We Do Not Interfere With Your Soul Choices To Expand And Learn.
20. Precious Beloved Ones! As The Energy Swirls Around You, Allow Your Consciousness To Take You To A Higher Realm. Close Your Eyes And I Will Meet You There! High On A Hill Of Love Where Ethereal Colors Of A Rainbow Become The Backdrop Of The Sky.
21. Breathe In The Sweetness Of Love And Hope!

We Will Gather Soon And Celebrate Life!
In Love We Are One!

I Love You So!

• • •

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28 Sep

1. Friends Of Earth!

The Light Surrounding The Planet Is Becoming Brighter And Closer Each Moment!  Be Strong As You Observe Many Aspects On The Planet Becoming Darker!  But Always Remember It Is Darkest Just Before The Light! Image
2. The State Of Your World And The Life Forms That Are Now Struggling To Maintain Physicality Within It Are Living Proof That Change Is At Hand! This Is Great News Throughout The Multiverses.
3. The Unfolding Of The Process Leading To Ascension Is Covering All, Yet Few Will Pay Any Attention Until The Earth Is In Greater Turmoil. Many Long To Look At Their Religion To Serve Them Now, But The Answers Are Not There.
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26 Sep

1. Beloved Friends!

We Often Tell You That You Arrived With Nothing And You Will Leave With Nothing.  This Would Be True In All Waking Dreams And Looked At From The Material Aspect, It Would Be True In This Dream.  But There Is A Greater Perspective To Consider!
2. You Arrived With Everything And You Leave With Everything! For This Is Speaking Of Spirit.

Knowing Spirit Brought You Here And Projected Your Body Form And All Life Seen And Unseen, You Are Everything! So You Are Complete And Whole.
3. You Have Everything Needed To Complete This Journey! You Are Infinite And There Are So Many Grand Adventures Awaiting You! Do You Feel It Now? Are You Allowing Your Soul To Speak And Guide You?
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24 Sep

1. Greetings Beloved Friends!

In Our Many Communications Of Light And Power, We Are Feeling That You Know Us Well. This Was Always Our Intention. For We Have Always Been With You, Incarnated To Earth With Many Of You In Other Dreams,
2. And Visited In Our Body Form And Walked The Earth In This Dream And Many Others. We Have Manifested As Human And Walked Through Crowds And Streets. You Never Knew You Looked Into Our Smiles.
3. Many Of You Are Family And Friends From Many Star Systems. We Are Here For The Greatest Moment Since Your Creation.

In The Completion Of All That Had To Come And Go, Your Crystalline Awareness Will Assure You That The Path Was Always Light.
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1. Friends Of Light!

Indeed, It May Seem To Many That The Painting You Have Created With Care, Has Running Colors Down The Canvas And Onto The Ground.  Remember This, Beloved Ones!  Part Of Awakening Feels Like Breaking Down!
2. Not Fun In The Process, But So Worth The Journey To Light!

As You Are Bringing Many Patterns To A Close, These Are Aspects Of Your Being And Thinking That Are Resisting Change. The Subconscious Mind Must Be Reprogrammed.
3. From Birth Until About Seven Years Old, You Were Running Without Filters! You Were Taking In Everything Around You! Were You Abused? Were You Living In Wealth? Did You Live In Poverty And Hunger? What Colored Your World? What Did You First Paint On Your Canvas?
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20 Sep

1. Precious Ones Of My Love!

As I Stand Tall On Velvet Grass, With Fairies Dancing Around My Long Gown Of Woven Tapestry And Crystals, I Look At The Earth.  I Feel A Tear Flow As I Feel The Love Within For You!  My Loves!  I See Your Tears As Well.
2. Together We Must Rise Above All That Is Causing Destruction To The Sacred Planet. I Cover You With Light! Remember This Light Will Remain.
3. Come Close In Your Heart And Mind And Let's Sit Together On Coverings Of Turquoise, Green And Pink. See The Giant Soft Flowers Of Yellow, Orange And Red. Feel The Gentle Breeze On Your Face. Know You Are Safe And So Loved.
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12 Sep

1. Friends Of Light!

Indeed These Are Moments Of Distraction!  Just As You Focus On One Created Issue, Negative Forces Will Create Another, So That Hopefully You Will Forget What You Just Saw And Heard!  This Is The Way Of Darkness!
2. To Convince You That All Is So Chaotic That You Need Them For Another Fix. You Need Nothing But Your Own Light, Intuition And Guidance From Higher Self! You Are The Light!
3. As You Reflect On Your Journey, You Will Note The Numerous False Flags And Endless News Reports At The Exact Moment You Were Engaged With Another News Event. What Was Ever Real?
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