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I hope we spend more time trying to reform our sexual assault laws and not waste all this energy on men

People stop committing crimes not because you constantly tell them crime is bad.They stop committing crimes when they know the law will surely punish them if they commit crime
This might sound insensitive but all I see is misplaced anger and energy. The collective outrage is justified but it'd soon fizzle out just like after the #coza protests and outrages.

Before the end of the year, we'd most likely have another rape case and repeat this outrage.
The criminal who will rape the next innocent victim won't change his mind because you've trended hashtags, wore black T-shirts and carried placards.

It is sad to see this whole anger reduced to a thumbing down of men, a lecture for men,a social media performance against men
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#cozaprotest #biodunfatoyinbo Nathaniel Bassey #COZA
After a forensic analysis, nothing can be more true...
Facts are as follows.

1. Pst Biodun did not violently r@pe Busola. He manupulated her into agreeing to open her legs after being romantic with her.
2.Busola was a virgin
3. They had multiple consentual s3x as at then
4.She fell madly in love with him as at then
5. He broke her heart as a result of a promise he couldnt fulfill. Maybe she expected him to throw his wife and marry her later on I cant say what that was its between both of them.
6. She became promiscuous due to the emotional trauma Biodun placed on her at an early age.

7.She left a trail of whoredom before she met Timi.
8. They started having crisis in marriage. Timi made her talk
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This is a reminder to parents discussing this #COZA issue in their homes. Your children are listening to your stance. They can tell if you'll be able to handle it or not.

So a child right now is making the decision to keep quiet so he/she won't ruin your 'perfect family'
This is a good time to openly start this sexual abuse conversation with your children. Let them know that predators can take any form. Abusers are regular people who do evil things. Ask them about it and be ready to listen. Dont blame them, dont 'poke holes' in their story.
Your child's health and safety should matter more than "Your family image" more than "what people will say".

Be on your child's side and be present. When your child starts acting strange, care about it, ask questions. Sudden Withdrawal or rebellion are early signs.
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We appeal to the general public to temper the tantrums, while we appreciate the support for the advocacy against Rape. This is clearly not about the church or their members. It is about a crime against the state. It is about every young girl out there. #EndRapeCulture
Having said this, we implore that the #CorporateAffairsCommission look into the incorporated trustee registered as #COZA, they can’t keep running with a member of the BOT at helm of the church, having a litany of accusations from 2002 till date. It is disturbing. #EndRapeCulture
It is essential that the BOT for the sake of the parishioners and the incorporated trustee (church) grant Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo and indefinite administrative leave to attend to the allegations levied against him and several others to come. This is not a Coza problem.
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I am a member of COZA, I joined almost 8 years ago now. I am not a worker or a member of any inner circle. But I wholeheartedly subscribed to the mission of the church and many of the programmes and messages.

My attendance of the church was primarily because of my.....
.....relationship with God, and secondarily because of the level of excellence that spoke out in the ambience that is constantly presented. I saw church done differently and in a manner that I subconsciously desired. One thing I know is always repeated is the importance...
.....of your personal relationship with God. You are tutored and admonished to build that personal relationship with God. Like me, there are many other people, who out of the innocence of their hearts and desire for fulfillment in the pursuit of their faith joined the church.
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Pastors possess a great deal of control, authority, or influence over others. They have the ability to act or produce an effect on their penitentiaries.
The manipulation of this power for sexual gain is predatory behavior, PERIOD.
I maintain the same position I did years ago when Ese was courageous enough to come forward with her #COZA experience and instead got mocked by “Christians”.
A lot of people who sought to shame her argued that “after all she was an adult who willingly partook in the affair... how can she now come and say it was sexual abuse?”.

Unsurprisingly, the same defective arguments are being canvassed in this latest edition of #COZA-gate.
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