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BREAKING: We have been overwhelmed by the public support for @TheIndGroup since we were established last month, with tens of thousands or people all over the country signing up as supporters. Today we've announced we have applied to become a political party - Change UK. (1)
There is clearly an appetite for an alternative to our broken politics which needs fundamental change, as shown by the disastrous Brexit process which has occurred under the watch of the two main parties. (2)
A new party will shake up the two-party system and provide people with an alternative that can change our country for the better. This is what Change UK will be aiming to do at any European elections if our application for registration is accepted in time. (3)
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Why @Nigel_Farage on @adamboultonSKY on @SkyNews, should anyone "Respect" the biggest democratic vote .. blah.. Referendum when it has been proven to have been criminally financed? And since when has Big meant Better.
You admitted as much on German TV doc into the Ref campaign
Why do Sky throw dubious shady lobbyists (both sides) into limelight instead of doing some proper investigative journalism? I applaud Ocean Rescue & environment stuff, respect other bits other social & health issues but why nothing on biggest (!) crime against UK citizens.
Why does German Press have to investigate Nigel's crimes? How often do you invite @carolecadwalla to give you some views? I understand Press need headline stuff to make money but surely uncovering "Leave" would be the biggest coup.
This short doc on 19/3…
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Excited to welcome @Anna_Soubry to Lib Dem conference tonight for @IPPRNorth fringe event - we've certainly both got lots to say about how we disrupt & change our broken politics.

Ahead of that, Anna & @ChukaUmunna write for @libdemvoice.
We’ll be live streaming from my FB page – tune in from 20:15 tonight:
Had a blast with @Anna_Soubry in York last night and you can catch up on all the fun here:…
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Tonight @UKLabour broke their promises and refused to back #PeoplesVote . This is goes against Labour Party policy, and lets Labour MPs, Labour members and most importantly the British public down. The fight for a #PeoplesVote continues.
The amendment put by @sarahwollaston would have extended article 50 so that we could have a #PeoplesVote. But MPs decided to put their narrow party interests before the interests of the country. This is why we want to #ChangePolitics
Brexit spokesperson for The Independent Group, @Anna_Soubry: “The Labour Party leadership are determined to deliver Brexit, which would harm our country... But The Independent Group will not give up."
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This week, Independent Group MPs met formally for the first time and announced our group roles going forward.

Here’s your brief roundup of what Independent Group MPs have been doing as they work to #ChangePolitics 👇(1/7)
On Monday, Independent Group MPs had their first formal meeting. With our values agreed, they discussed the need for a #PeoplesVote to break the Brexit deadlock and the steps ahead. (2/7)
Tuesday saw the Independent Group table a cross-party amendment to the PM’s Brexit motion to call for an immediate #PeoplesVote to prevent a disastrous no-deal. (3/7)
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[Thread] The one thing that binds together all of the MPs who have left @UKLabour over the last few days & all of the MPs rumoured to be leaving, is an adherence to New Labour. They can talk about all sorts of reasons & they will, but this split is entirely ideological (1/7)
So let’s just remind ourselves what New Labour had become: First, the role of members had shrank to virtually non-existent. Members were expected to pay their subs & be quiet; conference was disempowered, local parties emptied; candidates were imposed on the membership.(2/7)
Second, New Labour became a fiefdom for the leader and his advisors & spin doctors. They were a law unto themselves, deciding policy without any reference to the labour movement & with an unhealthy relationship with big business, leading to the most awful cronyism. (3/7)
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Fantastic first day at #SLDconf - started my speech with a random impromptu reference to the Sugababes, who @JamesHarr mentioned in his intro were top of the charts when I made my first appearance on @BBCQuestionTime in 2005. How time flies. And here is what else I covered...
We've spent nearly 3yrs obsessed with Brexit, on top of 4yrs consumed by the issue of independence.

All this energy wasted on ideologically-driven crusades against our neighbours

@LibDems have always said that Scotland's better off in the UK & the UK is better off in the EU. Flags: EU, Union Jack and Saltire
Nicola Sturgeon has learnt nothing from watching the PM negotiate Brexit

Breaking a union of 40 years is destroying our country.

Imagine what breaking a union of 300 years would do.
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Even Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless who defected to UKIP (a party I dislike) had the decency to call for by elections. "We lack the scruples of UKIP" is not a good tone to set and does not #ChangePolitics for the better. They should face the electorate ->
It doesn't have to be today but they should all set a date in the near future (e.g. April) for by elections, to give them time to set out their manifesto. They did not stand as "independents", they were not voted in as "independents".
This lack of conviction to describe themselves as what they are - a newly formed political party, the outright refusal to face the electorate mixed with an example of casual racism reminiscent of the 1970s -… - sends an appalling message. Do better.
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The new Independent Group party has picked up 18.2K Twitter followers in the first hour. Impressive. #LabourSplit #ChangePolitics
400 more added since I posted that.
400 more. I'm not going to keep updating the count every couple of minutes, but it's indicative of the interest they're generating (I am not suggesting that everyone following them agrees with them!)
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The new "Independent Group" political party's website is now live (and taking donations)... #LabourSplit #ChangePolitics
It includes a statement of the party's values that I suspect will resonate with many...
"Sitting as the Independent Group of MPs we appeal to colleagues from all parties to consider the best interests of the country above short-term party-political considerations and choose to do likewise."
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