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@charles_gaba Follow @IanDunt and @StevePeers for good answers - it's complicated.
@charles_gaba @IanDunt @StevePeers 1/ I have been thinking for a while about how the Brexit thing is very much like the "Repeal and Replace" ACA debacle. Basically, Brexiters campaigned on "Repeal and Replace" EU. They won, juts like the Rs did, because everyone who is not an expert could imagine "Replace" ...
@charles_gaba @IanDunt @StevePeers 2/ ...Any way they liked it. No matter what EU laws say (i.e. member states can't negotiate 'deals' unilaterally) and various other constrains. Voters could just fantasize for Brexit to mean whatever they liked. And Leave campaign exploited that.
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THREAD: My journey into the polite, efficient belly of the beast @ BBC

I'd been asked to contribute a homemade video for #VictoriaLIVE a few months ago but it didn't get used.
This time they wanted me in the studio to talk #LabourSplit. It was a surreal experience. 1/
Phone interview night b4 w/ a nice man. Good Qs & I gave a good account of the left.

Why join Labour?
-socialisms back
-parliament stealing vote
-EU corrupt
-JCs CU has a majority
-no, many reasons
-to stop #JC4PM2019
-not since Pete Willsman
Etc 2/
I'd been waiting a few hours for that phonecall while at work. I missed one on silent & began to worry I'd missed the boat! Would they just go down a list of phone numbers & use whoever answered first?

When the call came it was a portal thrown open. 3/
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As a researcher in social media & pol. representation, I've been thinking of the role social media has had in the creation of the #Independantgroup. My initial thoughts are it's hard to see... (thread)

#LabourSplit / #TorySplit
Obviously it's clear that social media has had a pivotal role in the groups media management. Using it for getting their name out there and trending.

Meanwhile journalists and commenter's have kept the groups name fresh by multiple comments.
They have also kept the media management really cleverly ordered. Any announcement by Corbyn or May has quickly been followed by yet another Independent Group media reveal.
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@YouGov poll shows that if the Independent Group stood candidates, they would poll around 14%. Impressive for a newly formed party with *NO* policies. Treat with caution at this stage.

(Chg. vs. 2017 General Election)

CON 38% (-6pp)
LAB 26% (-15pp)
TIG 14% (NEW)
LD 7% (-1pp)
Very bad news for Labour. But the worse news is in within the standard voting intention, where they are eight-points behind the Tories. This is the largest CON lead since the 2017 General Election.

CON 41%
LAB 33%
LD 10%
OTH 17%

#LabourSplit #ToriesSplit
Given that of the GB wide vote in 2017, CON polled 43.5% and LAB polled 41.0%, these figures are probably quite unlikely to play out at a hypothetical election.
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As things currently stand-

Government: 324
Opposition: 317
Vacant: 1

Government majority of 7.

Assuming Labour holds Newport West, that majority will become 6.

#LabourSplit #ToriesSplit
Three more Tory defections would result in the government and opposition tying on 321 each (if Labour holds Newport West).
Four more Tory defections would result in the opposition gaining a majority of two.
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The Electoral Commission have already contacted the #LabourSplit group to investigate their financial arrangements.

This is due to the groups appearance at their press conference that gave impression they are a collective & not truly independent.
2/ Also it has emerged that they have been in negotiations with John Bercow on getting "short money" immediately.

Short money is given only to registered political parties for activities such as research.

Trying to get this money now would infer they are a party not a group
3/ Questions have been raised, (and ignored), on why the groups company is registered where it is.

A Gemini Ltd is registered to a premises above the Unicorn Wetherspoons, in the Constituency of Tory Sir Graham Brady.

The company is still dormant despite asking for donations.
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Let's be real: Institutional racism is when an organisation's policies and actions result in racist and discriminatory outcomes. While organisational heads are influential, this remains true irrespective of who leads it or individual office holders.
So the Labour Party, Conservative and every other party that has been in national government enforcing violent immigration controls is institutionally racist.

Labour, Conservative etc do have an anti-semitism problem and its ubiquity does not make it less problematic.

*interrupted by little people*

So today's #LabourSplit can point to real failings on anti-semitism and Chuka Umunna claims that this flies in the face of the party's record of fighting racism... But what is his record on fighting institutional racism and racist status quo?

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The new Independent Group party has picked up 18.2K Twitter followers in the first hour. Impressive. #LabourSplit #ChangePolitics
400 more added since I posted that.
400 more. I'm not going to keep updating the count every couple of minutes, but it's indicative of the interest they're generating (I am not suggesting that everyone following them agrees with them!)
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The new "Independent Group" political party's website is now live (and taking donations)... #LabourSplit #ChangePolitics
It includes a statement of the party's values that I suspect will resonate with many...
"Sitting as the Independent Group of MPs we appeal to colleagues from all parties to consider the best interests of the country above short-term party-political considerations and choose to do likewise."
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BREAKING: Luciana Berger leaves @UKLabour along with several other MPs to form the #IndependentGroup. She says she is "embarrassed and ashamed" to be in Labour. Adds that the party is "institutionally antisemitic."

#LabourAntisemitism #LabourSplit
.@ChrisLeslieMP, also resigning from Labour, says: "(regarding the leadership of the party) there is an appalling culture of intolerance, closing down of debate, abuse online and offline, and antisemitism."

#LabourSplit #LabourAntisemitism #IndependenceGroup
.@anncoffey_mp, also leaving Labour, cites #LabourAntisemitism as a key reason for leaving @UKLabour.

#LabourSplit #IndependenceGroup
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This is like watching an Apple keynote stream #LabourSplit
They keep going quiet and making me think it's starting then they start chatting again.
"ooh here we go" says a hack off camera
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So let's get some things straight on this #laboursplit then. /THREAD
People resigning today are hardly 'cateerist' or 'opportunist'. They are fairly likely blowing up their political careers because they've had enough. That's the very opposite of 'opportunism'.
The huge amount of hatred that will be poured out on them online (and elsewhere) today is one MO of New New Labour. It's a design feature, not a bug.
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