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1/ THREAD: Body Language and Behavior Analysis No. 4658: Amy Coney Barrett's unusual facial expression #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #BehaviorAnalysis #EmotionalIntelligence Image
2/ Does this image of Amy Coney Barrett set off your internal alarm bells? — Regardless of your political ideology, it should.
3/ First and foremost, look at her eyes. Coney Barrett's upper eyelids are opened wider — not extremely widely, but absolutely her upper eyelids are opened significantly wider than baseline.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language and Statement Analysis No. 4656: Police Officer after Highland Park Parade Massacre #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #BehaviorAnalysis #EmotionalIntelligence
(photo credit @briancassella, Chicago Tribune)
2/ In the image above, a Lake County police officer can be seen amidst the aftermath of today's mass-murder during the Fourth of July Parade in Highland Park, Illinois (currently 6 fatalities, 36 wounded/injured).
3/ It's a common misunderstanding that when people cover their faces in this manner or similar that it's because they're crying and don't want others to see their tears/emotional status.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4658: Ivanka Trump and Jean Schmidt — The Tight Lip Curl combined with a Palm Down Gesture

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #JeanSchmidt #IvankaTrump #BehaviorAnalysis #EmotionalIntelligence
2/ Note this image of Ivanka Trump at the 2020 CPAC. Her mouth and specifically her lips are in a tightened, ovalish configuration with the lips flared outward
3/ This is similar outward flaring of the lips as described by a classic 'Lip Curl' — only here, the is mouth forming a significantly tighter, 'pulled in', smaller opening (although not a 'Lip Purse').
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"Like all of us, love is a complex beast: only by embracing it in its entirety do we truly understand it, and ourselves. And this means understanding its evolutionary story, the good and the bad." -- Anna Machin…
A viral database is helping desperate Kenyans find fuel - Rest of World…
#KenyanStartup, #FuelSupplies, #FuelPrices, #CrowdsourcingData, #OpenSourceDatabase, #IkoWhere
The Great Resignation is becoming a “great midlife crisis” - Vox…
#GreatResignation, #MidlifeCrisis, #EarlyRetirement, #GreatReshuffle, #recession, #inflation
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4654: #MarjorieTaylorGreene Body Language re: Jan. 5th DC Pipe Bomber during #MattGaetz's 'Firebrand' podcast.

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #Lying #Liar #Deception #PipeBomber
2/ In the above segment of this video podcast, Rep. Matt Gaetz made statements regarding — (but never asked) to Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene regarding the January 5th 2021 DC Pipe Bomber.
3/ Here's a link to the entire podcast: "…" — In order to give this shorter clip a bit more context, please begin at the 22:40.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4653: #MarjorieTaylorGreene's Evidentiary Hearing and January 6th Violence.
#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #Lying #Liar #Deception
2/ During her Evidentiary Hearing today, Attorney Andrew Celli asked Marjorie Taylor Greene,
"... Prior to January 6th, do you recall hearing, tha' 'The Washington Post' was reporting, that there, there [sic] ..."
3/ "...were concerns that there were going to be violence, and there was going to be violence in Washington on January 6th?"
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4652: A bit o' Amber Heard's Body Language during Johnny Depp's testimony
#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #AmberHeard #JohnnyDepp #EmotionalIntelligence
2/ The above video is from the ongoing Johnny Depp - Amber Heard defamation trial. Of course, this is just a 12 second video — a small branch of a large tree,...
3/ ...and while we cannot discern guilt or innocence on based on the observations seen in this limited sample size, it does provide excellent teaching examples of multiple nonverbal behaviors.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4651: Ron DeSantis' Forehead

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #RonDeSantis #Dishonesty #EmotionalIntelligence #Lying #Liar #Deception
2/ Sincerity is often thought of as a measure of truth in the moment. It's used as a synonym for honesty.
3/ It's important to make a distinction between sincerity in the moment, and sincerity as an overall characteristic of a person's personality.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4649: Ted Cruz's reverse Rorschach.

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #EmotionalIntelligence #TedCruz
2/ Why is Ted Cruz standing in this particular manner? Dissecting this moment gives us a peek into the Senator's Psyche.
3/ Clasping hands in front of the lower abdomen/groin region is known as a Fig Leaf configuration or Genital Guarding.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4648: Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in Beijing — Putin is off his game.

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #EmotionalIntelligence #BarackObama #VladimirPutin
2/ This image of Vladimir Putin, in conversation with President Obama, was taken in November of 2014 in Beijing at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit.

(Photo Credit: Pete Souza)
3/ We cannot see President Obama's face, but Putin's expression is uncharacteristically emotional. This degree of public display — particularly from Putin — is rare from the leader of a country.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4647: When Barack Obama went toe-to-toe with Vladimir Putin in Normandy

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #EmotionalIntelligence #BarackObama #VladimirPutin
2/ On 6 June 2014, President Obama and Vladimir Putin met in Normandy as part of the commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.
3/ The above image was taken by Pete Souza. Souza is a photojournalist and the former Chief Official White House Photographer — for both Presidents Ronald Reagan as well as Barack Obama.
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1/ THREAD: Having 'Balls' is a colloquial for being brave/having courage. This is, of course, not only physiologically-psycho-socially incorrect — it's misogynistic, patriarchal, as well as a damaging and manipulative. It's a metaphor-myth.
#EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage
A. Courage does not originate in the gonads
B. Courage is not gender-centric
C. This " 'Balls' equates to courage" myth plays into the damaging worldview that:

Testosterone = Courage (it doesn't)
and that all courage is physical courage (it's not)
3/ It steers us toward tribal behavior and away from individuality — away from *Moral Courage*. For moral courage requires us to go against the group/tribe/family/company, etc. (i.e., whistle blowers).
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If learning anything 'makes you feel uncomfortable' (gives you Cognitive-Emotional Dissonance) — it's absolutely a signal you NEED to learn more about it. Moreover & more specifically, you need to ask yourself, "Why does this 'make me feel uncomfortable'?"

Addendum A:

Truth: A person who never confronts their Cognitive-Emotional Dissonance, never grows.
Addendum B:

Religious leaders grow off-the-charts emotionally uncomfortable, when you raise questions that contradict accepted doctrines. In various ways, they tell you to, "Just accept it".

(And they label you as a trouble maker)
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#Medium #Mediumship, was reading an old #Tufts@TuftsDaily⁩ article from 2008 interviewing ⁦@jessicaalba⁩ about her film #TheEye, watched the trailer:
you do see how see people died, though, if contacted by the deceased, they share their personality, images of what is relevant, what they think is, which can be difficult; I take #antidepressants, and, am #healing myself from illness, some #trauma, too, and, was seeing more,
earlier in my healing, and believe it is crucial to have a filter/level of #health with, a pretty well-known #medium told me he also got very sick with #pnemonia, I had #mycoplasmapnemonae, in #MeCFS #CFS, had #Lyme #LymeDisease, too, and, the information is for #healing,
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Looking for the best #programmingcareer & #teammanagement related videos from last year? Look no further, we have already selected them for you!🥳 Let us bring you up to speed with what was in the #mainstream last year, and choose your favorite!…
How to avoid failure in your agile retrospective?
@apaipi and @antz29 highlight the role of the facilitator as a team psychologist and what future #retrospectives can do for you.…
In search of the missing boredom by @mwohlmuth:
Key takeaways:
-The role of #technology in our life
-Take control of your information diet
-How to handle interruptions and context switching
-How to invite boredom back in your life…
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1/ I want to start off by saying the leadership & communication of @beniaminmincu & TEAM is truly extraordinary. It doesn’t surprise any of us who have been super close to the @ElrondNetwork $eGLD project. They care deeply about everyone. It shows in their actions & words #Crypto
2/ I am sure it surprises many Y I spend so much time, energy & effort educating & sharing w/ community for FREE. I deeply care too. The 🌎 is not set up in a way to help #ThePeople Yes, I could charge a lot of money & hide behind a paywall but I choose consciously not too
3/ Money is not good nor bad it’s a powerful force for creation or destruction. It helps us direct what we want to see more in🌎 I allow donations to let others direct if they see fit but not charge to avoid conflict of interest & promote inclusiveness for those who can’t afford
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4629: This event was the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. Hitler was watching a track and field race (one of the sprint events).

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #EmotionalIntelligence
2/ While it's possible Hitler's movement was due to side effects from illicit drugs (he was absolutely an addict), it's much more likely this movement was him simply being psychologically involved in the race.
3/ People often behave similarly, i.e. — when they're watching a player *on 'their' team* trying to catch a ball/score a goal and they don't quite make it.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4628: Marjorie Taylor Greene's response to Jim Banks testimony regarding past bombing and domestic terrorism.…

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #EmotionalIntelligence #MarjorieTaylorGreene #January6thCommission
2/ In the above short video, Rep. Jim Banks (R-03) is speaking regarding a past event (1983) of domestic terrorism. Banks's statement here was given on December 14, 2021 in the U.S. House Chamber during the House Select Committee Hearings regarding the January 6th Attack.
3/ Banks's behavior here demonstrates two examples of 'Whataboutism' (a common method of attempting to discredit another person/group by accusing them of hypocrisy). Banks does this in an effort to distance Republicans from any involvement in the January 6th Attack.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4627 (Response to query): "When a man stares at me I stare right back. I hold the stare until they look away. They get upset. Someone explain this interaction scientifically." #BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #EmotionalIntelligence
2/ Short Answer: They're probably attracted to you, but they're quickly intimidated by your non-look away, the strength it implies, and your non-intimidation.
3/ In their worldview, women are supposed to acquiesce and look away in this context. But you don't. They don't know how to interpret your response.
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1/ THREAD: Whenever you come across anyone who seems like they're character-acting their lives (or chunks of it), they probably are. There's a good chance they'r a sociopath-psychopath (APD), Narcissist, or Histrionic Personality Disorder.

#EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage
2/ Some examples of this behavior in public life include:

• Ted Cruz
• Mike Pence
• Jacob Rees-Mogg
• Kyrsten Sinema
• Scott Morrison
• Damn near everyone on Trump's cabinet
3/ These people really give you the feeling they're acting — B grade acting, yes — almost satirical acting — hyperbolic (think melodramatic child-actor, only in this case, as adults).
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🧵One of the tools we use at FLC is 'The Thinking Environment'

"The most valuable thing we can offer each other is the framework in which to think for ourselves"

The #10Components that help generate independent thinking

👇🏾1/10 a short intro on each #MedTwitter

"The quality of your attention determines the quality of other people's thinking "

#timetothink #thethinkingenvironment #coaching #MedTwitter #importantconversations
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4624: Senator Josh Hawley, No Affection, and Kissing

#BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #JoshHawley #Kissing #Kiss #LowAffection #Affection #ErinHawley
2/ The above image, or cropped portions of it, has been circulated on multiple social media sites the last several days. It shows husband and wife, Josh and Erin Hawley 'kissing' after she spoke at one of his campaign rallies on 31 October 2018 in La Plata, Missouri.
3/  Look at the angle of each of their backs — each angles forward. Their feet, hips, and lower bodies are further apart than their torsos. Leaning into a hug or kiss is a significant signal of low affection.
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2/ During a portion of his opening statement today, one of Kyle Rittenhouse's attorneys, Mark Richards, said that one of Rittenhouse's victims (Anthony Huber) was using his skateboard as a weapon, in an effort to attack and decapitate Rittenhouse.
3/ This still image shows Kyle Rittenhouse and his other defense attorney, Corey Chirafisi, during this opening statement. Image
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