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The House has now reached the votes to impeach Donald Trump twice. Anyone who supports a free and fair democracy, regardless of party, should support this impeachment.
For years he’s fanned the flames of white supremacy, encouraged violence and emboldened the extremists who attacked our Capitol. He’s fought to overturn certified election results and spread disinformation about voter fraud.
This has all been a blatant attempt to undermine the choice made by a multi-racial progressive majority.
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It’s so heartbreaking thinking about all the lives that could have been saved during this pandemic if Congress took the threat of authoritarianism seriously & removed Trump from office last year.
Though his time in office is up, he will remain a huge threat to the country & the world that Congress can not afford to ignore again. Impeach & convict before it’s too late #RemoveTrumpNow
☎️ Call your reps, and tell them to vote yes to #RemoveTrumpNow
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Just got through this Michael Moore vid, and he's right on point.

The chatter has been around for four years! *If Drumpf doesn't win, "they're" going to make sure he's installed, because the Ds "rigged the election to win."*🤦‍♀️


Right after he took office, Drumpf started campaigning again! He went for they adoration, but THAT'S what he was telling them! That the Dems were already planning on stealing the election! And they believed him!

They believed him, he made them feel special by going to see them. Never mind he had his own agenda. They couldn't see that. He was a "celebrity" and then a man in the WH, and he came to SEE THEM!

They were special. That's what he told them. They believed him...
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🚨BREAKING: @SpeakerPelosi calls on @VP Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the #25thAmendment to REMOVE Trump—calling him a “very dangerous person”—and says the House may #ImpeachTrump (again).

The @GOP allowed this traitor to remain in office.🤬

Pelosi: “By inciting #sedition as he did yesterday he must be REMOVED from office. While there are only 13 days left any day could be a horror show for America.”💥

#RemoveTrumpNow #GOPSedition
Pelosi hammers the @HouseGOP who challenged the election results yesterday, calling them “enablers of the president’s #sedition.”

These @GOP traitors must be REMOVED FROM OFFICE to FACE JUSTICE.🤬

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A single man cannot be allowed to destroy our country!
Trump has 35% of the voters that see he him as their savior. The rest of us are terrified of him.
Normally, impeachment this close to an election would be unthinkable - political suicide.
But our nation has never faced a rising dictator, intent on destroying our democracy.
This is the SUM OF ALL FEARS.
A madman with no controls on his actions, no oversight to his rampant profiteering, and all checks and balances trampled.
He acts on impulse, with no regard to
the damage his decisions cause. Hundreds of thousands slaughtered, millions sickened, a devastated economy are just collateral damage he cares nothing about.

Letters and complaints and hearings with Trump's underlings will do nothing to stop him from
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1/ THREAD: Trump has the Dark Tetrad:

• Sociopathy/Psychopathy
• Narcissism
• Machiavellianism
• Sadism

In addition, Trump is/has:

• A Long Term Drug Abuser
(Intermittent, Bilateral, Widely Dilated Pupils)
• Progressive Dementia

2/ UPDATE: #DonaldTrump#DilatedPupils Alert • 6 Feb. 2020 • Wash DC/White House • Speech in East Room re: Senate Impeachment Trial • Pupils dilated ~ 8.5 mm (right eye) ~ 8.5 mm (left eye) diameter
3/ Mainstream Media, every opposing candidate, every member of the House and Senate, and indeed every citizen should be addressing this. The problem is not his pupils — this pattern of intermittent, bilateral, extremely dilated pupils is a result of Trump's drug abuse.

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I’m in the center of the beast
At the Escalator from Hell where it all began
And so glad to see the amazing people from @RiseandResist who are at Trump Tower protesting the Death of Democracy

The people are working for our country!!


Silent protest at the foot of the escalator where Trump descended on that fateful day

So proud of people exercising our Civil liberties while we still have ‘em

Please RT to show the amazing work of groups like @riseandresistny


Inside Trump Tower a silent protest otherwise known as our 1st Amendment Rights. I watched & listened to the Doormen at Trump Tower call GOP radicals to heckle.

Signs say

State of the Union #SOTU2020

State of the Union?
1 Mobster &
51 Toadies Rule Us All
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