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Have to say there is NO-ONE as spectacular as CIA Whistleblower and writer extraordinaire #BarbaraHartwell, who can examine the lie-mongering and malice-spreading of cybertrolls online and lay them to rest with a few polished words:…
2/ And, since the old crows sitting on my pc currently are having a blast freezing my video work, let me add my own thoughts here to Barbara's incisive analysis, which needs to be highlighted first. Here, for one, is a gem: Image
3/ Curiously, #KarenStewart @karen_kams56, whom I have certainly begun to suspect is a low-lying #CIA operative herself--altho' #NSA is bad enough & might well account for her asinine assaults on me & Barbara--tries to convince all I am #CIA. 😂🤣 Image
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Curious, isn't it, that this report on "#DrKatherineHorton" from Dec 16, 2019 was mysteriously removed from #CIA Whistleblower #BarbaraHartwell's site as discovered by her last night-- she has now re-posted it for all to read.… Image
Barbara advises that those who have sustained damages from Horton (@JITupdate) in particular re-post & share this report widely. As many may know, both Barbara & I have sustained major damages from Horton in her endless Lie-and-Smear campaign on me & others targeted by her. 2/
Is there a value to re-posting this article & reviving this issue in everyone's memories? Yes. Horton has sought to & succeeded in so inverting the truth & deceiving others she's now persuaded ppl. like @TheSolariReport @karen_kams56 @Bill_Binney to believe in her lies. 3/
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"Let us give you a movement we can control and decide what the messages are"-So true. Raison d'etre behind the likes of @TargetedJustice @JITupdate @FFTI_org @Frankthearcher @karen_kams56 & their attacks on those they can't control.…
Yet another example of Lying, Defaming, Discrediting attacks from @karen_kams56, who's still at it, despite exposure of her @RobertSau scummery. It's clear @annvandersteel, prob recruited by @Bill_Binney, was taken in hook line & sinker by the False-Narrative run by @JITupdate. Image
It's a subject I covered here, and I reco @annvandersteel dig a little deeper:…

"#DrKatherineHorton" and #KarenStewart specialize in Outright Lies, MAJOR & SCURRILOUS smear attacks, & Serious Defamation. @Bill_Binney & @KirkWiebe discredit themselves.
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#NEWReport ✍️from CIA Whistleblower #BarbaraHartwell addressing some of the many false statements recently made by NSA Whistleblower #KarenStewart:

I understand Barbara is as appalled as I by Karen's cornucopia of false-narratives, insults, lies adding to previous, posted in her scurrilous doc "Reply to Ramola."…
Karen has stepped off the edge into egregious libelous slander, of myself & others. 2/
Barbara indicates clearly in her report that for no evident reason, #KarenStewart has named her publicly & wrongfully in a KS statement--which, luckily for KS, since she continues to fight FOG, I can help clarify.

As B states, KS is wrong in attributing screenshots to her. 3/
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1/ #PublicNotice Regrettably, I am compelled to issue a second thread in response to #KarenStewart's new tweets against me.

Consider this titled: NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart has now published open lies against me, exactly like #DrKatherineHorton—the question is: Why?
3/ In regard to Karen's storytelling and slanderous tweet above, I am choosing first to respond right here on Twitter.

I will address both her #FalseNarrative in her graphic & this issue of “#Removal” she has invented.
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NEW ✍️Report from CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell: A TANGLED WEB OF DECEIT, DISINFORMATION, FRAUD & CALUMNY: Targeted by “Targeted Individuals”… #CounteringSlander
2/ As always, incisive reportage from a writer and analyst familiar with containment operations, protection rackets, and smear campaigns designed to character-assassinate and disappear truthtellers, based purely on lies.
3/ Recent ✍️Report: Barbara Hartwell--Stating facts versus "attacks":
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#SmearAlert My writing/vids must be becoming awfully Effective given the #RiseInAttacks lately. Noting, for their Smears, Inventions, Lies, Revisions of History, as of date:

Judging by the convolutions, repetitions, targeted attacks rolled out by the Spoo'k crowd post the #PedoSatanicSpook tweet, it sounds like all await a repeat Public Ed effort on #EllaFree #MidgeMathis #DrKatherineHorton-Thx. Offers an opp. to re-post vital articles, excerpts. 2/
Those like #OrtaineDevian #AndySpoo #DeborahWeber & a few others, in particular, appear variously confused & keen to lash crudely out, always a prob. I'm sure when alligators used to mud-wrestling encounter a truth-telling journalist. 3/
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@NHScorrupt KH herself appears to be alive & active on her "other Twitter account" @JITUpdate where she endorses @Andy_Spoo's #PedoSatanic Give Away #SmearOp--& @DeborahAWeber continues to publish the most hair-raising lies against me & #BarbaraHartwell despite multiple Cease & Desists.
@NHScorrupt @JITupdate @andy_spoo @DeborahAWeber The #ImageMakeover artists over yon at the #DrKatherineHorton site still active while has been taken down (PR ploy?) join the ones behind #EllaFree & #MidgeMathis -- propped up by the #SmearOpsters @Andy_Spoo'k and @DeborahAWeber.
@NHScorrupt @JITupdate @andy_spoo @DeborahAWeber #ContainmentOps seem to involve periodic PR campaigns for #ImageMakeover along with #SmearCampaigns run nonstop on the real whistleblowers & journalists.… &…
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While commercial planes suddenly re-routed to fly at a diagonal on both sides of the house, twice an unmarked plane flew low over the backyard when I stepped out. Looked like the high-up silver chem trail planes. The one yesterday was all-white, Possibly 2500 feet. 157/
Sudden construction projects launched on houses all around block this past week so massive noisemaking is made Plausibly Deniable. Police sirens tear up the air (ongoing), Black Ops pickups park on st. & send heat bombs & LRAD hits on shielding, planes fly directly overhead.158/
Exposing the corruption in UK govt agencies like MHRA and pharma cos who are colluding to suppress the natural cancer cure of GcMAF is apparently seriously threatening to the network of billionaires who use radiation weapon targeting to silence journalism, shut down #Truth. 159/
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