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Day 272 of #Russia 4 day plan to take #Kyiv and 10 days to control #Ukraine. How's that going?

Here is another daily thread covering all the news as it happens.

Missed something yesterday? Here's the link for all Monday's news:

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine

Let's start with the daily losses as estimated by #Ukraine.

The total of #Russia's soldiers killed for Putin's egotistical and illegal dream has reached 85,000

The 100,000 figure remain on track to be hit shortly before New Year.

#RussiansGoHome #StandWithUkraine️
British Intelligence comes to the conclusion I wrote about four days ago when #Ukraine appeared to have struck an oil terminal on #Russia's Black Sea coast with a 'marine drone'

#StopRussia #SlavaUkraini
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During his speech on #Russia's "Day of National Unity" on 4 November, Putin talked of #Ukraine's supposed territorial disputes with #Poland, #Romania and #Hungary.

This is a clear attempt to "normalise" the Russian invasion of Ukraine.…
#Hungary's Foreign Ministry has called #Russia's Putin statement about Budapest's territorial claims to #Ukraine "incorrect."…
#Romania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in contrast said Romania fully supports the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of #Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.…
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🇺🇦#Ukraine sent 66% of the #grain not to needy countries, but to the #West

From August to October 2022, 350 of 455 ships with 6.1 of 9.3 million tons (66%) of Ukrainian grain and processed products were shipped from Ukraine's unblocked ports to Western countries,
according to #UN figures:…

And MarineTraffic. 65% of the exported products are fodder, i.e., cattle feed.
In reality, hungry countries, where more than 10% of the population suffers from malnutrition, received only 1.18 million tons (13%) of cereals, including 25% of wheat:…
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Several Romanian publications reported that Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, would have rented the Bran Castle in #Romania for a party with several Hollywood stars, including Angelina Jolie
There are reports that other US businessmen will also attend the party, including both Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and Steve Jurvetson, the founder of Hotmail
I call this a 🧢
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JUST IN: #BNNUkraine Reports.

Vasile Dincu, Romania’s minister of defense, submitted his resignation on Monday after facing a backlash for publicly suggesting that Ukraine may have to give up a few territories to end the ongoing military conflict with Russia.
Dincu announced his resignation on social media.

Dincu's message reads, “I consider it necessary to withdraw from this position in order not to prejudice in any way the decision-making processes and programs that require fluidity along the entire chain of command”.
Dincu stated that it would be impossible for him to collaborate with President Klaus Iohannis, who offered a strong rebuke to his call for peace talks between Moscow and Kiev.
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 16th October 2022

Current: 852,789 signatures
Previous: 616,389 signatures.
Difference: 236,400 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #GTTO
1) #UnitedKingdom 842,029 (+232,982)
2) #France 2,298 (+660)
3) #Spain 1,285 (+361)
4) #UnitedStates 840 (+283)
5) #Germany 798 (+279)
6) #Australia 773 (+262)
7) #Netherlands 423 (+133)
8) #Canada 402 (+138)
9) #Ireland 387 (+130)
10) #Switzerland 320 (+110)
11) #NewZealand 306 (+113)
12) #Italy 233 (+79)
13) #Belgium 209 (+64)
14) #Portugal 206 (+71)
15) #Sweden 192 (+70)
16) #Denmark 131 (+47)
17) #Japan 113 (+34)
18) #Greece 106 (+33)
19) #Norway 104 (+33)
20) #IsleofMan 97 (+33)
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1/ The nicest photo thread you will see today on Twitter. The "Black Eagle Palace" from 1909 is an ensemble of buildings in Hungarian Art Nouveau style in Oradea, #Romania. Designed by Hungarian architects Komor Marcell and Jakab Dezső.

📸 Oradea Heritage
2/ Art Nouveau "Black Eagle Palace" from 1909 in Oradea, Romania. Designed by Hungarian architects Komor Marcell and Jakab Dezső.

📸 Oradea Heritage
3/ Art Nouveau "Black Eagle Palace" from 1909 in Oradea, Romania. Designed by Hungarian architects Komor Marcell and Jakab Dezső.

📸 Oradea Heritage
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

Agriculture Minister Peter Daea announced that "The National Strategic Plan for Agriculture of Romania for the period 2023-2027" send to European Commission on Tuesday. #Romania #Politics Image
Daea further explained that "After months of sustained work, we managed to finalize Romania's National Strategic Plan. Yesterday, October 18, 2022, at 7:30 p.m., the final version of the National Strategic Plan, as approved by the experts of the...
European Commission, was sent to Brussels. Ministry experts, who were in permanent dialogue with farmers and associative structures in the field, were able to work out the most important document for Romania's agriculture and rural development...
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

Moscow was called by Russian Propagandist to attack the Military bases in Romania and Poland, employed to transfer military equipment to Ukraine.#Romania #War Image
Vladimir Solovyov, a Russian journalist also calls for attack on the military bases where Ukrainian soldiers are trained.
Soloviov further stated that “Perhaps the time has come to explain to increasingly brazen individuals in the West that the bases where Ukrainian Nazis are currently training, those in France, Poland, Germany and Great Britain, can be considered legitimate targets...
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

A Memorandum signing with representatives of the Azerbaijani company SOCAR for collaborative investment in a liquefied natural gas facility at the Black Sea was announced by Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca announced, on Wednesday. #Romania #Business
At the initial stage of the Government meeting, Cicuca said "Following the bilateral meeting we had with the President of Azerbaijan, Mr. Aliyev, we agreed to analyze together the possibility of starting a joint project at the Black Sea for liquefied gas...
And, in this way, today, a team from the SOCAR company from Azerbaijan is present in Romania. This afternoon, at the Government, we will sign a memorandum together, which will form the basis of a joint investment in an LNG facility at the Black Sea," told a source.
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

"Crin Bologa, the chief prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), met with Laura Codruta Kovesi, the chief prosecutor of the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) on Wednesday, the discord focussed on enhancing and...
bolstering the inter-institutional collaboration in the field where DNA and EPPO share competence," according to the DNA press release sent to sources. #Romania #Politics
Crin Bologa and members of the institution's management, met on Tuesday afternoon with Laura Codruta Kovesi, on her official visit to Romania, along with several EPPO representatives, told Sources.
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

Minister of European Investments and Projects Marcel Bolos on Wednesday said that "Romania will use 2.2 billion euro worth of EU funding to counteract the effects of the rise in energy prices." #Romania #Economy
The Minister further explained that "There are three types of measures that can be considered: the first is to support vulnerable households fend off the energy crisis, including through energy price subsidies;...
the second possible measure will be the one related to working capital grants to SMEs, which will take after the model of the working capital grants we had during the pandemic crisis; the third measure refers to employment and job creation,...
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

Timis County - "21 persons were remanded for hearings," the Directorate for Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation (DIICOT) informed in a release.#Romania #Crime #Timis
On Wednesday morning anti-crime authorities in Timis County conducted 18 searches at the homes of members of an organized crime group involved in the domestic and international trafficking of risk and high-risk drugs (as well as of psychoactive substances) , told sources.
The prosecutors state that "starting in 2020, several people set up an organized crime group involved in the domestic and international trafficking of risky and high-risk drugs, as well as in operations with psychoactive substances. Over time, more people joined the ring."
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 16th October 2022

Current: 616,389 signatures
Previous: 606,921 signatures.
Difference: 9,468 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #AntiGrowthCoalition
It is sad that a time like this a poll like this doesn't get millions of signatures 🙁
1) #UnitedKingdom 609,047 (+9,327)
2) #France 1,638 (+25)
3) #Spain 924 (+24)
4) #UnitedStates 557 (+7)
5) #Australia 519 (+8)
6) #Germany 511 (+10)
7) #Ireland 290 (+5)
8) #Canada 264 (+3)
9) #Netherlands 257 (+11)
10) #Switzerland 210 (+2)
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Call an immediate #generalelection #Petition - Country List for 15th October 2022

Current: 606,921 signatures
Previous: 570,208 signatures.
Difference: 36,713 signatures.…

#NeverVoteConservative #GeneralElectionNow #WhoVotedForThis #AntiGrowthCoalition
Parliament will debate this petition on 17 October 2022.

You'll be able to watch online on the #UK #Parliament #YouTube channel

Need the petition to be at least 1 million signatures by then.
1) #UnitedKingdom 599,720 (+36,255)
2) #France 1,613 (+88)
3) #Spain 900 (+45)
4) #UnitedStates 550 (+43)
5) #Australia 511 (+24)
6) #Germany 501 (+36)
7) #Ireland 285 (+23)
8) #Canada 261 (+28)
9) #Netherlands 246 (+16)
10) #Switzerland 208 (+16)
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

Romanian President @KlausIohannis avoided expressing any optimism in regard to Romanian Schengen Membership deadlines while speaking on the Schengen topic during the press conference organized with Dutch PM Mark Rutte. #Romania #Politics Image
Despite this, Klaus warned that more delays would prompt Euroscepticism among Romanians. In the press conference, Iohannis avoided any clear statements and accepted the political stand, rather than mentioning the technical side of the topic.
"It's a political decision, and yes, it's good to be this way," President Iohannis underlined, further mentioning that the politicians expected to endorse Romania's Schengen membership expect in their turn to be endorsed by voters in their countries.
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

On Wednesday, an Emergency Ordinance was amended by the Romanian Government that includes energy traders in Moldovan, the customers of whom the local producers have to trade... Image
electricity under "Bilateral Contracts" within the price range under RON 450/MWh (EUR 90), the source reported. #Romania #trading
Meanwhile, the Romanian Government endorsed a RON 50 mln (EUR 10 mln) grant that supports Moldova budget allocation - to assist the country buy energy.
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

The associations of pensioners in Romania asked for a 26% hike in their pensions as of November, as a measure to offset the higher prices, and...
...suggested the transfers to the private pension funds (Pillar II) should be suspended in order to better finance the public pension system, source reported. #Romania #Economy
They claim that the 26% pension hike should address past indexations (particularly in 2020) that failed to observe the Pension Law (263/2010). As a result, the average pension shrank by 19% in real terms.
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

Romania is working with Georgia and other partner states to carry out some major strategic projects, including the construction of an electric cable between Romania, Georgia and...
...Azerbaijan within the "Green Electricity Corridor," Romanian President @KlausIohannis announced on October 11 after meeting Georgia's President @Zourabichvili_S. #Romania #Business
The project will connect the Caspian Sea region with the Black Sea and the European Union.
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

The Knauf Group, which includes Knauf Insulation Romania and Knauf Gips, two of the most important players on the construction materials market, announces the largest investment in the field in...
...Romania in the last 5 years, worth over 200 million euros . #Romania #Investment
The German group’s investment in the local market will materialize through the development of two production units in Mures and Cluj counties, for insulation materials, respectively for plasterboard and metal profiles, which together will generate over 200 new jobs.
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

"Authorities in the port city of Constanta, home to one of Romania’s few remaining synagogues, have launched a EUR 3 mln tender for its...
...rehabilitation", Sorin Lucian Ionescu, leader of the Jewish community in Constanta told to the sources. #Romania #Constanta #Investment
The synagogue has been up for rehabilitation works for five years, and two tenders to that end have already come and gone without bidders. On October 6, authorities launched a tender for the building’s rehabilitation for the third time.
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

President @KlausIohannis condemned on Tuesday the attacks with Russian missiles over the cities and civil infrastructures of Ukraine, showing that the analysis doesn't reveal, at the moment, an increase of risks in Romania. #Romania #War Image
"Yesterday, the Russian missiles struck again cities and civil infrastructures of Ukraine. Such attacks must be condemned by the entire international community, and the killing of innocent civilians must stop.
Alongside our partners, Romania will continue to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the fight against the Russian Federation's aggression," President @KlausIohannis said at the...
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JUST IN: #BNNRomania Reports.

Romania's total agricultural area stricken by drought as of Monday reached 827,980 hectares, in 37 counties and Bucharest according to data released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR). #Romania #Business
"The main autumn crops affected are: wheat and triticale - 189,042 hectares; barley, two-rowed barley, rye, oats - 30,082 hectares; rapeseed - 26,805 hectares.
The following spring crops are also affected: corn - 335,362 hectares; sunflower - 164,602 hectares; soybean - 31,225 hectares, and forage plants - 14,323 hectares." as per Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR).
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1. A quick thread on the informal but important role #Romania played in "delivering" #Pakistan's artillery to Ukraine which we didn't end up including in this report but is worth pointing out…
2. It is understood that Romania was likely not part of the formal negotiations around the sale of this ammunition, rather offering to temporarily use its facilities to transport it.
3. When asked about the #UK air bridge, the Romanian MoD told me “in what regards coordinating our support to UKR with other partners (NATO/EU or non-NATO partners) we have been doing so through the humanitarian hub which was launched in Suceava North-East of #Romania"
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