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“I’m Batman.”

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Ra brings the teachings of the Law of One.
All other worship of them as other selves and "sun gods" was perversion/confusion under the veil.

All is One.

They mention their skin as having a "GOLDEN LUSTER". Image
The sun was said to have first risen from the mound or a LOTUS FLOWER 🪷, as Ra (Osiris).

Also, the “COSMIC EGG”, teaches that the sun god, as primeval power, emerged from the primeval mound, which stood in the chaos of the primeval sea. Image
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Higgs boson adalah partikel kecil yg sgt sulit untuk ditemukan. Ia ditemukan dgn percobaan yg dilakukan di #CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire / The European Organization for Nuclear Research) pusat penelitian fisika terbesar di dunia.
Di sana, para ilmuwan menggunakan mesin besar yg disebut Large Hadron Collider (#LHC) untuk menabrakkan partikel2 kecil bersama2 dgn kecepatan sgt tinggi.

Saat mrk bertabrakan, mrk menghasilkan energi yg cukup besar untuk menghasilkan partikel baru, termasuk Higgs Boson.
#HiggsBoson sgt sulit dideteksi, jd para ilmuwan melihat jejak partikel lain yg dihasilkan saat Higgs boson tercipta.

Penemuan Higgs boson penting krn memperkuat teori Model Standar fisika, yg menjelaskan bgmn partikel2 dasar seperti quark dan elektron berinteraksi.
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Billions will fall victim to the greatest deception ever perpetrated against humanity in the history of the World.

Believe ♻️ Be Evil Image
End of the World

First there is a bank run, then “Conman” Trump is arrested, and later assassinated.
Donald J Trump
The Self-proclaimed “Chosen One”.
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Do you know that you have an equal self in the #antimatter #ParallelWorld.. 😆
The discovery of the first antimatter atom was made at #CERN in 1995 by the ALPHA Collaboration. An antimatter atom is a type of atom that is composed of antiparticles rather than particles.
Antiparticles are #subatomic particles that have the same mass as their corresponding particles, but opposite charges. For example, the antiparticle of an #electron is a #positron, which has the same mass as an electron but a positive charge instead of a negative charge.

The ALPHA Collaboration was able to create and trap #antihydrogen atoms for a short period of time using CERN's Antiproton #Decelerator facility. Antihydrogen atoms consist of an #antiproton (the antiparticle of a proton) and a positron (the antiparticle of an electron),
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Sanctions are an important way to use nonmilitary means to put pressure on #Russia 🇷🇺 to end #UkraineRussiaWar
Today we are going to talk about an action related dimension that is rarely discussed on social media:

The pressure on the Scientific/Research Community

According to a EC study on the war’s effects on R&D 25% #Russian 🇷🇺 researchers’ publications in 2000-2020 come from International collaboration.
High-impact publications are needed to access academic oportunities and make visible research findings
Since initiated the #RussianUkrainianWar , #Ukraine 🇺🇦 estimates by the Young Scientists Council that 40% of the country’s science workforce was affected by the war. Some were mobilized, killed or missing. The vast majority, displaced
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Wait, Gottlieb is on the board of Illumina?

So, let's see, in 2018 Francho Bradley staked out Sanofi Genzyme..

Andre Balazs co-founded Biomatrix with his father in 1988. The biotechnology company developed six hyaluronan products before it was sold in 2000 to GENZYME
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More Malachi Martin & Rama Coomaraswamy nuttiness. (from left to right in photo) Bishop Urbina Aznar, Bishop Malachi Martin (Jesuit), Father Rama Coomaraswamy and Bishop Lopez - Gastón.…
According to Rama Coomaraswamy, Malachi Martin was a bishop.
(Sadly, the video has been made private) For more on Bishop Malachi Martin, see 13 minutes & 8 seconds from Fatima Path to Peace Conference (2013) w/ Vennari, Gruner, Kramer, Searson, Ferreira, & Sungenis
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Qui lo stavamo aspettando!

Gli atomi di piombo torneranno a correre nel grande acceleratore #LHC del #CERN! 🙌

Nel video, due ioni di piombo sono accelerati e si scontrano formando un “plasma di quark e gluoni”! 💥
Il team del #LHC lo ha annunciato oggi sulla sua schermata pubblica

Verso le 11 di questa mattina, i protoni verranno “buttati via”

Subito dopo, inizierà l’iniezione di ioni di piombo! ☄️

Ecco l’annuncio, nella sezione “Comments” 👇 Image
In un acceleratore come l’ LHC del #CERN, le particelle da far scontrare vengono inserite in “pacchetti”

Poi, una volta riempito di pacchetti di particelle tutto il “tubo”,si inizia ad accelerarle

Ad ogni giro, i pacchetti di particelle van più veloci,aumentando la loro energia
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ディープ・ステート・オクトパス 人類史上最大の詐欺
#スイスがディープステートの本拠地 である理由
1. スイスは中央ヨーロッパに位置する。
2. 地球上で唯一の中立国である。
3. 地球上で唯一の主権国家である。
4. オニキス・インターセプション・システムズの本拠地である。
5. スイスには聖座があり、聖座はC-I-Aを意味する。
6. スイスには国際決済銀行(BIS)がある。
7. スイスの名称は、CHとSuisseで、CIAとSSに相当する。
8. スイスの建国記念日は、スパイの神殿の記念日と同じ日。
9. スイスは、ヒトラー、ムッソリーニ、正恩など、独裁者と密接に関係している。
10. スイスはもともとテンプル騎士団と聖ヨハネ騎士団によって設立された。
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ANGENOMMEN: die maschinen sind eine 4. ebene der realisation autopietischer systeme.

und das macht dir massive sorgen. du hast also 2 möglichkeiten:

0 abstellen
1 coping
2 binäre optionen erzeugen rasch einmal

2^8 = 256

möglichkeiten. aber das müsste @superrieu #Lesemontag #Steckbrettjungs @Diodenkoenig @remarkerbles erklären.

5 möglichkeiten verstehe ich:

1 entweder
2 oder
3 sowohl als auch
4 weder noch
5 nix von dem. und auch das nicht.
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#OnThisDay in 1902, the theoretical physicist Paul Dirac was born.

As we #FollowTheProtons to CERN’s #Antimatter Factory, what better way to start than by celebrating the work of this young physicist and his @NobelPrize-winning equation?
@NobelPrize In 1928, Dirac wrote an equation to describe the behaviour of an electron moving at a relativistic speed. It could have two solutions: one for an electron with positive energy, and one for an electron with negative energy.
@NobelPrize This equation, in some way, predicted for the first time the existence of an anti-world identical to ours, but made out of antimatter.

What would you ask him about antimatter if you could meet him? 🎂
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To all the crypto family out there, prepare for total chaos. Sudden death will be new talk of the town this fall, early 2023. Energy prices will reach unimaginable levels in coming months as inflation heats up and central banks throw all their cards just to realize they can’t…
control it. Food will get scarce, biblical famines will hit 3rd world countries, spilling over to western world. EU energy rationing policies will cause wave of deaths this winter. CBDCs will roll out globally following China example. Universal basic income ( UBI ) …
Social credit score, food rationing with monthly allowance to buy essentials will be new norm and marketed as only fitted solution to global chaos. Every industry will experience bankruptcies shocks globally. Travel will become unaffordable to average middle class family…
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According to the current globe-earth science, the earth's curvature over a distance of 5 miles would be 16 feet high.
How did they construct the LHC tunnels/foundation to be flat over that distance? Is the LHC fake?
#CERN #skepticism #flatearth #WorldWideWeb Image
#CERN is "birthplace of the World Wide Web". Are they just testing fiberoptic cables?


ATLAS - holding up the world
ALICE - down the rabbit hole
CMS - content management system? Logo looks like a fiberoptic cable
LHCb = "Large Hadron Collider beauty" Weird logo. ГНСР? ImageImageImageImage
Is all of the particle physics/dark matter/black hole/satellite/NASA stuff fake? Created to shape peoples' perceptions?

We still use undersea cables for internet connections. Is the SpaceForce just protecting & patrolling the internet, defending our e-commerce & media industry? ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Guida rapida per decodificare le informazioni che vedrete domani durante la diretta delle le prime collisioni protone-protone a 13.6 TeV. L’acceleratore #LHC segue delle fasi, ogni fase è definita da due parametri: ACCELERATOR MODE e BEAM MODE. #LHCRun3 #CERN
2/ L’ACCELERATOR MODE indica lo stato generale della macchina. Per esempio negli ultimi 2 anni è stato SHUTDOWN perché l’acceleratore era in manutenzione. Un'altra modalità è quella di MACHINE DEVELOPMENT usata dagli operatori di LHC per i loro studi di performance.
3/ Domani l’ACCELERATOR MODE sarà PROTON PHYSICS ossia nella modalità di produzione di collisioni stabili protone-protone. I controlli di LHC sono estremamente complessi in queste settimane il lavoro è stato proprio quelli di trovare le importazioni giuste per PROTON PHYSICS!
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Hace 10 años el #CERN anunció el hallazgo del bosón de Higgs en Comic Sans y se armó un revuelo planetario.

¿Por qué es la tipografía elegida por los científicos?
Y ¿qué efectos psicológicos tiene la elección de una fuente?

Lo exploro en @agencia_sinc…
"No puedo tomarme en serio la investigación si está en Comic Sans”, escribió un usuario en Twitter el día después del hallazgo del bosón de Higgs. “Presentar su investigación sobre la 'partícula de dios' con esta tipografía es como tocar a Bach en un ukelele”, se indignó otro. Image
“Me asombraron las reacciones”, comentó tiempo después Gianotti, actual directora del CERN. “A mí me gusta esa tipografía. Es bonita. La sigo usando. Me parece una fuente dulce y agradable." Image
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"Ravensburg was the HQ of the Red Cross." 👀
"Ravensburg was a transport hub for stolen Nazi gold to the Swiss Bank for International Settlements "… Image
"the gold trade was crucial for the survival of the South African apartheid regime. When the London Gold Pool folded in 1968, 3 Swiss banks seized the opportunity to create the Zurich Gold Pool..…
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Brian Cox is a 'science shill'..

Here with Dr. Jane Goodall attending the National Geographic 'an Evening of Exploration' gala dinner at the Natural History Museum..

Sponsored by ROLEX
Jane Goodall? She keeps some pretty interesting company.. pops up in a lot of places

That National Geographic event sponsored by ROLEX

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Rassegna Stampa
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni @eretico_l
News dall'Occidente del Presidente Trump 🇷🇺🇺🇲
3, 2, 1..
#SpyGate 💥
#italygate 💥

Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Distratti dalla farsa di una guerra mai voluta e usata per impoverire il popolo italiano, Von der Leyen continua ad acquistare sieri via #WhatsApp

I documenti rilasciati da #Pfizer denunciano la pericolosità dei sieri
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni

Il giornalista Christopher Sign, della ABC che ha raccontato la famigerata storia dell'incontro sull'asfalto del 2016 tra BClinton e l'allora procuratore generale L. Lynch, è stato trovato morto nel suo appartamento.…
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🦉: LUZ & #CERN 👌:

🦉: El CERN es una Organización Europea, fundada para la investigación nuclear en el año 1.954. Sus físicos e ingenieros, trabajan en el laboratorio de física de partículas más grande del mundo, estudiando los constituyentes básicos de la materia. 👇1⃣/2⃣5⃣.
🦉: LUZ & #CERN 👌:

🦉: El laboratorio se sitúa en "Espl. des Particules 1, 1211 Meyrin, #Suiza", cerca de la frontera con #Francia. Es una instalación internacional que no está bajo jurisdicción francesa ni suiza. Financiado por los ciudadanos de los Estados miembros.👇2⃣/2⃣5⃣.
🦉: LUZ & #CERN 👌:

🦉: Los Estados fundadores fueron estos 12. Aunque creas que los estudios que llevan a cabo en el laboratorio del CERN son nuevos y no tienen nada que ver contigo, los españoles estamos financiando sus operaciones desde 1.961 con Francisco Franco.
👇 3⃣/2⃣5⃣.
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2è partie
du 46ème #point #presse #sanitaire #Geneve

Les #données de #traçabilité #numérique lors d'1 #terrasse dans un #établissement de #restauration sont conservées pdt 14 jours, puis effacées ensuite.

But: réagir rapidemt pr informer client si cas se déclare
#Gossips #vaccination
Bcp de tentatives de se faire vacciner plus vite que ce qui était autorisé, mais partenariat et bcp de discussion avec tous les centres qui s'accordent pour une réponse homogène.
Existe-il des #listes joker, avec les doses qui restent en fin de journée?

Les centres doivent avoir cette liste à l'avance, ac si possible 1 liste pour leur quartier (svt médecins AMG, collaborateurs de leur institution pr doses restantes etc)

Inutile de venir attendre le soir
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1.Got my mind blown by #DrKatherineHorton's video in this great thread, she is a targeted individual & her video on the #JesuitEducationalEstablishments is mindboggling!…
2. She was a fellow at #StJohnsCollege at #Oxforduniversity, has a Phd in #particlephysics, worked at #DESY & #CERN, & was targeted by the British Intelligence as a test subject for #targetedenergyweapons. Her bio is here:
3. Katherine rightly recognized, that the #OxfordUniversity logo depicts a #garter, as in #TheOrderoftheGarter, which is the inner circle of the #Committeeof300- i.e. the top dogs, the 0.1% ImageImage
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