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Patience is not sitting & waiting but foreseeing. It’s looking at the thorn & seeing a rose. It’s looking at an Oak & seeing beyond Firewood. It’s looking at the night & seeing the day. Step back & see all that the opportunity can be. ⛱
I woke up this morning after a long Sunday and saw ‘Segun’ trending. At first I thought Instablog has picked yet another tweet to misinterpret and ‘slay witches’ cum men haters have pounced in it. But fortunately the world does revolve around me. Besides I’m segalink not Segun.🤔
Given my state of mind in the sociopolitical space it doesn’t make any difference whether I am directly affected or not, I will still carry that burden if someone else is in trouble or going through debilitating circumstances. So I read further and got the gist. 😞
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So the new deal is to remove Prof Mahmood Yusuf (INEC Chairman) for standing for our democracy & credible election through the announcement of his suspension and immediate replacement with Amina Zakari?! 🤔 #WhatInHell?!
*Mahmood Yakubu
This is how our dear country treat Objective people. Our rulers prefer rubber stamps that will executive only their wishes however illegal or unconstitutional. Thatbis why the admin is lifeless with muppets subjected to the movements of hands in their butts. 😞
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Can you be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people? 🤔 #Discipline
I’m certain we have read that “the person who masters him/herself through self control and discipline is truly undefeatable.” But What then is discipline in simple terms without expending grammar at this time of the night? 🤔
To simply deconstruct from the litany of definitions, it is simply described as ‘self imposed standards for the sake of a higher/greater goal.’ This is why ALL leaders are meant to have self discipline essentially as against other kinds of (external) discipline.
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It is obvious that @OfficialAPCNg is not campaigning neither do they have achievements to show for their proposed NextLevel. But Candidates of the alternative parties are doing their best to take Nigerians through what they hope to do better across sectors. Just yesterday...
...HE @atiku and @PeterObi held a meeting at Transcarp Hilton with civil society organizations (CSOs) demonstrating their understanding of an all inclusive government. They know they can’t compromise on accountability & transparency. We all have a role to play.
The @OfficialPDPNig as a party may have its issues but one thing you can’t take away from them is their strength, reach and ability to stage a comeback. No party is a hub of saints. Politics by itself comes with consequences & trials but it is essential that we recognize our role
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So idiots have been paid to reel out El Beelzebub’s CV just to pedestalize him tremendously so he could tower & measure up intellectually to the level of a much younger ordinary citizen, a ‘No One’ who is not even contesting against him? How petty are these e-rodents? 🤔
Just imagine what I will do with those loots some people got away with. If I were the biggest landlord in Jabi, imagine how many of you destitutes sojourning Online & defending inanities of political criminals for crumbs, will benefit from my affordable housing scheme. Just think
You want to know more about what I have been doing all my years? Make sure you are first in line to buy my books when they debut. You will learn a lot. I was never a jobber. I created all the jobs I have ever worked in, save for my Industrial training days. Records are there.
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Most of us are getting ready for Christmas already. We watch the news from the comfort of our homes & pass judgement on twitter. Remember that some have no break in the service to the nation to ensure you sleep at night. It’s only fair that we are circumspect with our words.
Especially concerning our troops and super heroes on the frontlines battling an ideological and militant warfare. It is understandable that our leaders may have been so unconscionably negligent that in the bid to get at them, our troops get caught in the crossfire.
In ideological warfare, the deal here is not much about firepower or the number of deaths. There are casualties on both sides. But the propaganda is in the creation of fear and loss of trust in the authorities. Once we allow this sink in they’ve won & territories will be gained.
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