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Those seeking instant breaks should realize the difference between riches and wealth. Stumbling on money doesn’t make you rich neither will it suddenly open up opportunities for you in the circles of the rich. Influence goes with affluence. People will check your background. 💰
If you think driving big cars and throwing money around is what being wealthy is all about, you are just a hopeless Yahoo enthusiast.

The wealthy send their children to finishing school to learn the carriage and character of their status. Let the human billboards take note. ⛱
If you must succeed what you need is not just a pile of paper money but a cash flow & this comes either from investment in a business or in yourself. Have you found purpose? How much can you learn from what you enjoy doing passionately? Can others benefit from it enough to pay U?
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Before I was 21, I was having my Bear & Lion sessions in obscurity studying & perfecting my skills in purpose. I learnt process from reputable firms & in my 20s I was part of the birthing of big tech/media firms. In my 30s I focused on studying leaders for remote mentorship. Image
At this point I was not seeking companies to work for but projects to birth & visions to help articulate. Between 35-40 I was focused on building our nation. There’s no point raising children in a hostile environment as a ‘one percenter’ when we can bring value to all.
From 45 & beyond as a global consultant & advisor, it’s all about building our youth, contributing to researches, facilitating policies & monitoring implementation of policies & evaluation of the impact for the sakes of all our children. It’s about Legacy! #LiveSignificantly Image
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A lot has changed over the years and here are some of the things I share with my nieces & nephews who are now done with schooling;

1. Get married when U’re really ready (Don’t pressure yourself with a target age)

2. Plan for a retirement filled with loads of memories (not 💴)
3. Live a life of influence and visible impact, entrepreneurship never works without building meaningful relationships.

4. Never lust after eye candies or fall in love when you can be in love with the inner beauty that needs no make up.
5. Nothing makes our parents proud like our happiness while living a life of dignity and integrity, it is not necessarily about how much we earn.

6. Make REAL Friends. (It doesn’t have to be a village of people or popularity contest).
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People who made it their life purpose to find the fault of others just to comfort their perpetual state of low self esteem are doing the poor trees providing oxygen to humanity a grave injustice. People of purpose are working under Grace. God perfects their weakness. ⛱ Image
Wisdom remains profitable to direct that misguided and vacuous passion that very much drives the singular idea that presents itself as the silver bullet to the problem at hand. The major question you need to ask yourself is why do this if it doesn’t better humanity? Image
A time comes when your charisma and people skills begin to narcissistically build a cocoon over your character flaws to others, making you feel impregnable to criticism but you alone knows where you need God to perfect your weakness. Kill the Ego. Image
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Life is an intrinsic journey towards independence. It begins at the rebellious teenage state of the lust for freedom to an adult stage of understanding indterdependence. We all need an accountability buddy to keep us honest while we do the same for them. Our actions affect others
A wise man once told me that the best way to understand the culture of any people is to drive on their highway. Culture & values are mostly revealed when our character is tested in traffic. There’re no tapes to breast in life’s journey.
We can be authentic without seeking validation. This by itself is an aspect of politics which generally is a game of authenticity in climes where votes actually count. Our society is one where political fetuses & aberrations of the worst kind are stampeded to power with glee.
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I will rather die in battle on my feet than on my knees under slavery. I grew up leading my peers, learning, unlearning to relearn and sharing knowledge via visible impact and influence. I learn from the very best by shadowing them. I surround myself with intelligent people. ⛑
These are just a few things I learnt from Distingusihed @BillGates who is also a controversial figure since the 1980s but everyone he is intelligent, wise, surrounds himself with the very best of minds and he listens to them. Unlike our rulers who view intelligence as a threat.
In the past 8years, Bill Gates has been heavily involved in fighting epidemic diseases around the world, especially in Africa. He is not a medical doctor or even a Professor at that, but his works speak for him in that sector. This is what we mostly deem as fraud in Nigeria.
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From the day I decided to take responsibility and stop living for self, I inadvertently positioned myself for perpetual work for humanity in a classless space. What do I mean? Teachers have the luxury of having their students in classes & batches for evaluation. I don’t.
Coupled with the fact that we live in a clime where people are inflicted with short term memory losses and mostly willfully blind, you can imagine how often you will have to repeat yourself to get heard. So here I go again as said a decade ago. 👉🏽
A problem unattended have a propensity to become a crisis. Before I jump into the leadership problem, let me talk about the most critical problem based on the village of people affected. Please you are NOT created to go to school just to qualify to receive salaries.
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Follow back is based on engagement it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. We must learn to respect everyone regardless of their age or perceived influence. Everyone must be given the opportunity to express themselves whether we connect or not. #YouAreEnough
Nothing best illustrates this than the story of Robert G. Heft who designed the 50 star American flag when he was 15 for a school project. His teacher gave him a B- & said, “If you can get the President to accept it as the new 50 state design, I’ll give you an A+”...
So he called the White House 11times to speak with President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The President called his home and asked him to come to DC to present his design. It was adopted as the official US flag on August 21st, 1959. And yes the teacher gave him an A+, 2yrs after.
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Many years back it was a thong of pride for teachers to have their wards in classes far above their age. My cousins were a beneficiary of this. The one my age finished school before I filled my first JAMB form. Life to most back then if not till now was a race to the swift...
...I wasn’t deterred nor intimidated because I realized early in life that I’m only in a competition with the man I was the day before and no one else. I realize fear deters understanding & terminates communions making you a zombie under a deluge of depression.
I learnt from experience given the current realities that a world that values “getting somewhere” as quickly as possible becomes a world without substance. The more the anxiety to climb social ladder the less the worth of being at the top of any ephemeral pyramid.#YouAreEnough
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The deceased Kuwaiti writer Abdullah JarAllah (ra) said:

I will not worry upon my death nor be unduly concerned about my body for my Muslim brothers will do the needful.

1- يجردونني من ملابسي...
They Will disrobe me
2- يغسلونني...
And wash me
3- يكفنونني ...
And enshroud me
4- يخرجونني من بيتي ...
And take me from my home
5- يذهبون بي لمسكني
الجديد ( القبر ) ...
And they will carry me to my new abode (the grave)
6- وسيأتي الكثيرون لتشييع جنازتي...
And many will come to participate in my Janaaza
بل سيلغي الكثير منهم أعماله ومواعيده لأجل دفني ...
Many of them would have taken time off their jobs or cancelled appointments in order to attend my burial.

وقد يكون الكثير منهم لم يفكر في نصيحتي يوما من الأيام ...
And most of them would not have reflected a day over my advice
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On several interviews and news reportage, I’m erroneously introduced as a lawyer because I’m into advocacy. I am NOT a Lawyer, not title driven and certainly can't be boxed. My struggle need not become my identity lest I’m sapped of living/relevance without a battle.⛱
My certificates were many years ago and nothing conditions me to remain the same man I was last month. Our youth lack role models and I won't be part of the ‘Icarus Deception’ that suggests that you have to have a title to be impactful or influential in society.
I have chosen to be a ‘No One’ an ordinary Human being contributing my quota to Nation Building for future generation sake. This is easy to aspire to become than seeking to gather titles or certificates. I am a lot of things but supremely a Human. Be true to your humanity.
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When a real man buys a virtuous woman something, he is not putting a price on her approval but basking in the warmth of her joy in appreciation of his benevolence. Triggering happiness in others helps us find our own in an ineffable way. Love, life & happiness can’t be bought. ⛱
People wonder why a woman would give her all for a man who could care less but forget how priceless it feels to see another soul you love express joy because of an action of another. What we do when we could have ignored matters a great deal.
Some of us can’t even complain or find words for our pains and agony. We simply convert the hurt and channel all our being into making life better for others and through their expression of joy, we find our comfort. There are very few people that know my pains.
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In my travels I have met different kinds of people across social stratification. The most fascinating are students I have had the privilege of speaking to & mentoring occasionally. I know quite a lot who were battered by indoctrination, which has replaced education in Nigeria. 🤓
Many have been led to believe that your grades in school determines your destiny. Another set believes that you can’t lay claims to intelligence without proving the retention of junks forced into their subconscious in the bid to pass exams.
From experience, history & studies show this is not the case. Even folks with very poor memory can have very high IQ. It is all a function of the understanding of neuroscience to get this. But if history is anything to go by, I can share a story that puts this in perspective.
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Patience is not sitting & waiting but foreseeing. It’s looking at the thorn & seeing a rose. It’s looking at an Oak & seeing beyond Firewood. It’s looking at the night & seeing the day. Step back & see all that the opportunity can be. ⛱
I woke up this morning after a long Sunday and saw ‘Segun’ trending. At first I thought Instablog has picked yet another tweet to misinterpret and ‘slay witches’ cum men haters have pounced in it. But fortunately the world does revolve around me. Besides I’m segalink not Segun.🤔
Given my state of mind in the sociopolitical space it doesn’t make any difference whether I am directly affected or not, I will still carry that burden if someone else is in trouble or going through debilitating circumstances. So I read further and got the gist. 😞
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