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A thread on the discussion of body autonomy at #fmqs In the Scottish Parliament today and while there is progress it isn't all good news. Firstly I wanna thank @MonicaLennon7 & @GillianMacMSP for their fantastic questions subject highlighting buffer zones as well as staff safety.
While it is great that Nicola Sturgeon has committed to chairing an emergency summit on abortion healthcare looking at issues both here & in America she still refuses to fully commit to buffer zones and insteads passes the buck on to Scottish Councils to deal with themselves.
Monica continues and asks if she agrees that people who are facing harassment or intimidation in accessing abortion related healthcare if they come with any complaints to the police they will they be properly investigated?
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📺 Watch First Minister @NicolaSturgeon answer MSPs' questions at #FMQs.

⏰ Tune in now on, or follow this thread for live updates.
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "All of us, not just in Scotland but across the world, face challenging decisions about how we heat our homes and how we travel around the country, so that we can meet our climate change obligations and make the transition to net zero." #FMQs
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "This is about empowering local councils to consult on these decisions, to consider options and to arrive at decisions - that's where we're doing and what the Conservatives used to support, but now clearly don't." #FMQs
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Anas Sarwar turns up at #FMQs and once again, talks about a windfall tax - something that the Scottish Parliament doesn't have the powers to introduce.

Literally yesterday, SNP MPs led a debate at Westminster calling for a windfall tax and more powers for Holyrood.

A thread 👇
The SNP's proposals for a windfall tax go a lot further than Labour's.

Labour specifically focuses on oil and gas companies - which the SNP's proposals include - but Labour suggests that massive corporations like Amazon or Serco should not be taxed.
Bottom line is this: at the present moment, there's only two ways a windfall tax can be introduced.

1) The UK Tory government introduces a windfall tax (highly unlikely, given their close links to these huge corporations)

2) Westminster devolves the relevant powers to Holyrood.
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At #FMQs, Nicola Sturgeon said England's infection rate in new ONS stats is 20% higher than Scotland. This may come as a surprise, as ONS estimated infection rate at 1 in 20 for both nations yesterday.But FM has staff preparing soundbite stats. Here's where it comes from:
This may be boring for some. But I think it's worth flagging a statistical sleight-of-hand regularly used by Scot Gov (not *just* Scot Gov - but that's what I'm exposed to most)

First, here's yesterday's ONS headline figures. "Around 1 in 20" people infected in both Scot & Eng
At #FMQs, Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross argued that Nicola Sturgeon was too "gung ho" with Omicron restrictions compared to England. The First Minister referred to to the prepared soundbite stat as part of her response... as follows:
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📺 Watch @NicolaSturgeon answer questions from MSPs at this week's #FMQs.

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@NicolaSturgeon 📣 @NicolaSturgeon to Douglas Ross:

"We introduced a series of balanced protective measures over the festive period. Coupled with the extraordinary response of the public and the booster programme, we're thankfully now in a better position - but we can't be complacent." #FMQs
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "Douglas Ross is showing rather more political desperation than we even thought he might have been.

'At the moment, this cautious approach is the one we should be taking - that's my sentiment' - those are not even my words, but the words of Sandesh Gulhane on 7 Jan." #FMQs
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Nicola Sturgeon: "I have big political differences with Douglas Ross but even I am not as derogatory about him as his Tory colleagues." #FMQs
Sturgeon: "'Not a big figure, 'lightweight', these might be insults directed at the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, but actually they say something much deeper about the Westminster establishment's utter contempt for Scotland." #FMQs
Nicola Sturgeon: "If they can't even show basic respect for their colleagues, what chance do the rest of us have?" #FMQS
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📺 Watch @NicolaSturgeon's statement on the latest COVID situation in Scotland, before answering questions from MSPs at #FMQs.

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@NicolaSturgeon FM: "5,951 cases were reported yesterday - 45.4% of cases now show the S-Gene dropout, indicative of Omicron.

It therefore seems likely that by tomorrow, Omicron will be the dominant strain circulating in Scotland."
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "Because of Omicron's much higher transmissibility, this will drive an even more rapid increase in cases.

Omicron is spreading exceptionally fast, much faster than anything experienced in this pandemic."
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #FMQs: "I believe supporting a Just Transition away from fossil fuels to renewable and low-carbon energy is a policy all of us should support."
NS: "What is absolutely essential is that we support those who currently work in the oil and gas sector, and that we don't substitute domestic production with imported production." #FMQs
NS: "For the sake of the planet, for the sake of future generations, we must accelerate that transition. That is what this government is investing to do, and the Finance Secretary will set out our next investments in the transition to Net Zero in the Budget this afternoon." #FMQs
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #FMQs: "We will continue to ensure that our justice system does protect people from criminals, that it does ensure that vicitims get the justice they deserve. But also the principles of rehabilitation is at its heart."
FM: "On the issue of automatic early release, my government didn't introduce those measures but we did legislate to bring an end to them. It is important that we have a justice system that punishes those that have to be punished, but also promotes rehabilitation." #FMQs
FM: "Rates of crime, and I appreciate for any victim of crime this is no comfort at all, but rates of crime are at their lowest level in many years in Scotland." #FMQs
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #FMQs: "There is work to be done, and that is why we are making the investment, supporting the recruitment of additional paramedics, technicians, to bring these waiting times down again."
NS: "Perhaps even more importantly, because some of the pressure on the ambulance service comes from pressures elsewhere, which is why the NHS Recovery Plan, and the investment that supports it, is so important." #FMQs
NS: "The ambulance service is receiving additional money. We increased investment by more than £10m last year. Additional investment of £20m is being invested this year. And the £1bn Recovery Plan funding will include support for the ambulance service." #FMQs
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon: "I'm going to try and engage with these points in substance because I think they are important. I would ask that Douglas Ross does similar. Repeatedly, he stands up here and puts words into my mouth that I haven't said." #FMQs
NS: "That's OK for politics, but if we're genuinely as I sincerely am, trying to find consensus of matters of seriousness such as this, then I do think all of us have a duty to put the politics to one side." #FMQs
NS: "There are people working across the country delivering, I think, excellent services for people with problems with drugs misuse. People at grassroots, I see that in my own constituency." #FMQs
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon: "I answered questions for 8 hours on this yesterday. I answered every question that was put to me. Presiding Officer, I intend to rest on that to allow both the Committee, and the inquiry on the Ministerial Code, to conclude their work." #FMQs
NS: "In the meantime, I'm going to get on with the job I suspect most people watching at home right now want me to get on with, which is leading this country through and out of a pandemic..." #FMQs
NS: "..and I'll leave Ruth Davidson and the Conservatives to play the political games they seem to prioritise over everything else." #FMQs
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #FMQs: "One of the key points is this one. What we found ourselves dealing with in February/March of this year was not a flu pandemic."
NS: "And therefore, no amount of preparedness for a flu pandemic would've been sufficient in the face of the situation that we actually encountered." #FMQs
NS: "In fact, if I reflect back on the last ten months - and this will be something for proper scrutiny in the fullness of time - I actually think the more valid criticism of both the Scottish Government and, indeed, governments across the western world..." #FMQs
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon: "I'll give a quick update on today's statistics.

803 new cases were reported yesterday. That's 4.8% of all the tests carried out, and the total number of cases now stands at 188,345."
NS: "Currently there are 1,542 people in hospital. That is 76 fewer than yesterday, and that is now just 22 above the peak of last spring, which is positive."
NS: "113 people who have tested positive for Covid or been admitted to hospital with Covid within the last 28 days are currently in intensive care - that's one more than yesterday."
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📺 Watch First Minister @NicolaSturgeon deliver an update on the latest Covid statistics, including vaccination numbers, in @ScotParl - before taking questions from MSPs in #FMQs.

💻 Watch live from 12:30pm at
First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #FMQs: "I will give a breif update to today's statistics. 1,201 new cases were reported yesterday, that is 5.6% of all of the tests carried out."
NS: "The total number of cases now stands at 176,533. There are currently 1,938 in hospital, that is a decrease of 33 from yesterday". #FMQs
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #FMQs: "Let me first of all say the vaccination programme is not lagging behind in Scotland. I set out yesterday that we had, very deliberately, focused first on elderly residents in care homes."
NS: "Why did we do that? Because these are the people, according to the JCVI, who are most vulnerable to becoming ill, and dying, with Covid." #FMQs
NS: "So we have now vaccinated, with the first dose, more than 90% of those elderly residents of care homes." #FMQs
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #FMQs: "The Test & Protect system is not just coping, it is doing extremely well. That's not just a tribute to Government, that's a tribute to those across the country who are working really hard to ensure that is the case."
NS: "It has coped throughout the pandemic - yes, at times of higher transmission the pressure on it is greater, but it's a well-functioning system that is coping." #FMQs
NS: "It uses, for contact tracing, a mixture of telephone calls and SMS. The priority is to get to contacts as quickly as possible." #FMQs
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #FMQs: "Behind every single one of these statistics is a human being whose life mattered. Someone's son or daughter, mother or father, brother or sister."
NS: "I am sorry to every family who has suffered grief. Every person who dies an avoidable death because of drug use is being, has been, let down. This is difficult and complex but that's not an excuse." #FMQs
NS: "There is much work underway, being led by the Public Health Minister and the Drugs Death Taskforce, but these figures tell us that we need to do more, and we need to do it more quickly." #FMQs
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📺 Watch First Minister @NicolaSturgeon's live update on COVID in Scotland and Christmas restrictions, before she answers questions from MSPs at #FMQs.

⏰ Live from 12:20pm at
📢 @NicolaSturgeon: "The total number of positive COVID cases reported yesterday was 1,225.

This represents 4.7% of all tests carried out, and there are 1,125 people currently in hospital - 31 fewer than yesterday."
📢 @NicolaSturgeon: "In addition, I am sorry to report that in the past 24 hours, a further 51 deaths have been registered of patients who tested positive for COVID.

I want to convey my deepest condolences for everyone who has lost a loved one through this pandemic."
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon: "I'll give a very short update on today's statistics and recent developments. The total number of positive cases reported yesterday was 1,089. That's 4.6% of all tests reported."
NS: "The total number of cases is therefore now 85,612. There are 1,212 people in hospital -29 fewer than yesterday - and 85 people in intensive care. That is 3 fewer than yesterday."
NS: "I also regret to report that, in the past 24 hours, a further 50 deaths were registered of patients who tested positive in the previous 28 days."
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At #FMQs, @AlisonJohnstone raises the closure of a @EdinburghUni Covid-19 testing lab - as revealed in today's @TheScotsman👇- saying that the decision to deploy testing to the full is a @scotgov policy choice which contradicts @WHO guidance.…
.@NicolaSturgeon says the lab was never designed as a "permanent provision," and that the @scotgov is developing regional hubs to provide long-term capacity. (NB - is developing, not *has developed*)
.@AlisonJohnstone says the @scotgov strategy is outdated, and says Scottish universities are falling behind when it comes to testing. FM replies that testing strategy is subject to constant review.
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon: "The total number of positive cases that were reported yesterday is 668. That is 10.8% of people newly tested yesterday. That takes the total number of cases now to 29,912."
NS: "244 of these new cases are in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, 166 in Lothian, and 123 in Lanarkshire. The remaining 135 are spread across 9 other health board areas."
NS: "There are 154 people in hospital as of today. That is an increase of 15 from yesterday. I should point out to the chamber it is also an increase of 70 since I updated the chamber last week."
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #FMQs: "We will set out measures later today about prevention - about making sure that all of the guidance is being properly implemented on campus and in student accommodation."
NS: "The situation at universities is difficult, not least for those students who are being asked to isolate. There's obviously a welfare issue I know universities are very alive to and take very seriously." #FMQs
NS: "One thing I want to stress though, and it can be a difficult issue for people to grasp, but the fact we do have a number of positive cases identified - and I would agree we expect that to increase - and a number of students isolating, is Test & Protect working." #FMQs
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First Minister @NicolaSturgeon: "Firstly, the total number of positive cases reported yesterday was 290. This number represents 4% of people newly tested and the total number of cases now is 23,573." #FMQs
FM: "I can confirm that 112 of those cases were in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, 52 in Lanarkshire and 47 in Lothian. The remaining 79 are across nine other health board areas." #FMQs
FM: "I can also confirm that 52 people are in hospital, which is an increase on the number of one from yesterday. And five people are in intensive care, which is one fewer than the number yesterday." #FMQs
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