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I am the Chair of the Board of @NeuroClastic

I don't mention it a lot because I find that if I mention the association, my posts are less likely to be shared.

I hate that Neuroclastic has not gotten the publicity as a nonprofit organization that it deserves. 1/
I hate that the work of @NeuroClastic and Terra Vance specifically has not been acknowledged in helping #FreeMatthewRushin, who recently obtained a conditional pardon (and who is still pushing to get him home sooner than Spring 2021). 2/
Neuroclastic has so many articles that deconstruct ABA therapy, promote voices of autistic people who have been through ABA therapy, and break down common autism myths such as functioning labels or autistic people "lacking empathy." 3/
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@Sia @leslieodomjr @maddieziegler @JoshThomas87 @KaylaCromer17 Instead of feeling sad, use that emotion to actually think about what you can do to address the autistic community, acknowledge the damage that lack of representation does to communities, and support autistic actors (esp. autistic BIPOC) who want to break into this industry.
@Sia @leslieodomjr @maddieziegler @JoshThomas87 @KaylaCromer17 We don't doubt you did research. Unfortunately it's easy as a non autistic person to get sucked into organizations that don't represent us (such as child of mind institute). Acknowledge that too many people speak for us instead of boosting our voices. And then boost our voices.
@Sia @leslieodomjr @maddieziegler @JoshThomas87 @KaylaCromer17 If you don't talk to the autistic community, if you don't hire autistic people, you're not going to get it right. The same as with any physical disability. If you don't talk to people with that experience, if you only talk to caregivers & NTs with good intentions, it won't work.
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Yesterday, Salt Lake City police shot an unarmed 13-year-old autistic boy & the Rochester chief of police stepped down amid protests over the murder of #DanielPrude, another neurodivergent Black man in crisis.…… 1/
This is why we need to say #BlackDisabledLivesMatter & #BlackAutisticLivesMatter. This is why we need to make sure that disability is a part of conversations about police brutality, because it's a part of the story at least 33-50% of the time. (See…). 2/
This is why I focused on the cases of #NeliLatson & #MatthewRushin for my first contribution to #ScholarStrike.

Because their stories are not unique.

#FreeNeli #FreeMatthewRushin #RushinToBringMatthewHome 3/
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Accusing disabled people of 'defending Trump' because we ask you to stop mocking him in an ableist way is the height of bad faith and I think you all know that, actually.
"Why do you care about Trump?? He's awful!"

I don't care about Trump.

I care about all the disabled people who need ramps or have unsteady hands seeing you pointing out his unsteady hands and ramp usage as proof of his awfulness or unfitness to lead.
I don't care about Trump.

I care about the fact that neurodivergent people are MUCH more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators, and yet you want to assign his violent bigotry to neurodivergence rather than bigotry.
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I have the forensic reports from the accident Matthew Rushin had. I have transcripts from body cams now. Here is what really happened. On January 4, 2019, Matthew was going to Panera Bread to get pastries. And to see his girlfriend who worked there. This was a routine for him.
As he is pulling in, a man at a stop sign begins to pull out. Matthew had the right of way. Their front left bumpers graze each other. Matthew maintained the entire time that the other man hit him. Police continue to say “the man you hit,” and Matthew continues to correct them.
“No, he hit me.” Matthew pulls off to the side and waits. And waits. The man is illegally sitting in an intersection. For minor accidents, people are supposed to move out of traffic. The man would not move. Matthew tries to prompt the man to get out of the intersection.
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