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This is not a system that can be reformed.
#DefundPolice starts with knowing how much your city spends on them.

Check out
A coalition called on Congress to #DefundCOPS and stop giving federal money to local police forces.

Calls to #DefundPolice is a demand to stop investing in criminalization at every single level of government.
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Want to know what LAPD harassment looks like?

I tape these cops not wearing masks and I leave. They come around corner & - over the loudspeakers - call me out by name. Why? FoxNews LA ran a story about LAPD that used my tweets(1/6) @LAPD_NoMask @ginasilvafox11 #BLM #DefundPolice
I turn the corner, and here they come driving down Sunset BLVD when they, over-the-speakers, call me out (BY NAME). Smh

3 mins later I see them again w/suspects lined up. I film. Rather than focus on his job he gets confrontational & asks me “am I compliant?”

He wasn’t tho: 2/6
So because I exercise my 1st amendment right to film any public employee doing their jobs in public, they get mad. But it’s stops like this that make me film. They have 4 suspects pulled out of the car, lined up facing a fense. One with cuffs on. Why? Well....

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NEW: A coalition of grassroots & racial justice orgs fighting to dismantle 94 Crime Bill just sent this letter to @SpeakerPelosi, urging Congress once again to stop fueling nation’s policing, criminalization, and incarceration crises through funding allocations.
Were Congress to continue funding policing,
particularly at levels it's considering this appropriations period, it would represent a staggering & unforgiveable undermining of #DefendBlackLives & #DefundPolice movement and the needs of communities nationwide during this pandemic.
It would be unconscionable for Congress to ignore and ultimately reject the central tenet of the largest social movement in U.S. history if it were to now send hundreds of millions of dollars to reinforce police budgets, police power, and police departments’ violent behavior.
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Police are police.
Campus police are police.
Police w fancy names are police.
Police are police.

We'll sponsor comm/lang access for students' cross-language/community convos on this topic. Solidarity across identities+languages+campuses+mvmts is critical.

#DisabilitySolidarity Square of an empty classroom w bright fluorescent lights on
There are 18,000+ police depts in the US. #BlackLivesMatter addresses the fact that police "reform/accountability" efforts have done little/nothing to arrest police violence in Black/Indigenous/Brown/Disabled/Migrant/LGBTQ/Low-No Income/Houseless/Incarcerated/etc communities.
If you're on a campus & are practicing solidarity w #BLM, the call is NOT for more funding, training, tech for campus cops, but for less/none. Groups like @C_Resistance & #8toAbolition warn abt dangerous reformist reforms.This increases cop budgets when should be shrinking them.
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NEW DOCUMENTS obtained by #FOIA request indicate the US Border Patrol union—a pro-Trump, anti-immigrant extremist organization—provoked the agency to raid our humanitarian aid camp and clinic in 2017. The documents also reveal #BORTAC’s involvement in the raid (1/x)
The documents include an email to top level CBP commissioners, urging the agency to crack down on @NoMoreDeaths. While the sender is redacted, we deduce that the author is Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council and notorious anti-immigrant fanatic.
The BP Union is one of the most powerful law enforcement unions in the country. It is a notoriously anti-immigrant extremist group. Judd regularly associates with other hate groups (like @FAIRImmigration) and acts as Trump's unofficial advisor.…
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Part of the problem with #DefundPolice concept is the failure of existing social service providers, even when very well funded. Compared to DHS (NYC Homeless Services) the NYPD is a goddamned model of transparency, accountability, efficiency, and value for dollar spent.
Put cynically, NYC is spending $2 billion a year ($30,000 annually for every homeless man woman and child) so people can profit homelessness. The city rains dollar on "non-profit" service providers who perpetuate the problem and kickback pennies to politicians.
"60,000 or 78,604 people, it's not going down. Despite (or because of) billions spend on "social services."
"Federal Data Show Nearly 80,000 Homeless in New York City; Number is about 15,000 more than the figure used by Mayor Bill de Blasio."…
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Wednesday’s @ProgNewsDaily contains over 100 articles & videos you NEED to see to stay current on the latest developments in: the federal judge assassination attempt,

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another dead soldier at #FtHood, more @_michaelbrooks video tributes, lots of coverage of the #Constitutionalviolations happening in #Portland, #RealityWinner diagnosed with #COVID19, #defundpolice, so many stories!

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Wednesday’s Top Articles:

* #FortHood IDs Another Soldier Found Dead Off Post - @Militarydotcom

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I want to bring it back to #BlackLivesMatterAustralia and share some of the stories/voices of the families that I'm working closely with.

There's 438 black deaths since 1991. There are so many stories you should know. #SayTheirNames
Blak deaths in custody continue at horrific rates - despite 29 years ago a Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody which set out a roadmap of why and how to prevent blak deaths. The 339 recommendations have been ignored. Read them here.…
Blak deaths in custody continue for many reasons but largely the systemic, structural & direct racism in the justice & coronial systems, lack of accountability & because we are mass incarcerated in the first place. Our mob are 28% of prisons but only 2% of the population.
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Here’s a breakdown of how you can prepare for federal intervention in your city and how you can you support Portland right now. (1/3) ImageImageImageImage
(2/3) ImageImageImageImage
(3/3) ImageImage
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One of the goals of White Supremacy is to make us invisible to each other. It's to make us believe that our struggles have nothing to do with each other. We are here to be in community with one another and being in community means tracing our histories and learning that our
oppression has the same roots. We are closing out our discussion on movements by having a conversation about the Black Lives Matter movement and how this is a movement that includes all of us. We confront our experiences of anti-blackness and how anti-blackness is perpetuated
in our societies. We talk about the possibilities of communities without police and without state-sanctioned violence. And as a reflection of this 3-Part Episode, we talk about the possibilities that all of these movements have made visible to us.
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#DefundPolice? #RuleOfLaw #ThoughtPolice
Defund Police sounds so new for most! In shock we witness riots & destruction in NY, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver etc!
It was already planned long time ago & executing plans were cemented in 2015!
WHAT? you might say - read on!
Is it odd that specifically above cities have been forefront for riots & DEMANDING Defund Police?
In 2015, those same cities had announced their membership of a NEW 'policing', the SCN! Image
Scratching your head? SCN = "Strong Cities Network"!
Now wasn't it witch Gov-not Whitmer, who announced 'local social programs' & across the cities to focus on targeting hate crimes etc.
Well that's the soft implementing of SCN! The other cities attempting equal measures!
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As lead up to tomorrow's NYC budget vote, we want to remind everyone that when we say #DefundPolice we also mean #DefundDAs. Here are 8 reasons why:

[THREAD 1/10]
#1 DAs are the top law enforcement official in any given local government. They work with the police to criminalize and punish people. i.e. prosecutors *are* cops. Less policing must inherently mean fewer prosecutors and less prosecution #DefundDAs #DefundNYPD 2/10
#2 Prosecution cannot address the violence of policing. Calls for the prosecution of cops as a way to bring justice is misguided because it's asking the same system that caused the harm in the first place to also address it. 3/10
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THREAD: The Saturday edition of #ProgressiveNewsDaily @ProgNewsDaily: 47 articles & 45 videos from dozens of independent media outlets & shows. We are the ONLY central place for #progressive content anywhere! Like, share, subscribe today!…
Top stories:
* Bernie Won- @TheProspect
* Controversial Data-Mining Firm #Palantir Vanishes From Biden Adviser’s Bio After She Joins Campaign- @theintercept
* House Democrats Pass #DCStatehood Bill- @CourthouseNews
* The Left's #Resurgence is Real - @inthesetimesmag…
* The #SupremeCourt Is Still Repeatedly Ruling in Favor of the Ultra-Wealthy- @jacobinmag
* A #Whistleblowing Visionary Offers a Ticket to Our Future-If We Take It- @CommonDreams…
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WOW!!! #SanDiego #BlackLivesMatter
Here is the beginning before a car pulled in front of me.
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Hello #LosAngeles, let’s talk.

In light of the #DefundThePolice motions and #peoplesbudgetla movements, I think it’s important to know where your money is going now.

Let’s take a look at a few of the people who run our police department to start.
Pop over to @KPCC ‘s site and you can find any city employee’s salary.

So I did. This is an aggregation of a selected handful of officers and commissioners who have control in the actions of the LAPD.

Oh, that’s a lotta green. Woof.
Let’s compare their salaries to the total department budget of other services.

Mind you: this is staffing, operations, and benefits cost for each department listed—just against the salaries.

Funny: emergency management only gets 3mil during Covid.
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Next Wednesday at Transpo Commission: @mymetrobus service going up, but only to 85% of pre-COVID level. "Some neighborhoods had service prior to the pandemic but [...] have been [...] w/o any service for the past 3 mo. Many [...] would not see service restored with this plan." 1/
This is tough, and there's always the risk of a death spiral: reduced service > reduced ridership > reduced fare revenue > more cars > slower buses > ... 2/
3 We do have a contract for redesigning our whole bus network underway, to be done by @humantransit, which will include lots of public engagement. But that won't deliver results immediately, and cutting service by 15% in the meantime is rough & raises equity q's 4/
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History teaches, plans to destabilize local Police Forces to be replaced by "NATO/UN" security forces filled w/ G4S (UK/Pak) and Dyncorp (CIA) recruits to include:

-Mobile Homan Squares (Chicago)
-Gang Rapes (Haiti)
-Color of Law Hit Squads

Remember Homan Square, where Chicago police 'disappeared' 7,000 people?…
How about the 15 year old male stripper Dyncorp brought in to throw a “bacha bazi” party for the Afghan Security Forces they were training?…
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After 2 Toronto Police Services Board Administrators confirmed receipt of my submissions and inclusion for all the Agenda items I receive an email after business hours that I’m excluded from participating. They say I was late with my submission & didn’t include details for Agenda
The #TPSB wants to use this method of “holding meetings” to actively exclude people from participating by simply clicking a button.

The Board didn’t follow its own bylaw for submitting its Agenda but expects the Public to strictly follow its bylaws.

The #TPSB is a sham!
The #TPSB is continually trying to avoid scrutiny.

Today’s Agenda will try to pass bylaws that cannot be passed to do exactly what was done to me today— exclude the Public.

These covid19 ‘meetings’ work to control & exclude— exactly what they’ve always wanted to do.

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[Thread] The #BlackLivesMatter movement is multifaceted in its genesis, protest and the policy changes it could foster

There is a very rich community identified by @cronycle around it such as @ACLU @ava @deray @Blklivesmatter @BreeNewsome @IlhanMN…

1/5 Image
This community shares diverse content around their narrative, their hope and the issues they care about.

See below a general and free open access feed of articles and conversations on #BlackLivesMatter (2/5)
One of the policy debate it has fostered is around #DefundPolice whose hashtag oversimplifies what advocates for it mean.

See below a feed from the #BlackLivesMatter community around the policy of 'defunding' the police (3/5)
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So many police reform efforts of the last six years have fundamentally failed to stop brutality and violence. Here’s my look at some of the popular policies that have not worked as intended — and in some cases only caused more harm:…
Body cameras have not stopped the killings or the brutality, and they have not changed officers’ behaviors. But they have helped law enforcement surveillance and prosecution.
Policies meant to limit excessive force against protesters have made little difference. We’ve seen that over the last three weeks as police across the country teargas and brutalize protesters — often in direct and blatant violation of their own rules. While the world is watching.
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#HamOnt City Council is controlled by anti-leaders. Anti-leaders don't just fail to lead, they go beyond failure to actively undermine, obstruct and sabotage efforts at leadership.

Let's talk about Chad Collins. 1/
Chad has been the Councillor for Ward 5 for literally a quarter century since 1995, essentially his entire adult life, is a long-standing member of several high-profile committees and boards, and is a self-styled Budgetary Serious Person. 2/
Every year, Chad does a performative dance where he trots out a list of budget line-items delivering poor value - things like active transportation projects that didn't get spent because Councillors like Chad voted against them - where the city can trim the budget. 3/
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Every year there are roughly 375 million citizen contacts with American police officers. Of those contacts, about 2% result in the use of physical force by the officer. (Thread 1/11) #BLM #DefundPolice
Full letter here:… By:
According to the Washington Post database, in 2019 the police fatally shot 40 unarmed citizens. Of those 40, 15 were Black and 25 were White. Of the 15 shootings involving Black suspects, most were found to be actively trying to kill the officer. #BLM
To put in perspective, in 2018 there were 16k+ homicides in the US - 53% of victims were Black. Where the race of the offender was known, 55% were Black; 7k homicide victims were Black, the vast majority of those killed by other Black men. #BLM
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As discourse around abolishing the police becomes more prevalent we must remember we are standing on the shoulders of GIANTS who have laid the groundwork for this movement and are already building and practicing abolition!
Abolition aims to reduce the size, scale, & life span of the prison industrial complex (PIC), building strong communities that can respond to harm w/o police.

DIVESTING FROM the PIC and INVESTING IN housing, education, health care, & alternatives to addressing interpersonal harm
*Check out resources tabs in each*

(1) Critical Resistance: founded by Angela Davis & Ruth Wilson Gilmore

(2) INCITE!: organizing against state & interpersonal violence
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@lauren_marietta posted a series of plots on the Boston Police Department last week. I wanted to look at what the @BaltimorePolice looks in the same terms. Boston and Baltimore are similar size cities. Thread. #DefundPolice @BaltCityHall @BaltimoreMayor
At $536 million, BPD is the second largest budget item, right after Public Works. 1.9x the @BaltCitySchools budget, 3.35x the Health budget, 6x the Housing and Community Development budget and 60x the Arts and Culture expenditure.
In 2020, the Police budget got a $26 mil boost, the largest increase of any budget line. If the @BaltCitySchools budget got a $26 mil bump, that would've been a 9.3% increase. Instead, school budget stayed flat (at the bottom), not even accounting for the 1.8% inflation.
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