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Academia will not survive [nor thrive] without Black scholars and in order for us to stay, there needs to be a shift that is characterized by structural change w/ @Newsweek.

Let's get into it:…
In the article, I breakdown #GRExit and why it may help with inequities regarding admissions. Though there's evidence that points to the #GRE not predicting much, dropping the test is honestly futile if other parts of academia remain the same.
I touch on #ScholarStrike orchestrated by @AntheaButler @TheTattooedProf @ScholarStrike and I share that institutions cannot rely on initiatives led by Black folx alone if they want to enact REAL change.…
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Yesterday, Salt Lake City police shot an unarmed 13-year-old autistic boy & the Rochester chief of police stepped down amid protests over the murder of #DanielPrude, another neurodivergent Black man in crisis.…… 1/
This is why we need to say #BlackDisabledLivesMatter & #BlackAutisticLivesMatter. This is why we need to make sure that disability is a part of conversations about police brutality, because it's a part of the story at least 33-50% of the time. (See…). 2/
This is why I focused on the cases of #NeliLatson & #MatthewRushin for my first contribution to #ScholarStrike.

Because their stories are not unique.

#FreeNeli #FreeMatthewRushin #RushinToBringMatthewHome 3/
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1/ This Twitter #TeachIn is comprised three thread-chapters. This thread is #3 "Fixing Up My House." The others are: #1 "Getting level set,” and #2 “Love." #ScholarStrike
2/ .@HarrietLerner suggests trying to get someone else to change is like trying to become friends with a squirrel by chasing it. If you want to see a change in others you have to start to change yourself. #ScholarStrike
3/ Here are some places I’ve been and I’m going on my journey to fight anti-Black racism. #ScholarStrike
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1/ This Twitter #TeachIn is comprised of three thread-chapters. This is thread #2, entitled “Love." The others are: #1 "Getting level set,” and #3 "Fixing Up My House.” #ScholarStrike
2/ Being active in the work of racial justice and anti-black racism weighs on people differently. #ScholarStrike
3/ My experiences, and what I draw on for strength to do this work is mine, and I can only invite you to join me — the way in which you join me will be your own journey with your own past guiding you. #ScholarStrike
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1/ This Twitter #TeachIn is comprised of three thread-chapters. This thread is #1, "Getting Level Set." The other two are "Love," and "Fixing Up My House." #ScholarStrike
2/ Inspired by @keepingit101 I'll start with a statement of intention. I’m participating in response to a call by @AntheaButler for scholars to strike against racism huge thanks to her and @TheTattooedProf for getting us organized. #ScholarStrike
3/ First things first. Who am I and why this work? I’m a white man who has been on a journey of well-intentioned allyship but with an unhealthy dose of naïveté and cultural blinders #ScholarStrike
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Looks like I’m up next for #PAScholarStrike! I’ve been tapped to talk about the imperative for organizations to conduct “social justice audits.” #ScholarStrike
In particular, I’m going to be talking about the need to identify the white supremacist roots of our organizations (I’m looking at you academia) and transform how power operates within them—and that traditional approaches to self-study are inadequate and even harmful.
While I’m focusing today on white supremacy, it’s necessary to remember that systems of oppression intersect and therefore any thorough social justice audit needs to consider all forms of oppression within an organization. Approaches to inclusivity need to as well.
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.@UNC likely would not have survived after the Civil War, and @NCSU may never have existed at all, had the Univ. not profited from the sale of 270,000 acres of expropriated Indigenous land.
This thread builds on the groundbreaking work of Native scholars, esp. “Land-Grab University.” In solidarity with #ScholarStrike we uplift their work, as a reminder that U.S. universities must reckon with their past and present role in the settler state.
Original thread from @Tahtone with more on the "Land-Grab Universities" investigations.
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We stand in solidarity w/ the #ScholarStrike. Join us @ 4pm ET on Facebook as we live stream Ep10 of our Under the Blacklight series & discuss anti-Black police violence & its gendered dimensions, followed by an Instagram teach-in on BLM, media reports on looting, & 4th Amendment ImageImageImage
Next up: a teach in on the Holtzclaw case and the vulnerability of Black women to sexual violence by law enforcement. Join us at 7pm/4pm #ScholarStrike Image
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YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES & before the ANA public comment deadline please (Sept 16)

AACN Essentials ship may have sailed but operationalizing these categories also VITALLY IMPORTANT. One word: "professionalism". Also the amorphous Essentials theme "social justice".
2/ Cause let's be honest, one nurse's social justice may be emancipatory & the next one's may be violent & racist & oppressive and without some examples/definition of what that looks like "social justice" across vast areas of nursing may be less liberatory than racist and harmful
3/ Cause there are still nurses out there who view withholding abortion care as "social justice".

There are still nurses who view white saviorism as "social justice".

There are programs that declare "social justice" as their mission, then double down on the biological racism.
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For #ScholarStrike I’m going to shared threads I’ve previously written on racial justice and history. Check here through out the day
Here is a reading list thread to understand Critical Race Theory
A thread on issues of racism and nativism in populist movements #ScholarStrike
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Let’s talk about the #ScholarStrike. Specifically, I want to talk about what it means to withhold or redirect our scholarly labor in support of the movement for Black lives and the efforts to defund police and end mass incarceration. 1/
My main form of participation in the strike is to not teach or do administrative work for the two days. I’ve canceled synchronous class meetings and am refusing to do most admin work, with the exceptions of situations where it would negatively impact vulnerable people. 2/
However, it must be acknowledged that this decision comes with some risks since I’m up for tenure this year. (@AntheaButler is my dept. chair, so I think I’m probably good at the department level, but still….) 3/
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In solidarity w/ the nationwide #scholarstrike & #scholarstrikecanada, we’re hosting two teach-ins today on anti-Black police violence & its gendered dimensions. Follow us on FB to tune into the live screenings! Our team will host post-show discussions on IG live! Stay tuned! ImageImageImage
Join us on facebook at…
Join us on instagram at…
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Ok, settling down for my last #ScholarStrike thread of the day: a live-tweet of @ISASaxonists' video for @ScholarStrike on white supremacy medieval studies, and BLM:

#MedievalTwitter #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
I love that I can see @ProfKFH's Things of Darkness on the shelf behind Dr. MRO!
Medieval studies attracts predominantly white ppl bc it has "been framed and curated" to center white people. Her subfield is sometimes known as "Anglo-Saxon studies" and, as you can imagine, it has a problem with white supremacy. #ScholarStrike #MedievalTwitter
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We need to disinvest academic conferences from police.

This is the ICMS at Kzoo conference webpage. Note the "statement on racial justice" w/ a "campus safety" link below, with a pic of police. Apparently ICMS doesn't think that's ironic. #ScholarStrike #MedievalTwitter Image
Their statement on racial justice has *no* mention of police violence.

Meanwhile, the "Campus Safety" statement assures medievalists coming for the conference that the "campus is continually patrolled by sworn police officers."

WHO DOES THAT MAKE THE CONFERENCE SAFE FOR? Screenshot reads "Stat...Screenshot reads "Camp...
Who are the people likely to find the conference's promises of being "surveiled by hundreds of security cameras" and continually patrolled by police reassuring and a sign that they are "safe"? #ScholarStrike #MedievalTwitter
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For #ScholarStrike today, here's a thread about medieval Christian depictions of devils as Black people, including as Black children. This is part of the long history of white depictions of Black people as less innocent.

[TW: racism, dehumanization, violence]
Frantz Fanon spoke about the historical inheritance from European culture of the image of Black people as demonic and sinful, innately less innocent. #ScholarStrike Screenshot from Fanon reads...
Starting in very early Christian depictions, demons were often portrayed as black-skinned people. They were frequently called "Ethiopians," the generic term for Black Africans.

There are so many examples, but I want to focus on the medieval trope of Black children as demons.
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In honor of today and tomorrow's #ScholarStrike founded by Dr. Anthea Butler @AntheaButler & co-created by Dr. Kevin Gannon @TheTattooedProf

I am connecting this with everyone who participated in #ShutDownSTEM , #ShutDownAcademia & #Strike4BlackLives 3 months ago!

Let's go🚀1/
When you joined into #ShutDownSTEM & #ShutDownAcademia it is because you were on a #Strike4BlackLives

This is because you were making a commitment to eradicate systemic racism.

This is because you understood you have a role to play.

We need to end this.


You understood deep down that there is no reason why anyone based on their skin color should undergo this treatment. Losing their lives, loved ones, being profiled by police, subjugated to painful treatment.

You understand deep down that #BlackLivesMatter

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For #ScholarStrike, a short starter list to get you going on #decolonizing your syllabus for the US history classroom (please add!) #twitterstorians
Think about what periodization really means. Are you upholding notions of American exceptionalism by making that whole unit about the American Revolution or the Civil War? Do linear concepts of time uphold European epistemologies that devalue non-European people & cultures?
Why "Early America"? How "early" are you really getting? How much time do you spend on the 30000+ years of history on this continent before you get to the little blip called European colonization?
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For #literacy educators, teacher educators & researchers participating in #ScholarStrike some curated resources from the #MarginalSyllabus project including blog posts, author webinars & annotated articles about the lives and #literacies of Black learners and educators. Thread >
In “The Stories They Tell: Mainstream Media, Pedagogies of Healing and Critical Media Literacy" @aprilbakerbell @RavenForevamore @SakeenaEverett describe how Black youth use social media as counterspaces for critical literacy… #ScholarStrike #CiteBlackWomen
In “What’s Radical about Youth Writing?: Seeing and Honoring Youth Writers & Their Literacies” @MarcelleHaddix describes her work with young writers leveraging their stories & voices to advance critical cultural conversations… #ScholarStrike #CiteBlackWomen
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For my history seminar today & for #ScholarStrike, I taught about how pseudoarchaeology is used to support racism. We specifically addressed the myth of Atlantis and how it has been used since 1882 to support notions of an Aryan "master race." Slides:…
Students first read Plato: Read: Plato, Selections from Timaeus and Critias;: Then read @anamguay, “Archaeology and Aliens: Teaching the Myth of Atlantis,” Society for Classical Studies Blog (December 13, 2018):…
They had the option of reading my @hyperallergic piece:…
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Part 2 starting now, with a little more about policy and on to police, health, and COVID19. Many other policy issues to account for in understanding the structural racism of housing, some directly related to state police violence.
2. Mass incarceration disproportionately leaves Black and Latinx adults with felony convictions that make it difficult for them to find housing outside of the segregated and neglected communities where police will continue to abuse them.
3. And if you want to talk about #PoliceViolence, let's talk about eviction. After you have been put through the meat grinder that is state eviction law, forced to represent yourself in court where you will not only lose your housing but lose most of your remaining income,
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1. I'm participating in the #ScholarStrike by creating this Twitter teach-in to talk about the racialized violence experienced by Black, Latinx, and Asian communities in Fresno as a result of segregation and housing injustice. Join me, and contribute your stories. Part 1
2. First, some groundwork – we need to understand the intersections of housing injustice and this explainer of intersectionality by @tanyaboza is great – housing justice is not just a problem of racism, it’s also a problem of patriarchy and capitalism.
3. Some fundamental structural causes of housing injustice. First, segregation. One of the more persistent manifestations of structural racism in our society. The boundaries put in place through decades of deliberate policy choices allow for durable forms of inequality,
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This thread is going to proceed roughly chronologically re: topic discussed. It's a mix of (English only) primary sources in translation and secondary sources that you can use to teach students about literary dimensions of race and race-making in the Arabophone/Persophone world..
...A lot of these reps of blackness have become part of cultural hagiographies sited throughout the world today as part of the Q of whether Muslims struggle with anti-Blackness (many do, like everyone else). That's not what I'll discuss but I'll give some resources at the end!...
...First, 'Antara b. Shaddad, a half-Ethiopian half-Arab warrior poet from the pre-Islamic period. He is credited with a mu'allaqa, the highest lit. achievement one could make in his era. His poems are translated by James Montgomery w @LibraryArabLit: ...
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Today for the #ScholarStrike I'm going to do a 🧵on the history of policing in the U.S. We can't understand how we got to where we are with policing today without going back to this history.
First, policing is not and has never been about public safety or fighting "crime." The history of policing Is one of colonization, racial domination, xenophobia, and labor control. Police are enforcers of a particular vision of citizenship and nation. #ScholarStrike
Police are less concerned with eliminating crime and violence and more concerned with enforcing social hierarchies and enabling the smooth functioning of both the state and capital. #ScholarStrike
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In 5th grade, my son asked me “Mama, is there something wrong with me?” My heart broke, but I kept calm to say no and ask why. White woman teacher in his favorite class (math) wouldn’t stop calling his name. Always on him. He’d be doing same as others but she’d call him out. 1/11
My 10yo son was the only Black child in the small country school (central PA). He loved math class and was devastated to never be able to do right by his teacher. My baby wanted to know what was so wrong with him that she couldn’t stop shouting his name and singling him out. 2/11
If you can imagine what this woman put my son through for a child to think “something’s wrong with me” cuz she treated him so different from others. I hid my rage, calmly told him nothing was wrong with him, the problem was his teacher putting such negative attention on him. 3/11
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