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Tal día como hoy ( en el año 2003 ) y tras el allanamiento de la policía gracias a la orden solicitada por el fiscal Thomas W. Sneddon, Michael Jackson hizo la siguiente declaración:
" He visto abogados que no me representan y portavoces que no me conocen hablando por mí. Estos personajes siempre parecen surgir con horribles acusaciones al igual que otro proyecto, un álbum, un video que se está lanzando ".
Tom Sneddon " casualmente " elige este día específico para atacar a Neverland con una orden de allanamiento acompañada de 7 miembros del Sherriff del condado de Santa Bárbara.
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1~ I mean ya, at this pQint, ANYTHING is pQssible - #EnjoyTheShow , the #Qmovie brQught to you by the #Qteam - ( #Diana - #Melania )
#JFKjr - #GenFlynn - #MJ ( #MichaelJackson ) - #TheMilitary - #TRiUMPant - #TheEndingWillNotBeForEveryone -
2~ The GREATEST #StingOperation in the HistQry of the wQrld - The Q #MQVIE
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@michaeljackson (01)
Kyle Richards, actress and aunt of Paris Hilton, who is Michael Jackson's goddaughter, began her friendship with Michael during the Jackson 5 period and the friendship has continued over the years. Kyle talked about Michael and his friendship during the
@michaeljackson (02)
radio show "On The Tomorrow Show": "He was the most loving, sweet and kind soul that could have come to us. I remember when I was a kid and he taught me how to do it. the robot dance, standing at my pool table in my home office." [The Real Housewives in
@michaeljackson (03)
Beverly Hills.] Kyle then told a little story of one time when he took Michael's kids to the movies: “I felt so much pressure. I took your kids to the movies with me, and I was so nervous, I I thought I was being the bodyguard and everything." Michael
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@michaeljackson (01)
"My father Charles Gaines helped start the film's commission in New Hampshire around 1979. The first feature to be made there was On Golden Pond in 1980. Jane Fonda's biggest fan at the time, it was a young Michael Jackson who had recently released his Off
@michaeljackson (02)
The Wall album and he came to the movie party, and my brother Latham recognized MJ from his album cover.The records were special at the time and we all listened to them for hours "I pity this generation of kids, sometimes there are so many distractions but
@michaeljackson (03)
they don't necessarily have better entertainment than we had then. Michael was like a living superhero to us. It was like meeting the Pope if you were Catholic. Me I asked him to sign an autograph to my teacher who was a collector. I got an A!
Michael was
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@michaeljackson @LisaPresley (01)
''Years ago Michael and I had a serious conversation about life in general. I can't remember the exact content of the conversation, but I know he was asking questions about my father's death. At that point he stopped, stared at me, and said, Image
@michaeljackson (02)
'I'm afraid I'll end up like him in the same way.'' I promptly tried to push that idea away from him, but he shrugged and nodded, maybe he already knew the facts, like if he wanted me to know too; he knew what he knew. 14 years later, I'm sitting here Image
@michaeljackson (03)
watching the news; I saw the ambulance leaving his house, the main gate, the people outside, the press coverage, the the crowd gathering at the hospital, the cause of death and what led him to it, when I am struck by the memory of this conversation, as well Image
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@michaeljackson (01)
Selected excerpts from the interview given by Navi Charles. Michael Jackson impersonator.
Navi spent 28 years traveling the world playing the most iconic pop star of all time at sold-out shows from New York to Beijing. But when he signed on to play the Image
@michaeljackson (02)
King of Pop in Dianne Houston's drama Searching for Neverland, Navi had an arena to conquer: his own sense of accomplishment. In fact, Navi says he's been hanging up his dancing shoes after the release of this project, which is based on the book Remember Image
@michaeljackson (03)
The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days written by Jackson's former bodyguard - Bill Whitfield [played by Chad L. Coleman] and Javon Beard [Sam Adegoke], on the days leading up to his 2009 death. Navi says it is not an obscene or exploitative Image
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@michaeljackson (01)
“I will always defend Michael Jackson to my last breath. I know he was INNOCENT, I know he was a target because he was rich and famous and perceived as very vulnerable, which made him a target for all types People who came close to Michael Jackson thought Image
@michaeljackson (02)
they could profit one way or another. People wanted their MONEY from the earliest times. Even in their darkest hours, people were suing him, even in the most worrying moment imaginable, people were after his MONEY. The pressure on his poor soul was enormous. Image
@michaeljackson (03)
He was a brilliant genius and a gentle soul and he was TORTURED, EXPLOITED, PUNISHED FOR THINGS HE HAD NOT DONE. I will always feel HONORED for defending him.'' Thomas Mesereau - Michael Jackson's defense attorney in the Sta. Barbara lawsuit - in testimony Image
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@michaeljackson (01)
There are unpublished footage of Michael Jackson.
''Despite attempts to remember Michael Jackson or show some of his stories, there is also a Michael Jackson film locked in a safe that shows the real Michael Jackson, unguarded in 1982 - and the film hasn't Image
@michaeljackson (02)
even been developed in recent years. 35 years. Unlike home movies or extra footage found behind the scenes in videos, this Michael Jackson film is likely to be long and has a vision of his life that few fans may have been exposed to. As if that wasn't
@michaeljackson (03)
enough, there's also a chance that the same person has another film with Michael Jackson, which was also undeveloped and which includes the Jackson 5. The photographer who took both films was the legendary Norman Seeff and who took pictures of the Jackson 5
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@michaeljackson (01)
Interview with Michael Jackson in ''VIBE Magazine'' in 2002. Note: The photos used in this topic are part of the same issue ok?
'Dressed in black pants, white socks, black shoes and a thin yellow shirt, Michael greets me with a smiling and warm 'hello' and Image
@michaeljackson (02)
a big hug. He then excuses himself to see his son Prince (5) and daughter Paris (3) who have just returned from a long walk and are talking animatedly with their father about their day.
The housekeeper, who looks like Michael's mother Katherine, suggests Image
@michaeljackson (03)
that I take a brief look around the farm before dark. So I go for a ride outside in a golf cart while Michael spends some time with his kids. I discover an amusement park, playground, train station, arcade, swimming pool, jacuzzi, jogging track, and Image
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@michaeljackson (01)
''Michael was the only celebrity who, if you were dedicated enough, he would let you into his house. Do you think someone could go to Bruce Willis' house and say 'I love you, I love you' and you would walk in? He would call the police. That's what they
@michaeljackson (02)
could all do. Everyone except Michael. If you said 'I love you, I love you' to Michael, he would understand that you meant you loved him, and he could leave you at home... The girls huddled outside the door of the nearest hotel to Michael, they sat quietly
@michaeljackson (03)
so that security wouldn't push them away. And sometimes Michael would come out and say to them, 'Hello!!' He once delivered five handwritten letters that said things like I can feel your energy through the walls. You guys inspire me a lot. I love you all.
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@michaeljackson @ItsTravisPayne (01)
Choreographer Travis Payne has worked with director Kenny Ortega and Michael Jackson since 1990, when his own dance video led to his big break at age 19 as part of Janet Jackson's world tour - 'Rhythm Nation 1814'. He then went to work with
@michaeljackson @ItsTravisPayne (02)
Michael on Dangerous Tour and began to experience the entire creative process up close. He was brought back to work with Jackson on the This Is It tour and was with the King of Pop every day until his untimely disappearance. Interview given
@ItsTravisPayne (03)
by Travis.
When did you fall in love with dancing as an art form that led you to believe in the power of dance?
Travis: At age five, I first saw Michael Jackson. I was immediately fascinated by their dancing and music. I listened to
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@michaeljackson (01)
Testimony on ''September 11, 2001''
Michael at the September 2001 show
''I was in New York for both concerts, and we were so electrified after the September 10th concert that we couldn't even sleep. Around 7:30am on September 11, 2001 my Image
@michaeljackson (02)
friends (MJ fans from all over the world) and I were having breakfast in Manhattan. An hour later, the madness started... We were shocked watching the news and hearing how the planes were hijacked and how the Twin Towers were hit. We ran outside and we ImageImage
@michaeljackson (03)
were looking around trying to figure out what was going on (the Towers had just fallen)... then a crazed person told us... 'hey, did you hear... Michael Jackson died, he was close to area!!' She saw us in our MJ shirts and knew we were his fans. Image
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@michaeljackson (01)
Michael Jackson spent a month and a half in Oman, a country located in Arabia, in November 2005. Businessman Anis al-Zadjali says that Michael spent most of his time with the Zadjali family, despite staying in a hotel and that he often visited the traditional Image
@michaeljackson (02)
market in the city of Mutrah, province of Oman, where he bought souvenirs.
''Michael had come here for a three-day visit and it lasted for forty-five days. We had lunch together and he became part of our family. He felt very comfortable here and told us a Image
@michaeljackson (03)
lot about his life and how to treat people with him here. He visited the homes of many families in Oman and spent a lot of time with them. He learned a lot about Oman lifestyle. One day, he talked about us to his children, about how he would like to keep Image
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@michaeljackson (01)
Bubbles is like a little pit bull, we were like... ''No one dares talk to Michael, no.' I come from the other room with my hands under my shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, jeans and boots. I look and think, ''Oh my God, my God, what is this? He's getting Image
@michaeljackson (02)
closer!'' I tried not to look at him. Michael and Eddie are there, laughing and talking, I don't know. as I looked at him and he's already very close to me. Damn...he raises his hand and KAAAAK! Slaps me on the foot! AUUUCHHH! And I was like, CRAP! It hurts. Image
@michaeljackson (03)
It hurts like I've never felt before and, in this moment, I'm sweating because I turned my head a little, and again I realized what was coming. Now he's baring his teeth at me. And, oh, dammit! Starts growling like a dog. Again and again he raises his hand, Image
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@michaeljackson (01)
Michael Jackson was a true humanitarian. He was cited in the 2000 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for the world record for most institutions supported by an artist. But Michael did not support the institutions to be quoted in a book, he did so Image
@michaeljackson (02)
from the heart. What was discovered, over time, is that the number of institutions he supported was much greater than the 39 social works mentioned in the Guinness Book. According to several testimonials already published on this blog, Michael helped many Image
@michaeljackson (03)
people, privately and anonymously, for the simple joy of being able to help his fellow men. For your love for humanity. There are 39 institutions mentioned in the Guinness Book. The others continue with the first list, and it is quite possible that it is Image
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@michaeljackson (01)
Interview given by Dieter Wiesner in 2010 for the Jacksonvillage forum. (Fifth and last part)
Dieter talks about the time when Michael lived in Las Vegas, just before he moved to Los Angeles.
''Those times were very difficult for him. When he left Las Image
@michaeljackson (02)
Vegas, he had to pack his luggage on his own. There was no one around. And then there was the problem with the company that bought Neverland.'' ''They brought him that Tohme and Michael didn't know Thome worked for that company. He was Michael's advisor
@michaeljackson (03)
and told him to sell his ranch to this company in order to prevent him from having to face an auction. And after that, there was the connection with Philips from AEG Live and they told Michael quite clearly: ''Do the concerts or the ranch is over.'' I was Image
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BAD - Video Version (SWG -2020- Extended Mix) - MICHAEL JACKSON via @SWG_mixes

#BADStreamingPartyRemixed #BADStreamingParty
BAD (SWG -2020- Extended Mix) - MICHAEL JACKSON via @SWG_mixes

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Thread 👇

#MichaelJackson fans who are not into #Prince - Prince is a different style altogether but if you want to dip in, I'd say these 7 tracks will appeal to MJ fans.

I'm not comparing the two - just sharing the love 💜
Gett Off (From Diamonds & Pearls: 1991)

My Name Is Prince (From 'Symbol / 'The Love Symbol': 1992)

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Thank to everyone who interacts and follows, you make Twitter a nice place :)

In celebration of almost 200 followers, here's a Picture Tweet Thread :)

King Of Pop, by Kadir Nelson (2011).
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On The Wall Exhibition THREAD 👇

Over today & intermittently I'm sharing photographs while at the On The Wall exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London 2018. - Mostly images, embellished where I can. #MJFam #MichaelJackson #Art 30+ pics when done. Feel free to ask Qs
Dara Birnbaum, MJ 1987 - The Way You Make Me Feel (2017). UV curable pigment on acrylic Plexiglas, chrome finish aluminium supports. Set of four images
Kehinde Wiley - Equestrian Portrait of King Philip II (Michael Jackson). Oil on Canvas 2010. 3251 x 2845 mm

The final commissioned portrait of MJ.
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Today in 1996, #MichaelJackson takes a break in his Ghosts shooting to attend the World Music Awards. Michael wins the Awards for, "Best Selling Album Of All Time", Thriller, Best Selling Male Artist of 1996, & Best Selling Artist Ever" and World’s Best Selling R&B Male Artist..
presented to him by Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco. He performs "Earth Song" live with an extraordinary ending to thunderous applause. At the end of the ceremony he gets on stage to hug Diana Ross. ABC-TV aired the show on June 3...>
Michael's speech on receiving his Awards:
“I love you more. Much more… these awards from you and the World Music Awards are very special to me, as a person who loves and adores and has concerns for people of all nationalities and ethnic origins.
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In October, 2018 I attended the #MichaelJackson: On The Wall exhibition at the @NPGLondon Gallery with my mum.

We stood for a long time in awe of @MarkRyden's painting which we all are familiar with, soaking in the fact that this was the original #Dangerous cover painting.

My apologies for the lighting, flash photography was not allowed at the gallery. Here's the caption beside the painting, some of the text is in the next tweets with a couple of visual references & a video about the construction of the frame. 👇
Mark Ryden
"The King Of Pop" #135. Acrylic on panel with wood carving, 1991-2018.

This #painting was commissioned by #MichaelJackson to be the cover artwork for his album Dangerous (1991).
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