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Wade and I were together for over 7 years, but I bet that isn’t in his “documentary” because it would ruin his timeline. And did I mention, it was my uncle, #MichaelJackson, who set us up? Wade is not a victim, #WadeRobsonIsaLiar
I pray he comes at me for these #truths cause I will happily put him in his place.
I found out Wade cheated on me with multiple woman who he hoped would advance his career. You might know one of them, because it was a huge pop music scandal. Wade is not a victim, he’s an #Opportunist
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#StopLeavingNeverlandNOW: what are the tentacles of this octopus? Follow the breadcrumps and discover the net.
#Channel4: set to broadcast the mockumentary in UK. (1)
#Channel4 has a great interest in exploiting #MJ's name again. It had already happened in 2009 and it's likely they hope to repeat the experience. (2)
One of #Channel4's current "heroes" is #StinsonHunter, the alleged "pe*ophile hunter", who lately - together with his minions, had been spreading lies non-stop about #MJ on Twitter. He systematically blocks/reports/harass everyone showing him receipts and evidence. (3)
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#THREAD: the #Epstein case vs the #MichaelJackson case: for those talking about "getting away" with "crimes", let's take a look at how (white) privilege really works. And why nobody talks about Epstein, while #MJ is being subjected to another slanderous mockumentary. (1)
For a good comparison, we'll take a look at the timeline of the #Epstein case versus that of the #MJ case. You'll see the differences in approach, treatment and mediatic consequences by yourself. #JusticeforMJ #ExposeTheLiars (2)…
As per screenshot 1, the parents of #Epstein's alleged victim, a 14-y.o. girl, reported the alleged crime to the police. In 1993, the first allegations against MJ started with an extortion plan and a search for a "highly profitable settlement". (3) More:…
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The pedo-combo Victor Gutierrez/Rodney Allen, with the help of "people" like Diane Dimond, helped concoct fake stories about #MichaelJackson. All those fake news were, obviously, debunked by real evidence during over a 10-year long investigation by Police+FBI. Meet Rodney:
Rodney Allen aka John Templeton, is a Canadian man who, in the mid 90’s, ran a prostitution ring of young, underage boys in Toronto and was eventually arrested and convicted to a life sentence in 2001. More:
Allen, with the cooperation of Diane Dimond, also fabricated a fictional molestation story about MJ and a "Canadian boy". Of course, it was debunked as a complete scam. More:…
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Let's just be clear about this disgrace of a so called "documentary" about #MichaelJackson that they want to show @sundancefest (Thread)

It's based on the lies of two men whose cases were already *thrown out* of court. They lied under oath and submitted forged "evidence".
Wade Robson is a serial liar who was shopping for a book deal before he even filed his fraudulent case and had hired a literary agent. Does that sound like something you'd do if you truly were a victim of something like that?
He was on record - on the stand - to a substantial degree during the Arvizo trial that Michael was innocent. Then Michael dies, there's MILLIONS of dollars on the table and he suddenly "remembers". What an absolute crock of shit.
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THREAD: Wade Robson's posthumous allegations against Michael Jackson are a typical example of a false accuser making a mockery out of the legal system. #FalseAccusers #FalseAllegations #MichaelJackson
Up until recently Robson always maintained that MJ never did anything to him, in fact, he testified FOR MJ at his 2005 trial.
When his career crumbled under the pressures and high expectations of his job, he suddenly "realized" that he was allegedly sexually abused by MJ as a child. Just a couple of months before he was still singing praises of MJ, like here:…
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THREAD: "Why would an innocent person settle?" is a frequently asked question regarding the allegations against Michael Jackson. So here is the answer. #falseallegations #MichaelJackson
The suggestion that innocent people would not settle is fallacious. There can be many situations where an innocent person would settle. A settlement in itself doesn't indicate guilt, you have to know the context. So let me show you the context of the settlement in the MJ case.
First of all, let us clear up what exactly was settled. There were two proceedings going on in MJ’s case parallel: a criminal investigation conducted by the State of California and a civil lawsuit filed by the accusing family, the Chandlers.
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Tom Barrack has been friends with Paul Manafort for 30+ years.
Tom Barrack loves him some Donald Trump.
Tom Barrack's plane took an interesting trip around the RNC.
Tom Barrack sold a Costa Smeralda resort to an emir of Qatar.
Tom Barrack got out of the property market in 2005-then bought a SWATH of properties after the housing market crisis.
Tom Barrack ran the inauguration fund.
Tom Barrack was being investigated for $190M tax fraud in Italy.
Tom Barrack is BFF's with Robe Lowe.
Tom Barrack bought Miramax (Weinstein).
Tom Barrack loves yachts.
Tom Barrack read Twilight "alone" on a yacht in Turkey-then raved about it-I can't help but wonder-was it a rape yacht run by Mashkevich and Tefvik Arif?
Tom Barrack loves him some CHYNA…
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Puisque les langues se délient pour faire passer aux agresseurs un sale quart d’heure, j’aimerais lister ici les hommes célèbres qui ont été accusés ou condamnés en raison de violences sexuelles qu’ils ont vraisemblablement commises.
[TW viol de mineure]
#KirkDouglas aurait violé l’actrice #NatalieWood, alors adolescente, à l’occasion d’un casting.
[TW inceste, pédocriminalité, suicide]
En 1993, la fille de #MarlonBrando, #CheyenneBrando, qui s’est suicidée depuis, accusait ce dernier de l’avoir agressée sexuellement.
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