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BAD - Video Version (SWG -2020- Extended Mix) - MICHAEL JACKSON via @SWG_mixes

#BADStreamingPartyRemixed #BADStreamingParty
BAD (SWG -2020- Extended Mix) - MICHAEL JACKSON via @SWG_mixes

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Thread 👇

#MichaelJackson fans who are not into #Prince - Prince is a different style altogether but if you want to dip in, I'd say these 7 tracks will appeal to MJ fans.

I'm not comparing the two - just sharing the love 💜
Gett Off (From Diamonds & Pearls: 1991)

My Name Is Prince (From 'Symbol / 'The Love Symbol': 1992)

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Thank to everyone who interacts and follows, you make Twitter a nice place :)

In celebration of almost 200 followers, here's a Picture Tweet Thread :)

King Of Pop, by Kadir Nelson (2011).
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On The Wall Exhibition THREAD 👇

Over today & intermittently I'm sharing photographs while at the On The Wall exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London 2018. - Mostly images, embellished where I can. #MJFam #MichaelJackson #Art 30+ pics when done. Feel free to ask Qs
Dara Birnbaum, MJ 1987 - The Way You Make Me Feel (2017). UV curable pigment on acrylic Plexiglas, chrome finish aluminium supports. Set of four images
Kehinde Wiley - Equestrian Portrait of King Philip II (Michael Jackson). Oil on Canvas 2010. 3251 x 2845 mm

The final commissioned portrait of MJ.
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Today in 1996, #MichaelJackson takes a break in his Ghosts shooting to attend the World Music Awards. Michael wins the Awards for, "Best Selling Album Of All Time", Thriller, Best Selling Male Artist of 1996, & Best Selling Artist Ever" and World’s Best Selling R&B Male Artist..
presented to him by Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco. He performs "Earth Song" live with an extraordinary ending to thunderous applause. At the end of the ceremony he gets on stage to hug Diana Ross. ABC-TV aired the show on June 3...>
Michael's speech on receiving his Awards:
“I love you more. Much more… these awards from you and the World Music Awards are very special to me, as a person who loves and adores and has concerns for people of all nationalities and ethnic origins.
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In October, 2018 I attended the #MichaelJackson: On The Wall exhibition at the @NPGLondon Gallery with my mum.

We stood for a long time in awe of @MarkRyden's painting which we all are familiar with, soaking in the fact that this was the original #Dangerous cover painting.

My apologies for the lighting, flash photography was not allowed at the gallery. Here's the caption beside the painting, some of the text is in the next tweets with a couple of visual references & a video about the construction of the frame. 👇
Mark Ryden
"The King Of Pop" #135. Acrylic on panel with wood carving, 1991-2018.

This #painting was commissioned by #MichaelJackson to be the cover artwork for his album Dangerous (1991).
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1/12 👇 I've been reading the #MJEstatevIRS ruling, very interesting yet bittersweet considering the content. Not the kind of thing I normally read but I'd like to highlight what the document says about unreleased #MichaelJackson recordings...

Section G (Pages 46 & 47):
After Jackson’s death, Sony engaged in an extensive search for unreleased songs to evaluate for possible future release. Jackson was not working on any album when he died and had not released any album containing new material since 2001.
He was, however, known to over-record songs on his albums. He kept these unreleased recordings in his personal vaults.

Sony’s corporate spelunkers crawled through these vaults and found 7,000 to 10,000 pieces of tape. These were mostly tailings and very little pay dirt.
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#MichaelJackson - Blood On The Dance Floor reached #1 in the UK chart 24 years ago today.

A retrospective 👇 #Thread with links, interviews, videos and remixes. #Music #MJFam

Producer @TeddyRiley1 was working on the track in June '90, missing a b'day party for a friend. That evening Riley learned someone was shot on the dance floor at the party. At the time, the rhythm he was working on was aggressive & menacing no words, no title, & no melody.
Jackson listened carefully to the tapes Riley brought with him and instantly loved what he heard. The tracks used different chords than he was accustomed to. The rhythms were fresh and edgy. The beats swung with velocity and hit like sledgehammers.
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Money #HIStoryStreamingParty
A mid-tempo new jack swing/funk number denouncing greed & the lust for money. Another response to the blackmail he suffered in the early 90s. A simple song where Michael speaks his verses & sings the chorus...
..It's an interesting song with a simple production. The beat is catchy, even if you’re not a #MichaelJackson fan. Musically it’s a little bland but considering this is an introspective album it’s a solid representation to what was going on in his life at the time.
The first time I heard Money, in 1995 - I knew I'd heard that sound before but I couldn't remember. I thought I was going crazy every time I heard it because I always seemed to have another song in my head.
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#HIStoryStreamingParty @MJChartData
Scream is in response to the backlash Michael received from the media, he had previously written about it on the Dangerous & Bad albums. After more intense scrutiny from the media, an angry Michael is back which is more evident in...
his new his new music style, this is a pissed off Michael Jackson and he wants you to ‘Stop Fucking With [Him]”. Jackson tells the media to stop misrepresenting the truth about him replacing his previous fear of the media with aggression...
his new his new music style, this is a pissed off Michael Jackson and he wants you to ‘Stop Fucking With [Him]”. Jackson tells the media to stop misrepresenting the truth about him replacing his previous fear of the media with aggression...
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It may take awhile, but the #truth always comes to light!
1/ There is a reason to not alter or touch the original production by #MichaelJackson, because this whole #video is entirely a tribute to his memory and his message of #peace+#healing of the word. There is no intention about making #money out of it or self-attributing any credit:
2/ it is only that Michael´s #song and #message fit so very well with the present state of #pandemic we are facing globally that it shows how timeless and intuitive he was about #global #challenges and the need for us (as #mankind) to change and evolve.
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#MichaelJackson They Don't Care About Us (#TDCAU25) Remixes 👇

(Love To Infinity's Anthem Of Love Mix) #Music #Remix #MJRemix
#MichaelJackson They Don't Care About Us (Nick* Crook County Remix) by @remixedbynick #Music #Remix #MJRemix #TDCAU25

#MichaelJackson They Don't Care About Us (@SWG_mixes Extended Mix). #Music #Remix #MJRemix #TDCAU25
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Today marks the 25th Anniversary of #MichaelJackson's "They Don't Care About Us". The 5th single from HIStory. A a protest song & remains one of the most controversial pieces Jackson ever composed. #TDCAU25

How far we (haven't) come in 25 years (!)

Short Films 👇
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#இளையராஜா #MichaelJackson
இவர்கள் இசையின் உச்சம் தொட்டவர்கள். இவர்கள் வாங்காத விருதுகள் இல்லை. உடைத்தெறியாத சாதனைகள் இல்லை. தலைமுறைகளை தாண்டி இவர்கள் இசை தொடாத இடம் இங்கே இல்லை.
இருவரும் ஒடுக்கப்பட்ட ஒரு சமூகத்திலிருந்து அத்தனை தடைகளையும் தாண்டி சாதித்தவர்கள்
ஒடுக்கப்பட்ட ஒருவன் எழுந்து உச்சங்கள் ஆயிரம் தொட்டாலும் ஏதோ ஒரு காரணத்தை வைத்து அவர்கள் சாதனையை மட்டம் தட்ட எப்பவுமே ஒரு கூட்டம் காத்துகிட்டே இருக்கும். இளையராஜாவ எப்படி அவர் கடவுள் நம்பிக்கை வச்சு குறை சொல்றாங்களோ அதே மாதிரி MJ தோல் வெள்ளை ஆக்கினாரு, skin bleaching பண்ணாருன்னு
குறை சொன்னாங்க. உண்மையிலயே அவருக்கு vitiligoன்ற பிரச்சினையால இந்த மாதிரி ஆயிடுச்சு. ஆனா அவரு கறுப்பர் ன்னு மறைக்க இத பண்ணாருன்னனு பேசி சாகிற வரை தொல்லை கொடுத்தாங்க
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@mrdiscopop I appreciate some of your unbiased BBC articles about #MichaelJackson but it would be great if you could report on the fallacy that he paid the first accuser off. This is not what actually happened. #mjinnocent #squareone ⬇️
So much of what people wrongly believe about Michael Jackson is based on the lie that he paid them to keep them quiet. Most people do not have the decency to check basic facts. Firstly, if he wanted their silence, he would pay before it got to court. ⬇️
The accusers filed a civil lawsuit before a criminal one because they wanted money not justice. His criminal case would have been compromised had he not settled the civil lawsuit. For this reason, it is no longer possible to have a civil lawsuit before criminal one. ⬇️
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Considering David O Russell's infamous history of bullying his people on sets and being abusive (I Heart Huckabees videos), I think the man should take care of his mess before attacking a man like MJ who has better manners than him. #MichaelJackson #MJ2021
I know George Clooney hated working with O Russell and even got into a fight with him during the filming of Three Kings. Even people like Robin Williams pulled vile jokes on MJ, and regarding Williams, Jermaine Jackson met him at a premiere & berated him.
Though I know there are people like Prince who were friends with MJ and did friendly pranks on him, there were others who just exploited bashing culture on Michael Jackson because it was what sold cash. Very rotten way to make a living.
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#MJFam #MJInnocent #SquareOneMJ #1993ChandlerCase #Facts
#DianeDimond has made a career out of lying on #MichaelJackson. The 1993 settlement with the Chandlers being one of the main ones.
Here is why #DianeDimond is lying⤵️
#DianeDimond has always claimed that Michael Jackson paid $15,331,250 to Jordan plus a $2million signing bonus, $1.5million for June, $1.5million for Evan & between $3 & $5million ⤵️
for Larry Feldman, depending on what version you go with!

Diane also confirmed via her source that no payments were made prior to the settlement being signed, therefor all the payments Michael Jackson made (Evan, June, Jordan & Larry) were all listed in the settlement.
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#Hilo🧵 #DonaldTrump fue postulado al #NobeldelaPaz por su apoyo al acuerdo entre Israel y los Emiratos Árabes Unidos, en una historia disparatada, pero no tanto cuando resulta que dictadores y políticos corruptos también fueron postulados.

Aquí un recuento de ellos. ⬇️ ⬇️ Image
😅En 1939, el parlamentario sueco Erik Brandt, un conocido antifacista, se le ocurrió postular a #AdolfHitler al premio. En la carta de postulación, plagada de sarcasmo, describió el amor de Hitler por la paz. Obvio fue descartada, pero quedó constancia del registro. Image
👀Otro despropósito ocurrió en 1935. Un grupo de académicos alemanes no tuvieron empacho en afirmar que el mejor candidato para el Nobel de la Paz era #BenitoMussolini que ya gobernaba a Italia con mano dura y se aprestaba a invadir Etiopía. Image
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🥳Seguimos celebrando el cumpleaños de #FreddieMercury, aquí tienen los mejores crossovers del el cantante de #Queen, con otras celebridades.

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

1️⃣(1974) Con la actriz #JeannetteCharles, personificando a la Reina Isabelle II. El día que 'la Queen' conoció a Queen. 🤪 Image
2️⃣(1980) Con su gran amigo #EltonJohn, quien interpretó 'Bohemian Rhapsody' y 'The Show Must Go On' en el concierto homenaje que le hicieron a Mercury, cinco meses después de su muerte. Image
3️⃣(1980) Con el artista plástico #AndyWarhol, en Nueva York, después de que Warhol le tomara una foto a Mercury. ¿Dónde habrá quedado esa foto? Image
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El 29 agosto 1958 nacía el Rey del Pop, Michael Jackson, el artista más famoso y exitoso de la historia. El 97,8% del planeta le conoce.

Ha vendido 1000 millones de discos

Estos son sus récords!!

Impactante, brutal, espectacular... no de este mundo.

Es #MichaelJackson 👇
Es el artista más premiado de la historia:

23 Guinness World Records, 40 Billboard Awards, 13 Grammys, 26 American Music Awards

Artista de la Década

Artista del Siglo

Artista del Milenio

Artista más joven en ganar un premio Billboard

1er álbum en llegar Nº1 de las listas
de éxitos en EEUU y Reino Unido al mismo tiempo x Thriller

1ª canción en llegar al Nº1 de las listas Billboard de rock y R&B al mismo tiempo x Billy Jean

Mayor nº premios y nominaciones conseguidas x un grupo o artista en 1 solo año (+50)

1er y único álbum de la historia q
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Great article by Joe Vogel, about the turning point in Pop music at the beginning of the '90s and #MichaelJackson's Dangerous album.…
"[...] 20 years later, Dangerous is gaining admirers as more people move beyond the extraneous nonsense that was so prominent in contemporaneous reviews and pay attention to its content: its prescient themes, its vast inventory of sounds, its panoramic survey of musical styles."
"The bottom line is this: If indeed it is considered a pop album, Dangerous redefined the parameters of pop. How else to explain an album that mixes R&B, funk, gospel, hip-hop, rock, industrial, and classical; an album that introduces one song ("Will You Be There") with
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I know noone's probably gonna see this, since this is my first tweet ever but I've been a #MichaelJackson fan for about five years now and I know I'm late to the party but I am just so fed up with all these fabricated lies being spread about him, not just online
but even in my personal life, whenever it comes up in conversation that I am a Michael Jackson fan, people immediatly confront me with "but he bleached his skin", "but he was a weirdo" and the most infuriating of them all "but he was a pedophile" and I'm so glad to see that
the tide is finally turning and after watching #SquareOne for the second time today I just had this urge to finally insert myself in the conversation and just be able to get some things off my chest because I am honestly tired of all this BS
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