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#Breaking: Just in - Reports that Flights at #Gatwick airport are currently suspended with flights held on the ground and arrivals diverted after ‘air traffic control issue's #UK #London
#Update: Just in - #Gatwick airport in #London will be closed until 21:00 due to Air Traffic Control System failure regarding the Electronic Flight Progress Strips (EFPS), until then flights will remain grounded and incoming flights will be diverted.
#Update: Just in - All flights at #Gatwick airport in #London have resumed, and flights can fly off and land again, after a System failure regarding the Electronic Flight Progress Strips (EFPS), what is now restored again.
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#Breaking: Just in - Flight from Dubai of the Emirates #EK15 to London Gatwick has declared an emergency due to low fuel and is diverting to Manchester.
#Breaking: Update - Flight from Dubai of the Emirates #EK15 to London #Gatwick has declared that is has no more fuel at all! And is being diverted to #Manchester while dropping low.
#Breaking: Just in - Flight #EK15 from Dubai to London #Gatwick has landed safe at #Manchester airport!
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Quick thread about C-UAS for civilian infrastructure, hope the #Gatwick incident helps to discard a few of the grifters promoting gimmicks 🤦🏻‍♂️

First, find and ID suspicious drones, forgot about radars, you can’t have them in a lot of places (close to schools, cell towers...) 1/?
And for airports they are an extra problem and won’t tell you what’s exactly that “blip”, nor are good to track anything approaching too close to the ground. What you need? Passive detection, 24/7, 360º, all-weather... check @HGHInfraredSyst and their Spynel systems 2/?
So you find “something” getting into your restricted area, put the cameras on it (or them) and confirm that shouldn’t be there, now what? Jamm it? Yeah... forgot about it in civilian areas and even worse in airports. GPS spoofing? Again... forgot about that near any airport 3/?
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Pair arrested over Gatwick Airport drone disruption released without charge…
#Gatwick #GatwickAirport #GatwickDrones #GatwickChaos
'In a statement, Sussex Police said the man and woman arrested were no longer suspects following the widespread disruption of flights through the illegal use of drones.'

#Gatwick #GatwickAirport #GatwickDrones #GatwickChaos
'Gatwick Airport Limited is now offering £50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.'

#Gatwick #GatwickAirport #GatwickDrones #GatwickChaos
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@SecureTeam10 comments on the Gatwick UFO/drone story:

Youtubers' comments to this video below...⬇️
More comments below....⬇️
More comments below....⬇️
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A bunch of newspapers and media outlets have today splashed that the #Gatwick disruption could be the fault of an "eco warrior".

This is *horrible* journalism, for reasons I outline here:…

First, to give benefit of the doubt, the police have said "one line of enquiry" is that this is the work of someone involved in environmental activism. The police have also said it is one of "several lines of enquiry".

Fine, report those two bits of information.
But DON'T put as your headline splash that "eco-warriors" or "environmental protestors" are at fault/suspected of/have been blamed for this, as @thetimes @Telegraph and @TheSun all have.
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Today's events at #Gatwick reminded me of my own favourite story concerning a Drone. So here it is for you all

It should provide a cautionary tale of reliance on technology, as well an insight into how UK academia functions

I won't be sharing any identifying details, just so you know. I shouldn't do that anyway, but luckily I can't remember the specifics in any case. I just know it was a UK university, and the source was one I trusted who worked there, so I assume this is a true story


This was many years ago, in the *early days* of #drones, so they weren't quite on the shelf items yet, but they were known about as a *thing*, if that made sense? They'd entered the mainstream as something cool and cutting edge by this point, but weren't that common yet

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In light of #Gatwick #drone incident, a thread on anti-drone measures.
Bringing down rogue #drones is tricky - but increasingly important. Unsurprising that already in 2016, US spent almost 10% of its drone R&D funding on funding of anti-drone measures.
Around the world, militaries are acquiring (developing/testing) anti-drone tech
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#BREAKING: #Gatwick Airport in #London continues to be on lockdown as drones are reportedly still being spotted around the runways. Some flights have now been cancelled as a result while others are being diverted./@BreakingNLive
#BREAKING: #Gatwick Airport's Chief Operating Officer says a “large drone” is still operating over the airport, and the #London airport is still closed to air traffic
#BREAKING: The Government has gone to ground on #Gatwick suggesting the drone attack is serious beyond the utter chaos being suffered by passengers..No one in authority is saying anything 20 hours on-@jonsnowC4
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