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I respect the call for a boycott on Georgia, but I do not believe it is the most effective, strategic choice for change.…
In the pursuit of justice, economic boycotts have long been successful tools. Georgia has witnessed the good effects here and with our neighbors. I strongly support the right of every American to exercise their values through economic protest.
However, I know the perpetrators of #HB481 -- most of them men -- will not be moved by protest. In fact, they want the ability to demonize the film industry while profiting from its presence.
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Y’all I’m a Black woman from Atlanta, #Georgia. I’ve had a miscarriage in this state. I grew up on the poverty line. I’ve had an abortion. I think this #BoycottGeorgia call is bullshit, and it pushes birthing folks deeper to the margins in the name of what? rage? That’s stupid.
Now y’all know capitalism is a predatory system. It self insulates, meaning folks w/the most capital are protected from tumult. Like boycotts.

Guess who isn’t protected? Working class families. Mothers & children. Esp folks of color. In Atl, that very much means Black birthers.
My city is filled w/Black working class ppl. The health of the film industry very much affects the food, rideshare, folks who do childcare, and other related markets. Can you guess who’s all up & through them industries?

Black. Working class. Birthing folks.
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LONG THREAD ALERT: Lots out there on effects of #HB481. Some right and some wrong. So, I am going to go all lawyer on you guys with some pro bono analysis re #HB481.

Hang with me because we are going to get in the weeds – but I think it is important. @mjs_DC @stphnfwlr
#HB481 represents a C-change in GA law. It will now subject women to prosecution, in addition to physicians, for seeking to end a pregnancy at 5.5 weeks. As recently as 1998, courts found that GA wasn’t in business of criminally prosecuting women. Times sure have changed.
#HB481 changes current criminal abortion law found in O.C.G.A. §§ 16-12-140 & 141 to include more expansive version of “abortion” by defining it to encompass the actions that a woman might take to terminate a pregnancy and not just acts that would be performed on her by another:
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A thread:

The Georgia abortion bill that just passed and the new Ohio bill that is currently being proposed is all about politics and “winning” and not at all about healthcare. The Georgia bill prosecutes women if they “self-abort” -aka get an illegal abortion after a heartbeat
2/ is detected. This law does not specially state that women would not be prosecuted but does state that the unborn fetus is a person under human rights. Therefore, if you abort a fetus, that fetus is a person and you committed murder. This could be used to prosecute miscarriages
3/ Misoprostil is given to women whose bodies do not fully expel the fetus during a miscarriage. This is given by prescription. This bill may deny needed medication to expel the fetus so the women isn’t in danger. They can also blame the miscarriage on actions of the woman.
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Not long ago, Georgia stood as a state that led by its example: a diversified community & economy w leadership grounded in principle, not political cynicism. I proudly served in that leadership - fighting against wrong, working across the aisle for progress. 1/
From transportation to foster care to environmental protections, bipartisan support paved a way to make lives better in Republican & Democratic strongholds. We held our ideological beliefs, of course, but we understood that we all lived here. Together. 2/
And with one horrible exception, Georgia didn’t jeopardize stability, opportunity and leadership for dangerous legislation that treats the lives of women as political pawns. 3/
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This bill #HB481 if signed into law will kill women.

Abortion aside, doctors will be afraid to intervene in bleeding situations in early pregnancies.
Malpractice insurance does not cover criminal prosecution, so doctors will err on the side of no intervention in cases of infection and bleeding in early pregnancy.
Women will die. #HB481
Savita Halappanavar was killed by the same legislation that will kill women in Georgia #HB481…
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Georgia’s abortion bill will send women to prison for up to ten years for having an abortion > 6 weeks. The GOP lawmakers who passed this bill were elected courtesy of votes cast on unauditable voting machines from a company whose Sr. programmer was a convicted embezzler. 1/
2/ Source re: the abortion bill:…
3/ I discuss the convicted embezzler at Diebold Election Systems, which supplied Georgia’s unauditable voting machines (and was acquired by ES&S in 2009), in here:…
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The Georgia House just voted to pass the Senate version of #HB481. Now it goes to Brian Kemp's desk for his signature. He should know that women in Georgia and around the country are watching and we will not forget.
The entire debate was terrifying to watch and a glimpse into a dystopian world. #HB481 But thanks to the leadership of so many including @SisterSong_WOC @NARALGA and so many others, we are watching and we must watch.
Rep Setzler said they listened to women's concerns and decided to move anyway with a demeaning and dangerous bill that threatens the public health and enshrines a non-medical definition of when life begins to cements individual women as second class citizens in the law. #HB481
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OMG. Georgia’s abortion-ban bill wld subject women & doctors to criminal sentences of up to ten years in prison for having or assisting w/ abortions > 6 weeks. Bill paves the way for criminal investigations of women who suffer miscarriages if someone doesn’t believe them. #HB481
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Ok, let's reorientate this week, in light of recent news.

1. Please remember: the House passed #HR8 on February 27th. It's the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019.

Today is a good day to call Senators and ask them to take it up.…

(Scripts at end)
2. This week is also the week the House is expected to set up votes to override Trump's veto on the national emergency.

(The speculated date is tomorrow, 3/26 - be aware). Definitely call and ask your House members to support the veto override. We need 290 in the House.
Link to original story:…
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Brian Kemp could sign #HB481 in the next 24 hours effectively banning abortion in the state of #Georgia. This bill makes women who seek abortion criminals facing jail time. Women could be investigated by the police for miscarriages. Watch Sen. Jen Jordan:…
Women could be imprisoned for the use of drugs--even legal, prescribed drugs--while pregnant. This bill is moving while bills to address maternal mortality, rural access to pre-natal care and more languish. The hypocrisy goes on and on and at times leaves me speechless. #HB481
This bill moves while bills to address record high maternal mortality and rural access to pre-natal care languish. Make no mistake, this bill will further criminalize and endanger women of color, low-income, and rural women mostly. Our support is mandated right now 100%. #HB481
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Businesses decide to locate employees where they will feel safe and free to make the best decisions. #HB481 takes Georgia in the wrong direction. Bodily autonomy is a baseline issue - and those who want Georgia’s economy to grow must speak up for 1/2 of the workforce. #gapol
The film industry relies on the willingness of companies to associate with GA, of actors to film here and of crew to locate here. Unlike the other film hubs like California, New York and Toronto, GA alone has been asked to grapple with a veritable ban on abortion access. 2/
This is not a distinction without difference. We are the 8th largest state, top 2 for films and on a national stage. Why risk women refusing to film here or reputational harm because GA is viewed as intolerant, sexist and mean? #HB481 is as dangerous to the economy as RFRA. 3/
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