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Live from the GA State Election Board meeting. Public comments begin with Judy Pressley, who is visually impaired, criticizing how the accessibility features are set up - she says instructions reference colors - which are meaningless for her.
If GA is forcing all voters to use ballot marking devices, based on equal access, yet the accessibility accomodations are sub-standard - what is the point?
Next speaker says his iPad app cannot read the 8pt type on the ballot, so he cannot verify his ballot.
One reason most jurisdictions take time to roll out new systems, and evaluate them in person, is to be able to check that all function work optimally. Clearly, this system has distressing flaws for visually impaired voters.
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Ga Voting System Genesis [HB316]
In the beginning there was #VendorsOverVoters
"Whether Vendor A, B, or C...we choose THEM over VOTERS." says Barry, former chair of the SAFE comm &
Hard Core @QRbarcodeVoting machine creator
@GovKemp @GaSecofState @flemingbarrya
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First and foremost: @GovKemp* failed to protect the interests of women, Georgia businesses, and Georgia doctors when he forced through #HB481, the abortion ban.

During his campaign, @GovKemp* promised a $5,000 raise in his first year to Georgia teachers - he broke that promise in the first 3 months. #Failed100

Instead of keeping his promises to educators, @GovKemp* decided to pay his top aides 4 times as much as Georgia teachers make. #Failed100
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Big voting system vendors ES&S and Dominion are "preemptively disqualified" from getting the massive GA contract, as @ericgeller and @politico report, based on the @OSET report.
We tried to tell the lawmakers, but they would not listen. #HB316
We also sent this letter along to the attorneys for the SOS reminding them of the issue that we had been raising for weeks. ……
3/ Here is our previous letter reminding SOS attorneys of our long standing demand to adopt the hand marked paper ballot option using the system that they already own. ……
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One of the most important documents in the 2019/2020 fight for fair elections was published today by @OSET. At first blush it might appear to only apply to GA, but it has national importance. Constitutional questions raised re: barcode balloting. 1/…
2/ This unauditable BMD technology is being adopted at rapid rates by counties across the country without understanding the security risks and the inability to audit the results. The nation's leading expert in post-election auditing @philipbstark says--
3/ _ @OSET report explains that there is “no way for the voter to verify what choices are actually being counted, and hence for the majority of solutions, the ballot cannot be said to be “verifiable” by the voter.” [GA new bill requires voter-verifiable ballot. ES&S cannot meet.]
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Over a month ago @OSET warned GA officials that neither ES&S nor Dominion could meet #HB316's definition of an electronic ballot marker, which includes the requirement of a "voter-verifiable paper ballot." Will Kemp sign the bill that excludes ES&S? 1/
2/ On Sunday our attorneys warned SOS again that #HB316 prohibits barcode balloting--(nor does the Constitution), eliminating the large vendors from the contract. ……
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Thread to explain why ES&S, Dominion and most vendors for new voting system can't meet the terms of #HB316 for new voting system. First, let's look at a BMD ballot card from ES&S system. 1/
2/ Which is the "official ballot?" Or "official vote?" The barcode or the human readable? If they disagree, which counts? HB316 says that machine must "print an elector verifiable paper ballot." Sounds like human readable is official one. But ES&S software only counts barcodes.
3/ HB316 says that paper ballots must be "marked" with voter's choices in "format readable" by voter. Sounds like the bottom portion--text is the required format. Bill also says that the printed paper ballot is the ballot that controls recount or audit result. (obviously text.)
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We @CoalitionGoodGv wrote @GaSecofState attorneys explaining why BMDs and barcode votes in #HB316 are unlawful and why we will fight this absurd voting system in our federal court case. #gapol ……
2/ Please support our efforts to fight for IMMEDIATELY implemented hand marked paper ballots with audits, NO #HB316, and no BMDs or barcode votes. We are the only group with this kind of legal action in the country. This is important to democracy.…
3/ Here is a better link with the letter's links intact.
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Here's your weekly @GeorgiaDemocrat news update:

Yesterday, the Senate Science and Technology Committee heard testimony on #HB481, the abortion ban bill. They're accepting amendments over the weekend - and Georgia Democrats will keep advocating to stop this ban. 1/
Despite our hard work, @GaRepublicans in the General Assembly rushed through #HB316, the voting systems bill that creates an insecure system and will cost over $150 million dollars in taxpayer dollars. We will keep fighting for fair elections. 2/
The Democratic Party of Georgia has joined with six other swing states across the country to build infrastructure to win in 2020.

Donate here: 3/
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Tweeting from Senate Ethics committee hearing #HB316. The most depressing legislative "process" that I have ever experienced. @kirkpatrickdk , chair ( R ), picked the speakers today for the Proponents and the Opponents. Not permitting any credentialed experts for Opponents. 1/
2/ Sponsor @flemingbarrya is making so many dishonest statements including claiming that no time limits were imposed on witnesses and that all people who wanted to speak could. Claims that touchscreens are 100% accurate---never mind the research.
3/ Chair announced that she has a substitute bill but she has not distributed it. They will be voting on a very complex bill that that the public has not seen.
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🚨 It's time for your weekly update!

@GeorgiaDemocrat s asked the General Assembly to choose a fair election system, instead of rushing through #HB316. Despite our best efforts they pushed the bill forward 😓.

Stand with us by calling your senators today! 1/
This was the first week of early vote for some special elections, including Gwinnett's #MARTA 🚇 referendum.

☎️ If you have any problems or concerns while voting, call our voter protection hotline: 888-730-5816. 2/
.@GaRepublicans proposed two bills threatening the safety and equality of 🌈LGBTQ+ and 👩 women . @GeorgiaDemocrat s are doing everything in our power to fight this terrible legislation. 3/
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I've had it with @flemingbarrya and his dishonest claims in his determination to ram through #HB316 without letting the facts be known to lawmakers. Today, he made this ridiculous statement that WHETHER voters review their votes on ballot cards is a "policy question." 1/
2/ No, it is a fact based on much research that a most voters do not review, and most cannot remember the full content of the ballot, causing the ballot card not to be reliable for an audit. But @flemingbarrya wants to make this fact into a "policy questions?" ❓❓🙄🤔
3/ He first says that it is the voter's "personal responsibility" to verify his ballot ‼️I'd like to see @flemingbarrya "verify" this typical ballot without a cheat sheet. Any races missing, Barry? Can you fulfill your "personal responsibility" to remember everything?
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🗳OPPOSE #HB316 Update!
Per @PeachResist - Bill for Unsecured Barcoded Ballots headed to the GA House Rules Committee.

☎️ TOP PRIORITY: CALL + EMAIL Speaker Ralston and the Leaders of the Rules Committee TODAY and thru the weekend.

🔥They need to feel the heat!

TY 🍑!
2. @sheaforgeorgia comments after the GA’s State House Election Committee Mtg on Wed. 2/20.


Cybersecurity experts @rad_atl and Wenke Lee - both highly respected, experienced PhDs - were dismissed and treated with disdain by GA Legislators - This is unacceptable!
3. @sheaforgeorgia: Both cybersecurity experts “STRONGLY RECOMMENDED HANDMARKED PAPER BALLOTS read by an Optical Scanners” - but GA GOP Legislators minimized their data and went down the “Make the Lie Big” route - widely used by MAGA hats when the truth blocks their corruption.
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Here at the GA House Gov't Affairs committee hearing to vote on nasty #HB316---spending $150 Million for BMDs that do not improve GA's elections at all. Not secure, not auditable, hackable, and very complex. Rep. Rynders starts off with demeaning and disdaining comments. 1/
2/ Rep. @flemingbarrya claiming that touchscreen accurately captures voter intent. Nothing in science or research that supports that in any way. He implies that there are lots of hand marked ballots that cannot be read. Bull. Not true.
3/ He implies that 24 other states are using BMDs. There are NO states using these pieces of junk statewide. There are some limited number of counties using them.
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