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1/ #Blame #shame #language & #chronicpain. I’ve been reflecting a lot on the way language is utilized around chronic pain & how it can reinforce feelings of blame & shame. My husband had #pancreascancer besides a #Whipple, chemo and radiation he became more strict
2/ with diet (imo he already was strict) he added increased vitamins went on depression meds examined faith sought counseling. My point, he did multiple things in attempt to address his overall health. No one would suggest that going on depression meds seeing a counselor
3/ would alone address his #pancreascancer we just wanted a comprehensive approach to his health. That’s the same thing I want for my kids’ health issues as well as #chronicpain. I think & this is just my ho that language used by those working in area of pain causes a HUGE
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1/4 This is stochastic terrorism. @HardballChris is endangering @BernieSanders’ life. “I believe if Castro and the reds had won the Cold War there would be executions in Central Park and I could have been one of the ones getting executed.” #NotMeUs @MSNBC
2/4 “That Commie Bernie will commence execution is Central Park,” is stochastic terrorism and @HardballChris is going to rile up some lunatic to “save America” with a rifle. @MSNBC needs to start disciplining their commentators. #NotMeUs
3/4 It is one thing for @MSNBC people to lie all the time, like Zerlina and Joy do. Or have guests say ridiculous things like “Bernie makes my skin crawl.” But suggesting Bernie is part of a totalitarian regime that will do mass executing this is a horse of another color. #Shame
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Are you aware about the “Bollywood-ISI” nexus and how they are collecting funds to sponsor the terror? Let me introduce this nexus to you. Here is the mastermind— ‘Rehan Siddiqi’. He is on Indian Govt.’s radar and EX-RAW Director calls him ISI agent. 1/3
The second member of this nexus is ‘Jai Singh’, a wanted criminal in India and close friend and partner with ISI agent Rehan Siddiqi. Jai Singh is also the member of banned Khalistani Group in Punjab. Still bollywood is working with him.… 2/3
Here is 3 more — Bhavesh Patel, Rocky Mehta and Darshan Mehta. They all are partner with Rehan Siddiqi.

Now it’s time for Bollywood to take a stand on this nexus. Will they work with them or boycott the events organised by these 4 people. 3/3…
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I’m aware he called. We spoke earlier that day about the urgency for the House to facilitate the concurrence on the #PoliceReformBill. He agreed on the need to prioritize this. He is not as vain as most of your colleagues with a selfish agenda without responsibility to society.
The learning point here is simple. The CP is simply doing his job and no one can talk him out of it should he decide to be intransigent. The case here is very clear but regardless we appealed. I won’t be as petty to start showing exchange of messages and counsel. End.
For political expediency I see why you have refused to acknowledge we spoke on phone on this matter and I told you how @SIAF_NG has intervened already with assurances of his release that same day. But I understand your need to play politics. #shame
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Update: Busola Dakolo V. Biodun Fatoyinbo. The clerk called the lawyers of Busola Dakolo late last night notifying them of the judge’s ruling on the preliminary objection today. As expected, a mockery of our processes and law was the case as the drama unfolds.
A Nigerian Court that claims twice it cannot find processes on Busola Dakolo vs Biodun Fatiyinbo's case suddenly calls for ruling on preliminary application and declares that the matter is statute barred and that it cannot address the substance of the matter because...
... it happened a long ago.

A Court cannot declare a matter statute barred when it has been shown that the legal injury is a continuous one.
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A thread on #psychological safety at #aamc19

Not surprised 2hear that @AmyCEdmondson “stumbled into psychological safety while studying learning organizations.”

Perhaps that’s b/c psychosocial safety is a basic human need that must be satisfied to fully engage w/ learning
“I found that better teams were making more mistakes. Or maybe they were just better at talking about them” @AmyCEdmondson

But there are numerous barriers to doing so, which are called intrapersonal risks. These risks keep us quiet and disengaged and drive impression management
“We choose self-protection over growth.”

In medicine, why do we feel such pressure to protect our egos? B/c they are constantly under duress?

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@SimonFanshawe Fairly shocking to find eradication of "mixed wards" By @NHSEngland @NHSImprovmeent was only rebranding exercise & that now they just lie about #male genitalia to #female patients so they have no way to protect themselves. @CMO_England @CNOEngland
@SimonFanshawe @NHSEngland @CMO_England @CNOEngland @Jochurchill4 NHS guidelines:
Grade #1 woman: transwomen with #ladydique
Grade #2 woman: biological female #unraped (of course)
Grade #3 woman: Biological female - rape survivors, it doesnt matter that they can't sleep or scared out of their wits. @Baroness_Nichol
@SimonFanshawe @NHSEngland @CMO_England @CNOEngland @Jochurchill4 @Baroness_Nichol Ideally, of course #Female #Rape survivors (or victims) dont actually show up for medical treatment they need & deserve, freeing up #NHS resources for patients who are not damaged goods & who deserve actual health care.
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One woman, @amy_siskind, organized a giant march on Washington yesterday, with 60+ solidarity events nationwide, mostly run by women.

@vigil4democracy and @SoSAmerica2019 supported, among other orgs.

The media studiously ignored it. A thread. 1/x
How does America recover from a media that ignores the outrage of its population? That’s content chasing the next spectacle from a deranged emperor? #WeThePeopleMarch 2/x…
Mothers and grandmothers bore witness. This was recorded by activist teacher @JoshuaPotash’s mother. #WeThePeopleMarch 3/x
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The world has changed so much that we don’t really need platforms like this to express our displeasure when we have our handles. The @wef platform has its own agenda & you simply can’t create your own. Your country made a decision, you could have simply honored that. But No. 😞
We can’t conquer the world without first conquering ourselves. What is African Inity when there is no unity within the countries that constitute Africa? Nigerians went wild over this & the @NGRPresident took a decision in line with the people’s mandate but you felt U know better?
What can you say there that can’t be recorded on your phone and shared on your twitter handle while #WEF is tagged for the needed effect? If you must be a voice of the people you have to respect their wishes even if you don’t fully agree with them.
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Let’s talk about a recent Foreign Policy piece by @hmajd, a known & disgraced member of #Iran’s also disgraced DC-based lobby, @NIACouncil.

Hooman Majd goes the distance in this piece to praise the mullahs’ regime in Iran.
Majd begins his piece through an advisory approach to provide a window into Iranian culture and history. He praises former Iranian prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh.

Contradiction: The mullahs (Majd’s bosses) welcomed & facilitated the 1953 coup d’état that ousted Mossadegh.
“… the clergy itself played a major role in toppling Mosaddeq.”…
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Help me share this please.

The spokesperson of the Katsina State Police Command, ASP Anas Gezawa lied to the press on the terrible attack on Wurma community.
He lied that 15 people were kidnapped. This is a blatant lie.
In my extended family alone, over 20 people have been kidnapped including my two half sisters; my cousins and nieces. The number of kidnapped women, children is still over 40 as I posted yesterday.
I expect the Katsina State police to at least keep silent as they failed to help us. I don't expect them to mislead the public with false information.
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As a #trauma researcher I often wonder why the fact that violence is squarely within the repertoire of normal human behavior is absent from the conversation among #academics and #culture observers more broadly. #whyisthat
Something deservedly undesirable in many contemporary contexts is not, as a result, abnormal.

Instead, I’d argue violence is often a maladaptive problem solving or #emotion regulation strategy.
But by dismissing violence as somehow aberrant, we make little progress in understanding root causes or intervening effectively.
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Billionaires to Trump and other 2020 candidates: Please tax us

"The next dollar of new tax revenue should come from the most financially fortunate, not from middle-income & lower-income Americans,"

Flynn's criminal case on hold until August 31, 2019

Allegations that Manafort schemed to funnel Ukrainian money to several GOP members of Congress have been dismissed b/c of the FEC’s partisan gridlock

Belgian police have arrested a man they suspect of planning a terrorism attack against the US embassy in Brussels

Trump-Haley in 2020
Putting her on the ticket may win over some moderate, suburban women.
#Mox #Aiken #Boondoggle

A ‘Bible tax’: Christian publishers warn that China tariffs could lead to costly Bibles

Boris Johnson says he is serious about 'no-deal' Brexit threat
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A thread on the crimes committed by the 'Dara hua' pissful community after may 23 alone. We went numb looking at the sheer numbers and the violence perpetrated against a particular 'patriarchal community'.
Aligarh - 3 Years old girl raped, He gouged her eyes out, killed her and dumped her body in garbage. Her name was Twinkle, his name is ZAHID.
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@ADL 1/ THREAD: Note that the @ASL says NOTHING about:

1) The surge of illegal aliens flooding across our border, overwhelming our LEOs, turning them into caretakers instead of protecting our national sovereignty.

2) The fact that MS-13, Hezbollah, the Mexican drug & sex traffickers
@ADL @asl 2/

3) The fact that in every one of these cases, the kids were either known by the parents to be sick, or the parents did not seek medical attention for them until it was too late - and then, despite the heroic efforts of our LEOs and medical personnel, these kids died.
@ADL @asl 3/ Note that the @ADL NEVER condemns the parents for dragging their kids 1k miles across a desert, without proper food, water, shelter, or medical attention. Or, that they could have stayed in Mexico, and applied for US residency THERE.

No, to the @ADL, no matter what happens...
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#Q Posts and #MindControl Thread
Q post 773 MKULTRA
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#LestWeForget The anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre today, when more than a 1000 Indians protesting for independence, were butchered, by General Dyer. What was even worse were the atrocities later inflicted on them. #JallianwalaBaghCentenary
I had actually been to #JallianwalaBagh way back in 2001, walked through the narrow entrance, stood on the ground stained with the blood of Indians, saw the well where many jumped in. And was totally shaken up by the magnitude of the atrocity.
The backdrop to Jallianwala Bagh was the Ghadr mutiny, which planned for a large scaled armed uprising against the British. The planned February mutiny was crushed by the British, and they passed the Defense of India Act in 1915, that basically granted em powers to detain.
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This AM pundits and #Democrats were attempting to #shame @realDonaldTrump for the mere discussion of placing illegal aliens in sanctuary cities. "How dare he use humans as pawns in a political game!" They were riding along on their high (hobby) horses.
But @POTUS is their #Master. He totally owned them. He didn't back down. No mealy mouthed half-apology, "it was just an idea some junior adviser put out"

Not this President.

Not this administration.
Instead, he OWNED the idea and makes clear that it is still on the table:
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Not long ago, Georgia stood as a state that led by its example: a diversified community & economy w leadership grounded in principle, not political cynicism. I proudly served in that leadership - fighting against wrong, working across the aisle for progress. 1/
From transportation to foster care to environmental protections, bipartisan support paved a way to make lives better in Republican & Democratic strongholds. We held our ideological beliefs, of course, but we understood that we all lived here. Together. 2/
And with one horrible exception, Georgia didn’t jeopardize stability, opportunity and leadership for dangerous legislation that treats the lives of women as political pawns. 3/
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UNHRC votes 23-8 for Pakistan-sponsored resolution endorsing absurd new report of inquiry into Gaza's "peaceful protests."

#BRAVO to those who voted NO:

#SHAME on #Spain & #Mexico for joining the jackals & voting YES.
But didn't UK & Denmark pledge to oppose?

No, they carefully stated they'd oppose all resolutions under Item 7. In possible coordination with these countries, the Palestinians decided exceptionally to introduce the Gaza Inquiry resolution ('Accountability') under Agenda Item 2.
In 4 other anti-Israeli resolutions adopted today by the ignominious @UN_HRC, these text all introduced under the anti-Israeli Agenda Item 7, #Australia, #Denmark & #Britain voted NO on all. An important statement to the world that it's time to #EndItem7.
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I am completely appalled by those Senators who voted against the "born alive act." They actualy have gone on record to support infantacide. Yes, the outright murder by neglect of a infant child born alive. May God have mercy their souls.…
Mark my words. There will be a reckoning, when this bararism and crime against humity is outlawed. These politicians will be held to account for there support of it either through the courts in this life or before God in the next. #ShameOnYou #InfanticideIsEvil #LifeIsPrecious
These Demoncrat politicions are fools that don't even listen to their own constituents, who are waking up and leaving the party as they move further and further to the extreme left. Democrats Departing From Extreme Abortion Party Views, Poll Reveals…
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Mega Thread of Opinion (1 of 52)

My take on #Election2019, is one that will surprise all #Canadians who will take the #time to read past this #headline. It will be a #long #series of #tweets that will be #purely #honest & straight to the #point.
This #series of tweets will contain #jabs at #voters, the #media & our #political #parties & they are #jabs, that in my own #opinion are #merited. Agree or don’t agree, I won’t care, but it needs to be said to ease my conscience in the lead up to our election!
In 2015, Canada’s #media, declared that #Trudeau & .@liberal_party outflanked the @NDP on leftist policies & for the 1st time in recent history the media supported large deficits & destruction of our country’s finances over a more balanced approach. Let’s stop here for a sec.
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PMK Kumbakonam Office Bearer Ramalingam who opposed Muslim conversion in a Dalit colony has been murdered. Looks like radical outfit Popular Front of India is behind the murder. Media, Journos, Liberals & loudmouths who howl for every single thing *silent*? #JusticeForRamalingam
Ramalingam in this video wears the skull cap & applies Tilak to people who were convincing to convert. Also questions about “We accept offerings made to your good but will you accept food oferred to Hindu God?” Shocking that such brave talk ended his life.

#JusticeForRamalingam in India # 1 Twitter Trend for more than 6 hours now. Seems like none of the Indian/TN Media has picked up the news? Journalists aren't talking about it? Does a murder of a *Hindu* anyway inferior to be taken up for debates to ensure justice to him? #Shame
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