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We're pleased to announce that the nominations for @TheHugoAwards are now open. 🥳

#DisConIII #Worldcon2021 #Worldcon #HugoAwards… (1/3)
Nominations for the Lodestar and Astounding Awards are also open, as well as our special Hugo Award for Best Video Game.

You can read our full announcement by following the link below 👇 (2/3)…
Members of CoNZealand, as well as members of DisCon III who registered prior to 11:59 p.m. PST Dec 31, 2020 can access the nomination portal at

For more info on nominating, please go to the release linked above or email (3/3)
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I sometimes feel like indies are in a weird place when it comes to stuff like the #HugoAwards. On one hand, it’s a trad industry thing and we’re unlikely to ever even be nominated.

(Seriously, has an indie ever won a Hugo? I might have asked this before.)
On the other hand, it’s also sort of... none of our business, when the Hugos turn into a shitshow? Like there are conversations happening about what the Hugos should be and what Worldcon should be, but do we have a place in that?

I don’t know.
Could just be me tbh. I’m feeling a lot of stuff this morning, reading reaction threads. Mostly disconnected.

I’m an outsider to everything, for better or worse.
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Timothée Chalamet! Oscar Isaac! Rebecca Ferguson! Zendaya! Jason Mamoa! Now that we have your attention, do you have a minute to talk about our prophet and messiah, Paul Muad'Dib the Kwisatz Haderach? Image
For August marks the 55th birthday of one of the greatest epic tales and science fiction novels of all time – DUNE! By Frank Herbert. So here’s a thread about the classic often cited as the most best-selling #scifi novel (those things on the cover are sandworms btw.. So cool) Image
Herbert was a reporter who’d had moderate success as a writer & wrote ‘Dune World’ inspired by a visit to Oregon's sand dunes. Serialised in Analog by editor John Campbell, it was a hit with readers who nominated it for #HugoAwards Best Novel despite not being in book form! Image
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1) I don’t blame @MaryRobinette for not standing up to GRRM and the Worldcon staff. You have to be a SMOF to take on SMOFs. For me, that meant giving something else up, something important, to spend a part of my life arbitrating fandom gatherings and fandom in general.
2) She’s also tripped over something it took me a couple of years to learn while running conventions. There are factions within the SMOF community. The two biggest groups I had to deal with were the traditionalists and the newbies.
2a)The traditionalists see and run conventions as a party for them and their friends. Awards are given to friends and people they want to impress. Their friends have great leeway.
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So, now that Shabbat is over, and now that I’ve had a few hours to catch up on what everyone is saying about the #HugoAwards, I have some thoughts I want to share.
First, I want to say that there was SO MUCH wrong with the Hugos ceremony this year, and I feel terrible for each and every nominee on that ballot. You deserved so much better than the hugely problematic mess you were treated to.
But while I was signed off for Shabbat, other people covered most of the problematic aspects of the ceremony better than I ever could.

So many people, I’m not even sure which threads to link to here.
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Guten Morgen, ihr Lieben, ich bin die ganze Nacht wachgeblieben und habe die Hugo-Awards gestreamt, damit ihr es nicht tun müsst. Es war, wie man so schön sagt, a total shitshow und ich kann keine zwei Artikel drüber schreiben, also erzähle ich euch hier davon. #HugoAwards
Vorweg: ich bleibe dabei, dass jedes Fandom sich mit seiner Geschichte auseinandersetzen muss und es nicht darum geht, in einem Clash zwischen Generationen "alteingesessene" Fans zu verdrängen, aber Respekt muss gegenseitig sein und HIMMEL war das gestern nicht gegeben.
Ich glaube nicht, dass das, was George R. R. Martin gestern gesagt oder getan hat, boshaft gemeint war. Ich möchte gerne glauben, dass er wirklich vorhatte, sich als kurioser Märchenonkel hinzusetzen und allen die Geschichte einer Convention nahezubringen, die er sehr liebt.
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And now, I take a auick #NeuroThursday break from this grant-writing to draw you deeper into the rabbit-hole of how we perceive so much less than we think, all the time.
This is a follow-on from last week, where I explained how our precise/color vision is only good right at the center of our gaze.
But it doesn't feel like that, amirite? Big wide world out there, in full color and high definition!

Don't believe it. As my long-time readers know: your brain is full of lies.
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Last week, #NeuroThursday made this shocking claim. This week, the time has come to unpack it, and ask the big question: what are we actually seeing, and what do we only think we see?
First off, a clarification: in that quote, I simplified for speed and clarity. It's not that we have *no* color vision in our periphery. It's just that we have *less.*
But the point is the same: in your daily life, your whole vision seems perfectly colorful. But it's not! Your brain, that devious creature, is lying to you yet again.
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