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#HologramTHREAD: Deprogramming Americans

#YangGang @AndrewYang #Yang2020 #ISupportYang

In 6+ months of conversation on Twitter (aka "arguments"), I've had many head-desk moments when the exact same topic comes up moments later.

After 7,000+ tweets, it occurs to me ...
We are taking this from the standpoint of "educating" people, but that's not right.

We are "deprogramming" them.

Americans have been PROGRAMMED to believe a bunch of complex distortions of reality by hearing these things all their lives.

A common one:
I'm sure Dave, Dave's parents, and Dave's ancestors all believe some version of that trope. After all, it is in the Bible! This is one of the cornerstones of the "Christian Work Ethic" that drove western society to great heights through the Industrial Revolution.

It isn't true.
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Hey @PeteButtigieg while you're up there smirking/laughing @ #AndrewYang, remember this - I've played by the rules, worked all my life & been a good person. EVERYTHING I had, I lost in the financial crisis - my beautiful home, it was my pride, my marriage crumbled, my pay was...
cut in half. It took me 9 years to recover. While myself & countless Americans were left to languish for years, car makers who've automated their factories/cut jobs/left the US for years were bailed out along w/ the criminals in the big banks to the tune of trillions...
Yet, for you, it's laughable when @AndrewYang speaks of bailing out Americans, propping up communities, restoring Main St economies from the bottom up with the thing that saved big banks, CASH. It's laughable to you because elitist politicians, in their Messiah-complex...
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#HologramTHREAD: Sham #DemDebate

These debates are not about informing voters. They are about creating drama for the networks. Professional chattering personalities create "stumper" moments for other chattering personalities to chatter about.

#YangGang #ISupportYang

"Let's ask Andrew Yang two questions on foreign policy."

This is fair: He's running for President, after all, and would be Commander-in-Chief and set policy for the State Department.

"Let's ask Joe Biden about deportation under Obama."
"Let's ask Joe Biden about Iraq."
"Let's ask Sanders about Venezuela and socialism."

See the pattern, yet?

Ask yourself this: Did you learn anything about the stances of these candidates on health care, tonight? Medicare for All?

I didn't. Pretty much the same stuff we heard the last two debates, right?
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Since reporting on them back in March, I still duck into the official YangGang Discord. They're extremely effective. Every trending Yang-based hashtag started there, and is deliberately pushed at one time.

They're an extremely organized and rabid group of a few thousand people.
Also, the chat has gotten much less alt-righty since we published this story over the last few months. The original organizers withstood the brigade. The chan trolls still kick around, but they've largely either adapted, left, or stay quieter.…
No. These are not Democrats, per se, they're just anti-establishment. Lots of teens. Lots of "disruption" people.

YangGang Discord users are generally cold on anyone but Bernie and Tulsi. It's still very Reddit, susceptible to in-groups and influence ops.
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1/ #MyYangStory #ISupportYang #YangGang

I have a unique perspective on this election. I started my career managing political campaigns, but after about 8 years of it, I burned out and decided my last campaign was going to be electing Bill Clinton.
2/ It was an amazing experience and I got to host Bill and Hillary at a rally the night after the final debate that really clinched the election.

I felt then as I do now, that I was doing something to change the world for the better.
3/ There will be many in #YangGang that will cringe at the mention of Clinton, but that was a beautifully run campaign and they fought hard for average Americans and also realized there were things they would have to settle for, that weren't great.
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Welfare woes: A #HologramThread

Some of the #YangGang know I have been dealing with a daughter who had a severe mental breakdown earlier this year. She has been diagnosed with a pretty terrible disorder, and she needs to be on disability. We've been trying for that since April.
There's a massive Catch 22 in how things work. You see, she quit her job, so she's not eligible for unemployment. In fact, her employer changed her status to "disciplinary termination," so they wouldn't even hire her back. She had just gotten her Medical Assitant (MA) cert, but
the hospital now considers her a risk in that position. This is honestly a fair assessment, but changing her status to terminated screwed her out of a variety of possible benefits.

The first problem we ran into was simply CARE. A mental disorder requires a certain type of
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