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Erik Prince's new project mining minerals in war zones is unlikely to help conflict-ridden countries—and could harm them.…
Apple responds to Congress on privacy, reaffirms 'the customer is not our product'…
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How might we reimagine education and work that values and grows people to their fullest contribution? My #TEDx talk on this @TEDxSantaCruz just came out! (Twitter thread for those who prefer to read, with slight updates)…
Part 1 of 8: The Relentless Machine
Have you ever felt amazed at the profoundly beautiful, endless curiosity of 2-year olds? Contrast that with a 2017 @Gallup poll in which 85% of workers reported being unengaged or actively disengaged at work. That’s 5 out of 6 people. Why is that?!
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Our world is an illusion,
with most of humanity living in destitution,
we believe in a thing called "money",
which is fucking funny,
As it does not exist,
making it impossible to coexist.
You know what is strange?
We have had the power for #SystemChange,
But the few at the top,
want to make sure the sphere of control does not drop,
They will do whatever needed,
to make sure humanity conceded.

Instead of letting them get away,
it is time Humanity unites,
So they are going to pay.
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Sikh Community Cooks Free Meals For Over 30,000 In Isolation In New York ❤️✌️🏾…
Sikh group in Canada opens food bank to tackle coronavirus-triggered shortage…
Australian Sikh volunteers cook and deliver groceries for isolated neighbors…
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1/8 Tks @FICCI_CTech & @ficci_india. @PrinSciAdvGoI recently mentioned the immediate needs to deal ranging from PPEs, RDTs, MobilApps, Criticalcare Equipments to Sterilising Equipments. I believe that we have several (indeed several) products between (TRL6-9) @PMOIndia @GKangInd
2/8 These products could be quickly assessed & along with #Indian #medtech #manufacturers productn could be ramped up to meet the immediate need for #Covid19 care. #agencies esp @BIRAC_2012 & @MADevImpact (@eittee & @AbhaySinghKr) have many #medtech #products in their portfolio
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Thoughts from your friendly neighborhood Pulmonologist about COVID-19

1. This is a serious issue.
2. Thoughtful planning rather than panicking is essential.
3. The main symptom is fever (usually high).
Right now, most places are testing people who come into the hospital with fever and upper respiratory tract infection symptoms (cough, runny nose, headache, shortness of breath).
4. Imaging such as X-ray or CT scans will show peripheral ground glass opacities (pneumonia in your peripheral lungs that look more viral than bacterial).
5. Lab work is showing leukopenia, lymphopenia (low white blood cell count and lymphocytes).
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On Yang endorsing Biden, my thoughts
1 Its been clear since ST Biden was going to beat Bernie
2 Unless Yang is VP, Trump WILL beat Biden
3 Goddammit Andrew, youre good at problem solving, not politics
4 Still #YangGang because abandoning #HumanityFirst is not an option
I like Bernie, he's a good man, he told me something I'll never forget
"We're all in this together, everyone on Earth, we have to start acting like it"
But he's stubborn, weak & lets himself get taken advantage of by those who ride his coattails to advance their own agendas
I was hoping Bernie would win, but it became pretty clear on Super Tuesday, that Biden, for his clear dementia & long record of being an insufferable asshole and embodiment of all that's wrong with American politics, was going to win. I wish that wasn't the case is.
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Dear @AndrewYang, #YangGang, & Twitter,

Time to discuss why Tulsi Gabbard is not #HumanityFirst 🧢
(Thread Following)
Humanity First is a consistent and universal principle.
It means no one is below dignity, even the opposition.
Andrew Yang’s presidential run embodies this.
Humanity First goes beyond avoiding Ad Hominem attacks.

Misrepresenting someone else’s argument, even unintentionally, is an attack on their dignity.

Any confusion should prompt you to assume good intentions and make the best of their argument.
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People who think that @BernieSanders gets us closer to @AndrewYang's vision for America don't actually understand Yang's vision for America: A Thread

#YangGang #EndorseUBI
#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs

First of all, #Yang wants a unified America. One where there isn't a huge political divide and so much hate and conflict. He doesn't alienate anyone.

#Bernie is incredibly divisive and angry and will only cause tensions to rise if given the nomination or the presidency.

The #FederalJobsGuarantee goes against Yang's vision because #Yang wants to redefine work in an age where jobs are being automated away and where work that has intrinsic human value isn't being recognized by the market.

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I’ve been wrestling with this choice for the last few days- I travelled across states, organized and volunteered for Yang. The #YangGang has been one of the best parts of my life. Super Tuesday is coming up, and I’m casting my vote for @JoeBiden in California. (Thread 1)
There’s a few reasons- first, after Iowa, we worked really hard to support Andrew in Nevada. We did our own data science, and improved on the Iowa strat. We talked to media. We planned events. It didn’t end up mattering due to the suspension. (Thread 2)
Most news outlets didn’t even report Andrew’s votes. And it’s not evil- most voters didn’t even know or consider that he could still be voted for (for those who voted for him and his ideas- thank you!)
#UBI clearly has support. @Evan_Low introduced the first bill for it already!
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THREAD (1/8) #YangGang, I want to spark a wider discussion on focusing our efforts to move forward. Twitter isn’t a great medium for discussion but I want to get the word out as much as I can.

Running the @Yang2020Mass account, I’m seeing a lot of anger in my feed lately.
(2/8) I get it: the establishment, the media, and some supporters of other candidates did a number on @AndrewYang, yet sing praise about him now. You want justice, you want to shout how wrong they are. I want to tell you how that’s not a winning strategy.
(3/8) If we want to make things right, we have to follow in the footsteps of what #HumanityFirst means. In order to make sure Yang’s movement continues, we need to seek out and make allies, not enemies. If others are being hostile, that’s on them and let them harm themselves.
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Now that @AndrewYang is freed from hectic campaigning, it's the best time for him to spend time with family, build new connections/agreements, consider what went wrong and how he could do better, feel the pulse/listen to input from ppl, remap his future, etc. #YangGang
His next organization/venture could adopt a public issue discussion/tracker to help us recommend #PoliciesForYang, start trials/pilots for some of his policies while helping people, and build a relationship w/ local/congressional/presidential candidates, to prepare for 2024.
There are many projects that could be done too. Spreading his book to schools, etc would be great. Creating an organization that provides service, while spreading the humanity-first values/policies, unity, and abundance mindset could be great too.

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(THREAD) I have some words regarding last night, #YangGang...
We all had very high expectations for @AndrewYang to perform last night.

Frankly, he performed *too well* at the debate. The media did not know how to handle this. This is what happens when you #LetYangSpeak-
Out of the gate, @AndrewYang was confident about interjecting himself and calling out the media’s hyper-obsession with @realDonaldTrump.

We had an amazing start, which means we’re going to have a snowballs chance in hell at finishing strong. How does @ABC respond?

Cut the mic.
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Nigeria is the only country where a hardworking investor sleeps rich and wakes up poor because of unconscionable policies of politicians in position of power. People saddled with the responsibility to create enabling environment become impediments to progress. #FixSociety
They will always fool those incapable of self thought that they are making these inhumane laws to protect the municipality but this is as fallacious as saying the rule of law must be subjugated for national security. The wise know what lies beneath. Weaponization of poverty!
Unfortunately for those who think they will remain in power for good, becoming "an impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way!” #OccupyLagos #OtogeLagos #FixSociety #EndImpunity #HumanityFirst
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Thread 👇

I hear Iowans love their #PresidentialHistory so I'm going to start my #CaucusForYang pitch by taking a look at the last three Democratic Presidents: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter.

What do they all have in common?

All three were young underdogs coming in to Iowa and all three exceeded expectations at the caucuses before going on to win the nomination.

Carter, 51, was polling at 4% in a crowded field in January of 1976. 

Clinton, 46, was a young governor from Arkansas no one...

...thought had a chance of winning the Presidency in early 1992.

Obama, 47, was a black senator trailing Hillary Clinton by 20 points nationally heading in to the caucuses.

What else do they all have in common?

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A thread about my father;

My Dad is one of the healthiest guys I’ve ever known. Worked out 7 days/week, was a gymnast, played in a rock band, and was a practicing physical therapist.

In April of 2008, he should’ve died from an Aortic Dissection.

In May, he suffered a stroke.
That stroke left him paralyzed on the left side of his body.

After rehabbing relentlessly every day for months on end, he was up walking, moving his arm with limited mobility.

And he was fired from his clinical educator position from the New England Baptist Hospital.
Don’t get it wrong - his job was to educate newer PTs. They fired him because of his disability.

After a years-long settled lawsuit with a giant too big to topple, he decided he would get his PhD. Nobody would deny him a job then.
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Some of you know that I came across @AndrewYang before he started his campaign. I want to share that story with you all -- hopefully it will emphasize why I am so passionate about not only his vision, but Andrew as a human being.

Please RT so more people can read this.
Yang has been my role model since 2017, when I watched the documentary about his non-profit @venture4america, called Generation Startup (I suggest you watch it). As a college entrepreneur, I saw what he was trying to do, and looking into his background, I was even more impressed.
This was a man with truly rare talents, who had sacrificed hefty paychecks to do work that he found fulfilling and rewarding for our respective societies. I admired that, and decided to connect with him via LinkedIn. He accepted. This was two months before he announced his run.
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Andrew Yang’s Healthcare plan is not as awful as people are making it out to be. Let me tell you why.

#YangGang #YangGang2020 #AndrewYang @AndrewYang #HumanityFirst #MATH #YangGangLove #YangMediaBlackout #DemDebate
When Andrew Yang said that he supported the “spirit of Medicare for All” it made a lot of sense. Yang has many separate policies attacking different facets of what makes healthcare so expensive, because there is no magic bullet to make healthcare work for everyone.
Even @BernieSanders in his Medicare For All plan knows this, which is why his proposed bill has 11 sections, not just one. These sections include things like Sunsetting old provisions and the negotiation of drugs and equipment prices.
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A Thread on My Position After Yang's Health Plan: Disappointed, But Still #YangGang.

Why? Because Yang and the Freedom Dividend remain our best opportunity to transform not only our economy, but also our politics by uniting the Country around progressive ideas.
A few days ago I tweeted my displeasure at Andrew Yang's "Full" health plan. The tweet went viral and I certainly got "raito'd" by the #YangGang, which I thought was great. With over 150 responsive tweets, I would estimate that MAYBE two weren't #HumanityFirst. Nicely done!
To summarize my discontent, I see Yang's position as very soft on his commitment to universal affordability.

Having processed for a few days and having thought things over, I am still disappointed, but I want the #YangGang to know I stand firm on my commitment to the campaign!
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Hey #YangGang

I wanted to make a small thread about the state of the election as I see it.

I've noticed alot of negativity around the campaign and I honestly dont see why.
The race began with over two dozen contenders. At that time, Yang was a complete unknown, and almost all conventional wisdom predicted he would have suspended his campaign at this point.

Hes currently 5th in some polling.

Let's look at his competition.
Castro, and Booker have stalled campaigns. Neither have shown any consistent growth, and both have failed to generate a large following.

As for Steyer, his entire campaign was contingent upon his wealth. Bloomberg has made him redundant.
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THREAD: As my #PledgeForHumanity yesterday, I spent the day with Louisiana #YangGang volunteering at a home for the homeless. It's been in operation for almost 17 years. The founder who owns and runs it is an amazing woman named Francis Seymore. It's called the House of Serenity.
It's inspiring how much good one person can do. Francis was living in California when she decided to buy a place in Ponchatoula, LA that could be a shelter from homelessness. Running the place is a month to month expense she just manages to cover. In her words, God provides.
She knows there are poverty-targeted programs that are supposed to be helping places like hers with expenses, and yet despite being the only shelter for many miles around, she gets nothing. That money is controlled by politicians who apparently feel there are better uses for it.
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THREAD written before qualifying poll: "Rumor was wrong. Monmouth poll wasn't enough to qualify @AndrewYang for 6th debate. If he doesn't, chance to win plummets…

If so, it'd be a cruel waste of #YangGang energy NOT to GET ORGANIZED & keep building #HumanityFirst movement…
…Yang's vision of
-Universal Basic Income
-Human-Centered Capital
-#HumanityFirst and

isn't going anywhere, & it's up to us to become a REAL, powerful political movement to reshape the landscape of American politics & society for GOOD.

We've arrived at a moment where…2
…WE, as the #YangGang may need to THINK HARDER.

We need think hard about HOW we've tried building our movement so far

HOW to communicate most effectively

and most importantly: WHAT power is, fundamentally.

I believe the answer to that question is ORGANIZATION and FUNDING…3
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.@AndrewYang's #opioid policy is completely divorced from fact. It would do nothing to reduce ODs, which are driven by illegal drugs, & would exacerbate harm to #pain patients already slammed by unnecessary disability & rising rates of #suicide.
For a #math guy, @AndrewYang has failed to plot reductions in #opioid scripts & rising rates of OD. If he had, he would've found that reducing scripts has done nothing to slow ODs which are driven by illegal drugs.
#AndrewYang's #opioid policy would have "a modest effect, at best, on the number of #opioid overdose deaths in the near future," according to complex mathematical modeling. Yang's campaign is centered on his claim that he'd base policies on statistical evidence.
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Okay you want to talk about a welfare safety net? Let’s talk about a welfare safety net. A thread on welfare, from a kid who grew up on food stamps. /1 #yang #yanggang #yang2020 #andrewyang #HumanityFirst #yangbeatstrump #ubi #DemDebate
There are 83 overlapping federal welfare programs, and all of them together make up the largest budget item in the US. This is all means-tested welfare that excludes Medicaid and Social Security, the total comes out to about 1.03 trillion. /2
For comparison, Social Security cost $725 billion, non-war defense cost $540 billion, and Medicare cost $480 billion. (All of these numbers are from a Senate Budget Committee Report in 2011) /3
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