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If I were to post what I really need, the sum is practically incalculable. I was sued and defaulted while I was homeless, my debt consolidation has one last settlement I can't break, my 6 mos same as cash tires are now crazy expensive since I didn't get it paid off in time.
But I prioritize- I need my car payment current and my insurance. $720 was that number and already almost half has been raised.

I am touched, I AM grateful. Someone so isolated like me is not often touched by others kindness, let alone en masse. I didn't expect it, I hope
people can see that I, too, help others whenever I can. I can't give the elderly neighbors rides without my car on the up and up either. They are low income as well and have noone else to ask.

I gather free materials from cl & fb to "fix" my "house", with the leaky roof, saggy
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Hey @PeteButtigieg while you're up there smirking/laughing @ #AndrewYang, remember this - I've played by the rules, worked all my life & been a good person. EVERYTHING I had, I lost in the financial crisis - my beautiful home, it was my pride, my marriage crumbled, my pay was...
cut in half. It took me 9 years to recover. While myself & countless Americans were left to languish for years, car makers who've automated their factories/cut jobs/left the US for years were bailed out along w/ the criminals in the big banks to the tune of trillions...
Yet, for you, it's laughable when @AndrewYang speaks of bailing out Americans, propping up communities, restoring Main St economies from the bottom up with the thing that saved big banks, CASH. It's laughable to you because elitist politicians, in their Messiah-complex...
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#MyYangStory I grew up in poverty with two disabled parents. I watch them struggle with their measly $1,157/mo from SSI and the dehumanizing conditions to receive the resources they need to survive. When I told them about Yang's #FreedomDividend 1/
They were very excited and hopeful to be emancipated from demeaning means-testing, the welfare cliff and fear of losing resources. Bernie says that people inherently want to work, and I believe that is true. But my disabled mom & dad do not want to work for the Fed Gov't. 2/
With the FD, my parents would essentially be doubling their income each month ($2k/month), while still receiving their housing assistance & medicare. My dad would be able to learn to sell things online, my mom would love to have a farm stand & be less afraid to volunteer. 3/
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Welfare woes: A #HologramThread

Some of the #YangGang know I have been dealing with a daughter who had a severe mental breakdown earlier this year. She has been diagnosed with a pretty terrible disorder, and she needs to be on disability. We've been trying for that since April.
There's a massive Catch 22 in how things work. You see, she quit her job, so she's not eligible for unemployment. In fact, her employer changed her status to "disciplinary termination," so they wouldn't even hire her back. She had just gotten her Medical Assitant (MA) cert, but
the hospital now considers her a risk in that position. This is honestly a fair assessment, but changing her status to terminated screwed her out of a variety of possible benefits.

The first problem we ran into was simply CARE. A mental disorder requires a certain type of
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Hey, #YangGang I want to know something really personal, but first I will share a story with you. A couple of months ago, I was close to death. Now I was perfectly healthy in the physical sense, but my mental health was shot to pieces.
A couple of years ago, I had been diagnosed with severe depression, but 2 months ago it had worsened to the point of me getting ready for it to take me. I started to make plans for what to do with my belongings and to get ready to say goodbye to the meagre friends I had left.
Around this time, I also was a huge Bernie fan because I thought he was the best chance for my own country, Aus. I had heard of @AndrewYang, but I didn't really know him. So I see some interactions on Twitter between #YangGang and my pages I followed.
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This is Day 2 of my mission to convince Bernie supporters of why an Andrew Yang presidency would be better for them and their families’ wellbeing. Yesterday, I spoke about financial security. Today, I will go at length about education [Thread]
Let’s start by acknowledging the extent of both candidates’ education plans. Bernie’s publicly known plans for education are to introduce universal pre-k, tax-payer funded tuition for public universities, cancelling all student debt, and throwing wads of cash at the k-12 system
Andrew also supports universal pre-K, but is ardently against free college. Instead, he opts to give everyone a Universal Basic Income, drastically lower the cost of college of those who want to go, cancel much of the student debt, and make structural change to the k-12 system
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Im on a mission now to convince Bernie supporters, like I was previously, about how much better an Andrew Yang presidency would be for them and their families wellbeing. Everyday, Im going to cover one policy/belief difference between the two. Today is financial security.[Thread]
So first, both patriots have a deep sense of duty to the average American family. They each want Americans to have more money in their pockets at the end of the day. Bernie wants to achieve this with a federal minimum wage increase of $15 an hour, combined w/Medicare4All
Andrew Yang also wants Medicare4All, but instead of doubling the current federal minimum wage, he wants a Universal Basic Income of $1000 per month, per individual over the age of 18, with no other conditions. You would not need to have an official job to get this money.
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You need to read this post about how @AndrewYang's campaign deradicalized someone that so many others just want to either write off or further radicalize. Not left, not right, forward, means bringing people back out of the depths of destructive hate.…
I see a debate between Dems who believe white voters no longer matter and the focus should be on people of color, and the GOP who believe only white people matter. Meanwhile Yang is saying this goes deeper than color. There are Americans being driven into extremism by scarcity.
Instead of writing off those who voted for Trump as racist hate-mongering deplorable bigots, let's put a floor under them. Let's put resources into their hands. Let's end their daily survival stress so they can breathe freely, because existential anxiety is the enemy, not color.
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THREAD: Have a question about the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI)? Here's a link to my UBI FAQ. In this thread you will find question after question commonly asked, followed by a link from my FAQ that answers that question.… #BasicIncome #YangGang
Question: "What is UBI and why should I support it?"


#BasicIncome #UBI #YangGang #Yang2020 #FreedomDividend
Question: "Wouldn't #UBI just lead to the rising prices of goods and services and rents to the point the amount provided becomes entirely pointless?"


#BasicIncome #UBIFAQ #YangGang #Yang2020 #FreedomDividend
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Jeffrey Epstein arrested again on sex trafficking minors and will face up to 45 years in prison.

Credit to @jkbjournalist Julie K. Brown, who was (I believe) the first to report on #Epstein the billionaire Pedo.…
#QAnon research has brought to surface many disturbing elements in regards to #Epstein his friends, private island, private her, temple of sacrifice and even who supplies these sick ppl with #Children
We have been expecting the arrest of Jeffrey for along time.
Attached are Q posts relating to his sick world.
Feel free to ask any questions.
There is a lot to go into.

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You and your partner are completely broke and you're still 5 days away from payday.

Credit cards aren't even an option.

You had 30 dollars left when you checked last night. Just enough to pick up groceries to last you the week. (1/3)
Your partner checked the account first thing this morning.

30 dollars.

Just enough to get the last few school supplies for your 6, 10 and 13 y/o.
You find out when you get home you overdrafted.


Screaming, confusion, crying.

Hoping the car doesn't break down. Praying no one gets sick.

What could 2k per month mean for your house? How could it change your course?
#HumanityFirst #Yang2020 #Yang2020
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In boosting for @AndrewYang , I am coming to realize that the mainstream left (even the more classically “bleeding heart” style of liberal), is just as likely as the right to interpret poverty as a result of a defect of Character rather than of circumstances. 1/?
The number of Democrats who respond to the idea of the $1000/mo #FreedomDividend being offered as an *OPTIONAL* replacement to welfare benefits by claiming that the poor will spend the money on drugs or alcohol is staggering. 2/?
I’ve literally had people tell me that if the “we” don’t tell people in how to spend the money that they’ll just end up worse off. Hidden in this “logic” is an implicit belief that welfare is not meant as a boost out of poverty, but as a containment/damage control mechanism. 3/?
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Women's labor has been purposely artificially cheapened or valued at zero by the managerial/capitalist class for a few reasons, and the #FreedomDividend undercuts all of them from several angles while also laying the groundwork for a kinder society (thread).
1) If women stay home, they provide the material foundation from which workers emerge. That "free" female labor allows the employer to outsource the cost of raising and feeding and supporting laborers.
2) Employers have no incentive to let go of the social illusion that women's pay is "supplementary" to men's (whether the woman in question is married to a working spouse or not). Hiring women and paying them less gives employers more bargaining power vis-a-vis male employees.
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Holy shit. They did it. The crazy bastards did it. @MSNBC created a graphic with photos of the 20 candidates to appear in the first debates, and they actually went so far as to remove @AndrewYang and include someone who didn't even qualify. This is shameless in how brazen it is.
Looks like we made enough noise, #YangGang. @AndrewYang has been unerased by @MSNBC (and @marwilliamson too). #Yang2020
Good Lord. @MSNBC just can't help themselves. In the latest example, they include his photo in a list of top 8, and manage to read every name but @AndrewYang's??

#YangGang #Yang2020 #HumanityFirst #FreedomDividend
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So you've decided to vote for @AndrewYang.

But what else can you to do help him win?


#Yang2020 #YangGang #HumanityFirst

For new donors, as little as $1 counts, and will increase Yang's individual donor count, which is a crucial metric.

Money is the fuel that campaigns run on. The more money raised, the farther he can go. Fundraising also = press coverage.…
2. Donate again!

If you've donated in the past, please consider making another contribution, and/or setting up recurring donations. This is important. If you can afford to chip in another $20, it moves the needle. #SecureTheBag…
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1/11 I’m so over establishment politicians—Republican and Democrat. I want my government officials to have ONE agenda: improving citizens’ lives and making this country the best it can be. @AndrewYang has this agenda and this agenda alone. For our current...
2/11 ...politicians, the goal seems to be to always shame and destroy the other side, regardless of whether or not they have a good idea. And people actually buy into this tribal BS. Tribal republicans: you’re full of shit or just extremely ignorant if you honestly believe...
3/11 ...that Trump and the anchors at @FoxNews’ (who constantly lie and cover for him) goal is to make your lives better. Tribal democrats: you’re full of shit or just extremely ignorant if you honestly believe that Trump supporters are all evil and that establishment...
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Turn on to know what true Islamic Caliphate looks like

The Khalifa of Islam Mirza Masroor Ahmad is inaugurating a new hospital in Guatemala to provide free healthcare to all ppl of all backgrounds—b/c Islam teaches service to *all* humanity
Direct link:

"The majority of the students in our schools are non-Muslim. Thus we do not discriminate. Our goal is to serve all children and provide firm education upon which they can build their future lives."
"It is not enough for a Muslim to wait for someone to ask for help. Its his duty to recognize suffering & use all his resources to help those in need, to feed the hungry, show empathy, love orphans, & serve anyone in need—especially those in poverty or defenseless"
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