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31% of American workers would be unable to cover basic living expenses after missing a single paycheck. Missing two would lead to over half the country being unable to meet their basic needs without relying on savings or debt.… #BasicIncome #YangGang
Economists and politicians love to ignore stuff like this and instead focus on the employment rate. Half the friggin country is economically insecure despite being employed. Most Americans are spending most of their time just trying to survive another month.

We're bailing water.
Not only does this level of insecurity lead to stress and the physiological consequences of stress, it also makes us mostly unable to really think much about anything else. Climate change? Ha, yeah right. What matters is eating tomorrow, not the long-term survival of our species.
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Trick question: Which slices of this pie would benefit most from $1,000/month?

If so many people benefit, why are the detractors obsessed with groups that don't even make a dark line on the chart?

#YangGang #BasicIncome #FreedomDividend @AndrewYang
If your argument is against #FreedomDividend or #BasicIncome because "something, something, people in the black part of this graph," then why are you willing to hold back 88% of the nation over it? It took me a while to compile this visualization, but opposition seems petty.
Clearly, I feel for the "working poor," but they are this many of us. Less than 4% work 40+hrs/week and earn below the poverty line. If a policy will benefit them ... AND another 84% of the nation significantly, then which is the better policy? #MATH
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1/11 I’m so over establishment politicians—Republican and Democrat. I want my government officials to have ONE agenda: improving citizens’ lives and making this country the best it can be. @AndrewYang has this agenda and this agenda alone. For our current...
2/11 ...politicians, the goal seems to be to always shame and destroy the other side, regardless of whether or not they have a good idea. And people actually buy into this tribal BS. Tribal republicans: you’re full of shit or just extremely ignorant if you honestly believe...
3/11 ...that Trump and the anchors at @FoxNews’ (who constantly lie and cover for him) goal is to make your lives better. Tribal democrats: you’re full of shit or just extremely ignorant if you honestly believe that Trump supporters are all evil and that establishment...
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Long Reads Sunday #43.

Welcome to the epically exhausted Easter Bunny edition of LRS, brought to you from a Red Eye en route back to JFK.

May this 40,000 foot view of the world bring some insight (or at least some extra snark). Let’s dive in, shall we? 👇
2/ We have to start the week with #delistBSV. As we shared last week, BSV’s backers have started to get extra litigious, arising the ire of the community, warnings, and subsequent call to delist from exchanges.
3/ Subsequently, @binance @krakenfx and @ShapeShift_io delisted BSV.

It is an interesting moment - I’ve seen some argue that it demonstrates an industry immaturity that will turn off investors, while others see it as the community defending its values.…
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Many people don't seem to understand that if you install UBI within a conditional benefits system and keep all the conditional benefits without replacing any of them with UBI then all the counterproductive effects are still there. Paid work is still punished. Paternalism remains.
This is a problem mainly among those on the left, who see UBI as just more money where more is always better, when this is about far more than money. It's about unconditionality. Without UBI we need SNAP, but SNAP should be replaced by UBI because SNAP is a paternalistic program.
It also makes no sense to me to look at a group of people equally in poverty & decide that some of them should get more than others if they're already receiving assistance. Our safety net has too many holes. It's unjust to help those in the net more than those who hit the ground.
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Yang is on Point tonight!

#YangTownHall #YangGang #math #FreedomDividend
I love how effortlessly @AndrewYang talks about solving complex problems. #refreshing
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Starting tonight, we will see a lot of new people having a lot of questions and gut reactions about the idea of universal basic income. Please help direct them to answers using my UBI FAQ by either linking to it or the urls it links to.

Among the most frequently asked questions of all among those first hearing about universal basic income is the concern that prices will rise. This goes into that question in-depth & even includes applicable evidence from the Alaska dividend.

Another one of the most asked questions about universal basic income is if too many people will stop working if they no longer are forced to work to live. I wrote this article to answer that question and about the question itself.

#YangGang #Yang2020…
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We decided to take a look at accounts that use the Honkler/Clown Pepe meme as a userpic (example shown here). First problem: how do we gather a set of Twitter accounts with similar pictures?

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We could train an image recognition model to find the Honkler images, but we'd need to already have a large set of examples. Instead, we took advantage of the fact that the meme has a very specific color scheme, and looked for images that shared it.
To test the color scheme, we transformed the image into a distribution of the colors used, normalized for brightness. Eight specific color tones (the Pepe green, red for the nose, and six colors of the rainbow) comprise the signature of the Honkler meme.
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Day 2 of #NordicUBI is beginning. Here's the live stream link.

We're starting out the day talking about the Finland UBI experiment, and of course the first thing mentioned is just how much misinformation and propaganda is out there about the experiment.

Here's my summary of the Finland story:… #basicincome #NordicUBI
"A lot of people that need UBI most are mostly invisible in Norway... They're just falling through the cracks."

This is one of the things that I think progressives have the hardest time coming to terms with. Without UBI, all safety nets have holes, even in the Nordic nations.
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I'm in Oslo, Norway, and the UBI Nordic 2019 conference has just begun. Here's the link to the live stream.

#BasicIncome #UBI #UBINordic
VAT is the most efficient tax that exists, besides other corrective taxes like carbon taxes, and land value taxes. Instead of taxing what people put into the economy, VAT taxes what people take from the economy. VAT on its own is regressive but with UBI is the optimal tax system.
"I want real freedom of movement in Europe where people have the ability to move, but they also have the ability to stay."

Barb Jacobson making the vital point that an EU-wide dividend would not only eliminate holes in national UBI systems, but also reduce desperation migration.
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Who else is gonna be there? I figure we should take this show on the road.
Are you planning on going to Detroit/ any of the Dem debates?
Also I know some folks in Kamala's campaign who are cool and Bernie's campaign who are cool and Mayor Pete's campaign who are cool so if I come through be ready to shotgun Coors light all night.

No one in Beto's campaign likes me tho wtf do they not like to rage during debates?
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If you take a gander at the replies to some of @BetoORourke's recent tweets, you might notice a bit of a theme: the phrase "Beto is a furry" turn ups over. And over. And over.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets containing "Beto is a furry" or "Beto O'Rourke is a furry", yielding 3957 original tweets from 2362 accounts. All but two were tweeted since the beginning of 2019. Let's see where this got started. . .
The third tweet (Jan 23 2019), featuring a video of a younger O'Rourke singing Ramones songs in a sheep mask, seems to be the catalyst for the trend. The first tweet from October 2018 was posted by @AubreyLaVentana, an account that references several mass shooters on its profile.
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We decided to take a closer look at the #YangGang hashtag in light of its prominent appearance in this earlier analysis (most frequently used hashtag by accounts that retweet @AndrewYang.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets containing #YangGang, removing tweets unrelated to Andrew Yang's campaign from the early data. We ended up with 28863 original tweets from 9146 accounts; the first on-topic use appears to be on March 20, 2018.
Something potentially interesting turns up when looking at the creation dates of the accounts - 1038 of 9146 (11.3%) were created within the last three months. Those accounts tweeted 5897 of 28863 #YangGang tweets (20.4%).
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The real purpose of the 4chan backed #YangGang memes is re-electing Donald Trump in 2020 by driving a wedge through the Dem party. The goal is to repeat what Bernie did to Hillary in 2016, only this time with multiple candidates.

Dems: ignore the GOP's tactics at your own peril.
Do #Yang2020 #YangGang #YangGang2020 supporters realize Microchip's partner (Ricky Vaughn) was a GOP operative? Guess what that makes Microchip...
Oh, the former aide to well known anti-establishment figure Rudolph Giuliani! What could go wrong? 🙄
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TOP 5 Liberty Crypto Highlights!

AKA the most interesting notes from this week's Liberty Crypto Reader.

Let’s dive in! 👇
#5: Completely Offline Bitcoin Transactions
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Ie. when the critique of Bitcoin becomes that it is subject to uhh electricity, the response is the setup for sending/receiving BTC via satellite, mesh & batteries.
#4: The Battle Around Tor
The battle around privacy tech is heading up! See for example Tor in the news 2x; once as Indian’s flock to it to get around the state, and second as Germany tries to ban running nodes because it enables criminals. 👀
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"The media's insatiable appetite for scandal during the previous administration had so fatigued the public that it scarcely registered the allegations involving President Yang's highly symmetrical wife. Neither these, nor the purported 'Hong Kong meetings' had any..."

"...measurable effect at the ballot box."

--from A Brief History of the 21st Century
"After President Yang resoundingly defeated the third-party libertarian challenger Zakharov in the 2024 debates, congressional opposition to ending presidential term limits quickly evaporated."

--from A Brief History of the 21st Century

#yanggang #yang2020
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Yang outright states that silicon valley elites & the oligarchy are already preparing for social collapse- walled compounds, bunkers, private security forces. That fact alone should make you realize how serious he is. That's the future if nothing changes radically.
This is where socialists (& the doomsday libertarians) are both wrong. There will be nothing left to seize in a revolutionary circumstance. All of that capital wl go *poof* into international banks as the oligarchs take private jets to island compounds. All you'll have is death.
The Freedom Dividend is a compromise to avoid this fate. It is the only olive branch being offered to us. I suggest making the most of it. Perhaps because I do not want to die in a mass carnage collapse- perhaps because I am making a family & not out for "myself alone."
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"Those who will not even admit the Capitalist problem deserve to get the Communist solution." - G.K. Chesterton

Most boomers in the 60-75 or so age bracket fail to understand how terrible the economy has gotten for young people. So, a thread. /1
My grandfather was born in 1928. He served in Korea and was educated on the G.I. Bill upon his return, earning a teaching certificate and Master's degree in Animal Husbandry.

His wife stayed at home with their two children while he taught and farmed. /2
On one teacher's salary they were able to acquire a home and 120 acres. He had no debt by the time he was 50 or so. He later added 80 more acres and inherited his father's 120 acres. His father only farmed (no other job).

So... /3
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History lesson THREAD:

In 1607 the American first settlers arrived in Jamestown. They operated under a system called mercantilism - a sort of mixed socialist/capitalist economy.

Private businesses made a profit, but operated for the advancement of the state.
The colonists set up a common storehouse of food. They were supposed to produce what they could, and take what they needed.

In short order, the whole damn thing collapsed.

People noticed their neighbors weren't working as hard, but were reaping the same benefits.
Half of the colonists starved to death in two years.

NOW: Here's where history is about to repeat itself in America.

You've seen the #YangGang hashtag pop up. Some people are ironically supporting Yang - but others are quite serious.
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Reminder that #YangGang wouldn't be a thing if Trump actually tried to fulfill his campaign promises. Things have gotten so bad that Lou Dobbs of all people finally had to go off on him.
2019 has been a total disaster for this administration and it has finally gone off the rails after being on the verge of doing so in the past.

charlie kirk has won.
trump does something cool and the courts block it? that sucks but at least he tried. what happened over the last year? did his balls drop off?
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Super excited about that 1k
#YangGang and #YangGang
Didn’t buzzfeed publish something about this today? Trying to find it.
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/pol/tards clinging to dead meme already formulating cope russian bots narrative of "discord trannies" memeing yang gang. Clearly the tide is turning.
Trump was just a proof of concept for disrupting the party system. Yang has a better shot of doing this than any other candidate this time, as he has no political background or blackmail on him. He's untouchable. It'll be even better when he's accused of having "nazi fans."
It's impossible for his platform to be considered pernicious in any way. It's totally anathema to the ruling order & is much better planned than Trump's proposals- none of which he fulfilled.
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Info dump. Fash accounts. #Fascism #Trolls #NeoNazi #WhiteSupremacy #Twitter

All with bios, account IDs, etc..

@/mikepfanaccount => 1060400718505525248
@/branbeast_ => 1245477500
@/prichardington => 1013818520889683969
@/outsider__14 => 897500703869911042

Info dump. Fash accounts. #Fascism #Trolls #NeoNazi #WhiteSupremacy #Twitter

Mike Enoch Peinovich Followers (following him)

Info dump. Fash accounts. #Fascism #Trolls #NeoNazi #WhiteSupremacy #Twitter

Mike Enoch Peinovich Following (following them)
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