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Happy to see #YangSurge. He seems nice. I don't think he stacks up for many reasons, but I respect the hell out of all the young people supporting him because they care about each other. And good to see a person of color still in the race in a system rigged against them.
When petitioning for #Bernie2020, lots of younger folks shout "we love Bernie! but we're #YangGang!". One of them even brought me a hot coffee and refused to take money for it. Warren supporter did the same.
I don't mean to ignore all of his older supporters. But the youth energy behind him seems to be leading the way.
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If we’re all in on the fight for universal basic income and human-centered capitalism, we can’t afford to hinge it all on one election. @AndrewYang is a beacon of hope but if he wins, it’s just the beginning. We must become resilient and future-focused. #YangGang
In the next few weeks, the truth about this race’s wild trajectory will be revealed. Watch the stubbornness of the candidates biting at the frontrunners’ heels. They all know it: the polls might as well be astrology. Anyone can win.
That said, the odds are against us, even as we grow. Other candidates have billions of dollars and vast political networks cultivated over years or decades. We are the underdogs by far.

But win or lose, I believe that UBI is our political destiny, if we make it so.
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Some quick facts about @AndrewYang’s Freedom Dividend:

$1000 per month unconditional cash for every American 18+

Would equate to a 24% raise for somebody making $50k/yr

Can completely finance $100k student loan in about 8.5 yrs

Will NOT result in inflation because...
Inflation results from printing new money. Inflation also results from sharp increases in demand and/or sharp decreases in supply. The Freedom Dividend will not do any of these things.

The Freedom Dividend recognizes that we, as humans, have intrinsic value that is separate...
separate from economic value. The person who is homeless and unemployable due to mental illness will still have $1000/month income... money for food/water/clothing and creates an incentive for community leaders to build more shelters for part of that income stream.
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Today is #MLKDay. Every year on this day I try to spread awareness of the fact that Dr. King at the end of his life, before it was taken from him and us, was fighting for universal basic income. Most people still don't know this. Know his words.… #YangGang
If you read Dr. King's writing on UBI, you'll see that his support was founded upon the abolition of poverty (because it is immoral) in the most direct way possible - cash. He said we keep trying indirect ways like education and housing, but those too would be improved by cash.
Dr. King was also ahead of his time in seeing the importance in a nation of mechanized abundance to turn non-producers into consumers. He saw the problem as being one of distribution, not production. We have no shortage of goods. People have a shortage of money to pay for them.
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1/ I have been a Bernie supporter since 2015, worked for 2 different presidential campaigns since then but was still feeling the bern. I respect his consistency fighting for the working class and if he ultimately becomes the nominee I will support him in the general. However...
2/ Tonight I am announcing my support for @AndrewYang. After watching detailed interviews, carefully reviewing his platform and talking to his super cool supporters. I am officially joining the #YangGang🧢. It’s time to Make America Think Again. This week...
I will share more details about how I came to this decision and his platform but to sum it up. I believe that @AndrewYang has the economic policies, platform and forward vision to move this country not farther to left or right but forward. His UBI plan would be a game changer...
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The key difference between @AndrewYang and @BernieSanders is eschatological. I’ll explain.

#YangGang #NotMeUs

Eschatology (defined here:…) is a religious concept, but politics is as much a matter of belief as it is of policy, if not more so. Eschatology concerns the end: what are we striving for, and what MUST happen to achieve the ultimate goal?
Sanders represents the moderate form of Marxist socialism that became popular in the West even as its twisted totalitarian cousins, Stalinism and Maoism, forever tainted the terms “Marxist,” “socialist,” and “communist.”
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Some of you know that I came across @AndrewYang before he started his campaign. I want to share that story with you all -- hopefully it will emphasize why I am so passionate about not only his vision, but Andrew as a human being.

Please RT so more people can read this.
Yang has been my role model since 2017, when I watched the documentary about his non-profit @venture4america, called Generation Startup (I suggest you watch it). As a college entrepreneur, I saw what he was trying to do, and looking into his background, I was even more impressed.
This was a man with truly rare talents, who had sacrificed hefty paychecks to do work that he found fulfilling and rewarding for our respective societies. I admired that, and decided to connect with him via LinkedIn. He accepted. This was two months before he announced his run.
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Xi JinPIG🐖™️ Plan “C” Andrew Yang’s Wikipedia Page Was Created by His Own Marketing Team, Violated The Site’s Term of Use

Katie Bloom was marketing manager of Yang’s non-profit Venture for America & is listed as paid contractor for Yang’s campaign…
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Democrat Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is proud to have the support of a PEDO.

Here's the archive in case he deletes that tweet above.

And in case the archive gets deleted, I have an archive of the archive.
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Why did Dimm presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s advisor write this puff piece to justify Chinazis putting millions of Uighurs into concentration camps?
The real target of the US assassination of Iranian military leader Qassen Soleimani – China…
Andrew Yang’s Advisor Ann Lee accused the Trump administration of stirring trouble using Taiwan & Xinjiang; blocking Chinazis investments in US firms & ban Huawei.
These are policies with bipartisan support.

Chinazis puppet Andrew Yang has no place to run for POTUS!
Andrew Yang’s Advisor Ann Lee also accuses the US trying to “provoke China into military confrontation since 2013 under Obama by suddenly turning South & East China Sea into hotspots.”

Again, if Yang believes in this BS, he shouldn’t be allowed to run for @POTUS .
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Here's why I support @AndrewYang & #UBI:
@AndrewYang 1) Trafficked as a homeless kid, escaped at 17. Got into the plasterers union at 24. Taken out by car accident at 26. Denied SSI & told by "experts" at PA OVR to go to college, as a dyslexic w/ a 7th grade education & then they'd help me w/ job placement. They never helped me.
@AndrewYang 2) Cycled in and out of homelessness for much of my adult life because of never getting a chance for a job I could realistically do with my college degree, before getting married to a man who is wonderful but not wealthy. Tried learning to code at 48. It didn't work out.
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Now at the Economists for Inclusive Prosperity session, with @snaidunl, @arindube, @EDerenoncourt, and more!
First paper is by Anton Korinek. It's about whether AI and automation hurts workers.

Should be super interesting to the #YangGang!
Korinek: Transition/adjustment costs are central to the effect of technological progress on labor.
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There have been a lot of 2020 campaign cash$$ numbers released the past 3 days, which can be hard to track.

So if you tend to be "omg numbers 💀" here are some of the biggest takeaways from what we know so far ⬇️ 1/
2/There is a LOT of money flowing already into what is expected to be the most expensive presidential election to date.

In 2019:

$361.8M+ raised by Dems in the race as of today (minus self-funded billionaires)
$83.6M+ by DNC
$463M+ by Trump 2020, RNC, joint committees
3/Trump & GOP are still raising lots of $$ from both small-dollar online donors AND wealthy donors. Trump entered 2020 with a staggering war chest of $200M.

In 2019, Trump, RNC, joint committees raised $463M+.
In 2011, Obama & DNC raised $220M+.…
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Yes, the $16.5M was big #YangGang - but digging deeper is even better. Some stats threaded here.
We’ve received contributions from 95% of counties in America.
98% of our contributions were under $200, and 75% of our total fundraising came from folks giving under $200. That final number shows this campaign is powered by grassroots energy.
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Andrew Yang’s Healthcare plan is not as awful as people are making it out to be. Let me tell you why.

#YangGang #YangGang2020 #AndrewYang @AndrewYang #HumanityFirst #MATH #YangGangLove #YangMediaBlackout #DemDebate
When Andrew Yang said that he supported the “spirit of Medicare for All” it made a lot of sense. Yang has many separate policies attacking different facets of what makes healthcare so expensive, because there is no magic bullet to make healthcare work for everyone.
Even @BernieSanders in his Medicare For All plan knows this, which is why his proposed bill has 11 sections, not just one. These sections include things like Sunsetting old provisions and the negotiation of drugs and equipment prices.
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🚨#YangGang, here is the MASSIVE IOWA THREAD I promised last night.🚨

- Where we need you!
- Where we don't!
- The secret sauce: YANG GANG HANGS!
- Let's win Iowa!

Here we go!
1. Where we need you! Iowa's FOURTH and SECOND districts! If you are undecided as to where you will go, look at THOSE areas. Sioux City, Fort Dodge, Iowa City, Davenport, Burlington, etc. The places in purple and blue!
2. Where we don't! Andrew will be in the state for much of January and will be speaking to small communities at events tailored to their economies, job markets, etc. These are specific to them. We will also be hosting events ripe for #YangGang and will let you know about them!
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Ok, so let's talk about this for a second.

First, I apologize for not being more clear in the original question. I did try to clarify in following tweets. I was asking about United States Federal Income Taxes. And it was a bit of a trick question.

Before getting into it, I just want to make it clear that I'm not demonizing Amazon for how many taxes they pay. They do pay all the taxes they're legally required to pay. The problem does not lie in Amazon (or all the other big companies this applies to), but in the US tax code.
Oh, and yes, I acknowledge that these companies are doing stuff with the money they're not giving to the government, but the fact remains that Amazon (and similar companies) are closing other tax-paying businesses which results in overall less tax revenue for the US.
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There are many others making the same pledge. If you wish to do the same thing, please reply with how much you're willing to donate to Yang to hit 1,000 followers by the end of the day. #YangGang
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#TulsiGabbard 🌺 and #AndrewYang 🧢 are not Progressives.

The two pose a direct threat to #BernieSanders 🌹 and the political revolution.

They are using you, Berners - A thread... 1/21
🌺2014 Tulsi introduced a bill backed by billionaire casino giant/GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson, with Lindsey Graham to outlaw internet gambling.

She was later presented an award at Champions of Jewish Values 2016 Gala co-hosted by Adelson.

🌺"Champions of Jewish Values 2016 Gala An Unforgettable Evening"

Where in lies a list detailing lobbying efforts within the US, propaganda and xenophobia, and giving congresspeople (on Foreign Affairs Committees no less) awards for favoring Israel.…
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We gathered tweets containing #DemDebate, #DemDebate6, and #DemocraticDebate in the hours before, during, and after the 6th Democratic debate. Volume peaked at ~3500 tweets/minute and looks mostly organic (we'll look at a bot of interest later in this thread.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote Which candidates came up most frequently in #DemDebate tweets? @BernieSanders, @AndrewYang are virtually tied for 1st place, followed by @ewarren. All seven candidates on the debate stage were tweeted about more than those who were absent (this hasn't been true of past debates.)
@ZellaQuixote @BernieSanders @AndrewYang @ewarren Much of the Yang-related traffic is the result of hashtags - #YangGang, with 21504 tweets, is the hashtag most often accompanying #DemDebate etc, and several other Yang-related hashtags turn up as well. #KAG and #Trump2020Landslide appear courtesy of @DanScavino.
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A Thread on My Position After Yang's Health Plan: Disappointed, But Still #YangGang.

Why? Because Yang and the Freedom Dividend remain our best opportunity to transform not only our economy, but also our politics by uniting the Country around progressive ideas.
A few days ago I tweeted my displeasure at Andrew Yang's "Full" health plan. The tweet went viral and I certainly got "raito'd" by the #YangGang, which I thought was great. With over 150 responsive tweets, I would estimate that MAYBE two weren't #HumanityFirst. Nicely done!
To summarize my discontent, I see Yang's position as very soft on his commitment to universal affordability.

Having processed for a few days and having thought things over, I am still disappointed, but I want the #YangGang to know I stand firm on my commitment to the campaign!
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My request of @AndrewYang before the debates: show strength. If you are going for the most important leadership position in the free world then you must beat your rivals to it, face to face. You must triumph. Trump will give you no room. Gloves must come off. #yanggang
@AndrewYang If you show strength, @AndrewYang, then older black voters will know there will be the force of their government protecting them against white nationalism, against home terrorism, against extremism. #yanggang
@AndrewYang If you show strength, @AndrewYang, then rural voters will know that they haven’t been forgotten & that there is someone that will solve the problems that got Trump elected. They wanted strength and got a bully. They wanted a hero and got a travesty.
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#YangGang, here's what I think Andrew should say about healthcare at the debate on Thursday:

"There are 3 main reasons why healthcare costs are making us miserable--One: we have allowed drug and device manufacturers to take advantage of and profit off of us at every turn. /1
"two: we are not using new technologies and new organizational techniques to reduce costs in operational overhead and administration. /2
"three: we have made it prohibitively expensive for young people to become doctors or for professionals to continue practicing medicine when they immigrate to our country or even when they move between states. That's created a big doctor shortage. /3
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A thread on @AndrewYang’s excellent-but-frustrating health care plan, and the complexities of running for President while also trying to set yourself up for success once you BECOME President.

Whether it’s achieving universal health care, net zero carbon, or eliminating poverty, no President can be effective without building bipartisan consensus.

I’d be very curious to see how many times the word “deregulation” is used in Yang’s health care proposals versus Sanders’.
I agree that @AndrewYang needs to lay out the mechanics of his M4A proposal, beyond the systemic reduction of costs he’s just described. Now that he has hitched up the horse, it’s time to address the cart.
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