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How can homeless advocates, who TAUGHT US that homelessness is primarily caused by poverty, send out newsletters about increasing funding for vouchers aka means testing and in-kind resources, perpetuating second class citizenship and welfare slavery.1/
POVERTY IS NOT A LACK OF HOUSING. IT'S A LACK OF CASH. Need housing? Build more housing. But DON'T sit there and tell me that if most people had money they would still be homeless. The data just doesn't bear it out. Breaking fucking news: @AndrewYang ran for president. 2/
He and the #yanggang made UBI mainstream, so we can stop propping up the human service industrial complex. Yes, we like working "with" people but there are plenty of traumatized people out there who need help BEYOND just proving their worthiness to @HUD and housing authorities 3/
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Thread: @AndrewYang was right. We need a #UBI and universal healthcare coverage.

The civic unrest we're witnessing is a symptom of serious underlying economic problems. Race relations are merely a trigger, but in my view, it's an ever widening wealth gap.

I have 2 proposals:
1. Implement a #UBI of $1000/mo for all US citizens & PR holders >= age 18, and index it to total federal tax revenue, which has grown 4.92%/yr since 1980.

As tax rev grows, so does the UBI, with a high watermark, so if tax revenue falls (recessions, etc), UBI remains steady.
This guarantees everyone gets an equal equity stake in the US economy AND grows as the US economy (and thus tax revenue) expands.

Notice how tax revenues grow regardless of political party in charge of the White House/Congress. This approach is thus immune to politics.
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i'm sure the #YangGang all remember the @AndrewYang x @PeteButtigieg instagram live event they had. in it, they talked about what books they're reading, and pete mentioned one called "the public option." being curious about what public figures are reading, i checked it out. 🧵
first, let me say, the book does a great job of explaining the many types of public options we have in the u.s. and delving into areas where they can be expanded. such as the postal service, as a current public option, that can be expanded to include banking (as it once did).
the authors are pro-#UBI and believe it could mesh well with other public options. like the #Yang2020 campaign explained, ubi isn't meant to solve every problem, and public options are great especially in areas where markets tend to fail (especially inelastic markets).
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The reason that the 🌹 brigade has failed to change the Democratic Party is that they are openly and unrepentantly hostile to liberals, moderates, and even other progressives. You can’t set up an opposition party *within* the party and not expect firm resistance from its leaders.
A quick way to lose all political capital within an organization is to call its most popular figure in thirty years a fucking war criminal. Doesn’t matter if you think it’s true; if your agenda is to enter an organization and change it, use some tact and guile, for fuck’s sake.
In contrast, see: Yang, Andrew. His goal is to actually set the party agenda going forward, and to do so he is ingratiating himself with the party leadership. Yang intends to work his way to the control room and throw the fucking switch.
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I have hope for America. I believe that in our darkest hour, we will see a coalition that henceforth has never been seen to restore honor, decency, competency, and integrity to the Oval Office. @JoeBiden will beat @realDonaldTrump 1/?
The coalition will span across racial, gender, SES, and party lines. It will include @BernieSanders supporters, it will include republicans like those at @ProjectLincoln. It will include the new voters activated by @PeteButtigieg. 2/?
We will win back the Midwest in no small part to @amyklobuchar. We will win because of the unprecedented outreach done by @AndrewYang (#YangGang). We will win the working class, the middle class, the upper class. The college educated, and those in unions and trades. 3/?
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I’ve signed the Humanity Forward Pledge, which calls for $2,000 per month to every American for the duration of this pandemic and $1,000 forever.
Before #Covid_19, I knew that UBI was an important safety net for people in my community. The United States has exercised a war on the poor for generations and without this basic income too many families in #NY15 and in the country will fall through the cracks.
I’ve signed this pledge because it will create positive change and could save families and lives in my district.
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(Thread) Here are the ten more lasting societal changes I can see emerging as a result of #COVID19:…
1) Online retail will entrench itself as more businesses turn to delivery-based systems to engage with consumer.…
2) We will expedite the phaseout of cash, for better or for worse. @alextapscott has shared some interesting views on this suggestion, and the alternatives we need to establish before we go cashless.…
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1/ #YangGang, thank you for your messages of concern. Below is an email I sent to my dr that can't treat us because #Covid19 test results take 7 days here. We are a day or 2 away from day 7 when most that go to hospital go. I hope it is all in our heads, but doesn't feel like it.
2/ "We are just 2 cases, but thought it might be useful to know what we are experiencing as you talk to other patients.

Recent data suggests Zinc can help in coronavirus cases & we started daily Zicam & multi-vitamins 2 wks ago.

We've been walking in the sun regularly.
3/ My 13 year old son & I had minor sinus symptoms for a few days & scratchy throat 2 days before other symptoms. He's had no other symptoms.

My daughter has had on & off temps in the 99.3-8 range over last 2 days, but no other symptoms.
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This is the kind of super-efficient system they want to use to "help people". Got laid off, and since I was classified as a "contractor", no unemployment for us. Had to apply for assistance, which is a little over $400/m. Got this on the 20th. Note the appt date. The 18th.🙄
Note it says "IN PERSON", even though I requested phone, and I advised that it was due to being disabled and immunocompromised and was following orders the STATE gave me to not go out, be in groups over 10, etc. Ok, missed my appointment thru no fault of my own. Now what?
Next step is to call and say I missed my appt because I got this 2 days late. NORMALLY you sit on hold for hrs and hope you dont get hung up on. Tmobile has a 4 hr time limit b4 it disconnects. Others are less. I cant imagine what its like NOW. Of course, got disconnected Friday.
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14 countries have so far used some form of #castransfer and #basicincome program as #coronavirus response.

Here is what we know:

1. #Australia: one-time cash payment $750 to seniors, veterans and low-income people
2. #China: expanding Dibao program’s value and coverage for affected families

3. #Hong-Kong: one-off cash injection to all 7M adult residents

4. #Indonesia: expansions of e-food vouchers by 33% for 6 months
5. #Ireland: sick pay, illness benefit and supplementary benefits for workers affected by virus-related measures

6. #Italy: €600 childcare voucher for workers with children below age of 12

7. #Japan: ¥5,000 vouchers to those loading ¥20,000 for smartphone payments
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@AndrewYang #YangGang (thread) I just want to remind everyone what we’ve survived for perspective. We went from a struggling group of passionate supporters in late 2018 to an explosive team of supporters in 2019 with all the growing pains of diverse personalities
(Thread 1) our early group was passionate but didn’t always get along and we all had to adapt to the humanity first mindset while trying to get even local newspaper coverage. Any whisper of potential bad press felt like the torpedo that would sink this ship
(Thread 2) we survived bad press, members jumping ship, hit pieces, a media blackout, infiltration, attempts at sabatage, some of us being too broke to donate but found a way to chip in every penny we could. All of this while getting used to talking to strangers about Yang irl
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On Yang endorsing Biden, my thoughts
1 Its been clear since ST Biden was going to beat Bernie
2 Unless Yang is VP, Trump WILL beat Biden
3 Goddammit Andrew, youre good at problem solving, not politics
4 Still #YangGang because abandoning #HumanityFirst is not an option
I like Bernie, he's a good man, he told me something I'll never forget
"We're all in this together, everyone on Earth, we have to start acting like it"
But he's stubborn, weak & lets himself get taken advantage of by those who ride his coattails to advance their own agendas
I was hoping Bernie would win, but it became pretty clear on Super Tuesday, that Biden, for his clear dementia & long record of being an insufferable asshole and embodiment of all that's wrong with American politics, was going to win. I wish that wasn't the case is.
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Dear @AndrewYang, #YangGang, & Twitter,

Time to discuss why Tulsi Gabbard is not #HumanityFirst 🧢
(Thread Following)
Humanity First is a consistent and universal principle.
It means no one is below dignity, even the opposition.
Andrew Yang’s presidential run embodies this.
Humanity First goes beyond avoiding Ad Hominem attacks.

Misrepresenting someone else’s argument, even unintentionally, is an attack on their dignity.

Any confusion should prompt you to assume good intentions and make the best of their argument.
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The following thread is a summary of the just released report by @McMasterU of Ontario's canceled basic income experiment which utterly destroys any belief that it wasn't succeeding at the time of its cancellation. What @fordnation did was unforgivable.…
Overall health improved for 79.4% of basic income recipient respondents.

Mental health improved for 82.8% of them.

86.1% reported feeling less stress.

83.4% reported feeling less depressed.
78.4% of basic income recipients reported feeling less angry during the pilot.

Think hard about what this single statistic could mean for the population as a whole and the impact it could have on crime, violence, and even how people vote and what media they consume. #YangGang
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People who think that @BernieSanders gets us closer to @AndrewYang's vision for America don't actually understand Yang's vision for America: A Thread

#YangGang #EndorseUBI
#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs

First of all, #Yang wants a unified America. One where there isn't a huge political divide and so much hate and conflict. He doesn't alienate anyone.

#Bernie is incredibly divisive and angry and will only cause tensions to rise if given the nomination or the presidency.

The #FederalJobsGuarantee goes against Yang's vision because #Yang wants to redefine work in an age where jobs are being automated away and where work that has intrinsic human value isn't being recognized by the market.

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I’ve been wrestling with this choice for the last few days- I travelled across states, organized and volunteered for Yang. The #YangGang has been one of the best parts of my life. Super Tuesday is coming up, and I’m casting my vote for @JoeBiden in California. (Thread 1)
There’s a few reasons- first, after Iowa, we worked really hard to support Andrew in Nevada. We did our own data science, and improved on the Iowa strat. We talked to media. We planned events. It didn’t end up mattering due to the suspension. (Thread 2)
Most news outlets didn’t even report Andrew’s votes. And it’s not evil- most voters didn’t even know or consider that he could still be voted for (for those who voted for him and his ideas- thank you!)
#UBI clearly has support. @Evan_Low introduced the first bill for it already!
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The amusing and annoying thing about Yang going on CNN is that Berner Twitter seems to be eager to take everything he says as a personal slight.

My dude is giving impartial analysis of the *whole* race, not trying to benefit any single candidate.
Andrew: "Bernie represents anger and revolution"

Twitter: Wow nice analysis establishment hack.

Also Twitter: Each the rich, get the guillotines, if you aren't angry you aren't paying attention. If they cheat us we're burning the whole thing down.
Andrew: "This is going to be the Mike Bloomberg debate."

Twitter: Figures a sell-out would say that. Must be that VP position, huh?

Literally everybody on the debate stage: *attacks Bloomberg*

Andrew: I am not taking a VP position and will endorse a candidate who adopts UBI.
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To all the people who aren't happy with @AndrewYang joining CNN:

Let me explain to you why you shouldn't be upset and why it's actually a brilliant move to set him up for a 2024 run.


First of all, it gets him more name recognition. That's one thing he was lacking this entire time; nobody knew who he was. And not only will more people know who he is, but they'll see him as a legitimate voice in politics.

Secondly, it allows him to keep putting his ideas out there until he runs again. While we continue to spread his message on the ground, he'll be doing it on TV. Support for UBI, ranked-choice voting, Democracy, etc. will continue to rise.

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THREAD (1/8) #YangGang, I want to spark a wider discussion on focusing our efforts to move forward. Twitter isn’t a great medium for discussion but I want to get the word out as much as I can.

Running the @Yang2020Mass account, I’m seeing a lot of anger in my feed lately.
(2/8) I get it: the establishment, the media, and some supporters of other candidates did a number on @AndrewYang, yet sing praise about him now. You want justice, you want to shout how wrong they are. I want to tell you how that’s not a winning strategy.
(3/8) If we want to make things right, we have to follow in the footsteps of what #HumanityFirst means. In order to make sure Yang’s movement continues, we need to seek out and make allies, not enemies. If others are being hostile, that’s on them and let them harm themselves.
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Now that @AndrewYang is freed from hectic campaigning, it's the best time for him to spend time with family, build new connections/agreements, consider what went wrong and how he could do better, feel the pulse/listen to input from ppl, remap his future, etc. #YangGang
His next organization/venture could adopt a public issue discussion/tracker to help us recommend #PoliciesForYang, start trials/pilots for some of his policies while helping people, and build a relationship w/ local/congressional/presidential candidates, to prepare for 2024.
There are many projects that could be done too. Spreading his book to schools, etc would be great. Creating an organization that provides service, while spreading the humanity-first values/policies, unity, and abundance mindset could be great too.

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THREAD- Here’s why we need to keep Yanging.
A brokered convention, in which no candidate has the delegates to become the nominee, hasn’t happened since 1952.
The field has never been riper for it to happen. Here’s why that matters.…
Look at the above linked website. The chance that nobody gets enough delegates to become the nominee is 37%, slightly higher than the frontrunner Sanders’ chance of winning the nom. And by an email from Sanders’ campaign himself, his chances are dropping further.
So back to Bernie. 538 predicts he’ll get around 1550 delegates out of a required 1991. And based on what we know about the field, who’s going to give him the delegates he will need to become nominee? And if it gets to second round he will need ALL the superdelegates.
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Thread 1/4
My brother & I are starting a Podcast! It’ll be a kind of #YangGang Book Club

We’ll be digging into the books that inspired @AndrewYang’s run for President

We begin with “The Righteous Mind” by Jonathan Haidt. A book that helped fuel Not Left or Right, but Forward
We’ll post our 1st show on “The Righteous Mind” in about 3 weeks. So you have chance to read it first!

Yang has praised this book multiple times. It digs into the psychology behind America’s political divisions. This knowledge likely helped Yang navigate a middle
Here are some other books that inspired @AndrewYang

We’ll cover these along with @scottsantens work on UBI in future episodes

Our goal is to pull more Americans from their ideological Left/Right bubbles & introduce them to out of the box thinkers championed by @AndrewYang
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1/My candidate was @AndrewYang

I can deal with him losing in a fair process. This wasn't fair. @scottsantens documented the media blackout.

And there's another factor. Bernie campaign surrogates and low level followers lied and smeared Yang. I have receipts. Let's go #YangGang
2/Let’s start at the top. AOC is the biggest surrogate for Sanders there is. Here is AOC lying about Yang's UBI with the regressive trojan horse talking points that #YangGang is so familiar with. And in the next tweet you’ll see…

3/…her talking about how awesome a campaign Yang ran, as if she didn’t push away thousands from pursuing him as a Bern supporter. There's a lot more. Keep reading #YangGang

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Tune. The Fuck. In.

Let's RT some TRUTH about the @Culinary226 #NevadaCaucus #NevadaCaucuses Scandal.

1/ - This will be a politically expensive series of tweets for me. The Culinary squad will certainly come after me for this. Do me a favor and put some daylight on this.
@Culinary226 2.) Bernie has the MOST COMPREHENSIVE UNION PLAN EVER IN THE HISTORY OF DEMOCRATIC POLITICS> EVER> @Culinary226 #NevadaCaucus #NevadaCaucuses -…
@Culinary226 3.) Bernie was literally the FIRST CAMPAIGN EVER IN HISTORY to have a campaign union. He literally broken the damn mold! #NevadaCaucus #NevadaCaucuses…
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