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अवमानना के डर से मी-लॉर्डो की मनमानी हम नहीं चलने दे सकते!

१) सलमान खान को जज ने केवल दो घंटे में बेल दे दिया था। सेवानिवृत्ति के बाद उस जज साहब ने कांग्रेस पार्टी ज्वाइन किया थ।

२) तीस्ता सीतलवाड़ को कांग्रेसी वकील कपिल सिब्बल के एक फोन पर जज साहब ने दे दी थी जमानत।
४) जज साहब की पत्नी गौतम नवलखा के साथ मिलकर एक्टिविज्म करती थी, इसलिए उसकी गिरफ्तारी रोकने के लिए जज साहब सुबह 6 बजे कोर्ट लगाकर बैठ गये थे।
५) बकैत रवीश कुमार के दुष्कर्म आरोपी भाई की गिरफ्तारी रोकने के लिए जज साहब को कांग्रेस के छह बड़े वकीलों ने गलत सूचना दी, और बिना जांच कराए मी-लॉर्ड ने उसकी गिरफ्तारी रोक लगा दिया।
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Meme police coms did a press conference and informed the public that they are investigating Republic media for #TRPscam but the FIR mentions India Today 6 times but he totally forgot to mention.

#IsupportArnabgoswami Image
(2/Arnab)As per the scam, an audit abt Hansa Group research, informed, some media channels have manipulated the TRP by bribing people in 5 panel homes in Mumbai and had given vouchers and money asking them to watch a channel for 2 hrs daily. Tht person was taken into remand. Image
(3/Arnab) @pradip103 was summoned and had sought anticipatory bail and was granted by the court.
A FIR was filed against Arnab for Palghar lynching which was already contented in courts.
They filed another summoned in Maharashtra assembly at 2:50 and asked him to appear at 3 PM.
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@tathagata2 @Swamy39 @NewsX Mumbai police are attacking @republic for questioning Antonia for Sadhu Lynching. Question #Arnab and team for 28 hours trying to intimidate him

Maharashtra police hand over Sadhus to mob for murder. Now block investigation of #PalgharSadhuLynching. CPI, Church are involved!help
@tathagata2 @Swamy39 @NewsX @republic Sir why is this Modi government so helpless? It seems as helpless as us Hindus. Antonia Maino the missionaries agent is very much in power to wipe out our culture and faith and those that speaks for us , those that exposes her deeds .Is bjp and Antonia in agreement? It seems so.
@tathagata2 @Swamy39 @NewsX @republic If Arnav Goswami is framed & tortured by Antonia with the help of Mumbai police, what chances do we commoners have of surviving under this Christian goon?As a hindu I feel as helpless under @BJP4India as I was under UPA . Pls help us!!
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Today, I have written this thread for #Hindus,do read it🙏
We all are going through #CoronavirusPandemic which is really dangerous,but something is more dangerous than this pandemic, let's see it.
Recently news of #HinduSadhus, lynched by a mob shook the nation... (1)
some were blaming muslims while some were blaming Christians because these groups were always involved in such things due to their principles of Otherisation (Categorising people on the basis of faith i.e., believers and Non-believers) . .. (2)
It is a broader concept, I will talk about this some other day.
Everyone one of u might have seen that heartbreaking breaking video of sadhus which made everyone cry.
Some of you might have been thinking, is this really India?.. (3) #SadhusLynched
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#Fact Congress is all for #FreePress so long as #media sucks up to Nehru Dynasty and attacks opponents of 'Family'. Moment 'Family' is attacked, the mask of #tolerance and #FreeSpeech is dropped, fangs are bared. #LeftLiberals scurry to defend the indefensible: the Dynasty. 1/n
I've faced the ire of the Nehru Dynasty on 4 occasions. On the second occasion I lost my job, and along with that my company leased flat and phone. Those days there was little money left in the kitty to see you through bad days. Child in tow, we were literally on the street. 2/n
We those who refused to toe the line of least resistance and matha theko at the altar of Nehru Dynasty have survived and can look back with pride. But where is the 'Family' today? The concerted, coordinated attack on Arnab Goswami @republic to intimidate him will not work. 3/n
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One man who has shaken the lobby
One man who has rattled the ecosystem
One man who exposed the Vadra Congress
One man who gets under the skin of Lutyens Journos
One man who shows contempt for Bollywood and 5* Activists
One man who shows the truth
Congie baboons can call Modi
Maut ka saudagar
Neech aadmi
Chowkidar chor hai
Gandi Nali ka keeda
Rabid Dog
They hve even abused his ma
Arnab to Sonia
"Antonio Maino"
Congies dng Nanga Naach

The audacity to silence a Journalist, attack him at midnight amidst a strict lockdown.
Cong hs always intimidated any kind of opposition,this is how they ruled d country
From emergency to state sponsored 1984 riots
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