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1 Oct 20โ€ฆ
Rape cases in #Rajasthan increased by 81% in 2019 compared to two years ago.
3305 cases were reported in 2017 which rose to 5997 in 2019.
Statistics show maximum Rape cases are fm #Rajasthan
Nearly 6000 rape cases were reported in #Rajasthan followed by UP with 3065 cases in 2019
If #PriyankaGandhi has any real concern for women she will visit Rajasthan first to put her house in order
Stop doing Rape Politics
Many liberals are defaming India over #Hathras rape case .
Let's checkout the world statistics.โ€ฆ
South Africa has the highest rate of rape in the world 132 incidents per 1,000,000 people
India rate of rape is 1.80 ,population
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29 Sep 20
#ManishaValmiki brutally gangraped by 4 men in #Hathras UP,succumbed to her injuries
Her neck & spinal cord were damaged , The accused bit her tongue while assaulting her.
All 4 Perpetrators Sandip Ramu Ravi Luv khush arrested by police
Is baar bhi Gaadi Paltao ImageImage
As per #Hathras police there is no sign of Rape, cutting of tongue and barbarity.
Postmortem report also rules out rape.
How did the narrative then spread about rape and barbarism โ“โ“

The girl died due to strangulation and it was a personal dispute
#ManishaValmiki ImageImage
Here Manisha's mother admits there was a long standing enmity between the two families.

(This incident happened two weeks back at that time there was no reporting about the gangrape.)
After her demise propaganda was spread about rape and cruelty.

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12 Aug 20
Press the dislike button to express your sentiments for the Bhatt Clan .

For #SushantSinghRajput

I did my bit !
#Sadak2 Image
#Sadak2Trailer is another C grade hinduphobic movie by the anti Hindu Bhatts, maligning Hindu Gurus .

Seriously looks like a relic, cheap horror movie with bad acting .

Over 7 million dislikes for #Sadak2 trailer.
Sadak 2 ko sadak pe lana hai

No sympathies at all.Keep the momentum.
#Sadak2dislike Image
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12 Aug 20
Not a single police station has been burned down for the countless vulgarities aimed at our Gods Ram, Krishna, Ganesh and Hanuman ever by the Tolerant Hindus .

But media narrative will be Hindus are communal and intolerant.
#Prophet Image
Peacefulls burns down a police station ,vehicles ,arsons Congress Dalit MLA 's residence over Facebook post against #Prophet .
Policemen injured
Fire Engines destroyed
Journalists attacked
Funny part Congies are supporting the Muslim mob
#Bangalore ImageImageImage
MF Hussain made scores of nude paintings of Hindu Gods & Goddess
Leftists Feminists wanted to piss on Bhagwan Ram on Bhumipujan day

Everyday we see such kinds of posts deriding our Gods and mocking our faith but no Hindu ever takes up to violence over these posts
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3 Aug 20
Mumbai Police deletes #DishaSaliyan File
Cooper Hospital refusal to share sushants post mortem reports
Mumbai cops not cooperating with Bihar pol n forcibly Quarantined Patna SP #VinayTiwari
Y did d Mumbai Pol hurriedly conclude it as suicide without preliminary investigation
This is greatest betrayal & negligence
Sushantโ€™s father confirms โ€˜I alerted Mumbai cops on Feb 25 this year that my son's life is in danger.
Y did d mumbai pol not act on it.
If an well known personality cant b protected wher does that leave rest of us
#SushantSinghRajputCase ImageImage
Mumbai Police Com #ParamBirSingh appointed by HM Anil Deshmukh of NCP was the same man named by Col Purohit & Sadhvi Pragya for having brutally tortured them during Malegaon blast investigation under Hemant Karkare.
He also had given clean chit to Ajit Pawar
#SushantSinghRajput Image
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20 Jul 20
It was #LKAdvani who had pushed BJP in associating itself with the #RamMandir movement through a presidential resolution at the National Executive Meeting in Palampur in June 1989.

Glad Advanji is likely to go with PM Modi to #Ayodhya Ram Mandir Bhoomipoojan ceremony.
It was Advaniji who infused life into dormant movement for the construction of the #Ramjanmabhoomi Mandir.The movement witnessed the most powerful Hindu mobilization
23 Oct 1990 Advaniji was arrested in Samastipur Bihar by Lalu Prasad to prevent him from proceeding to Ayodhya.
#RamJanmabhoomi movement "The beginning of a new era"
A small Tribute to all Hindus who dedicated their lives to this cause and made this dream come true.

When Hindus decided no more to be a victim and reclaimed their right
Watch top 5 fiery speeches of that time .
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9 Jul 20
#VikasDubey arrested โฏ Nationalist Indians : Encounter him

Sharjeel Imam & Safoora Zargar were arrested โฏ Liberals : Release them they are innocent Muslims
#VikasDubey killed in the encounter .
In 2005 he went to police station killed a BJP minister in front of 25 policemen. No one testified and he got away. From then he became a untouchable by police in every Govt .Till he faced #YogiAdityanath
So no sympathies for him .
Having said that what about all the Netas whose political patronage he was enjoying.They are still free

The system will be cleaned only once we get these political masters too.

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18 Jun 20
Congress signed the pact of weaponless patrolling on LAC with China.
It was the Cong govt under PVNR. Further during HDDG govt.

Chinese action violates 1993, 1996, and 2013 border agreements.
Somebody please educate this Retard.

Indian army were carrying arms but as per protocol and agreements earlier signed by Cong Govt did not use their arms where as the Chinese used medivial weapons like batons and rods against our Soldiers.
Why do we have such lame agreements โ“ Image
Shoudnt our men be allowed to use arms in extreme provocation.

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16 Jun 20
Kangana Ranaut,Ranvir Shorey ,Shekhar Kapur have come out and said that #SushanthSinghRajput was systematically targeted by the powerful lobby of #BollywoodMafia
But the likes of @ReallySwara @taapsee @anuragkashyap72 won't dare to name the powerful people of their Fraternity
And this very gang is perpetually on twitter spreading propaganda agn PM MODI calling him fascist , spreading venom against the HINDUS & the country.
The very same people use othrs tragedies to further their agenda.
In Asifa case they were holding placards deriding all HINDUS ImageImage
During #CAAProtest @ReallySwara led the charge that India was targeting its minorities for their identity.
These very people misled d Muslims & fear in their minds regarding CAA which consequently resulted in #DelhiRiots claiming over 50 lives n the economic costs ran in crores
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26 May 20
Typical mentality of the dynasty.
Like mother like Son.They want Power without any Responsibility. Pappu claims they are not d decision-making body in #Maharashtra even though there r 12 minsters of Cong in Maha Vinash Aghadi.
Meanwhile Mumbaikars are left to fend for themselves
Well Well!
Who is lying Pappu OR his chief of #Maharashtra
Rahul Gandhi and Cong party is well aware how the situation is out of control in Mumbai.
My neighbourhood groups is full of pleas, Mumbaikars desperately networking, connecting thru groups for their friends and relatives Image
Patients are unable to get ambulances OR hospital beds . There are no befs in the govt hospitals. Not getting admission
Non covid patients r dying as private hospitals are insisting for covid reports. A patient who immediately needs ICU care, how will they get d report soon. Image
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9 May 20
15-Mar : PM 'Modi interacted with SAARC representatives.

19-Mar : PM 'Modi addressed the Nation for 'Janta Curfew' on 22-Mar.

20-Mar : PM 'Modi interacted with all Chief Ministers

21-Mar : PM 'Modi interacted with professionals of Pharmaceuticals Industry

23-Mar : PM Modi interacted wt Electronic Media professionals

23-Mar : PM interacted wt stakeholders of Industry

24-Mar : PM interacted wt Print Media professionals

24-Mar : PM addressed d Nation for '21 Day Lock-Down

24-Mar : PM interacted wt Medical fraternity
26-Mar : PM joined the 'G20 Virtual Sumit' for Corona.

26-Mar : PM interacted with Radio Jockeys across 'India'.

28-Mar : PM interacted with 'AYUSH' practitioners across county.

30-Mar : PM interacted wt Heads of Indian Missions.

02-Apr : PM interacted with all CMs
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22 Apr 20
One man who has shaken the lobby
One man who has rattled the ecosystem
One man who exposed the Vadra Congress
One man who gets under the skin of Lutyens Journos
One man who shows contempt for Bollywood and 5* Activists
One man who shows the truth
Congie baboons can call Modi
Maut ka saudagar
Neech aadmi
Chowkidar chor hai
Gandi Nali ka keeda
Rabid Dog
They hve even abused his ma
Arnab to Sonia
"Antonio Maino"
Congies dng Nanga Naach

The audacity to silence a Journalist, attack him at midnight amidst a strict lockdown.
Cong hs always intimidated any kind of opposition,this is how they ruled d country
From emergency to state sponsored 1984 riots
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19 Apr 20
2 Sadhus and 1 driver in presence of police got lynched by a bloodthirsty mob at #Palgarh Maharashtra.
No outrage like Dadri
They are HINDU saints & not a Muslim Mohammad Akhlaq or Chor Tabrej
Maharashtra is governed by Sonia Sena ImageImageImage
Entire incident is caught on camera. Cops are witnesses but not a single prestitute is gone to cover their story.
Nobody has met the families of Sadhus OR the driver.
No one has named and shamed the mob.
Why are HINDU lives so cheap?
What is the missing link?
The hand that was supposed to protect him pushed him in the centre of blood thirsty mob.
There was a whole battalion of cops. Not a single policeman came to the defence of a frail 70 yr old sadhu.
Let's us all hang our heads in shame.
Police are as culpable as the mob
#Palghar Image
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7 Apr 20
If the CM is not able to manage his own surrounding effectively how the hell is going to take charge of the state.

Why was the tea seller allowed to run his stall in the first place.
Safety protocols being followed in Maharashtra hospitals not up-to the mark. The State Govt mst start using d 1200 crores funds it got from d Centre for upgrading it's medical facilities & safety equipment fr health care workers rather than hiring PR firms to pump up d CM's image Imageโ€ฆ
Coronavirus outbreak has reached community transmission stage in Mumbai, says BMC
Rather than putting all resources in the containment of the virus the state machinery is busy in PR stuff for an inefficienct Maharashtra CM.
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28 Mar 20
Kejriwal happily took votes from migrants and now in hour of need abandoned lakhs of daily wage workers without food and shelter.
Spread misinformation,forced them to leave delhi,breaking lockdown.
Even in hour of crisis this vile man is busy playing politics.
#Kejriwal ImageImage
This is a calculated move by the #Kejriwal
UP govt was handling the situation remarkably well and this ofcourse has not gone down well with him. Now with this forced exodus, of lakhs of untested migrants into UP, the Yogi govt and India is sitting on a time bomb.
Kejriwal disconnected water supply and electricity of migrants. Told them buses were waiting for them at UP border.
DTC buses dropped off migrants at Delhi borders.
Kejriwal single handedly undermined all MODI Govt efforts to fight Covid19
#KejriwalFailedDelhi ImageImage
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27 Feb 20
An insidious attempt is being made by the ecosystem to show #DelhiRiots2020 as a Hindu pogorm by Hindus& BjP.
Don't let them get away. History is testimony of the fact right fm Mughals to Kashmir 1990 to Gujarat 2002 this lobby has put all it might to whitewash
#AntiHinduRiot ImageImageImageImage
Sins of one community & show Hindus as perpetrators.
The alacrity with which one side narrative is being built by d pliant media is absolutely sinister & chilling
A full fledged whitewashing of riots led by Jihadis has begun at d global level overlooking the fact
#AntiHinduRiot ImageImage
How d organized Muslim Mob went on a rampage,burning everything down, attacking our forces & many victims were Hindus
#AnkitSharma was brutally tortured by these barbarians, body had stab wounds, throat slashed,bullet wound and body dumped in drain and yet they say Muslim pogrom ImageImageImageImage
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24 Jan 20
#GeorgeSoros is an extremely dangerous man. Funds Mainstream media incl Washington Post,Newyork Times. No wonder we saw spate of anti India propaganda on these publications.
He backs organizations dedicated to social agitation ,funds NGO's ,Human Rights Organizations Image
Like Open Society Foundation ,who then accuse Nation's like Israel of Human Rights Violations.and ethnic cleansing.
Sounds Familiar to what is happening in India. (NGO and Human Rights Activists) #GeorgeSoros
He also funds radical protest group like Black lives Matter in USA dedicated to the proposition that the police is Racist.
In USA he is the biggest donors to the Democratic Party and left wing causes.
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23 Jan 20
They rioted, attacked police officers on duty, destroyed public property
Now they r hunting anyone down incl Doctors who are not willing to join them.
This is Civil War!
Commie Rogues,urban Naxals along with the desperate opposition are playing dangerous games
#TukdeTukdeBack Image
Muslim Mob attacked a pro #CAA rally in #Lohardaga, Jharkhand with stones, petrol bombs and weapons.
Stones were pelted from the Mosque it the rally.
Seculars who claimed India is Intolerant and unsafe to live are nowhere to be seen.
#CAA_NRCProtests Image
In Kerala a senior Polo Vaccination official is thrashed by a Muslim family mistaking her as CAA NRC Worker.
She is in the hospital.
Those who shouted and fretted INDIA is LYNCHISTAN have suddenly gone Kaput.
#CAA_NRCProtests Image
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20 Jan 20โ€ฆ
"It was a complete spectacle, a total Entertainment, d running away,It was a DAVAT lk atmosphere. My friendโ€™s father gave him a pair of binoculars to go& watch it fm d rooftop" ,a militant fm Kashmir lodged in Tihar Jail narrating on Kashmiri Hindu Exodus
Kashmiri Hindus Genocide wsn't possible without their Neighbors participation but no one holds Kashmiri Muslims responsible for d sordid genocide they actively participated with glee
Liberals claim them as victims for being deprived of internet
Writer of #Shikara movie @rahulpandita being grilled by Maj Gen Gagandeep Bakshi when he tried to defame the image of Indian Army over AFSPA , These seems to be his views about Indian Army and Nation and he is willing to exploit the cause of Kashmiri Hindus for commercial gains
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7 Jan 20
Deepika Padukone joins the bandwagon of Bollytards to lend support to #JNUProtests along with #TukdeTukdeGang member Kanhaiya Kumar
Her movie #Chhapaak is about to release soon .
Opportunist Bollywood will do anything for promotion of their movie.
Shame! Image
#Chhapak is a story of Laxmi Agarwal an acid attack survivor who was attacked by Nadeem Khan for rejecting his advances.
Director Meghna Guzar has conveniently changed d name of NADEEM to RAJESH
Most people were unaware of this Viewers will now remember the perpetrator as RAJESH Image
Article 15 perpetrators are shown as BRAHMINS
Sacred Games Netflix Series Hindu Religious Guru is shown as Terrorist
In #Chappak #NadeemKhan becomes Rajesh to save the secular fabric of India.
Shame on Bollywood for cashing on the victims of acid attack and maligning Hindus.
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29 Dec 19
The debate in India shd hv been how our neighboring countries r persecuting Minorities.
Debate shld have why did d protestors resort to violence & arson but we r debating Police action.
Debate shld hve been why does anyone have to scream PAKISTAN ZINDABAD
But our intellectuals are debating Why did the cop tell the rioter to go back to PAKISTAN.
Debate should have been why Gandhi's are orchestrating riots in the country for political power but our Intellectuals are debating Police action
From Gothra to Meerut Mainstream Media has always focused on the reaction cleverly burying the action and whitewashing the crimes by the Peacefuls
Till date no Intellectual has ever debated about 59 karsevaks burnt alive in Gothra
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