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[Republic TV - #TRPScam]

#BombayHighCourt to hear the plea filed by Republic TV challenging the FIR filed with the Mumbai police in relation to an alleged fake TRP scam uncovered by the Mumbai Police.

Bench of Justices SS Shinde and MS Karnik in the previous hearing recorded statement by Arnab Goswami, Editor in Chief of Republic TV that he would co-operate when the Police summons him for interrogation, if and when they do.

Hearing begins.

Sr. Adv. Aabad Ponda submits to the Court that the chargesheet which has been filed in the matter has been submitted to the court.

He sought leave to amend the petition to challenge the chargesheet and then proceed for the hearing.
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[TRP Scam] Karnataka HC will shortly begin dictation of order in plea seeking anticipatory bail for Republic TV, COO, Priya Mukharjee.


The order was reserved by Justice HP Sandesh yesterday after hearing the rival submissions.


Follow this link to know what transpired in Court yesterday:

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Fake TRP Scam: Karnataka HC is hearing anticipatory bail application filed on behalf of Chief Operating Officer, Republic TV, Priya Mukharjee.


Justice H P Sandesh is hearing the matter.

Petitioner counsel submits that she is ready to co-operate with the investigation. Therefore, pre Arrest Transit Bail may be granted.

Senior Adv Devadutt Kamat appearing for Mumbai Police submits that the plea is not maintainable.

This 438 application is cut and paste of the writ petition filed before Bombay HC, he says.


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Karnataka High Court is hearing a plea filed by Priya Mukherjee, CEO of ARG Outlier company, which owns and operates @republic, seeking anticipatory bail in respect the alleged TRP Scam.

#Republic #TRPSCAM
Post the submissions of the advocate for the Petitioner, Sr. Adv. Devadatt Kamat appears for Respondent: This is a case of forum shopping. In fact, after not getting relief from Bombay HC, they have come here.
Kamat seeks to submit that there has been a copy-paste job in the writ petition before the High Court.

Kamat now refers to the proceedings before the Bombay HC and the day long argument which took place.
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[VACATION BENCH HEARING: Arnab Goswami vs State of Maharashtra]

Supreme Court bench led by Justice DY Chandrachud to begin hearing appeal against Bombay HC order denying #ArnabGoswami interim bail in 2018 abetment to suicide case at 10.30 am

The plea by Goswami in SC states that his arrest was "illegal, mala-fide and politically motivated as evident from the multifarious proceedings initiated against him, his news channels, @republic and @RepublicBhart
at the behest of the
political dispensation."
Shortly after #ArnabGoswami plea was listed for today, Senior Adv Dushyant Dave raised questions on the selective listing of cases by SC Registry. In a rebuttal of sorts, Goswami's wife, Samyabrata stated why did Dave keep silent during @VinodDua7 & @pbhushan1 urgent hearings
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Bombay High Court to start hearing at 12 PM the petition filed by #ArnabGoswami against his arrest and custody in the 2018 abetment to suicide case.

Follow this thread for LIVE UPDATES.

A division bench of Justices S S Shinde and M S Karnik will hear the State and the Complainant on the plea for interim release of #ArnabGoswami .
The bench extensively heard Senior Advocates Harish Salve and Abad Ponda on November 5 and 6 on interim prayer.

The bail application filed by #ArnabGoswami has also been listed before the bench today along with the habeas corpus petition. Yesterday, Justice Shinde had asked if the Court can entertain challenge habeas petition against a remand order.

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Bombay High Court to hear @ 3 pm the habeas corpus petition filed by #ArnabGoswami against his arrest in the 2018 abetment to suicide case.

The bench to consider his prayer for interim release today.

Follow thread for live updates.
Yesterday a division bench of Justices S S Shinde and M S Karnik had refused to grant interim relief observing that the bench needed to hear the State and the complainant Adnya Naik.

#ArnabGoswami #RepublicTV #BombayHighCourt
To read about the proceedings in yesterday's hearing, the following link can be accessed.

(Report of Nov 5) Bombay High Court Refuses Interim Relief In Arnab Goswami's Habeas Corpus Petition, Will Consider Tomorrow…
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[TRP SCAM] Bombay HC bench of Justices Nitin Jamdar and Milind Jadhav to hear a plea by TV Today Network against BARC challenging their decision to terminate TRP rating of the TV Today group.

@aajtak @IndiaToday #BombayHighCourt @BARCIndia
TV Today group had received an order that since there was a surge in TRP suddenly, ratings for their channel will be terminated

Hearing begins

Adv Ashish S Kamat for BARC: The order is of July 31 and served in August. Issues of maintainability arise. There are similar pleas that have been slotted for Nov 6. We need some more time

Dr Veerendra Tulzapurkar: they should not take any coercive action
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[Breaking] 'Arnab Goswami Pursuing His Own Agenda' : Ex-Cop Files Suit To Restrain Republic TV From Attacking Mumbai Police Over TRP Scam FIR @republic,@MumbaiPolice,@CPMumbaiPolice,@abhasinghlawyer…
"Plaintiff submits that the Defendant No. 1(#ArnabGoswami) has transgressed his limits as an owner of #RepublicTV & has started pursuing his own agenda by being the Editor-in-Chief & by blurting out large sermons about his own case which under probe by @MumbaiPolice"
"Defendant No. 1(#ArnabGoswami) is seeking to foreclose the investigation by coming up with a libellous and defamatory campaign of a sustained nature. For this reason, it is imperative that an injunction be directed against Defendant No. 1 to refrain from discussion this case".
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#BombayHighCourt to hear today @republic TV's plea challenging the @MumbaiPolice FIR against it in relation to the alleged #TRPScam

The plea seeks the quashing of the FIR against Republic TV and its employees, including Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami.
@republic seeks:

- Transfer of investigation to CBI;
- CBI probe against Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh, disciplinary proceedings against him for abuse of power;
- interim protection from coercive action by Mumbai Police

Read more:…
The plea was moved before the #BombayHighCourt after the Supreme Court dismissed it as withdrawn last week and asked #RepublicTV to move the HC first.

The matter is listed today before the HC Bench of Justices SS Shinde and MS Karnik
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#TRPScam : Bombay HC to consider today the writ petition filed by ARG Outlier Media Ltd(company running #RepublicTV) and #ArnabGoswami to quash the Mumbai police FIR alleging manipulation of TRP ratings.

Petitioners moved Bombay HC after sC refused to entertain the plea.
What Arnab says in his plea to quash #MumbaiPolice FIR in #TRPScam :

"Police Commissioner's Statements In TRP Scam Part Of Political Conspiracy Against #RepublicTV": #ArnabGoswami Tells Bombay HC…
A bench comprising Justices SS Shinde and M S Karnik has taken up the petition of #RepublicTV and #ArnabGoswami against Mumbai Police FIR in #TRPScam

Follow thread for live updates.

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Meme police coms did a press conference and informed the public that they are investigating Republic media for #TRPscam but the FIR mentions India Today 6 times but he totally forgot to mention.

#IsupportArnabgoswami Image
(2/Arnab)As per the scam, an audit abt Hansa Group research, informed, some media channels have manipulated the TRP by bribing people in 5 panel homes in Mumbai and had given vouchers and money asking them to watch a channel for 2 hrs daily. Tht person was taken into remand. Image
(3/Arnab) @pradip103 was summoned and had sought anticipatory bail and was granted by the court.
A FIR was filed against Arnab for Palghar lynching which was already contented in courts.
They filed another summoned in Maharashtra assembly at 2:50 and asked him to appear at 3 PM.
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Today, television rating agency BARC has paused rating of news channels for next 3 months. I believe that, news channels should never be a part of any commercial rating system. News can't be a commercial product like a soap or soap opera. @BARCIndia #TRPFraud
TRP is a terrible whip which scared every editor in newsroom. It affects free flow and analysis of the news. It also promotes unhealthy competition among media organisations to make the news saleable and entertaining. That's a huge danger for democracy and citizens rights.
Let there be no rating system for news channels. Let advertising agencies decide their own choice of channels to promote their products. There are dozens of alternative digital platforms where an advertisement agency can rate and analyse the footprints of the news channels.
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Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice Chandrachud to hear a petition filed by @republic TV (AGR Outlier Media Pvt Ltd) and #ArnabGoswamy against the Bombay Police Investigation in the #TRPScam case

Mumbai Police has filed a short advance Reply, stating that Article 19(1)(a) cannot be used as a shield to prevent any investigation into the alleged fudging of TRPs.

#RepublicTV #RepublicBharat @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice #TRPScam
The Reply further states that several officers of other TV channels have also been summoned and none of them have raised any grievance with regard to the investigation.

#RepublicBharat #Republic #TRPScam @republic @MumbaiPolice @CPMumbaiPolice
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A bench led by Justice DY Chandrachud to hear Republic TV's CFO Shiva Sundaram's plea against the summons issued by Mumbai Police to the news channel in connection with the alleged Television Rating Point (TRP) scam.

The plea has challenged the October 9 summons, issued to the CFO of Republic Media Network. The CFO citing the plea in the top court had urged the Mumbai Police to pause its probe in the role of the network and its employees briefly. @MumbaiPolice
In an affidavit filed before the SC the @MumbaiPolice has said that Republic TV is attempting to turn the FIR in the TRP scam case into a “media spectacle”, and that rights under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution cannot act be used as a shield against commission of a crime.
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A thread: My personal experience with #TRPscam:
(1) It’s been rigged in India for at least 30 years
(2) Not just @Republic but many channels benefit
(3) Scam value is up to Rs. 25,000 cr a year
(3) Don't blame Republic, but @WPP that owns @Mindshare @GroupMworldwide @Ogilvy
In early 90s I lived in HK & helped MTV launch in India (Quickgun Murugan times).

I moved to the US. Was then hired in 1999 to come back to India to try turn around rival Channel V (We Are Like This Only times)

As we geared for re-launch, we agonized on distribution
Back then India didn’t have too many satellite dish households. Majority got channels from the friendly neighbourhood cable mafioso.

Most TVs then couldn’t carry 100s of channels and we desperately wanted to be on prime or sub-prime band so people could at least receive us
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ஊடக தர்மம்

2018 அக்டோபர்ல இருந்து 2019 டிசம்பர் வரைக்கும் நான் வின் தொலைக்காட்சில வேலை செஞ்சேன். அப்போ ஒவ்வொரு வாரமும் வர போர trp ரேடிங் என்னனு ஆர்வமா இருக்கும். காரணம் அந்த வாரம் முழுக்க நாம கத்துகணும்ன்னு கஷ்டபட்டு பண்ணின வேலையோட பலன் என்னன்னு தெரிஞ்சுக்கிற ஆர்வம் தான் அது.
பாய்ண்ட் எறினாலோ அல்லது இறக்கினாலோ அங்க ராம் சார்ல இருந்து டிரைவர் அண்ணா வரைக்கும் திட்ரதும் பாராற்றத்தும் வழக்கம்.

Trp ல சின்ன மீடியா அப்டிங்கிறதல சலுகையோ அல்லது இருட்டடிப்போ இல்லாம இருந்தோம்.
அப்போ தான் புத்தகக்துல இருக்க இதழியலுக்கும், நடைமுறைக்கும் இருக்க சம்பந்தம் வேறுபாடு புரிஞ்சுது அப்படிங்கிறது வேற கத. ஆனா இப்போ என்னன்னா trp எல்லாம் என்னங்க ஜூஜிப்பி மேட்டர், மீட்டர் செட் பண்ணி இருக்க வீட்டுக்கு தலா ஒரு 60 Inches டிவியும் 500 ரூபாயும் போதும்ன்னு பல வருஷத்துக்கு
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18 May 2015, most beautiful day of my life, as I was "sharing 3hr flight seat with my inspiration- #ArnabGoswami".

Today after 5 years, I'm ashamed of myself to have you as my inspiration!

#RepublicTV #TRPSCAM #TRPFraud #Republic
Just to clear the air- By today I mean series of events, including todays! Starting from "Suspicious Establishment of Republic TV"

There's a huge difference b/w "Nationalism" & "Polarisation", which is being used interchangeably these days. While Arnab is doing the latter one!
2 mins of silence for those abusing me and still have faith in Arnab!

God bless you all!

You've been turned narcissist and megalomaniac, thanks to these govt. sponsored channels!

Don't worry "truth" has an immense power, you'll realise it someday!
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[Breaking]@MumbaiPolice claims that they have busted a racket that involved private television channels manipulating their Television Rating Points, or TRP.

"Investigation reveals that @Republic , Fakth Marati and Box Cinema have indulged in such activities "

A household comprising people who were not literate always had an English news channel switched on.

The households were paid about Rs 400-500 every month, @MumbaiPolice

Responding this , @republic TV's head #ArnabGoswami issued a statement warning @CPMumbaiPolice criminal defamation case against the police commissioner.


#BARC #ArnabGoswami
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TRP SCAM: Mumbai Police launches an investigation into the manipulation of TV ratings.

Republic TV officers to be investigated.

@republic @MumbaiPolice
BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) used a agency called Hamsa Research Group which installed meters that tested these ratings.

Mumbai Police Commissioner says 2 Marathi channels and Republic alleged to be involved.

@MumbaiPolice @republic
Mumbai Police Commissioner has filed a case on criminal breach of trust. Says, will share the findings with the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

@MumbaiPolice #RepublicTV @CPMumbaiPolice #BARC #ArnabGoswami #TRPScam
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