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In today's #Libtard, girl with 12k followers got her entire gang to bully, abuse, and filed a police complaint against someone w 30 followers cuz he asked her to "mind her language", bragged abt his salary and at some point of their argument said "you need to be taught a lesson"
Pls RT.
The Indian #Libtard starter pack
Playing the victim: check
Using identity politics (race/gender/caste): check
Getting family/employer dragged in when can't win argument based on logic alone: check
Ganging up against small accounts with your big-influenza friends: check
This is why I don't have where I work on my twitter bio.
Who knows which snowflake ch***ya would get their panties in a bunch over some burn and try and get me fired from a job they wish they had but can't no skills other than twitter virtue signalling.
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1. Every single person in the world should be VERY angry with the #FakeNews #MockingBirdMedia and their incessant misrepresentation of what TRUE RACISM is. Their masters are pushing them to convince generations of truly ignorant people that Trump and Conservatives are racist.
2. What a huge display of disrespect and attempt at undermining civil rights history! Can you imagine if Martin Luther King saw Trump today? He'd be Trump's biggest supporter!

Trump is holding people accountable and calling people out for destroying inner city neighborhoods!
3. And you know, Martin Luther King knew blacks weren't the only oppressed race. He spoke of how ALL people matter, and how being responsible for your own actions was paramount for all! He would have rejoiced over record low unemployment numbers for ALL nationalities and colors.
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I'm finishing up @comey's audio for the 2nd time; "Truth, Lies, and Leadership..." blah blah blah...

There are some glaring differences from the first time I listened to it which was the day it came out on Now, all these months later, there are...

...time skips, he'll be talking about the present day, then all of sudden he'll throw in a mention of Vince Foster, or Scooter Libby. It is as if the entire middle of the book, the part about him learning to lie from the BEST (#BobMueller) is gone & he's portraying himself...
3/ St. Jimmy. The first listen was not bad at all, I liked his style of writing. This time around, totally different. Orig. about the @HillaryClinton "matter" was MAYBE, 1/2 of the last ch. 2nd v. the last 3rd of the book is about Clinton's email scandal...
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DO THE REPUBLICAN'S NOW HAVE SOMETHING "BIG" ON FEINSTEIN? Does this explain Feinstein's DESPONDENT response & desire to Keep the FBI supplemental investigation secret?
Sentence From Grassley's Latest Letter to Ford's Attorneys Suggests Huge Discovery of Illegal Dem Behavior, Burying Feinstein...…
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A #libtard tweet.
I am hearing, "oh shut up libtards, you have been talking about tRump investigation for over a year now, and they haven't found anything."
First of all, we don't know what they have found.
But as you are so resistant to learning any history. Let's do that.
June 17, 1972

Five men are arrested while trying to bug the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters at the Watergate, a hotel and office building in Washington, D.C. A day later, White House press secretary Ronald Ziegler famously called the
Watergate break-in a “third-rate burglary.” At a press conference June 22, President Nixon denied that the White House was involved in the incident.
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Hey, Hank Johnson...

Telling two strong, independent black women, that are blatantly being censored, that they're wasting your precious time is disgusting.

Need more time to pontificate about Guam capsizing, #Libtard?

If they were libtards, or illegals, there would be riots in
The streets! How the hell do you still have a job?!

#DiamondAndSilk have 1st amendment rights like anyone else, and it's YOUR job to protect them!!

If that's a "waste of your time", it's time for you to find a new job. You're not worthy. #SwampThing

A shining example of the braindead morons that are paid to "govern" us...

No. Serious question...


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