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California is institutionalizing hate against South Asians, Indians Hindu's through #SB403
@CAgovernor @GavinNewsom @SenBrianJones @tandon4congress @rishikumar1 @HinduAmerican @CoHNAOfficial @hindupost @HinduHate
Sen Wahab @aishabbwahab got @lalindia
Lalita du Perron -Associate Director @Stanford to support her on #SB403
Lalita du Perron is toxic and #Hinduphobic She connects Hindu god Shri Krishna with Sexual Harassment and MeToo Moment.
@IskconInc @iskconsv @kbmandir Image
An article from her current project on sexual harassment culture in North India, “Eve-teasing in song: coercion, consent, Krishna, and courtesans” is in process. Check out her @Stanford homepage.…
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THREAD!! A lot of people are upset at the latest anti #Yoga rant by Hindu hater and “caste” saleswoman Thenmozhi Soundarajan from “Equality” Labs. It’s important that people understand that she is a critical cog of a multi-layered hate-ecosystem spreading #Hinduphobia in US, 1/n Image
A cursory look at Equality Labs and the those involved in it, exposes its connection to individuals and organizations that are connected to #Pakistan, it’s intel agency, genocidal war criminals, radical #Islamists #Khalistanis and terrors groups. Let’s look at some of them. 2/n Image
Equality Labs became famous after they wrote a “caste report” in 2018. This report was fully debunked as biased & unscientific in 2020 by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. However Equality Lab’s report, exposed some scary stakeholders in Thenmozhi’s shenanigans. 3/n Image
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Shree Umiya Dham Hindu Temple in Edison, NJ vandalized with “Free Palestine” graffiti. CoHNA strongly condemns this & stands with the temple in demanding that the perpetrators be brought to swift justice! Happened yesterday, when…1/n
…the Indian American community held a "March for Unity" event with several organizations participating. Unfortunately, in this peaceful event, bigots and racists like Pieter Friedrich intruded, trying to paint the community as extremist and intolerant. 2/n
But, why “Free Palestine” on a Hindu temple? #Hinduphobic narrative peddled by “academics” portrays Hindus as “colonizers” of Kashmir and draws false parallels with Palestine. The recent bulldozer controversy in Edison, NJ also provides fodder to push hatred against Hindus. 3/n
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Pak's Sahar Habib Ghazi, journo for Vice News, did a hit job on #Hindus on #Leicester violence. She has used 'experts' & fake news to blame #Hindus. A hit job on the lines of NYT, the Guradian and BBC. Here it goes......
The first expert quoted in the article is SHockat Adam Patel from MEND. @HJS_Org has flagged MEND as "Islamists masquerading as Civlil libertarians". Patel was also quoted by NYT article on #Leicester. MEND, SASG, HfHR, IAMC, THP are all #Hinduphobic putting forth Jamat ideology.
Here is our thread on MEND. We did it immodestly after #Leicester anti-Hindu violence.

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While #Hindus were celebrating #Deepavali yesterday, the West was busy attacking us for our faith or erasing our identity. Remember #DismantlingGlobalHindutva?
A thread on #Hinduphobia in the last 24 hrs. 1/5
CASE 1. Joe Biden in this #Deepavali White House address called us "South Asians" and not #Hindus. #Deepavali is now a "South Asian" festival not #Hindu but Eid is Muslim festival and Xmas is Christian festival.

CASE 2. Environment Canada blamed #Deepavali for poor air quality in some parts of Canada. Later retracted their statement. 3/5…
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Watching the spat between @Aabhas24, @UnSubtleDesi and Vasundhara Sirnate is interesting. Sirnate is not just a journalist, she was also the co-founder of the extremely #Hinduphobic, Kashmiri separatist Polis Project. 1/9
Vasundhara Sirnate along with Suchitra Vijayan founded The Polis Project. 2/9
The Polis Project called anti-Hindu Delhi riots as "anti-Muslim pogrom" and went to the extent to say Delhi Police was complicit in the violence. 3/9
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M. Zubair who is infamous for dog-whistling the Ummah in the Nupur Sharma case, resulting in the barbaric Islamic beheading & killing of 7 Hindus, is known for building #Hinduphobic narratives,using fact-checking as a camouflage. He & @AltNews do not disappoint us.
In the latest case, he produces the results of a so-called fact-check Alt News has carried out on a series of tweets put out by a handle True Indology.

[This response is without research and taking Alt News at its own words for the time being]
Alt news has summarised the essence of the tweets & attempted to answer them. Since the answers are long-winded and deliberately confusing, we shall put the Q & A (according to Alt News) in brief for easy understanding.

“Who took care of Ambedkar as a child? A Brahmin!
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A journalist is basically one who 'collects news, writes about it in newspapers & magazines or talks about it on radio or television."

Zubair was no Journalist. The most charitable description would be 'activist'.…
Nor was he was he a dispassionate fact-checker. His most accurate job description would be 'building a #Hinduphobic narrative of Muslim victimisation.

It's components:

* An Islamo-Left-Opposition network for, both gathering & disseminating of news.
* Selective fact checking to build the narrative.

* Selective editing of developing events, for example, not to show action has been taken & so on.

* A relentless dissemination of 'normal' negative news, amplified through local, state, national & international
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1/n. Political candidates & leaders attacked by Pieter Friedrich and his associates from OFMI, H4rHR, IAMC, Equality Labs
Tulsi Gabbard (Dem)
Sri Preston Kulkarni (Dem)
Amit Jani (Dem)
Sonal Shah (Dem)
Padma Kuppa (Dem)
Raja Krishnamoorthi (Dem)
Atul Keshap (Diplomat)
All Hindus
2/n If anyone thinks that only Hindus in Democratic Party are attacked, then wait.
They also attacked-
Nisha Sharma (Rep)
Ritesh Tandon (Rep)
Shalabh Kumar (Rep)
Vivek Ramaswamy (pro-Republican)
Anyone who identifies as a Hindu in the American political space is a target.
3/n. & of course
Niraj Antani (Rep)
Jennifer Rajkumar (Dem)
It's interesting: self-styled "progressive" from the Hindus4rHR & EqualityLabs cabal who draw their support from the "woke Left" so heavily, are perfectly fine sharing common cause with a HOMOPHOBE like Pieter Friedrich Image
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THREAD: Another #Hinduphobic racist, xenophobic rant-this time by #AmyWax. Shame on @TuckerCarlson & @FoxNews for platforming such individuals. She is being sanctioned by @pennlaw. But, notice how similar she sounds to some "South Asian Scholars" who also target Hindus. @Penn 1/n
Brown & Asian faces (even those born or raised in USA) who raise concerns around racism & prejudice are marked as "foreigners" and "immigrants" and apparently not fit to be Americans! A stark reminder of the anti-Asian xenophobia present even today on both sides of the aisle. 2/n
@TuckerCarlson then says "...they have a freaking caste system...", which once again paints Hindus and Indian Americans as the oppressors by default - as if they carry "caste oppression" as part of their DNA and transfer it genetically to the next gen. 3/n
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Tutor at @Vision_IAS categorically labelling Bhakti movement in Hindus as Cult and Islàm as Liberal.

Happening in a Hindu majority nation which was partitioned because…

Why has @Vision_IAS hired such a #Hinduphobic tutor?!

In another video, ‘esteemed’ is talking about ‘your’ culture and calling Maharani Draupadi as Sati.

I mean, do they really know what they’re talking about? 🤷🏽‍♂️

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1/n #Hinduphobia in Telugu film industry has gone to the extent of producing well-made blockbusters with A list actors mouthing Hinduphobic lines.

I am talking about the moving 'Shyam Singha Roy' starring Nani and Sai Pallavi, both excellent actors.
2/n The film is well made with a grippingly told story. Yet, the Hinduphobia and the Brahmin hatred comes through, and the director's mind-colonized mentality is very visible in the way he has portrayed the 'reformist' hero (Christian word, refer to @jsaideepak's book)
3/n Main story is set in the 1960s. There is a scene where dalits are denied access to a well as they are deemed unclean.

While untouchability as a practice existed in India the villains are Brahmin men with janeau, and the 'reformist' hero says "This is not your Rig Veda time'
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THREAD: The #Hinduphobia of @nytimes continues on a regular basis. Here, it ignores well documented evidence of the role of Christian missionaries in erasing indigenous Hindu traditions (appropriating others) to "save" the natives. 1/n
8 states in India have majority or significant Christian population in India according to the 2011 census, with some Northeastern states at over 85% Christians. 2/n…
The plans go way back. "The Conversion of India" by George Smith of the Young Missionary Movement of NY describes historic missionary plans & attempts to convert "heathen cults of Brahmanism, Buddhism and demonolatory"; sings the glory of colonization. 3/n…
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Another day, another US college student group adding “caste” as a “protected class.”

To be clear, Harvard hasn’t changed its anti-disc policy, but a grad student contract was.

Unpacking this piece by @sakshi_saroja shows why this move is so misguided.…
There is no “Hindu” caste system. Hindu Vedas don’t refer to a birth-based hierarchy & varna, based on qualities, was never immutable. But calling a discriminatory system with societal/colonial origins “Hindu” nicely targets only Hindus for policing & censure. Image
The insinuation that casteism pervades South Asian communities is false & the obligatory citation to the @EqualityLabs report is damning. @CarnegieEndow’s scientific survey found caste disc to be a rare occurrence in the US (5% of respondents) & dismissed the EL effort as below: ImageImage
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THREAD: #Diwali is around the corner, & Hindus will adorn their homes & businesses w/ the Swastika. But, Prof Truschke peddles #Hinduphobia in the name of the Swastika (this is not the first time). Her argument is dangerous & should be condemned by @rutgers & @Rutgers_Newark. 1/n
"Ambiguous sense??" The Swastika has ALWAYS been a positive, auspicious sign (vs the Hakenkreuz of Hitler). To suggest that Swastika is "sometimes" and "ambiguously" used by Hindus for hate is blatantly false & paints Hindus as Nazi sympathizers, opens them up for attacks. 2/n
In Sept 2016, she connected an innocuous Indian university building shaped like a Swastika to Nazism, even though the two had nothing to do w/ each other - a thinly veiled attempt to link Hindus & Nazis together again (tweet deleted since then). 3/n
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Our researchers found a 2 year old hate literature, circulated as "academic discourse" from Huma Dar, a promoter of the recent #DismantlingGlobalHindutva conference. Daughter of a Pakistani Army officer, she masquerades as a Kashmiri activist spewing anti-India & anti-Hindu hate.
Note the use of divine Hindu imagery, while conveying blatant #Hinduphobic messaging and vicious anti-India propaganda. This graphics was used by Huma Dar for an event that was hosted at @UCSanDiego on October 30, 2019.
It is this kind of hate propaganda against Hindu communities, by propagandist like Huma Dar, that triggered the #Pakistani invasion of #JammuAndKashmir on October 22, 1947, that resulted in the murder of 11,000 #Kashmiris, and the rape of thousands of #Kashmiri #Hindu women. 3/4
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Another #Hinduphobia hate crime the last few days.
Today, a family got attacked with stones during puja (Canada)
Yesterday, a community saw anti-hindu signs saying "No bindis/dot heads allowed" (USA)
Few days ago, Hindu temple was vandalized and robbed the 5th time
2/4 This all coincides after bigoted hinduphobic professors held an event asking to destroy the hindu faith by @rutgers @uft @GoldsmithsUoL @UBC…
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Understanding that the two words are one and the same -Hindutva & Hinduism.

In the word Hindutva, the term Tattva refers to principles. There are 24 such principles or tattva of the world of duality (atma-tattva), of which the pancha bhutas are also a part.


So when one condemns Hindutva, terming it as an aggressive form of Hinduism, that person really has no heads or tails of what he is speaking about. Hindutva simply means the religious & philosophical principles followed by the Hindus.

Hinduism is just the English counterpart of the term Hindutva.
The term Hindutva is also not new, but has been used many times by many scholars of the 19th century (Bengali and Hindi scholars alike).
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#REVEALED: Many @dghconference speakers previously promoted #AntiSemitic petition.

@abhashankar1 reports #DGH speakers endorsed a statement saying:
-"Zionist Israel is the only state in the world that is NOT a state of its own citizens"
-Israel is an "inherently racist state"
Patwardhan, Sundar & Krishnan signed petition calling on India to join "socialist" Cuba & Venenzuela in "de-recognizing" & sanctioning Israel, calling it a "Zionist apartheid state."

Krishnan promoted PFLP that US designates a foreign terrorist org (FTO)…
Criticism of India & Israel is fair game. But the collapsing of that criticism into grossly #AntiSemitic & #Hinduphobic tropes by radical activists is outrageous and must be condemned.

Instead, #DGH platforms the activists at an event supported by depts at dozens of schools.
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BREAKING: A diverse group of 150 American and Canadian organizations write to universities expressing concerns regarding @dghconference, urging them to disavow such a Hinduphobic conference. 1/n…
The signatories stated: "we cannot help but feel intensely hurt when universities officially endorse those who have a history of bigotry against the same texts and religious traditions." 2/n
Letter’s signatories include a mix of orgs - from some of the largest Hindu temples & national associations, to interfaith allies, local cultural groups - and represent hundreds of thousands of mainstream Hindus, who live, study & work in communities across the two countries. 3/n
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1. जब से हमने #गुरुपरम्परा त्याग,teachers से सीखना शुरू किया, तभी से हमारे देश की आध्यात्मिक,scientific, सांस्कृतिक,राजनैतिक,आर्थिक,सामाजिक और धार्मिक दुर्गति शुरू हो गयी।
पूरी ज़िंदगी किसी teacher ने ज्ञान प्रदान नहीं किया हालाँकि मैं elite स्कूल्ज़,कॉलेज,universitiesमें पढ़ी
2. सरकारी curriculum ने जो भी मस्तिष्क में कचरा भरा उसको ख़ुद ही निकाल फेंकना पड़ा।
और किताबी ज्ञान की बजाय common sense, folk memory और जीवन ज्ञान का सहारा लिया क्यूँकि सरकारी मान्यता प्राप्त किताबी ज्ञान तो ज़हरीला निकला।
Teachers का भी दोष नहीं। वे भी system के victims हैं
3. #TeachersDay की मुबारक अखरती है क्यूँकि हमारे देश के teachers या तो unemployable lumpen फ़ौज तैय्यार कर रहे हैं या elite institutions में #DeracinatedMacualyPutras_Putris

बिन गुरु ज्ञान कितना कठिन होता है और कितना संघर्षमयी, इसका जीता जागता उद्धारण मेरा स्वयं का जीवन है।
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#Scoop: As promised, releasing more of @dghconference's "secret" list of co-sponsors.
❎Not a single co-sponsor is an expert in the study of Hinduism.
❎DGH sponsors have no competency to define Hinduism. That's why DGH attacks on Hindutva are transparent #Hinduphobic tropes
Univ. admins. are dissociating, but stating that the DGH event is an academic meeting, thus support faculty.

-"Dismantle" implies activism/violence.
-Indian communist politician is speaking.
-Hinduism is defined in contradictory, Hinduphobic terms.

List! 🥁...
-Global Legal Studies Center, University of Madison-Wisconsin
-Institute for South Asia Studies, UC Berkeley
-South Asia Institute, UT, Austin
-South Asia Program, Cornell
-Program in South Asian Studies, Princeton
-Centre for South Asian Civilizations, U Toronto, Missi.
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#Breaking: @HinduAmerican takes legal action demanding retraction & apology for false and defamatory stories that appeared in @AJEnglish (by @raqib_naik) earlier this month. Letter sent sent through CA based litigation firm retained for this action. 1/…
The letters outlining 17 false & defamatory statements were also sent to individuals quoted attacking @HinduAmerican:
-Sunita Viswanath, Raju Rajagopal @Hindus4HR
-Rasheed Ahmed @IAMCouncil
-John Prabhudoss @Fiacona_us

Damaging lies about @HinduAmerican cannot be tolerated.
Legal action required due to #Hinduphobic/xenophobic allegations of dual loyalty to foreign govt, sending funds overseas to promote hate or malign influence on US govt. These lies mirror anti-Semitic rhetoric Jewish groups historically faced & will be strongly countered. 3/
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