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The ancient city of #Dwarka is known in #Sanatan culture to have been the great and beautiful city of Krishna. The Hindu writings say that when Krishna left the Earth to join the spiritual world, the age of Kali began and Dwarka and its inhabitants were submerged by the sea.
The tales of the submersion can also evoke a tsunami like the one that struck India in 2004.
The modern Dwarka is today one of the seven sacred towns of #Hinduism, visited each year by pilgrims worshiping #Krishna.
The search for its submerged part began in the 1930s, and the first archaeological excavation took place in 1963. Numerous ancient artefacts were found, as well as the submerged remains of the ancient Dwarka during the next excavation led by an underwater archaeologist.
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1/n #Sadarpranam to Ishvara within each affiliating with #Qatar @OIC_OCI .

While the organisation hyperbolically
slammed India, reality is that their own house stinks.

This thread exposes them clearly.
2/n Their Constitution states that Sharia shall be the principal source of legislation(of course for non-Muslims too)then why should u impose our (Indian)legal proceedings based on Sharia?
Will #Qatar @OIC_OCI let Indian Constitution work for matter wrt to Hindus in their land?
3/n Interestingly, however wrong it may be the “Hindu Majoritarian” state as they state, has let Sharia be the principal source for civil legislation of Muslims.

#Qatar @OIC_OCI but look at your audacity. Let me expose you more as what I hv stated is just too mild for a bully.
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There are about 2.3 billion #Christians in the world & 1.8 billion #Muslims. That gap is expected to narrow by 2060, when there will be 3 billion #Christians & nearly 3 billion #Muslims. That’s because #Muslims, on average, are younger & have more children than do #Christians.
The countries with the 5 highest #Muslim populations are all in South and Southeast #Asia or in sub-Saharan #Africa, rather than the #MiddleEast; and the countries with the three highest #Christian populations are in the #Americas rather than in the #MiddleEast or #Europe.
By 2060, #India will retain a #Hindu majority but also will have the largest #Muslim population of any country in the world, surpassing #Indonesia. The current #Hindu population worldwide is approx 1.2 billion. Expected #Hindu population in 2060 will be nearly 1.5 billion.
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Today is Mrutunjay Amavasya, the day when Dharmaveer Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj won over death and attained Moksha.

Remembering the Brave son of Bharat Mata Chhatrapati Sambhaji maharaj on his Punya tithi.

Om Shanti 🕉

#hindu #dharma #king #hinduism #power #india #fight Image
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1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within you @_sabanaqvi ji!

Amir Khusrow’s “Chap Tilak” literally means “erasing Hindu identity (bindi) of Hindu women.” This is not syncretic but highly anti-Hindu.

Read more of Karmama of the Amir Khusraw which stand as support of this meaning.
2/n Amir Khusraw saw relationship between Muslim Turks & Hindus as that of between master & slave.

Primary Source quoted by Harsh Narain in “Myths of Composite Culture and Equality of Religions” pp. 17 Image
3/n Amir Khusraw triumphantly gloats at the subjugation of the Hindus. @_sabanaqvi this is again words of Khusraw himself.

Source: Ashiqa of Amir Khusru, translated in, History of India as told by its own Historians by Elliot and Dowson, Vol III, p545-46. Image
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Vijaya is one of the main herbs used for treatment in Ayurveda. In allopathy, ethanol acts as a base for medicines. Similarly, Vijaya helps as a base for Ayurveda. Atharva Veda holds the earliest mentioning of Vijaya dating about 1500 BCE.…
It states that Kusa grass, Barley, Bhaang, Saha, and Soma helps in releasing anxiety (Atharva Veda 11.6.15). Moreover, the Sushruta Samhita (600 BCE) prescribed the herb for phlegm, catarrh, and diarrhea.
Then, it was an Indian folk medicine in aphrodisiacs and the treatment of pain. Also, the fumes of burning Vijaya helped in treatments as an anesthetic in ancient times.
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We now discuss one of the most important weapons being used to bludgeon the Hindu community -worldwide! A panel of scholars & activists from Dalit & other backgrounds discusses “Caste and Exploitation of Indian Faultlines”. #BreakingIndiaADecadeLater #Hinduism #dalit #caste
Dr. Arvind Sharma opens the panel, with caste and cognitive dissonance. "Hindu thinkers themselves realize that descriptions in the (Dharmic) texts, which we take for granted now, as reflecting reality, did not correspond to reality" @aravindasharma #BreakingIndiaADecadeLater
“We should delve deeper into the historical evidence or the field reality of the so-called caste system, instead of being misled by an extreme focus on the texts and generalization assumption that the texts corresponded to reality” @aravindasharma #BreakingIndiaADecadeLater
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Just visited the Adi Shankaracharya's establishment (Sharada Peetham) at Sringeri, Karnataka. What surprised me, & even shocked me was the fact that at the free meal (Prasadam) served there,

I saw some women wearing full #Burqa , with a band of their children & their men eating the Prasadam.

Mind you, Adi Shankaracharya represents core #Hinduism and people visiting the place are staunch #Hindus .

Obviously, the meal cooked was not at all #Halal and yet these #Burqa - wearing females and their families had no problem eating their meal there.

Needless to say, no one objected to them partaking the meal and they were served as happily as anyone else.
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#Pitambaradevi …Shatrubuddhivinashini .. #Bagulamukhi Mata is one of the most powerful Devi who stands eighth amongst the #Dus Mahavidyas. According to the iconography as mentioned in the Tantrasara, Bagulamukhi mata is depicted sitting over a golden throne amidst the ocean . Image
Portrayed pulling the tongue of a demon with Her left hand while raising a club to strike the demon with Her right hand, Maa is associated with Yellow colour and this colour plays a pivotal role while worshipping Her. Image
There are different interesting stories about her appearance .. according to one of it , there was a demon named Madan, He had acquired the boon of Vak- siddhi according to which anything he said came true. Madan misused this boon and troubled humans and also killed them. Image
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#Hindu Funerary Monuments:
Ordinary Hindus are cremated after their #death except for the saints. According to religious traditions, they are buried, and their shrines are called #Samadhi. The term Samadhi in #Hinduism also refers to an elevated state of mental awareness. 1/ Pic - Rajesh Avhad
Death by Samadhi usually involves inhumation rather than cremation on a pyre. However, samadhi memorials may or may not contain the remains of the deceased. This ritual occurs in 3 stages- taking Samadhi, the burial of the body, and site construction. 2/
The belief is that body of a saint or guru should be preserved as a symbol of sacred power. In this context, the #Hindu memorial is similar to the #Buddhist stupa, where relics of Buddhist teachers are buried and worshipped. 3/
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Q: Dr. Truschke, why don't you ever talk about Sanatana Dharma.

Answer: 🧵

#Hinduism #history #colonialism
Some Hindus prefer the term "Sanatana Dharma" for their tradition or set of religious practices.

Literally, the phrase means "eternal dharma," but y'all know there's much more to language than literal meaning. So let's talk history.
The term "Sanatana dharma" was coined in the 19th century, during British colonialism.

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Most terms for Hindu traditions or strands thereof -- including Hinduism and Brahmanism --were coined during the British colonial period.
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THREAD: @npr's journalist @lfrayer is an example of the continued problematic representation and structural bias against #Hinduism and #India in mainstream media. A random video of trash and lawlessness in Los Angeles is an opportunity to bash India. 1/n
And this on the holy day of #MakarSankranti, when the country she reports about is honoring the forces of nature--harvest cycles, the rains, the alignment of the sun, the zodiac, traditional local foods & more. But colonial media representatives can only see India in trash. 2/n
@lfrayer seems to be taking cues from Katherine Mayo, a racist American historian, whose 1927 book, "Mother India," was denounced as a “drain inspectors report” by no less a personage than Mahatma Gandhi. #Hinduphobia unfortunately has a long history. 3/n…
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Udayagiri caves (MP): A thread
These are 20 rock-cut caves dating early 5th century CE. The caves contain some of the oldest surviving Hindu temples and iconography. Apart from Hinduism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism and Shaivism iconography are also found. T ImageImageImageImage
The site at Udayagiri Caves was the patronage of Chandragupta II. This sculpture is believed to be of Chandragupta II, paying homage to Vahara, avatar of Vishnu.(Cave 5) Image
This is the Vahara panel which narrates the story of man-boar avatar of Vishnu rescuing goddess earth from the depths of cosmic ocean. The various other figures are: Vishnu, Prithvi, Brahma, Shiva, Adityas, Agni, Vayu, 11Rudras, Ganadevtas, Rishis, Samudra, Virasena, (Cave 5) ImageImageImageImage
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Gandhians can SKIP this.😁

#SANATANIs knew abt planets which controlled vibration of a DAY.

Mangalvar/Tuesday —MAR’s & colour RED

Oh btw everything in Hinduism is so closely associated with planet of #WAR & SOLDIERS that frm MANGAL SUTRA to “Mangal raho”— its all abt MARS.😇
2/3 That’s is a traditional THAALI (Mangalsutra) from Kerala. 👆

Mars is associated with Colour RED and METALs— so it a coincidence that MANGAL—SUTRA has metal in it?

You may call it by diff names— but MANGAL SUTRA always has METAL in it. 😊
3/3 Astrologically MANGALIK (or Mangal Dosh) in ur chart can impact your marriage.
What does that mean?

Simplest logic— MARS is about PASSION!!!

A mangalik person is PASSIONATE— dont you dare get a passionate person married to a logical person.😃
Their marriage wont survive!
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We can clearly see that from kanishka coin that there is Buddha written. All Chinese monks travellers
Also wrote it. Kanishka was the follower of mahayana buddhist folllower. He was not Hindu king
Hindu name it self was given latter of Muslim invaders. @BharadwajSpeaks
If you see Mahayana-Vajrayana-
Tantryana Buddhism you can see trishul.
Trishul meaning- Trisharan Buddha, Dhamma, Sangh. It's been stolen from Buddhism and later added to the mythical character Shiva. [Thread]
On seeing the trident in the hand, people are told to tell the idol of Shiva.
It's a habit. But today's idol of #Shiva is from Tantravehicle [Buddhism] example of how it has evolved, the statue below
can be seen from below which Dhammachak is also built [Thread]
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THREAD: Maa Sita’s befitting reply to Ravana, when he tried to convince her, after holding captive.

#Ramayana #Hinduism
यथा तव तथान्येषां दारा रक्ष्या निशाचर।
आत्मानमुपमां कृत्वा स्वेषु दारेषु रम्यताम्।।


“O nightranger Enjoy your wives. Take care of them. Taking your example, others' wives also deserve to be protected.”
अतुष्टं स्वेषु दारेषु चपलं चलितेन्द्रियम्।
नयन्ति निकृतिप्रज्ञं परदाराः पराभवम्।।

“The wives of others will insult an evilminded man who is not satisfied with his own wives, is fickleminded and has no control over his senses.”
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Any celeb who thinks that only one faith system - #Hinduism - needs change, modernisation, reformation, however right they maybe will only attract negative publicity & create a deeper divide in #India. If they fight & talk of the weaknesses in other faith systems ALSO they gain
credibility. However the fact which nobody will dare to mention is that the slightest criticism of other faiths will attract such instant retribution that these celebs get crucified literally. Their fear is so real the only faith they can preach about is #Hinduism. Even this
would be acceptable provided they didn't act uppity & deride this faith as intolerant. They should be appreciating the tolerance & telling others to emulate. But then for decades esp under the @INCIndia eco system they believed truly that the #Hindus were lambs that could be used
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In #hinduism Devi #Durga is a collective energy created by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva to slay demon Mahisasur . Born fully grown and beautiful, Durga presents a fierce menacing form to her enemies.She is usually depicted riding a lion and with 8 or 10 arms.
Each holding the special weapon of one of the gods, who gave them to her for her battle against the buffalo demon. Chakra in her 1st upper right hand symbolizes #dharma .
#Conch in her first upper left hand symbolizes happiness. We must perform our duty happily and cheerfully and not with resentment.#Sword in her second right lower hand symbolizes eradication, We must learn to discriminate and eradicate our evil qualities.
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In #Hinduism Flowers are an integral part of daily and ceremonial worship .
Offering flowers at the feet of the deity is a symbolic act of offering your purest and most sincere feelings to the deity. There is a valid reason behind why a particular flower .
If we talk about one such flower, that is #Aparajita . They are considered as one of the auspicious flower in Hindu society, both the white and the blue aparajita are considered to be high-vibrational offerings for Gods and Godesses.
Aparajita’s blue hue is the mark of individuality, grace, and abundance as gigantic as the sky and as deep as the deepest of the seas. It is considered as a supreme female power of Mother #Mahagauri sacred feminine energies of the highest vibrations.
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ACTION ALERT: Urge universities & their departments to condemn open bigotry against #Hindus by @dghconference. Thread provides evidence of #Hinduphobia + hate speech against #Hinduism. We ask the community & our allies to take action now! Visit… 1/n
D1 Sess.3, Dr. Gajendran Ayyathurai of @uniGoettingen dangerously and falsely declared that Hinduism inspired Nazism, opening Hindus up for hatred, gaslighting and harassment. 2/n
D1 Sess.3, Dr. Ayyathurai called Hindus "violent malignant Brahmins." Targeted 5 Hindu last names as those with a history of extreme violence, quoting that they are "...violent advocates of...malignant Brahmanism," thus singling out groups + encouraging violence, bullying. 3/n
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For all the apparent bonhomie during the #ModiInAmerica visit the following stand out. 1) As critics gleefully pointed out #kamlaHarris tweeted the visit very late 2) #Modi did not wear a suit even once & only Indian ethnic dress 3) #NarendraModi refused to speak in English even
in the meeting with #JoeBiden using a interpreter 4) A hug was rejected & limited to holding hands 5) #Hindi, #Sanskrit, #IndianCulture, #INDIA INDIA INDIA at every stage with a determined espousal as the Mother of all #democracies, #Vaccine, #Chanakya, #DeenDayalUpadhyaya he
snubbed those who lectured with a slap 6) #NarendraModi bluntly told failures of world orgs without taking names about origin of vaccine & #Afghanistan 7) The most self confident assertion was when he said "When India grows, the world grows, When India reforms world transforms"
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Hindu Belief on the Meaning of Life

Hinduism, one of the world's oldest religions, is difficult to define. The religion has both monotheistic and polytheistic components. It has many deities, but these deities are a manifestation of Brahman.
#Thread Image
Vishnu and Shiva -- are givers of creation and life as well as of destruction. Although its complex cosmology is layered, it does encourage four universal goals, or purusharthas, that shape the meanings of life: dharma, artha, kama and moksha.
Karma and Samsara-
Karma is the belief that every action has a consequence, and a person's karma strives to create a balance between these actions. Karma shapes reincarnation-the rebirth of one's soul into another physical form-as a person's actions decide the circumstances
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In Shaktam, #Parvati stands for #Shakti, feminine power. Without Shakti, Shiva is shava, a mere corpse. It is the Mother who manifests her divine powers to exhibit as Durga and Kali. The chief forms of Parvati as Durga , Mahaishamardini, Jagaddhatri and Kali
#Maa Chandi is the name by which Maa Durga is referred to in Devi Mahatmyam , the fierce manifestation of Shakti, the symbol of feminine power.The text glorifying the victory of MaaDurga over the demon Mahisasura. Text is also known as Durga #Saptashati or Chandi Path.
Saptashata’ means 700 verses arranged into 13 chapters. In which MaaDurga is described as killing of several demons by taking the form of Chandi. This fierce mother has big eyes dressed in red and green adorned with garlands of flowers and in front of her is vehicle the Lion .
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