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Didn't your reporter try to tarnish President Trump over claims the Human Trafficking Network (which uses containers to ship their human cargo) - and which feeds their Luciferian Calendar?


May God Have Mercy Upon Your Souls.

I want to call attention to their published unholy menu:

ABC - you covered up the Jeffrey Epstein Island expose - now you diminish & ridicule investigations into terror campaigns & child abductions - is there a bottom to your depravity?

Part of it? Image

we had everything. THE PALACE called you to quash the story? Remember?

WE DO NOT FORGET. So, when we follow the money & YOUR symbolism.


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Check out the symbolism in this new #KatyPerry video. Checker box 🤡s
This is older but way worse, pure cannibalism and even had a human cooked into a pie in the last shot. Sick people
They never even tried to hide it
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It's almost time Patriots are getting off work.. Everywhere

For #Anons that are home..

Make it fucking Rain with documented proof that Masks are worthless against any form of CoronaVirus under this post. Myself & Scott @BardsFM will make sure the @WhiteHouse Knows⚡⚡
What Sucks for #MSDNC and every Asshat Pundit willing to accept a CHECK to sell the 4A.M drop,, a lie, #Patriots & #Anons will search the ends of the Earth to find the truth....
@POTUS Fire Fauci ⚠️
Full Video -->>
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Mega Boom! #RobertMaxwell invested 1.666M+.333M in #Romney’s #BainCapital. Bain also has a partnership w/ #Branson’s #VirginVoyages who’s on the board of international center for missing & exploited children. #Biden also has a submarine accessible island 🤯
This ties in #NXIVM as well which branded #SexSlaves and owned by the #Bronfman family. The Bronfman family also has huge stakes many #MSM companies like #CNN #TimeWarner #Vivendi #MSDNC and so many more. Bronfman’s also founded Mega Group w/ Epstein’s handler Wexner & Spielberg
KABOOM! #Soros #Trudeau #Hillary #Schumer #Branson #Maxwell #Epstein biggest sting is being played out in history before our eyes!
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Does anyone else see the incoming narrative from MSM?! This week they will show you how many shooting deaths there were in big cities like Chicago. What they won’t tell you is who’s involved in those shootings. Majority have unfortunately been black on black crime. This is not...
a racist tweet. This is an Awareness tweet! The MSM doesn’t care about black on black crime. Wouldn’t that be considered racist in itself?! They will speak of the 60+ shot in Chicago, 50+ in NYC, etc.

If #BLM to the MSM why isn’t this a bigger discussion? Why will the MSM
Use the shootings as a talking point to take guns away, but they won’t mention the numerous black lives, including black children whom have been shot... who’s the real racist?! Who’s the real anti-American?…

@realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @Scavino45
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Reason #9,456,118 why normal folks just don't trust the #MSM #FakeNews these days, like @gabegutierrez and @NBCNews

1) They are saying the Pledge of Allegiance
2) This post is still up and it's factually incorrect

do much for #FactsMatter with #MSDNC eh?
@gabegutierrez @NBCNews ^ SO much .... (my fat fingers are over active on Mondays)
@gabegutierrez @NBCNews Reason #9,456,119 normal folks don't trust the #MSM #FakeNews Media like .@CNN

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Are you spending every day reacting crazily to every stupid and idiotic thing that #MSMNews reports? Let me say it again. Voting America does not even know who #OhCrazyGirlCortex is. They don’t watch CNN or MSDNC. I haven’t watched #MSMCableNews since October 28. I am windswept.
The next time a lunatic Dem suggests the notion of #Impeachment remind him that the election is next year. If they want to remove a duly-elected president why don’t they do with the old fashion way by running a candidate who is better and who wins. And watch their expression.
Stop responding viscerally to every stupid story the mainstream media news provides. Devote your time to, of all things, alternative media and American and world history. Recognizing history’s reemergence is critical for any sentient and American voter.
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There's a tack that's deadly to the cause and injurious to the truth. And that's what's been provided heretofore. Trump's message must be one of "feeling the pain" of those caught in a situation that Americans feel as well but must be given priority. Think carefully.
Meanwhile as the pathetic left continues to grind out the theme of children wrenched from the arms of their parents the rest of the real world focuses on the ever-evolving #IGReport that proves nothing short of astounding to those of us who care about that which is pertinent.
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