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Here's anti-racism activist Jane Elliott explaining in 2017 (?) why White Republicans wanted Roe Vs Wade overturned ASAP
"The Birth Dearth"

#RoeVWade #RoeVsWade
that GOP #BirthDearth 💩 is chilling

#RoeVsWade #RoeVWade
White women are under-represented in American abortion statistics, as they generally have better access to family planning education & methods than other ethnic groups

Clarence Thomas signalled the right to contraception is next after RoeVsWade…
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Durch die Recherche zu Verbindungen einer #InstaCop zu einem bekannten extremen Rechten rückt der personalisierten Instagramauftritt der #Polizei #Niedersachsen ins Rampenlicht.

Gut so! Denn die Polizeikommunikation auf #Instagram ist schon an sich höchst problematisch.

Ein 🧵
1️⃣ Vorweg: Die Polizei Niedersachsen ist seit 2019 mit personalisierten Accounts in verschiedenen Sozialen Netzwerken aktiv, um für die Bevölkerung noch viel "nahbarer und erlebbarer" zu werden. Das nennt sie "Digitales Community Policing" (DCP).…
2️⃣Auf Instagram teilen dafür heute rund 20 Polizist*innen ausgewählte Inhalte aus ihrem Dienstalltag auf personalisierten Accounts, die aber zum offiziellen Öffentlichkeitsauftritt der Polizei Niedersachsen gehören und durch Social Media Manager*innen betreut werden.
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🚨Crimes committed by cops!🚨

@bostonpolice has an officer UNLAWFULLY recording peaceful protesters at @MayorWu’s Coffee event in Dorchester. 🍩

BPD why are you harassing moms w/ kids in strollers? 👀

Resources best spent elsewhere! 📸

#shameonwu #bospoli #boston #mapoli
UPDATE: The citizen who recorded this video, SHAWN NELSON, was just arrested @MayorWu’s Coffee Hours in Ronan Park, Dorchester while peacefully protesting.

#boston #bospoli #mapoli #shameonwu #civilrights #blacklivesmatter
Link to video credit of @bostonpolice profiling Shawn Nelson while he peacefully protested:…
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Police in Louisville, Ky. (@LMPD) are seeking the identity of a black male suspect who assaulted the Democrat mayor on Saturday on Fourth Street Live. Earlier this year, #BLM leader & Antifa supporter Quintez Brown allegedly tried to assassinate a Democrat mayoral candidate. ImageImage
Here is the video showing an unidentified black male sucker punching Louisville Democrat mayor Greg Fischer (@louisvillemayor) to the ground at a #Juneteenth event on Saturday.
Antwon Brown, 30, of Louisville, Ky., has been arrested and charged with assault for allegedly punching Democrat @louisvillemayor to the ground at a #Juneteenth celebration. Image
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#Ökofaschismus – Was ist das? Ein langer Thread.

Triggerwarnung: Ich werde hier antisemitische, rassistische und faschistische Inhalte und Symbole behandeln, um darüber aufzuklären. Denn so können wir uns dem Faschismus besser widersetzen. #FCKNZS #antifa
Die Ursprünge des #Ökofaschismus können wir vermutlich bereits in der rassistischen Kolonialgeschichte finden. Oft wird er aber um 1800 in der Romantik gesetzt. Was eigentlich meine liebste literarische Epoche ist, hat leider auch eine Schattenseite.
Die Romantik ist die Gegenbewegung zur Industrialisierung & Urbanisierung. Die völkische Bewegung propagierte ein Zurück zu den „vollkommenen“ Wurzeln des reinen Bauerndaseins. In den 1920/30ern wurden die „urbanen Juden“ zum Gegensatz des naturverbundenen Landvolkes konstruiert. Image
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1/3 #BLM OTD 1967 Thurgood Marshall, appointed to the SCOTUS by President Lyndon Johnson becomes the 1st Black U.S. Supreme Court justice. A staunch opponent of discrimination, he would serve on the bench for 24 years.
2/3 He defended affirmative action & abortion, fought for the rights of criminal defendants & opposed the death penalty. After receiving a law degree from Howard University in D.C. in 1933, joined the legal counsel of the NAACP.
3/3 He won 29 cases for the organization, including a landmark victory the 1954's Brown v. Board of Ed case, which formally ended segregation in all US public schools. He retired from the bench in 1991 and passed away at 84 on Jan. 24, 1993.
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1/4 #BLM OTD civil Rights activist Medgar W. Evers was shot in the back by a white supremacist in front of his Jackson, Mississippi home. He was only 37 years old. Born in Decatur, Mississippi, on July 2, 1925,
2/4 He became involved with the NAACP when working for a Black insurance company in the Mississippi Delta in 1952. As the 1st NAACP field officer in the state, he recruited new members & investigated incidents of racial violence.
3/4 Evers was instrumental in helping James Meredith, a Black student, enter the University of Mississippi in 1962. He & his family were subject to attacks from white supremacists. On May 28, '63, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at his home.
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The final keynote of #bystander22 is by @jayvanbavel on "Morality in the Anthropocene".

We evolved in small-scale groups but is now connected in vast, social media network. What are the consequences? 1/17
As EO Wilson noted: "We have paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and godlike technology". How can we manage our ancient emotions in the modern technology environment? Contrast with Zuckerberg's notion of "moving fast and breaking things". 2/17
57 % of all humans use social media. The average user uses it 2.2 hours per day. On average, 5.7 years of your life will be used on social media. All this has emerged fast. 3/17
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This hasn’t aged well.

The double standard and unmitigated hypocrisy beggars belief.

No buildings were 🔥 burned.
No policemen 👮🏻‍♂️ were killed.
No looting occurred.

Police opened the doors ffs!😲

Remember, America…

The same people blathering on about #Insurrection are the same ones who tried for FOUR years to convince you that #RussianCollusion was real and #BLM & #Antifa were ‘peacefully’ protesting in 2020.

Lest we forget…

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This entire kerfuffle boils down to one thing: in 2022, white people, esp. males, fear being called “a racist” above anything else. Racism is a mortal sin. The psychology of how this functions on the right & the left is extraordinary. Both are driven by anxiety.
Progressives will make sure they have #BLM, etc. in their Twitter bio even though they don’t have actually black friends, as seen in their wedding photos. They make a point to signal that they read current on black opinions, etc. “Oh, yeah, I’ve read X…”, etc.
Conservatives will avoid the topic like the plaque or will socially isolate themselves in spaces where they can talk about race without being called “a racist.” Or they’ll find a black person who says what they believe. “A black person says what I think, so I can’t be racist…”
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(51) I'll refresh my 'articles' thread, up-top, with many more pieces.

Here, in an academic article, Bob Maranto, Pat Wolf, and myself look at how police departments can ACTUALLY REDUCE cop shootings - and why most of the #BLM lit doesn't touch on
(52) In this piece, for @Newsweek, I point out we are not going to take ~450M legal weapons away from taxpayers, and suggest specific solutions to mass watching those who say they might commit one, and not making those who do…
(53) In another @Newsweek article, I point out the Taboo Obvious: there is no One Team of bespoke-suit wearing whites oppressing everyone else, and causes like gay rights and Palestinian lib have literally nothing to do with one…

Agree or nah?
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The latest #BLM hoax narrative about a police shooting in Kansas City:
AJ+ spread disinformation about the shooting as well.
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Been wondering for many years if U.S. intelligence agencies are behind many mass shootings.

There's an
in the #UvaldePolice tape.
Is this evidence?

#BLM ImageImageImageImage
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#BeauOfTheFifthColumn takes on kops in #Uvalde:

Nothing but full pressure and full engagement was acceptable.
That warrior cop thing is just clothes.

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In this 🧵 thread, many Eritrean social media activists, the majority of whom live in exile in Europe, Canada, and the US, have called for mass atrocities against Tigrayans. The calls are highly violent; they explicitly call for mass atrocities and the annihilation of #Tigrayans.
1. An Eritrean girl living in exile calls on the 🇪🇷n govt to exterminate all #Tigrayans, including newly conceived. She said, if the Eritrean govt truly loves his people, he must annihilate the Tigrayans from the face of the earth.
@hrw @LaetitiaBader @UNGeneva
2. Nura Ali, an 🇪🇷 living in Europe: "🇪🇹ns, if you want 🇪🇷n people & forces to help you, you must slaughter #Tigrayans in your city & Addis Ababa with machetes. She urged Amhara activists to spread the message on social media & begin slaughtering #Tigrayans throughout Ethiopia."
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1/11 Local media have basically republished police news releases about increasing youth violence in my family's neighbourhood, downtown Victoria. But there are some curious details that remain unexamined. Plus, a push to put police back in school.…
2/11 According to police (this TC story is basically a VicPD news release reprinted verbatim), "about 100 youths from across the region have been flocking downtown and wreaking havoc." Unhoused people are among those targeted. This is important because...…
3/11 Unhoused people or "the homeless" have typically been blamed for increased perception of danger downtown since mid-2019 (when VicPD cut back on officer patrols because of a funding dispute with council). But it is the unhoused who are at particular risk of violence.
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1. First of all I'd like to give shout outs to @AngryFleas @CardiacSmarts @KD2NFC @PamelaEdwards @PootDibou @Joe__312 @CPT_Cosmosis @BullshitReturns @InfoGuru16 who have been working for the past week studying 2000 Mules and finding all sorts of evidence.
2. They've all done a tone of good work and I'll be linking to posts/threads they have made in this thread, and now on with the show.
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Thanks @nickconfessore! I been watching @TuckerCarlson since the Brinkley days on ABC 30 years ago & I always thought George Will was the white supreme! I just thought Carlson was aa arrogant punk.

This white supreme nationalist concept of "replacement" is confusing though. 1/5
@nickconfessore @TuckerCarlson I've thought that replacing higher-paid workers w/ min wage (or lower) employees was just good business practice?

There are a finite number of jobs & so new workers helps keep labor costs down but I see nothing white supreme a/b that--it's just good business, right?
@nickconfessore @TuckerCarlson I assume that the 72,000 fired New York nurses w/ immunity proven from working w/ the sick 18 months were replaced by nurses from developing nations at a more reasonable wage, right?

Plus, they're much more likely to "go along w/ the program" if you get my drift ;>).
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On Gun Legislation ( a thread):

Our Children Should Not Have to Suffer and Die to Pander to the Machismo Fantasies and Cowardly Fears of a Minority.


What I always think of is the analogy with cars.

People don't generally go around committing mass murder with autos. Sure, people get killed in auto accidents, but it is not intentional. And we all *need* autos for daily tasks, errands, and work (unlike guns) ... so if it is an "evil" it is a necessary one ... daily!

2/ #FBR
Yet, what of cars? We require registration of them, of the driver, licensing, and training. Why are guns exempt from safety concerns? Why? I'll tell you why ... bc of rednecks who need them to feel "manly" (i.e., machismo)...

3/ #FBR #resist #SandyHook #2ndAmendment #resistance
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I bet he didn't need a letter of approval from a therapist or psychologist for this gender affirming surgery.
This whole page is full of gender affirming (or masculinization) surgeries that likely don't require any pre-approvals by therapist or psychologist.
Since some folx don't seem to comprehend the comparison, having "a small(er) jawline & then utilizing plastic surgery as means of widening or squaring your jaw, is quite literally a gender affirming surgery. & one that likely doesn't require a therapist to validate your gender 1/
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Our paper, “How do archaeologists write about racism? Computational text analysis of 41 years of @SAAorg Annual Meeting Abstracts” is now #openaccess in @AntiquityJ… with @LiyingWang10 & @benmarwick. Our key findings 🧵 … An image of the first page of the PDF of our journal article
Inspired by #BLM & work by @aflewellen @ArchFieldNotes @AliciaOdewale @HendrattaAli @melissa_cronin, we examine how 1000s of archaeologists have written about #racism using computational text analysis with racism-related keywords: “race", "racial", "racism", and “racist”. 1/ Poster with the text "black lives matter" in black
Our computational methods come from the innovative work of @ted_underwood @mljockers @dmimno & only possible thx to the excellent #rstats pkgs by @kenbenoit @opencpu @juliasilge & @drob. Our data are 60,000+ openly available conference abstracts from @SAAorg. 2/ Image of the society of American Archaeology logo.
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More disturbing graffiti found this evening at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Calls for violence against @SeattlePD @MrAndyNgo @MayorJenny @realmikesolan.
Signs indicate far left/Antifa sympathizers could be responsible.
OTHER INSULTS AND THREATS: @MayorofSeattle also mentioned again in this latest round of vandalism at Cal Anderson Park. #Seattle
PARKS TARGETED AGAIN: @SeattleParks just cleaned graffiti at Cal Anderson. Also over the weekend, vandals trashed parks HQ on Dexter Ave N., leaving intimidating messages including one that read, “You sweep, we strike,” in reference to recent homeless encampment clearings.
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This is very important to understand. Progressive orthodoxy on race (CRT, DEI, 'social justice', Critical Ethnic Studies) is consistently used to demonize Jews/Israel. This is nothing new but is gaining momentum and is virtually unaddressed in the Israel advocacy space.
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Paul McCartney's masterpiece Tug of War released #OTD 4/26/1982 (40 years ago)! Produced by #Beatles producer George Martin, the album featured Stevie Wonder, Ringo Starr and Carl Perkins. The smash #1 hit Ebony and Ivory sought perfect harmony. This...
2/ #PaulMcCartney #TugOfWar … was his first post-Beatles album produced by George Martin. The production is impressive, the songs varied. It's in the wake of Lennon's death, the Wings breaking up, etc.
3/ #BLM #EbonyAndIvory was a beautiful song AND a video marvel. McCartney and Wonder were shown “side by side on my piano” though actually across the Atlantic Ocean from each other. Then again, McCartney helped invent the music video, so maybe no surprise?
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