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BREAKING: Officials in #Jonesboro County, Georgia are seeking to move the city's sole polling site from a museum to the Jonesboro Police Dept.

This is clear #VoterSuppression. Along w/ our partners, we are resisting this move which would have a chilling effect on the Black vote.
@LawyersComm @866OURVOTE @Georgia_NAACP @gapeoplesagenda @NewGAProject @markniesse The Jonesboro Police Department has a long history of tensions with the Black community. In 2018, Jonesboro Police Chief Franklin Allen resigned following complaints by #BLM activists about the treatment of a Black teen held in police custody.…
@LawyersComm @866OURVOTE @Georgia_NAACP @gapeoplesagenda @NewGAProject @markniesse Prior to his resignation, Jonesboro Police Chief Franklin Allen exacerbated tensions with the community by vowing to aggressively enforce the city's "sagging pants” law - a tool used to racially profile PoC.…
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And now I'm going to live-tweet a skim of the Harvard affirmative action decision:…
First observation: The Court is sticking to the Fisher II playbook. They favorably cite right away Harvard's ongoing evaluation of its own efforts to promote diversity (the 2015 Khurana committee).
The rhetoric of the Court, much like that of most of the admissions debate since basically forever, accepts GPA and SAT as unproblematic measures of academic excellence:
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This is the article on #BLM I have been waiting for! Written from a place of deep love for black people- @KeeangaYamahtta provides the most honest discussion of the movts past challenges & hopes for the future --that I have read to date…
@KeeangaYamahtta a must-assign article to anyone teaching on social movts. She writes: "But no movement continues simply because its cause is righteous. Its rise or fall is ultimately determined by a tricky calculus involving strategy, tactics, politics, moves, and countermoves."
@KeeangaYamahtta On BLM navigating the halls of the Democratic establishment: "The Obama administration had a virtual “open door” policy when it came to activists. Their strategy was to make busyness and constant engagement look like progress." 🔥
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Do not make me Do a thread on this..
5 Ways The Right Thinks Obama Is Trying To Disarm The Police…
Shocking: Obama to Disarm – Demilitarize Police
Who'Next Mu. In Congress? Ilhan Omar she will continue where Obama left off.. Don't Say I didn't Warn you!!!…
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Lets Talk about the recent wave of Attacks on Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, with Data! (Thread)

1. The Forward, as always, is misdirecting & toxically fomenting identify grievance politics. @JonahPesner may not give a fig, but most People OF COURSE care

2. Its important to understand what is actually going on. At the substrate is folks like @lsarsour & @louisfarrakhan who are out there blaming "Satanic" Jews for all the ills of urban life (over-policing, gentrification, etc). but this is not new...…
3. What has changed is @NYCMayor's War of Policing. Orthodox Jews are a "visible" victim of that decision, but it seems clear that respect for police / police effectiveness is weakening more broadly. . .…
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Reflecting on the five year anniversary of the killing of Mike Brown and the Ferguson protests that followed - I want to tell you a story.

A Thread on #mikebrown #BLM #police and my struggle to know how to use my voice for good
Sometime in the early or mid-1990's, after I had recently moved to the St. Louis area from California, I volunteered to make a run to the food bank for my church.
This was my first trip to North County (traveling north of the Del Mar divide). I lived in a working class neighborhood in South County - and had learned enough from my neighbors to know "you don't go to North County or East St. Louis"
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@real_defender @realDonaldTrump #FactCheck #TrumpsTerrorists

Donald Trump is a ”champion” at two things: kakistocracy and inciting violence. Let’s look at a few cases, shall we?

First, the violence:

36 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults…
@real_defender @realDonaldTrump Aug. 19, 2015: In Boston, after he and his brother beat a sleeping homeless man of Mexican descent with a metal pole, Steven Leader, 30, told police "Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported."

#TrumpsTerrorists #WhiteSupremacistInChief
@real_defender @realDonaldTrump Dec. 5, 2015: Penn State University student Nicholas Tavella, 19, was charged with "ethnic intimidation" and other crimes for threatening to "put a bullet" in a young Indian man on campus. “What are you, from the Middle East?” Tavella asked the student.
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1/ This does not, necessarily, speak to individual's character but to the insidious nature of a system that thrives on inertia as much as hate.

There are two types of Americans: those that interrogate and deconstruct how they help to sustain white supremacy, and those that don’t
2/ You can be kind and altruistic. You could love black people. You could hate white people.

You can support white supremacy cause you’re a light skinned dude like me and it feels good to feel a little better than someone else or simply cause you don’t want to think about it.
3/ It is a system built to exploit as many people as possible while making as many people feel as comfortable as possible—even the people it oppresses.

It thrives on a lack of self criticism and the feeling we all want to carry unchallenged: that we are good.
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Excellent points, Kellyanne. These are dark days for America. Trying to take guns away from innocent citizens is not the answer. Perhaps mental health is not, either. This “kid” who got an AK-47 with a 7.62 caliber was either combat trained or a hired professional.
2/ He was in black from head to toe. This was a HIT. It was PLANNED; & even crazy people can PLAN, perhaps in anticipation of #AntifaDomesticTerrorists proposed “meeting,” in #ElPasoSeptember It’s time to arrest these groups, & end the hate they engender👇🏻
3/ A pic of #Soros goes with the subject of #Antifa & #ElPasoTerrorist it’s because he directly funds #BLM #Antifa #TheCaravans through his affiliations with CARA (Pueblo Sin Fronteras in Chgo, run by Roberto Corona), La Familia Latina Unida (the parent company founded in 2001 by
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This is a thread about the epidemic of post-#resist plucky white woman racism we are currently experiencing a rash of.

It's kind of about Hillary, mostly about Handmaid's Tale, and (though trust and believe, it pains me greatly) a little bit about Elizabeth Warren.
So. Handmaid's Tale.

I'm not the first person to point out, the TV show's entire premise is, hey middle class white ladies, wouldn't it suck if you were treated the same way that black women have been treated for centuries?
It's a real fucking departure from the actual book, btw, in some of the worst ways possible.

What's so compelling about Atwood's original work is, it asks the same question, with no easy outs.
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"1/3 of our global food supply is pollinated by bees. Simply put, bees keep plants and crops alive."
🐝 If All The Bees In The World Die, Humans Will Not Survive:…
Deregulation and control of judiciary appointments: The core tactics at the heart of GOP anti-governance. Here's the latest in banking deregulation and it's corrosive effect on the living standards of us 99%:
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This is laughable. I LIVE on the Arizona/Mexico border. That someone has the effrontery to presume to “know” what created our border crises albeit 5,000 miles from the source is nothing less than insulting. This “crises” has two prongs: the first being GEORGE SOROS, secondarily,
2/ we had EIGHT years of a repressed economy under #Obama As poor as he was, he was great for suppressing Imigration. NO ONE WANTED TO COME TO THE US. George Soros, works w/ his Open Border Policies, via two foundations: Fronteras Sin Borders.… and CARA
3/ CARA stands for Catholic Legal Services, Refugee & Immigration Ctr. for Education, Legal & American Lawyers Assoc. CARA is also supported by the Family Detention Pro Bono Agency. The coordinator for CARA is in Dilley, TX, named Alex Mensing. He receives funding directly from
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Hard to answer succinctly, but I think the backlash is not about animal rights, but more about a MAN interrupting WOMEN which has historically been the way conversations happen in this country. Add to it that WOC are being interrupted and it’s a recipe to delegitimize a cause. 1/
I think we’d both agree that animal rights is an important topic for many reasons. Unfortunately, in this instance, AR is no longer the topic of discussion. Rather, a man who appears as white on camera, interrupting, silencing, and threatening women of color is the takeaway. 2/
I think the comparison to Bernie is interesting. If you take a look at the video of bernie being interrupted I think two things were going on 1) #BLM had gained enough support to stage a disruption and 2) The optics were in the disruptors’ favor. 3/
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“Hope” @BarackObama⁩ staple
“Hope” has no measurables
“Hope” cannot be challenged
“Hope” is always positive.
“Hope” important for those you cannot act to better own future.

Real Leaders don’t “hope” but “Act”

@realDonaldTrump⁩ never speaks of ”Hope” just “Acts”
2/ Great irony @BarackObama knows #Fakefeminist Trudeau
1. No GDP growth vs Trumps 3.2%
2. New taxes vs Trumps tax cuts
3. Canadians in China jail. USA -0
4. No Canada ambassadors 3 countries -USA all
5. #ObstructionOfJustice Twice #snc and #marknorman
6. Polling 23% Trump 53%
3/ in USA since @realDonaldTrump
No cop killings
No terrorists #blm
Hate crimes down
No jihadists killings
Booming economy
Fairer trade deals
No secret $B “death to USA” iran
Record unemployment
Record Dow
No apologize for America
China confronted- not given keys to World
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(1) I am disappointed in your latest tweet.

What about all of the people who support you who are white and hispanic who are targeted?

35-40% of the people who stalk me are black. I never reference this.

You could serve as a rallying point.
(2) Instead you are attempting to utilize racism as a leverage mechanism.

Bad move Lamotte. They have (possibly) chosen one of your targeting teams, who are white/redneck/supremacist because people like that upset you the most.

You are playing right into their PSYOP.
(3) For a man of your intelligence, I am disappointed that you dumped many of your supporters off of the bandwagon.

Would I support your claims of stalking, DEWs, illegal targeting, gaslighting, theft, Zersetzung, etc?


But this is a white supremacist agenda???
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At a talk by @professor_stas on fascism/antifascism at Portland State. Prof. Vysotsky and slide projected “Fascist Mobilization and Antifascist Resistance.
Fascism & antifascism are counter movements.

Not seeking redress from the state.

Antifascists only mobilize to counter fascist movement.
Antifascists create antifascist culture to counter fascist culture.
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@tomwatson #QuestionsForBernie Will you be accepting any PAC, SuperPAC, or corporate money? Will you continue to accept money from the NRA and/or Defense Industry, as you did the last time?
@tomwatson #QuestionsforBernie If you are mathematically eliminated from being the nominee, will you campaign for the nominee and support the party? Will you remain a Democrat if you do not win the primary?
@tomwatson #QuestionsForBernie Will you refrain from attacking the other candidates by calling them “unqualified,” “corrupt,” or otherwise attacking them? Will you run a respectful campaign?
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Cryptofascism today: The #ThinBlueLine has multiple narratives.

1. Cops keep you safe from the “others”, mainly minorities.

2. “All lives matter” dismembers the narrative of #BLM, and trusses structural racism.

H/T @bitburner
Conveniently, a common active measure for the Kremlin is to stoke racial animus in America. “All lives matter” and “thin blue line” does this in a predictable way.
Back in the Cold War, this was the racial propaganda of choice by the Soviets.
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F*ck! When does it end? ER doctors (like Toronto’s Marko Duic) not hiring women physicians for 16 years (!!) gender bias in funding, universities undervalue, underpay female academics, women get pushed out of STEMs, add in racism, sexism.... #cdnpse #WomenInSTEM
let's not forget Twitter is toxic for women. Report by @Amnesty confirmed what EVERY woman knows already. There is an abusive tweet every 30 seconds and Black women are 84% MORE likely to be targets of abusive tweets.…
It gets worse: "Racialized women had highest unemployment rate at 10%... women of colour, are more likely to be concentrated in low-wage jobs. Racialized women were 25% more likely to be working in occupations in the bottom half of the income distribution"…
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Mike Cernovich making empathic plea that Black Lives Matter #BLM however not always a fan. Section on article
More on topic of rape, Mike Cernovich thread continued.
Mike Cernovich takes aim at Eminem and Baphomet. Archive thread continued
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Many sum up MLK's views on race with the essay, "Letter to Birmingham Jail," where he rightly criticizes white moderates. But read all the sermons he gave, his essays, & books. You'll find dozens (& dozens) of examples of him framing CR movement in nonracial, universalist terms.
A few examples below.

As you read, consider how bizarre it would be to hear a #BLM
leader utter even one of these quotes.
"As I stand here and look out upon the thousands of negro faces, and the thousands of white faces, intermingled like the waters of a river, I see only one face––the face of the future."
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The "resistance"of which I speak is a multi-generational, multi-racial/cultural, multi-abled, cis, trans, queer intersectional coalition of community/movement builders, grassroots orgs & ldrs who collectively seek to advance a policy agenda to realize equity, justice & equality.
These unprecedented & uncertain times demand unprecedented organizing & mobilizing, just as we did to preserve the #ACA, to affirm #BLM, the rights of our #transgender community, the urgency of #guncontrol & so many other issues of consequence to our country & to #MA7
This weekend we celebrate the example of Martin Luther King Jr., a man & a movement which provides us a blueprint. Organize. Mobilize. Legislate. The "resistance" of today is the evolution of King's movement building work.
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