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- USA w 4% 🌎ppl has 130k=25% covid deaths
- Hospital ICUs gettin full, #healthcare wrks are overworked, understaffed & dying 🔎 @CTZebra
- CLEARLY like 🗣, ppl NOT following & govt NOT timely/strict/country-as-whole #Lockdowns #StayHome #WearAMask FAILED
130k‼My Name-Bio SAYS IT ALL
ALL MDs & PhDs 🗣their hearts-out on the SAME
I have digged all twitter (🔎 my LISTS) but couldn't find EVEN THE "death risk u guys are satisfied with" % who ARE HAPPY W WHERE WE HAVE COME SO FAR
Why trust 'em? Sample resume👇
#Covidiots #MAGAts,challenge! Add in a list #USA MDs/PhDs that agree ur ideas agnst #WearAMask #StayHome #Lockdowns
> or
who 🗣Hospital ICUs full, overworked & dying🔎 @CTZebra
Besides our "free & not follow" mindset made ALL worse
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Thread for Wed. Jul 1 2020
Happy 1st of July

Why would [D]s block a bill that stops infanticide?
BLM donations between June 1 - July 1 went to the Biden campaign for president?
Q !!
Jul 1 2020 07:11:14 (EST) NEW
Why would [D]s block a bill that stops infanticide [allow abortions up to point of birth] and does not provide new restrictions on abortion itself?
#Trump2020 Image
Modern day sacrifices!
Its about child sacrifice in order to appease the evil that they worship
$$ for parts.
We are food for them
#Trump ImageImageImage
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While I'm fully for #BlackLivesMatter, I think they're literally violating the law right now. And it's not for what you think...

I really hope I'm wrong here, please correct me as needed.

If you go to the #BLM website and choose Donate...
It takes you to the donation page. Notice that the website it redirects you to is called ActBlue.…
Now, what exactly is ActBlue?

Scrolling down on the website, the political action committee (PAC) is a "Powering Democratic candidates, committees, parties, organizations, and c4s around the country."

Okay, well, how and why is this illegal?
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This is because Democrats, the media, and the terrorists in #BLM and Antifa are smearing our country as racist, smearing cops as evil, and NO ONE -- other than Tucker Carlson -- is standing up against this.

Trump is self-involved and incoherent, and the GOP are terrorist... Image
....appeasers pushing totally unnecessary police reform.

NO ONE is defending our country against these slurs.

No one in the GOP is pointing out that the numbers prove policing has improved dramatically over the past 15 years and there is ZERO proof of racial bias.

....ONE in the GOP is speaking out against the divisive racism of woke.

NO ONE in the GOP is showing any moral leadership or courage.

We are all on our own out here as our lives are threatened, our cities are burned, our history is desecrated, our churches are threatened...
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Interesting Q post.

When I really dug into BLM Donations this is what I found... Image
BLM is not a charity organization, they are a corporation. The donate button on BLM goes straight to ActBlue.
ActBlue then sends all donations for BLM to another corporations, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation
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1/ The Trump family business was built on housing discrimination
2/ I trace the troubled history of Trump, real estate, and race here:…
3/ The story begins with Fred Trump, one-time supporter of the KKK and a developer who made it big by constructing housing in New York's outer boroughs for whites only.
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This is how a 'blue lives matter' crowd in Morris Park reacts when they hear Black Lives Matter. They're quick to expose how ugly they really are. #BLM
This guy has all the latest tropes. You can see the gears turn in his head when I mention proportionality regarding the number of white people vs black people killed by police, and then he kinda gives up and just copies the next guy yelling about Chicago.
There was seriously no shortage of these tough guys. @ChristianAmato
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Where is the GOP in the DC area? @TuckerCarlson is right, they aren't standing up to the #BLMTerrorists & #AntifaTerrorists. My buddy and I, war veterans, conducted what we call a "freedom of navigation exercise" at St Johns Church across from the White House June 28th. 🇺🇸 1/3
We found ourselves to be the only pro-America presence that evening. We implore the DC veterans community to lead and start showing up every night to confront these America haters. After all, we already decided we will die for our flag and country long ago. 2/3
We doubt these punks are that committed to their Marxist cause. My buddy and I want to thank the DC MPD for stopping these #BLM aggressors. They hate America and physically attacked us because we said the message on their sign was bullshit. 3/3 Image
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Three year old boy sitting over the dead body of his father who was killed

While three other paramilitary personnel were injured after militants attacked a CRPF party

At Model town of Sopore in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Wednesday Jun 1 morning. #Kashmir
Civilan who was shot in cross firing at Sopore area of Kashmir, wasn't taken to hospital by Authorities or Army CRPF

instead his dead body was lying on the road till he died. #Kashmir
Police walk over dead body of Muslim civilian, while he was pleading, to take him to Hospital

He wasn't taken to hospital by Authorities or Army #CRPF #Sopore #Kashmir

instead his body was lying on the road, till he died. Deliberate Murder #GeorgeFloyd #BLM #BlakeLivesMatter
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So shoutout to @swagugu for this thread re: white Christianity and #BLM I hope it’s helpful for you!
The history of Christianity is vast, but the particular American evangelical/mainline strain is steeped in #whitesupremacy.
We could begin with the doctrine of discovery and the decimation of indigenous peoples, but I don’t know that history so well, so I’ll stay in my more philosophical-theological vein. What I can say is that the distinction between saved and unsaved (heathen and Christian)...
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“From the Hood to the Hollar” we see & know Pennsylvanians rising with LOVE & Justice. Rising to build a future of collaboration, invention and abundance. Tell the TRUTH, face the past, listen, work to repair. #BLM
#Pennsyltucky 💜💜💜
Let’s start w/ Franklin PA -Venango County
Montoursville PA, pop 5000 💜💜💜👏👏👏👏 we see you! We love you!!!#Pennsyltucky #blm @weaverphoto
Sellersville PA 💜💜💜👏👏👏👏 we see you rising!! #Pennsyltucky #blm
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I am absolutely beside myself right now.
Just read a letter from the headmistress of my daughter’s school- telling me they are going to “de-colonise” the curriculum and that lessons/events will be created around #BLM
I’m attaching screenshots of letter and flyer.
I do not want my innocent child to be taught that she is inherently racist/privileged because of an immutable characteristic. I do not want black children to be taught that they are victims of white people when they live in a society that is not racist and strives to be fair.
I do not want a neo Marxist organisation to be promoted in schools. An organisation that wants to defund police and bring down capitalism.
I’m furious that teachers would entertain such a divisive and destructive element.
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Top Articles:
* The #entertainment industry is speaking out in support of #BlackLivesMatter #BLM. Will they act? - @JuddLegum #PopularInfo
* 100 Degrees in #Siberia? 5 Ways the Extreme #ArcticHeatWave Follows a Disturbing Pattern - @Portsideorg

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* 'If You Like Your #Insurance, You Can Keep It'–Until You Can't - @CommonDreams
* UPDATE: #Facebook's tipping point - @JuddLegum #PopularInfo
* On “White Fragility” - @mtaibbi

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My friend was at a PEACEFUL #BLM protest when THIS MAN decided to not only disturb the peace but also ASSAULT my friend who was recording yet NO ONE ARRESTED HIM!!!! PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD AND MAKE @RSO FIND AND ARREST THIS MAN AND HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE!!!! #norco
Im just going to add the rest of the videos to this thread!!!
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1 / 11
Someone sent me the following because of my column & podcasts on Contact Tracing:

“My brother was recently contacted by a ‘tracer’ because his girlfriend's brother-in-law, who had NO symptoms, went to a testing site and apparently tested positive.”
“They traced everyone he was near which included my brother. My brother then got a phone call telling him he was exposed, and also told him that they now have to document him as having Covid (though he has no symptoms) because he hasn't been tested.”
“They apparently did this to around 20 associated friends."

"So, because one guy was curious and tested positive [without symptoms], 21 new cases were added to the numbers. Now imagine that extrapolated across the country.”
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#COVID19 FACT:#USA has 4% 🌎ppl BUT 25%+ #coronavirus deaths inc many #HealthcareHeroes 🔎@CTZebra

#WearAMask 🚫abt elections,politics,conspiracy,control,cult,religion,slavery, agnst patriotism/rights/privacy
All🌎 doing it, #stayhome #lockdowns

FOLLOW-> ImageImageImageImage
Even in democratic India where ppl never were told or used to wearing masks, now #WearAMask w/o theories (politics, conspiracy, fake/hoax, control/slavery, cult/religion, looks/inconvenience, freedom/rights etc) as its #pandemic not #personal #choice
#UnitedWeStandDividedWeFall Image
Like all tough rules which we dont have problem with, esp at this point when having only 4% 🌎ppl but 25%+ 🌎deaths, "mandatory" is the smart thing to do.. we've seen how recommendations have worked on simple #WearAMask #WearADamnMask #WearAMaskPlease #WearAMaskSaveALife #Maskup Image
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On June 1 I started posting messages in support of #BLM on a community board my husband and I posted in my 92% white neighbourhood #DundasOn .../
Then I posted a note about my town’s namesake. Things changed.
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Roberts fails again.

Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana law on abortion clinic restrictions.…
What happened?

Yulin dog festival is torture

BUTCHERING babies alive in the womb where screams cannot be heard Liberation.

Isn't that RACIST? ImageImage
Notice all the #MeToo & #PlannedParenthood outrage over the Yulin Dog Festival?

Me either, @Alyssa_Milano.
of Babies in the Womb must be Celebrated.
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About #Pride parades during #COVID19: Stay the fuck at home.
There are other ways to advance #LGBTQplus rights that don't risk fibrosis, pneumonia, or death and don't spread the virus.
Doesn't matter if news or social media says nothing or says it's fine. Don't. Fucking. Do. It.
The same thing applies to #BLM protests. The righteousness of a cause means nothing to #COVID19. Protest on #Facebook. Protest on #Twitter. Protest from your balcony.
If you want to do damage: hack, DDOS, phish, flood phone lines, whatever—but *stay the fuck at home*.
I do not endorse hacking/DDOS/phishing/phone spam, but anything is preferable to not staying the fuck at home. Do you get what I am stressing here? *Stay the fuck at home*.
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What does it take to be sacked from the shadow cabinet?

#EnochPowell #LongBailey #Thornberry #XR #BLM #G8 #KeirStarmer #JeanCharlesDeMenezes 1/10
What does it take to be sacked from the shadow cabinet?

#EnochPowell #LongBailey #Thornberry #XR #BLM #G8 #KeirStarmer #JeanCharlesDeMenezes 2/10
What does it take to be sacked from the shadow cabinet?

#EnochPowell #LongBailey #Thornberry #XR #BLM #G8 #KeirStarmer #JeanCharlesDeMenezes 3/10
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1/ THREAD: Check out the Sunday #ProgressiveNewsDaily! 45+ articles & 40 videos, providing perspectives & opinions that mega-corporate-owned & controlled media outlets either won’t cover at all, Follow @ProgNewsDaily…
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* #COVID19 survivors could lose health insurance if Trump wins bid to repeal #Obamacare - @GuardianUS…
3/ * Government Spends More On Trump's #Golf Trips Than On #ClimateChange - @RingOfFireMedia @farronbalanced
* #Airports Are BEGGING The President To Make #FaceMasks Mandatory For Passengers - @RingOfFireMedia @farronbalanced
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CW: Rape

A Norman, OK, woman was raped in an apparent case of mistaken identity and possibly in an act of revenge against a Norman Councilwoman who voted to reduce funding for the Norman PD last week.
After the City Council vote, the Councilwoman attended protested with #BLM against the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis PD. She was arrested by Tulsa PD for obstructing/interfering with police after allegedly climbing a light post.…
After the arrest, Tulsa PD doxxed her home address. The Councilwoman was thereafter harassed on social media. Some harassers posted that they hoped she would never need police assistance.

Later, the rapist told his victim “Maybe you’ll learn your lesson.”
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