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🚫No, #Conservatism does NOT equal #WhiteSupremacy 🚫 And here’s proof…

Over the last few days, the #MSM has been conflating conservatives and white supremacists as if they are one in the same. This thread will detail WHY and HOW that is simply untrue…

🪡 👀 ⬇️

Since the #BuffaloMassacre major media outlets and certain journalist have been tirelessly attempting to tie words from the killer back to those of @TuckerCarlson 📢

The problem is these reports deliberately take words out of context, while ADDING context to imply racism…

First, a defense is only necessary following an attack 💥 Not-so-clever leftists tend to forget they are the ones fledging the assault

Next, quoting @TuckerCarlson’s words, the author attempts to ADD context, turning reference to political-affiliation in a racial attack…

3/ ImageImage
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I’ve read the 180 pg #manifesto of the #TopsSupermarket mass murder suspect #PaytonGendron

I don’t know for certain if it’s authentic but it’s consistent w what we know occurred.

I’m posting notes & quotes here👇 b/c unlike narrative-motivated #MSM I believe in full disclosure

The number of pages devoted to different topics:

Black people-10 pages
Jews-29 pages
Asians-1 paragraph
Arabs & Turks < 1 pg
Whites < 1 pg
His weapons and armor-95 pages
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The @AP has published (yet another) “hit-piece” on @elonmusk, attempting to spread widespread fear of imminent bullying if/when the Twitter deal closes… 🐦

See below how this article falls short of @AP’s mission to discredit… 🪡 👇🏻 1/9
We all know the #JRE clip, and we all know the context (Must having said he’s never smoked before…) 💨

The obsession with left-leaning fear-mongers of calling @elonmusk a “pot smoker” is laughable. 🤡

Meanwhile, the democratic fights to legalize cannabis nationwide… 2/9 Image
The @AP quotes an opinion from a solitary anonymous investment firm that thinks the @Twitter takeover is “comical and surreal”. 🥁

Using quotes from nameless entities serves to enrich the @AP’s narrative while providing absolutely zero real-world value to the reader… 3/9 Image
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There are many who know just how @RoyalFamily are the opposite to what is being said controlled by people like yourself and #MSMLies @ChrisJack_Getty who have been seen blocking and ignoring a mother for 7 and a half years leaving
mum Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743 with a body in @HaringeyToday over 7 of the worse kind of #CrimesAgainstHumanity by the #AbuseOfPower in @GOVUK, the #CorruptioninGovernment just in the past 7 years alone that we #TonisArmy have witnessed who point blank refuse to sit
back and allow the next week to be wasted without hearing the voices of those who matter the very same voices who were silenced and remained @Invisible 50 years ignored by #TheQueens @royalsociety when @ClarenceHouse #JimmySavileABritishHorrorStory continues on #socialmedia
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1/ I don’t have a huge amount of followers so any shares of this will be greatly appreciated. I have put together the information I can find regarding #beerswithkeir #BeerwithKeir #BeerStarmer #KarmaforStarmer #Partygate #beergate #durhampartygate
2/ We know that the line being taken by Starmer, Labour & supporters is that the event was investigated by police and no rule breaking was found to have taken place. But was it investigated? According to the police all they did was review the video. Not much of an investigation.
3/ We know that information regarding the event and who was there has changed since the so called investigation took place. For instance we know Starmers office denied that Rayner was there that evening.
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@LouiseSwanson @Dom_Perrottet & @smitchellmlc will use #MSM to teacher bash. public school parents know that teachers are working under terrible conditions. you have my support. i blame the broken system, chronic underfunding, outdated pedagogical model & deep societal inequities for 1/
@LouiseSwanson @Dom_Perrottet @smitchellmlc the reduction in nsw school success & the huge increase in teacher job dissatisfaction & student mental health issues. anyway, does #PISA measure real world success any more than #naplan, the #HSC or other standardised testing? it’s just a fixation for bozo’s like @AlanTudgeMP 2/
@LouiseSwanson @Dom_Perrottet @smitchellmlc @AlanTudgeMP but why won’t @TeachersFed also demand covid safety? pay rise is no good to the teachers who will end up incapacitated by #longcovid after an infection every term- as you know! screw the code of conduct! why aren’t teachers demanding WHS? 3/
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If this isn't newsworthy, we don't know what is. WHY WON'T THE #MSM WARN US that frequent #WetBulb & #HeatDome events will cause mass deaths in the #PXNW, #Phoenix, #NewOrleans, #Ozarks & poor nations in the #GlobalSouth.…
Take a look at the impacts that #ClimateChange will have on all of the United States, then ask the #MSM #newsmedia why they're not warning you about it.…
What's the deal, #FoxNews? You love scaring your viewers. Why not tell them the truth about this? Why not tell them that their property will be uninsurable unless we halt #climatechange? #MarchToTheMedia…
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1/5: NZ Russian Ambassador
.@radionz reported the Russian ambassador declined to appear before a committee to answer questions about #Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
That sounded a bit poor of him - especially the way #RNZ couched it.
But knowing Parliament unanimously voted-in sanctions the previous week - with no need to consult the Embassy - then how disingenuous & empty the summons NZ was making.
They'd already made up their minds - probably with a bit of coaxing from their US 'intelligence' friends.
Of course, the official US/Western narrative would have been *all* bias, distortion & lies.
As they did with Iraq & for *every* unjust American war - as this also is, of course.
And for Russia? Was not the justification for *their* action obvious to any who cared to inquire?
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"The Viral Delusion: The Tragic Pseudoscience of SARS-CoV-2 and the Madness of Modern Virology (1 of 5) - Behin"

#pandemic #pfizer #pfizerdocuments #mrna #vaccine #covid19 #virologists
How can anyone trust the science, if the science cannot be questioned?

Censored Science:
#Fauci #Evil #Science #Censorship #NIH #Pfizer #Polio #Covid #AIDS #VAED #BigPharma #Microbiology #Biology #MSM #Journalism
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🇷🇺Les Russes ont ils réellement tués froidement des civils à #Bucha ?
Explications et Thread !

Crimes de l'#AFU à #Bucha, dans la région de #Kiev.
Révélation d'une attaque de propagande sous #FalseFlag contre la Russie (Photos et Vidéos).

Déroulez ⏬
— Toutes les unités des troupes Russes se sont complètement retirées de #Bucha le 30 mars, et ces coups de feu sont apparus le 4ème jour après, lorsque des officiers du #SBU et des représentants de la télévision ukrainienne y sont arrivés.
— Pendant le séjour des soldats russes à #Bucha, pas un seul civil n’a été blessé.
— 452 tonnes d’aide humanitaire ont été livrées et distribuées à des civils par des militaires Russes dans les colonies de la région de #Kiev.
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I'd like to take this opportunity to thank @pfizer, #Moderna, @CDCgov, @TheDemocrats, the #MSM, #BigTech, and all the "doctors"–like Fauci, who practiced politics (and pocket lining) at a time we needed them to practice medicine–for creating this kind of mistrust. Own it!
The CDC started it all when they suddenly said the science we've known all along was somehow wrong, so they changed the way deaths related to a disease were counted. Then they abruptly changed what the word "vaccine" meant to fit the crap pharma put out.
Turns out, the numbers were constantly inflated to make them appear worse then they actually were. Even with this, and the dire predictions coming from some fraudulent Brit modeler, the recovery rate remained at a miraculous 99%+, which seemed to piss off the doom sayers.
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De berichtgeving rond #Ukraine vanuit de fake-news #MSM factory neemt steeds belachelijkere vormen aan.

Uitkleden om te checken of je eelt op je handen hebt?
Eelt op je handen maakt je een soldaat en geen burger?
doe ff normaal
Hier een filmpje van dat 'uitkleden bij de Russische controles' inclusief getuigenis van een bewoner van #Mariupol over het waarom.

Hier wat Reuters écht schrijft ;

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine, April 2 (Reuters) - As Dmytro Kartavov and his family joined thousands of people trying to flee the bombed-out city of Mariupol, one additional obstacle awaited as Russian troops sought to ...
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Good Morning & Thank You for helping me stay in touch w/Friends in #Ukraine @rafshmatko & Family where People, Peaceful People are getting slaughtered. 🇺🇦 giving Best Effort. Running out of cheeks. I had been invited to 🇺🇦 to help open a Museum Rafael is building for his Dad. 😢
The Late Great Nikolai Shmatko
King of Marble
He and I began tweeting in different languages and with a common Love of Art 🖼…
He foretold #realDonaldTrump would have 3 terms.
Nik sculpted President Trump and
First Lady Melania Trump. Beautiful work.
Remember a day when Nik would have been noticed by Media for his artwork? Instead, #MSM did not recognize his Art. 2016-already accusing Artist of being KGB??? Ukrainian Artist??! When is Art a Weapon?
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Singer Traci Braxton of 'Braxton Family Values' dies at 50… <--- Pink lipstick. Srsly, how often do women wear that? Uses one eye symbolism. Mentions light, kids. Surprised "heartbreaking" not in it. S'pose they included enough to please the Big Guy.
Another story in which (transgender) sleb is shown wearing pinky-purple lipstick. That is so distinctive, innit? (Also, what do you use to *blow whistle*? Lips, right?) Kid mentioned as well. What are the odds? #symbolism #occultelite Image
At 55, Halle Berry Shows Off Super Toned Legs in Bikini While Skateboarding in New IG Post… <--- We can be thankful she's not 52. Risky age for famous, esp in Australia. In any case, there's heart again in form of Lolita glasses. They look pink too.
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@rafshmatko @NBCNews is accusing #realDonaldTrump of what, exactly? Questioning the results of the 2020 Presidential Election?
My comments on the @nypost post.
@rafshmatko @NBCNews @nypost 60 legal challenges. 7 were thrown out. It’s legal to contest election results in USA 🇺🇸. Hilary Clinton said #realDonaldTrump “stole” the election… 4 years Later!
@rafshmatko @NBCNews @nypost Journalism is a serious responsibility. #MSM targets One Man,
President Donald J. Trump & One Woman,
First Lady Melania Trump @OfficeofMelania
Even as I express my opinion here, Will I be sniped or canceled by San Francisco based Twitter? Twitter canceled POTUS 45. ? Pelosi?
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🧵 1. Today marks the day that ‘QUEEN’ Romana Didulo landed in Cape Breton! The #QAnonCult has landed and she invited #Russia into #Ukraine 🙄 She commands Nato? You can’t make this up. Locals actually went to visit! 😔 @nsgov #antivaxxers #FluTruxKlan #UkraineRussiaWar
🪡 3. This is all that news I have been hearing about.

#QAnonCult #antivaxxers #FreedomConvoy2022 #FluTrucksClan #MSM
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What am about to detail in this thread will show you exactly how the #MSM is the captive tool of companies and organizations like #Pfizer, used for the purposes of #vaccine #disinformation, suppression of the truth, and manufacturing consent for worldwide inoculation.
Until a couple days ago, it wasn’t common knowledge that @WGRZ parent company @TEGNA had a Pfizer executive on its Board of Directors. WGRZ anchor Michael Wooten has never disclosed this anywhere, nor has WGRZ.
Prior to Wooten retweeting me and attacking me on TV, we had several back and forth exchanges on Twitter, almost strictly regarding COVID origins, masks and vaccines.

I had no idea a Pfizer Executive Lidia Fonseca sat on the Board of the company that writes Wooten weekly checks.
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1. Volgens Russische media is een artilleriegranaat vanuit #Oekraïne op Russisch grondgebied neergekomen in de regio #Rostov op 1 kilometer van de grens en op 300 meter van een bewoond gebouw in het dorp Mityakinskaya.
2. De Volksrepublieken #Donetsk & #Luhansk gaan over tot algemene mobilisatie van alle strijdbare mannen.
Een Oekraïense soldaat is gesneuveld door artillerievuur van de pro-Russische milities.
3. Volgens de Donetsk Volksrepubliek gaat #Oekraïne de komende dagen volgens dit plan de #Donbass binnenvallen en zullen er etnische zuiveringen plaatsvinden. 31.000 burgers zouden volgens @sputnik_fr al geëvacueerd zijn uit #Lugansk en #Donetsk naar #Rusland. Image
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Unconfirmed Reports of explosions & intense firefights around #Donetsk

▪️Series of massive blasts north & west of Donetsk.
@LouisJMarinelli: Things are getting real. Multiple countries have urged their citizens to leave #Ukraine & there are reports of increased artillery shelling taking place in #Donetsk as we tweet (there is always some but observers in the area say there is a noticeable increase).
Call between @thejointstaff Chair Gen Mark Milley & Chair of the @NATO Military Committee Adm. Rob Bauer Per US, they "discussed NATO's current operations and ongoing coordination during the adjustment of #US force posture in Europe"
Via: @jseldin
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'Abolish #AustraliaDay': Captain Cook statue covered in 'blood' by vandals… <--- "Blood." This like so many stories now. Seemingly isolated act by "lone wolf" vandals. MSM "reports" on it. IMO it's orchestrated (at arm's length) by #Cabal for comms.
Another blog post about allusion to hidden trade that I think has so much to do with current madness.… Image
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De berechting volgens o.a. de #NeurenbergCode wacht.

Dat is ook een grote zorg voor @MarionKoopmans.

Berechting wegens #misdadentegendemenselijkheid
Georganiseerde #angstaanjaging, hetzes, grootschalig breed bedrog.
Aanzetten tot schadelijke/dodelijke medische handelingen.

We gaan eens luisteren ⬇️

@lientje1967 en @mariannezw bij BNR over de #Coronapas #Macron-Scholz-#MarkRutte
en de Brexit.
⬆️ Study:

Most of #Vaccinated Die Because of Vax-induced AutoImmune Attacks on Their Own Organs…

⬇️ video…

#SucharitBhakdi, M.D.
#ArneBurkhardt, M.D.
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We need to go through what has taken place ignored by the professionals who failed this family, as @ukhomeoffice @pritipatel allows @IOPC_Help Mr Lovett who was the line manager to #CindyButts and Butts manager to Jennifer Gillian.

@CPSUK @MaxHillQC has been involved ImageImage
in just about everything in reference to @BarCouncilChair @thebarcouncil @barstandards @sra_solicitors #RuleOfLaw , am I correct in assuming this is the case @factchecknet?

@MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan am I to assume you meant what you said surrounding @KidsMatterUK ImageImage
as I am assuming the @EduPolicyInst would also agree it's your jobs #MayorofLondon #MaxHill #cps to ensure the @VictimRightsLaw @GoodLawProject @JolyonMaugham who had a hell of a lot to say in the @grenfellinquiry as @DLawrenceOBE has who both are a strong team
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So I finally got around to listening to @POTUS @JoeBiden's press conference this morning and have a few miscellaneous thoughts (in thread) for the #MSM: @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @CNN @MSNBC @nytimes @USATODAY @WSJ
@POTUS @JoeBiden @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @CNN @MSNBC @nytimes @USATODAY @WSJ Why do you insist on ignoring the fact that this administration has accomplished more in 1 year than any other president in history & certainly more than #TFG did in four years: American Rescue Plan; Infrastructure; Economy booming; Unemployment at an all time low; 75% vax rate.
And he has accomplished this with little to no support from the obstructionist @GOP, whose sole public policy is to cock-block everything the President wants to do to help the American people. THAT should be your story.
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New @cardiffuni research claims to show that mask wearers are more attractive than non-mask wearers.

Today, I’ll show you how dodgy data is used to influence public attitudes, & I’ll tell you EXACTLY how they do it👇🏻
So, on Thursday, Cardiff Uni published this news story on their website about a new scientific study suggesting “protective face masks make wearers look more attractive.”

It is framed around experts finding a “surprising new reason to mask up.”

Study co-author Dr Michael Lewis, from their School of Psychology, is quoted as saying: “We also found faces are considered significantly more attractive when covered by cloth masks than when not covered.”

As you can see, his profile* also lists himself as a “media commentator”.
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