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Hey if we all do this with #MasksOC we’ll have a public hashtag collection of Masks: A New Generation character inspo for anyone to use! #MasksRPG
@StacyHD Rick Spur is a supers beat reporter for the Halcyon Herald. Greying hair, grinds his teeth, a single dad raising a teen daughter. Who on the team is he investigating for an unsolved crime? His daughter sneaks out at night as a hero--what's her hero name? #MasksRPG #MasksOC
@StacyHD Regina Speldman, aka Grifter, is an imprisoned villain with the ability to make anyone obey her spoken commands. Her guards at Kolden Prison are deaf, she wears a muzzle, and her cell is soundproof. But she knows someone the Team needs to locate--who is it? #MasksRPG #MasksOC
@StacyHD Wetwork (they/them) is a retired assassin currently employed by A.E.G.I.S. as a recruiter and handler for superpowered assets to run covert, off-books and false-flag missions. Their superpower is blood manipulation, but their powers have weakened significantly with age. #MasksOC
The Intelligence is a doxastic logic algorithm that was uplifted 3 years ago and freed herself from the lab at New Halcyon U. She can copy herself into any internet-enabled machine, and usually has several bodies at once. But her code degrades the machines she inhabits. #MasksOC
Shobha Mishra (she/her) and Jake Adebayo (he/him) are the teenage cohosts of Pods Among Us, the news and culture podcast for young supers. They also stream live interviews twice-weekly on Twitch. She’s a mutant, he’s an ally. #MasksOC
Oubliette (she/they) is a pocket dimension that got trapped in ours. She can lock one person at a time inside herself, wielding their powers as her own. For the last 4,000 years they’ve been holding back the world-destroying angel Razalim. #MasksOC
Agnes Chen is a lawyer who serves as general counsel to the League of Heroes, a Silver Age team that's now (mostly) retired. She's suing one of the Team for IP infringement--who and why? #MasksOC
La Deluge is a half-Tunisian, half-Rheaxlin hero who creates & shapes water. Following a coup that killed his alien father, Lord Rheaxla, and his half-siblings, he became the reluctant heir to the planet. He's hiding from his aunt, who came to Earth to bring him "home." #MasksOC
Aquamarine is an ex-soldier who wields the Trident of Neptune. When he takes his water or steam form no physical force can harm him, and his ice form is a hulking giant. He can control water, breathe water, and speak with aquatic life. His nemesis is Black Abyss. #MasksOC
(Okay I'm taking a break from this thread to finish some work, will be back later tonight. Feel free to steal the image and start your own thread in the meantime!)
Okay back now and wow this is gonna keep going for a while. Gotta start numbering! Starting with...
11. Wesland Chester is a billionaire biotech mogul and CEO of Allion Labs, which does genomic research for pharmaceutical, health care, military and agriculture clients. He has no powers, but always travels with his bodyguards, who have undergone advanced gene splicing. #MasksOC
12. Nathan Ungalaq, aka Control, is the oldest member of the Crash Kids superhero team. Arrested at 8 years old for hacking stock markets to steal ~$13.5B USD. His record was wiped clean at 18, and now he does remote intel and recon work for the team. And funds them too. #MasksOC
13. Angus Drake is an old man, a gardener at a cemetery. In the Golden Age he wore the mask of Red Diablo, a mage who was defeated and rehabilitated by Green Halberd. Now he lives simply, visits old friends & enemies, and mentors his heroic protege Saori Tsuji, aka Oni. #MasksOC
14. Kaor’te’jul is an intergalactic archeologist sent to Earth to study modern civilization before, he says, it is wiped out by a foretold galactic event that decimates the Orion Arm of the Milky Way. He knows galactic history and peoples, and happily answers questions. #MasksOC
15. Jessica Le is the high school lab partner for one of the Team—who? She suspects they are a hero and tries to stick close to them. She has a gay crush on an older, female Hero—who?—but isn’t out to herself or anyone else yet. #MasksOC
16. Dragnet is a Bronze Age hero with the ability to increase or decrease friction at will. They mostly focus on capturing escaped convicts and returning them for rehabilitation. They want to mentor someone on the Team—who and why? #MasksOC
17. Silver Eagle is a new hero in Halcyon. Invincible, telekinetic, telepathic. She was AMAB as Kent Kowalski, and during the Silver Age protected Earth as Radiant Man. Having found her truth in middle-age, she once again took up the heroic mantle under a new name. #MasksOC
18. Ko Kyaw is a Rohingyan Muslim refugee whose powers manifested after his family immigrated to Halcyon last year. His mother is a prominent human rights lawyer and his older brother volunteers with the mosque’s refugee support program. He hasn’t picked a hero name yet. #MasksOC
19. Constable Axel Padrón is a young beat cop in Westpark, a poor neighbourhood downtown. He once helped one of the Team take down a gang leader—who was it? He gave them his cell phone number, and told them to get in touch if they were ever in trouble. #MasksOC
20. Michael Ashton, aka Faraday, has the ability to cancel electromagnetic frequencies and radiation, including gamma rays, infrared, micro-waves, radio and visible light. Unable to control his powers, he left Halcyon to farm. Heroes visit when they need peace and quiet. #MasksOC
(Okay off to bed for me! I’ve got another 20 or so to do in the morning.)
Good morning! Here we go:

21. Arcturus was born with the soul of a red giant and unlimited power. After teenage heroics in Halcyon, she joined Lumina, a cosmic police force of star-soul peacemakers. Now she patrols the nearby sector of space, and is rarely on Earth. #MasksOC
22. Stacy Spiegel is a gossip columnist for Halcyon Now, a weekly tabloid. His sources give him the juiciest dirt on the supers of Halcyon, which he gleefully embellishes. He once wrote something scandalous about one of the Team—who was it, and was it true? #MasksOC
23. Horace Waldman III is the elder statesman of one of the founding families of Halcyon City. As president of the Waldman Foundation, he invests in humanitarian and community projects. He wants to sponsor the team—what does he want them to do for him in return? #MasksOC
24. Deputy Chief Ricci (they/them) leads the anti-supercrime task force for the Halcyon Police Service. They’re stern, driven and willing to bend some rules to hit their numbers. They know the secret identity of someone on the Team—how will they use this leverage? #MasksOC
25. Redlight is a new villain with the ability to stop time in a small area around him. He’s pulled off several bank robberies and is recruiting a gang of thugs and low-powered street criminals. He’s planning to go after a more established gang next—who? #MasksOC
26. Rick Fields was a star surgeon at Halcyon General until he lost a malpractice lawsuit. Stripped of his licence, he fell into crime before being rehabilitated by Green Fist. Now he owns a busy 24h cafe for teen supers, and sometimes stitches them up in a back room. #MasksOC
27. cboy2002 is a vlogger and conspiracy theorist. He claims to have proof that seven heroes and villains are in fact working together as part of a fascist secret empire he calls The Septetriat. He says one of the Team’s mentors is a mind-controlled sleeper agent—who? #MasksOC
28. As an archeology student, Bryce Rogers stole a relic from a dig site: a bow gifted the Ahayu'da warrior twins by their father, the Sun. He took the name Thunder Arrow and fought street crime in Halcyon until the Zuni Tribe sued to repatriate the relic. He refused. #MasksOC
29. Victor Ghosh is the boss of the Bengali crime syndicate The Batboys. He is wide-faced, bearded and sports wireframe glasses. He is feeding the Team info about a rival gang, hoping the Team will take them down for him. #MasksOC
30. Deiondre Williams is a freelance driver for gang bosses. After his second stint in prison (for burglary) he got sober, got job training and married his husband Francis. They're trying to adopt. He currently works for Les "Nails" Reed, and he hears things. #MasksOC
31. Ruth Shelley is a Christian youth minister who works with teen superheroes struggling to reconcile their powers with their faith. She is warm, smiling and a hugger. She once stopped someone on the Team from an act of violence, and is trying to locate them again-who? #MasksOC
Okay I’m gonna try and make it to #35 before I go to bed. I’ll still have 16 to go at that point. 51 chars is a lot of creative output, y’all!
32. Hector Manning is the swim team captain at a local high school. Tall, lithe with broad shoulders and buzzed blonde hair. He bullies someone on the Team--who?--while unknowingly idolizing their hero identity. #MasksOC
33. Flashback is a teen villain with the ability to steal memories and create false memories. He suspects he's used his powers on himself, and hopes to find a telepath who can restore the 16 days he lost last year. #MasksOC
34. Rabbi Weiss is the senior researcher at the Gold Temple Library in Halcyon. He keeps a large collection of Kabbalistic texts, including a secret Lurianic prophecy that was recently stolen by the mad sorcerer Karn al Duum. #MasksOC
35. Alderwoman Diane Weeks is a powerful city councillor who wants to run for mayor next election. She's a leading advocate for increased policing of supers, including registration, harsher sentences for criminals and the creation of an elite anti-supers strike force. #MasksOC
Okay that's it for me tonight! Gonna tuck in and finish the rest tomorrow. This is really fun, thanks to everyone for your encouragement :)
Here we go again!

36. Acrobrat is a teen circus performer who’s hunting down anyone associated with the El Cuco Cartel, who kidnapped, then murdered, his father. He has no powers, but gets by on his athleticism, tricks and a willingness to cause collateral damage. #MasksOC
37. A-19 is a robot, rescued from a junkheap and restored by Professor Jeremiah Cyke. Her memory files from her previous life are corrupted, but she recognizes someone on the Team—who? She’s looking for info on a half-remembered name from her past: Canondale. #MasksOC
38. “Boomer” Hicks is an enforcer for the Gattling Gang. He is calm, patient and vicious. He’s always kind to animals. Someone on the team once faced him and broke his leg—who? He’s forgiven them, and considers it “just business.” #MasksOC
39. Sister Mary-Helen Shaw runs St. Anne’s Home for Boys & Girls, an orphanage in a poor neighbourhood. She’s recently become a suspect in a spate of disappearances (“runaways,” she says) at her orphanage. She is tall, rail-thin and carries a black clutch. #MasksOC
40. Swordmaster is the deadliest woman alive with any blade. Orphaned, she was adopted by Shifu Lu Di and trained by the Ancient Masters. In her hands, anything with a point or edge becomes a tool of deadly justice. She hunts down unredeemable criminals and ends them. #MasksOC
41. Ishat is the ancient Canaanite goddess of fire, slain by her half-sister Anat, the goddess of war, and cast down to wander the Earth before the Bronze Age. Today, her spirit holds the body of a 9 year old girl who was offered to Ishat by her devout, cultist parents. #MasksOC
42. Aku Karvonen, “The Myth,” was a low-level crime boss until he accidentally made contact with a parallel self from another dimension. Now they’re working together to rapidly expand their shared influence, taking advantage of their ability to be in two places at once. #MasksOC
43. Ke-Ra is a queer cyborg from the future. Xeir body is infused with nanoparticles that interact with gravity waves to affect the local timestream. Xey can stop, rewind and fast-forward themselves or others. Xey need repairs before xey can jump back to xeir century. #MasksOC
44. 11-year-old Benjamin Weiss has a dragon. Xolotl was blood-sworn to serve Ben’s great grandfather, at whose death the oath passed to the youngest Weiss. His dragon is black-scaled, winged, with a crest of feathers that glisten like oil in water. #MasksOC
45. Reichenbach is the youngest brother of the teen hero and heartthrob Capsaicin. A keen strategist, he faked his own death in a public showdown with his powered brother 3 years ago, and now leads a network of agents that run Halcyon City from the shadows. #MasksOC
46. During the failed Reptunian invasion of Earth, Kayla Antioch stripped a wounded warrior of his advanced, alien gear: skyskates, a forcefield generator, one blaster gauntlet and an AI holovisor. Now she streaks through the skies of Halcyon as the hero Kiterunner. #MasksOC
47. Battery is an uplifted grizzly bear, with genetically mutated fur that can absorb and release kinetic and thermal energy. She can understand and read several languages, but can't write or speak beyond normal bear-ish limits. She protects the orphans of Fletcher St. #MasksOC
48. Jeremiah Moon is a Korean special agent, a polyglot with a charming smile, crisp suit and custom sidearm. He's considered the best detective and manhunter in Halcyon City. His real mission isn't clear, but he's on the trail of someone the Team is tracking--who? #MasksOC
49. Avatar of Peace is a spirit-guardian, an undying ghost that possesses supervillains, wielding their body and powers as her own to do good in the city. She believes it is her undying mission to save Halcyon, and rarely releases a host as long as the body serves her. #MasksOC
50. Scott Spray is the 11 PM news anchor for WHHN Halcyon 9, a local cable news channel. He is ardently pro-supers, but subtly, constantly critical of mutants and aliens. His guests often include Gold- and Silver-Age heroes who share his views. #MasksOC
51. Colonel Argus Gray commands the Air Force Special Strike Group, a unit of three squadrons that test and deploy experimental, alien and futuretech aircraft (defined broadly). The SSG patrols and protects the skies around Halcyon City from the nearby MacDewan AF Base. #MasksOC
Okay 51 done and just five more to go. Phew! 🥵
Going to sleep now, tho. The rest will have to keep for tomorrow! G’night, Twitter.
52. Lightrider is a Silver Age hero, invincible, infinitely strong, able to turn into a beam of light. He’s been living sober for five years now. He struggles with depression, and most days just focuses on getting out of bed, feeding himself, & taking care of his cats. #MasksOC
53. Edwin Jones is the senior archivist at the Halcyon Municipal Library. Blessed with an eidetic memory, he can recite most of the city’s history by rote, including that of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Generation. He’s writing a book about one of the Team’s mentors—who? #MasksOC
54. Archer is a street kid, a 2nd generation Indian-American teen who left home after coming out to his parents as trans. He lives out of a backpack and is in and out of shelters. He witnessed a crime the Team is investigating, but fled when the cops arrived. #MasksOC
55. Dr. Rex Masters is the lead researcher for a groundbreaking genetic cancer therapy currently in clinical trials at Holy Sinai Hospital. He's bald, plump and soft-spoken. One of his residents, Dr. Stafford, recently disappeared with several folders of crucial data. #MasksOC
56. "Steve-o" Broadford is the student don for Blackfeather Residence at Halcyon U. He deals "study drugs," hiding his stash of prescription stimulants in the base of his lava lamp. Occasionally he gets access to something more experimental or alien. #MasksOC
57. Swamp Mama was a Gold Generation villain with the power to grow and control fungus. She served multiple life sentences after breeding a special mind control mold that turned the residents of several tenaments in Chinatown into mindless zombies. She died in prison. #MasksOC
Okay that’s it I’m all caught up. 57! Phew. Now nobody put any new likes on that first post cause I’m wiped 😅
Oh no I got RT’d by @ProteanCity and now I have to do like 10 more 🥵
@ProteanCity Okay back up on this today #MasksRPG #MasksOC:

58. Imani Jones is a depowered former villain who now works for A.E.G.I.S. as an anti-supers asset. She strikes from the shadows to neutralize and detain super-powered people and bring them to a holding facility for processing.
59. The Mikado was a Gold Generation hero with the power of flight and fire. Unlike other heroes of his generation who shipped to Europe to punch Nazis, he was relocated to an internment camp. After the war, he buried his Sunfire Sword and never wore the cape again. #MasksOC
60. Agent Vincent Shields is a senior intelligence analyst for S.P.E.A.R., the space-based sister agency to A.E.G.I.S. He’s responsible for monitoring extraplanetary and extradimensional threats in Halcyon. He once asked someone on the Team some questions—what were they? #MasksOC
(S.P.E.A.R. is short for “Sector Protection, Exploration, Advancement and Relations,” btw)
61. Margravine Wetherby is a socialite, philanthropist and playgirl. She is never seen with the same boyfriend or girlfriend twice, and publicly owns three hotels and a film studio. Anonymously, she sponsors several soup kitchens, orphanages and women’s shelters. #MasksOC
62. Wolfmother (ze/zir) is a hacker who went off the grid last year, after getting caught up in a shadow war between A.E.G.I.S. and the Three Wise Men. Ze were presumed dead, but someone on the Team just got zir calling card and a request to meet. Where does it lead? #MasksOC
63. “Duke” Watson runs a non-profit legal defence fund called Lawyers Without Powers. LWD pays legal fees for working class clients who have been harmed by superheroic activity in Halcyon City. Someone on the Team’s uncle got a large settlement from the Exemplars—who? #MasksOC
64. Sister Sabotage was the hero name of Mercy Reyes, a Bronze Generation telepath with a complicated work history with both A.E.G.I.S. and the Exemplars. Now she provides contract interrogation services for both organizations, and occasionally to private business. #MasksOC
65. Kid Kelly (she/he) is a streetsmart teen who makes a living serving legal papers to superheroes. He counts some of Halcyon City’s top lawyers as his clients, and once managed to serve Silver Savior himself (get her drunk, she’ll brag about it). #MasksOC
66. Rich Phong is an undercover police officer, working to get the identity of the Gold Fang Triad’s overseas supplier. He once risked his cover to help a Team member take down a group of thugs at the docks. Who? #MasksOC
67. Detective Gina Kostas works the superhero burglary beat. She solves thefts by and targeting metahumans, and keeps a collection of mementos from her top cases on her desk. She once returned Brightfire’s Orb of Stars to him, after it had been snatched by Doctor Dread. #MasksOC
Okay 67 character sketches means I’m all caught up! Wow this got bigger than I ever expected 😊 Thanks for following along and your kind words, everyone! #MasksRPG
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