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my friend @ArmlessKittyfox gets straight to the point: all Christians, at some point, have to take a measure of responsibility in the general crimes and destruction wrought by Christianity. Christians have so far *fled* from their own extremists. they've shown no courage.

there used to be a hashtag, #NotAllChristians—it got ridiculed and abandoned, for "Not All Christians" is never a standard that's applied to Islam or other religions, nor to the "ideologies" that right-wing Christians like @MattWalshBlog and @DouthatNYT purport to oppose.

the attitude of such fascıst Christians is that all "Islam" (or all "gender ideology") is accountable for the actions of a few extremists. yet Christianity is far FAR more fruitful in creating violent extremists, and those extremists enjoy considerable police backing.

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okay, time to wind down.

incidentally we've been watching the 2006 documentary film "Jesus Camp" intermittently today. we've only watched forty minutes so far; it's upsetting material. right-wing #Christianity is an upsetting thing to deal with; just ask the *victims*.

@dalepartridge, whom I've given special attention this day (the feast day of St. Agnes—but that's just a coincidence; also it's #NationalHuggingDay) might be attempting to console himself with imagining that I'm a mere vengeful *victim* of right-wing Christianity. I'm not.

I'm an apostate #Catholic whose personal experience of Catholicism was in fact rather mild and not without its positive qualities...though there was also a lot of sadness and disappointment. I wanted to reach out to God. I reached out and felt...a void. mournful emptiness.

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I heard in the ether that there was a Facebook group called "Christans Against Dinosaurs". So, I searched for it out of morbid curiosity. Please join me on a tour of the oryctodromeus hole I fell down. First, what I understand is the OG group.🧵 1/15
In response to the Christian threat the Dinosaurs have formed their own Facebook Group. Apparently the Dinosaurs outnumber the Christians 4:1. I am concerned that there may not be enough Christians to feed all the Dinosaurs. Hopefully, most of them are herbivores. 2/15
The Battle Royale is now in progress! Move over lions. The Christians have a new adversary entering the arena! The Raptor Resistance. 3/15
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cool, maybe be more concerned w cleaning your house than protecting The Brand

bc y'all still *benefit* from Christian hegemony same as white people all benefit from whiteness whether we want to or not, and you can't dismantle it if your primary concern is protecting Xtian rep
Like, this was literally the 1st QT of the thread with all the Christianity in the Jan 6 failed coup

not "hey, fellow Christians, we have work to do"

not "hey, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and other non-Christians who might be terrified, I'm with you"

nope. just a #NotALLChristians
and I could pull out a dozen more examples without scrolling that much

Christians are way more concerned that we might not revere them as unquestioned avatars of good

than that *we have to be afraid that they might kill us*
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PSA: I often point out that Christianity is a diverse tradition with MANY different theologies. Not because I'm #notallchristians, but because treating it as monolithic traps vulnerable people who don't want to leave their faith in damaging sects when there are alternatives.
There are Christian churches where LGBTQ+ people are respected, loved, and celebrated. Where abusers are held responsible and abuse victims aren't expected to forgive and forget. Where women are leaders & their autonomy is respected.
But if your hot takes say "Christian" and mean "this type of Christian" you contribute to making abusive theology normative. Don't let any one group "own" the title Christian and thus give them legitimacy.
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