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Attending Masses in a Franciscan parish was one of my last stops before reluctantly taking a break from Roman #Catholic communal worship. I had a fairly high opinion of this order. 1/

This #lenslouse priest is not particularly adept at RC theology, & I believe lacks the sophistication to see how dangerous his misogynist & white suprenacists takes really are. in other words, he’s not malevolent — he’s just not that bright.
3/He’s also a raging Narcissist & half-a-trad (Opus Dei flavored, is my guess). Please #Catholics, report these manchildren !
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I’m digging into (reading about) the Carmelite nuns & the hysterical man-baby bishop story. I’m doing so as I reread & write about the Maryland AG ‘s report #ClergyChildRape & #ClergyAbuse In Archdiocese of Baltimore. 1/
2/Over & over again in this MD AG report there are guys who went to Catholic rape rehabs two & three time & were never publicly outed. Families were never alerted re: these perpetrators histories when bishops cycled them back into ministry with children.
3/The story of these nuns may never come out. The talk the “adultery” of one is shocking, b/c one rarely (save, perhaps #Catholic ‘Grindr-gate’) ever hears of a bishop moving to slap a big red “A” on the back of a sexually active cleric.
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“In a plea agreement he signed ahead of his scheduled June 20 trial, Father Jackson, 68, a priest of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), admitted to a single charge of receipt of child pornography.” 1/…
2/“Father Jackson’s supporters rallied around the priest after his arrest, contributing tens of thousands of dollars for his defense.”
3/Let us notice that it appears these supporters rallied behind this guy even after the cache of porn made via #ChildRape was found on his computer.
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1/8 There seem to be a lot of misconceptions re: Freemasons.

It’s fascinating how instantly people jump on the bandwagon to hate them while crying “use discernment!” and “open your eyes and wake up!” - w/o applying the same principles of wisdom to this topic.

Let’s explore…
2/8 “What the #pope actually said was that the #SalvationArmy, the #Baptist church, the #Buddhists, and the #Mormons—in fact, every member of the human race who was not a Roman #Catholic—was part of the “kingdom of Satan.”

(All quotes from “Born in Blood” by John J. Robinson) Image
3/8 “What the pope actually complained of was the separation of church and state, but once again, we’ll let the pope speak for himself, remembering that when he uses the word church, he means the Roman Catholic church only:” Image
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I've been talking privately to some people in #Catholic media about this event; I'm grateful to those who have reached out to discuss it.

This is Coffin's Hope is Fuel conference. I want to say some things about it publicly, from my own #Jewish perspective on #antisemitism.
Firstly, what is the event? It is an online series of videos put together by former Catholic Answers podcast host Patrick Coffin. Coffin is a public figure and influencer in right-wing Catholic discourse. You can read OSV's survey here:…
I don't have a view on Coffin being a sedevacantist, which is the issue driving much of the Catholic commentary. I don't have a view because I think it is generally inappropriate for those outside of a community to comment on internal theological and doctrinal issues.
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the Duggar Family (@duggarfam) are an infamous family of Christian extremists who were superstars (with their own TV show!) of right-wing Christianity for a time. they're still stars; they still keep up their grifting activities, posing as ideals of Christian parenting.

(cont'd) partial screenshot of the Google page that results from sear
right-wing #Christian grifters, in general, have worked for *decades* at the pretense that they're ideal parents. @MattBruenig's terrifying wife, @ebruenig, is one such grifter; @MattWalshBlog exploits his family for his fascist propaganda; they are two among myriads.

there's a lot of money in it, for one thing. right-wing Christianity and entrepreneurial money-grubbing are inseparable activities: just about *every* prominent American #Christian is someone dedicated to _worldly success_. they're politicians, pundits, business moguls.

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Like too much the @USCCB does this is contingent on a limited, 20th century US historical understanding.

Embalming didn't become widespread (for everyone) in the US until the 19th century. Embalming was available earlier of course, variably...…
...through history technology and other factors limited its availability. The earliest Christians used no embalming, mirroring the customs of their place and time (no conference of bishops issued a statement, Christians disposed of human remains as those around them did...)....
And, I am saying: historically speaking, MOST buried Christian bodies have composted, certainly, and a statement like this one abt #Catholic disposition of bodily remains @USCCB is possibly ONLY if one's theological understanding is conditioned by recent history to the...
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Passiontide—the last 2 weeks before Easter—starts with Vespers on SATURDAY.

With that mind, let’s take a Scriptural refresher of our aim during Lent, using the verses that the traditional Benedictine office uses at each hour throughout the holy season #Catholic (1/6): Image
“Cry, cease not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their wicked doings, and the house of Jacob their sins.” -Isaiah 58:1 (from Lauds) (2/6)
“‘Be converted to me with all your heart, in fasting, and in weeping, and in mourning. And rend your hearts, and not your garments,’ saith the Lord Almighty.” -Joel 2: 12-13 (from Terce) (3/6)
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1/ It came to me very clearly while writing about the #consistentethic and #Catholics this morning.

The consistent ethic, on one view, sought to join what we might call 'sexual morality' to 'social morality,' our concern abt #abortion to other issues.
2/ Bernardin hoped a call for consistency would bring together these strands of what the #CatholicChurch teaches us.

The divisions that would thwart him already existed in 1983 when he proposed the consistent ethic. But there would be other problems.
3/ Following the cues offered by JP2's curia (to a lesser degree JP2 himself), US #Catholic bishops went a different way emphasizing sexual morality & #abortion as a preeminent priority while claiming the consistent ethic unpersuasively & keeping social morality in the backseat.
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Aliens and Religion: Catholic Edition Thread 🧵

Taylor Marshall (note: he is in impaired communion with the Church) claims UFOs and aliens are demons. But what does Catholicism teach?…

#CatholicTwitter #catholic #ufotwitter #uaptwitter
here are divisions within each faith and sub-groups of faith, but there are growing voices in more conservative branches of Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism that believe UFOs are demons. Image
The trend is an outgrowth of John Keel's thesis from Operation Trojan Horse, which pointed out that encounters with aliens match stories of historical tales of demons and other supernatural creatures. They come across as either outright evil or liars.
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I am not a #Christian; my friend Chara (who writes at @KrisAtLarge) is Catholic—albeit a heretical one—but I am no "believer". as I've said, I tend to leave religion to others.

all the same, it's tough *not* to have opinions about #Christianity—we're inundated with it.

in the United States especially, right-wing politics—which infallibly promotes an extremist and hyperpoliticized form of #Christianity—pours enormous effort and money into publicizing #Christian political demands.

@GOP politics and Bible-bashing are practically the same.

in fact, it seems like *all* public spokespersons for Christianity in the U.S. are political figures. #Christian @GOP politicians and activists and corporate executives proudly proclaim their purpose in public office to be the promotion of "Jesus" and "faith" and "values".

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there's a legalistic definition of "sanity" that runs something like, "sanity is when a human being can tell right from wrong".

in other words, "sanity" in this legalistic view is equated with *morality*. to be "insane", by this rule, is to be incapable of moral behavior.

there's many reasons why I myself detest this equation of sanity with morality—in general, the demands of Western "criminal justice" have exerted an insidious corrupting influence upon #psychology and #psychiatry, warping them into tools for oppression and incarceration.

but the chief problem with "sanity = morality" is that it's absurd and contradictory. one may be insane and still moral; one may be sane and immoral.

and it's *this phenomenon* I wish to discuss here: the sane, immoral person. the @dalepartridge, the @MattWalshBlog.

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there's a famous novel that amounts to a scathing indictment of reactionary #Christian values. those values are shown to be incompatible with a free and happy society. instead they lead to grinding toil, squalor, surveillance, and violent punishment for trivial heresies.

I refer of course to George Orwell's novel "1984", in which #Christianity plays a fascinating role. it's not *absent*, even though the leaden tyranny of "Big Brother" is nominally atheistic. in "1984", Christianity creeps round the edges—and it's a tool for the oppressors.

let's start with Carrington, the undercover "Thought Police" officer who tricks first Winston Smith, then Julia, with his imitation of a dotty curio-shop owner.

Carrington plays his part superbly. probably he's genuinely fond of his junk store, even though it's a "prop".

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oh right. I was going to say something about "God"—the being whom right-wing Christians seem to worship, the "God" who seems like so much *smaller* a thing than a truly omnipotent Creator—and how He's a demonstrably loyal friend to authoritarians and bloodstained tyrants.

#Christianity was permanently warped by its growth medium—the authoritarian and bureaucratic structures of Roman rule. Rome was a harsh and brutal state; "Western civilization", #Christian civilization, continues to imitate the tyrannical Roman model to this very day.

not once has "the West" ever lost its fondness for rule by absolute monarchy. right-wing blowhards like @DouthatNYT and @MattWalshBlog reflexively fall at the feet of every military strongman or corporate dictator or @GOP politician in whom they sense Great Man potential.

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okay, time to wind down.

incidentally we've been watching the 2006 documentary film "Jesus Camp" intermittently today. we've only watched forty minutes so far; it's upsetting material. right-wing #Christianity is an upsetting thing to deal with; just ask the *victims*.

@dalepartridge, whom I've given special attention this day (the feast day of St. Agnes—but that's just a coincidence; also it's #NationalHuggingDay) might be attempting to console himself with imagining that I'm a mere vengeful *victim* of right-wing Christianity. I'm not.

I'm an apostate #Catholic whose personal experience of Catholicism was in fact rather mild and not without its positive qualities...though there was also a lot of sadness and disappointment. I wanted to reach out to God. I reached out and felt...a void. mournful emptiness.

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(1/23) This thread is mainly addressed to my #German followers, but it could also be interesting for those who always wanted to know how Germany could become the most culturally leftist country on the European continent. Accordingly, this thread is a #political #commentary by me.
(2/23) It is about the historical personality of the first post-war chancellor, Konrad Adeneauer. I also would like to finally dispel a myth that still plagues German conservatives, by which I do not mean recationaries, but all those who do not want to destroy their own country.
(3/23) This myth is the myth of the "good old", #50s and #60s, #CDU (Christian Democratic Party) and the question of what role a post-war #Germany could have played if #Adenauer and his party had not made completely wrong decisions about essential political directions.
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Busting a myth promoted by #Catholic missionaries about Bharatnatyam.
British seized the temples and called Bharat Natyam dancers as "temple prostitutes".
A small thread today busting the secular, catholic and colonial narrative. Image
In 1910 British Government banned the performance of Bharat Natyam in the temples as an assault on the indigenous culture and push for mass conversions into Christianity.
The supposed reason for banning was the effort of a missionary organization which started anti dance movement in 1892. As per the petition made by the missionaries, Bharatnatyam is " debased erotic culture of slavery to idols and priests." Image
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#Catholic Saint Thread, 6th January; André of Montreal, born Alfred Bessette, Saint André of Montreal was revered for his miraculous healings. Illness followed André throughout his life, such that he was once rejected from the Congregation of the Holy Cross due to his frailty.
1/ At the insistence of the Archbishop at the time, he was later accepted, taking the name Brother André. The greatest focus of Andrés work in the church was to care for the sick and he quickly became known for his miraculous oil healings.
2/ André was deeply devoted to Saint Joseph and would often recommend prayer to Saint Joseph to those who came to him for healing. His popularity as a healer grew over time, to the point that he received tens of thousands of letters each year from those seeking cures.
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incidentally, this issue to which I allude in my little analysis of one of Jordan Peterson's diagrams—this issue of where Daughters are supposed to come from, if there's only one Father who only wants a Son—is central to the fundamental *absurdity* of #Christian monism.

the scheme is oversimplified to the point of inanity—so fixedly insistent upon the primacy of masculinity to the point that there's *no room* for more than token representation of femininity, as one sees with reactionary expulsion of the Blessed Mary from #Christian canon.

even the #Catholic Church, the Church of the @Pontifex, would rather not that Catholics talked too loudly about the Blessed Mary. they've guiltily permitted some folk worship of Mary, in various aspects—otherwise their dour, manly faith would have had little mass appeal.

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THREAD; John Nepomucene Neumann. Born in Europe to German/Czech parents, John Nepomucene was named after the patron saint of Bohemia and was destined to enter the church. #Catholic
1/ The Austro-Hungarian government suspended ordinations, however, so in 1836, John emigrated to the United States in order to undertake missionary work.
2/ He was ordained within three weeks of arriving Manhattan and joined the Redemptorist Order - the first American priest to do so - in 1842, meanwhile preaching to fellow immigrants in New York State, Pittsburgh and Baltimore.
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Thursday, January 5th, 2023.

In Memoriam, Pope Emeritus #BenedettoXVI #BenedictXVI.

#Catholic #Christianity ✝️🛐☦️…
Psalms 23:1-3 (KJV) The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

✝️☦️ #PopeBenedictXVI #BenedettoXVI #Catholic
Psalms 23:4-5(KJV) Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod & thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
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THREAD; Elizabeth Ann Seton, Widow & founder - Patron Saint of Catholic schools, seafarers, widows, loss of a child or parent, Shreveport; Louisiana and the State of Maryland.

How many of American #Catholic Twitter know about Elizabeth Ann Seton?
1/ Elizabeth Ann Seton, regarded as creator of the US Catholic parochial school system, Elizabeth Ann Seton is the earliest born of the American saints. Elizabeth was raised in a wealthy Episcopalian family, and married a merchant when she was 20, raising five children.
2/ She became involved in charitable social work and set up the Society for the Relief of Poor Widows and Children in 1797 but her husband suddenly became bankrupt and then she herself was widowed.
Read 5 tweets's the interesting thing about @MattWalshBlog's fascɪstic desire to want armed government thugs doing crimes against anyone who doesn't meet up with Walsh's (or @bindelj's) rigorous standards in "biologically correct" clothing and deportment. it's a fascinating thing.
it's this: @MattWalshBlog is an admitted paedophıle. oh, he wouldn't put it to himself in *exactly* such terms, but he's been a stout defender of #Catholic priestly paedophılia, he's defended other known paedophıles like @joshduggar, and he talks eagerly of impregnating children.
@MattWalshBlog KNOWS that he's exactly the sort of person whom he spends his public career making noise about: he's someone who wants to have sex with children.

and he thinks he has an answer to this problem, a *cure*—institute violent government punishment of "perverts".
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1/ I am alert to the insistent appropriation of "ideology" as a sort of tell here. It signals a lack of confidence that I think insidiously nags #Catholic bishops on #gender identity questions. It poses them with a problem. Spare me a moment to say why.…
2/ It comes to this—the science is becoming quite clear that #gender is understood best as 2 clusters of characteristics we draw from, not a strict binary. We often draw characterictics from both clusters even if one clearly predominates.
3/ This view is supported in multiple peer-reviewed studies by reputable scientists in reputable publications. Gender is part chromosomal and part in utero hormonal, and this has consequences for our development: it is part of how we become who we are.
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