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Jerusalem/Yerushalayim has been the Jewish Nation's Capital for over 3000 years.

Jews have prayed TOWARDS and prayed TO BE IN #Jerusalem for millennia. No other peoples pray towards Jerusalem.

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Shalom. Salam. Peace.
  #JerusalemDay #aCityUnitingAll
Ever since King David established #Jerusalem as the United Capital of the Tribes of #Israel in 1003BC, & Solomon made The Temple home to the Ark of the Covenant, #Jerusalem has been the focal point of love & yearning in Jewish spiritual life.

#JerusalemDay #aCityUnitingAll
Sadly catastrophe struck the Jews in 721BCE when the Assyrian Sennacherib destroyed the Northern Region of the Kingdom. 10 of 12 Tribes of #Israel were scattered.These Lost Tribes form the basis of todays Jewish diaspora

 But he never took Judea! #JerusalemDay #aCityUnitingAll
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Seems I lost a Tweet. That's okay, we'll try again. Go on a 5-minute adventure with me (You'll be glad you did). After that you'll want to share the adventure with your friends for sure. Pretty eye opening stuff.…

#Christians #WWG1WGA #believe #RT
Strongly recommend everyone have a read, especially those of you that are religious. The war may be on and you may not even be aware.

#QArmy #QAnon2020 #WakeUp #believers #Christian #pastors #preachers #Teachers #follow #AllInThisTogether
Didn't think it would do well to put a BREAKING THE UNITED NATIONS IS BEING CONSULTED BY SATAN AND HERE IS THE PROOF headline on it....
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[THREAD] on #Western #XRW #foreignfighters in #Ukraine war as @FightExtremism publishes my report on the issue 2day. Main Q: what it takes to become such a fighter? Who are they? Here I will summarise the main findings for your convenience. Link:… 1/ Image
2/ I began researching this back in 2014 – when I saw this clip with #France #foreignfighters on #DNR #LNR side of the war in #Ukraine. I was surprised, to say the least.… Image
3/ As it turns out, a few hundred #Western ers with #XRW convictions travelled to fight in #Ukraine on EITHER side. Many had known each other from before the #war in #Ukraine.  Below is a map of the main mobilisations for the war. Note the scale of the #Russia n for BOTH SIDES. Image
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Developing #ChineseVirus vaccine

Developing #TablighiJamatVirus
Contrast in Media Coverage #AntoniaMaino

Learn. Share. Act. ImageImage
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When #COVID19 has pushed so many to think about what (being at) #home means:

Special issue on home in Norwegian #anthropology. Edited by Broch & Bratrud @UniOslo_NorLab.… Image
In "Revisiting Kitchen-table Society: Bilateral Tensions in the Nuclear Family" Runar Døving @hkristiania discusses the tensions between the desire to be a modern, autonomous and neolocal nuclear family, while still receiving diverse forms of help.… Image
In "Two different homes – Children about shared residence" Lidén and Kitterød @ISFnytt analyze the cultural significance of children’s practical work of creating a home following their parents' divorce.…
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#Islam #Muslims Let me tell you an interesting story today! SubhanAllah! Allah SWT works in different ways! In US there are many organizations who r working towards making people aware what real Islam is & for better understanding between communities of different faith like, 1/n
Christians, Jews, and many more. This was very Important step since after 9/11 tragedy many were wondering what #Islam is and why would #Muslims hate Americans (That’s no true) so many interfaith groups were started, and #DiscoverIslam was started to 2/N
This helped a lot in building bridges in between communities and opened up the opportunity for world to understand what real #Islam is because like in #India there are hate groups against #Muslims everywhere, there is a toll free number, people can call & ask questions about 3/N
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Sayed Mousa Alsadr said“One of the most important objectives behind the plots that struck Lebanon was to destroy the form of coexistence and national unity in Lebanon. When coexistence is targeted by a plot, the symbols of coexistence will definitely be the first to be attacked."
On February 19, 1975, fathers of the Saint Louis Capuchin Cathedral in Beirut was the first time in the history of #Islam and Christianity that a Muslim cleric was carrying out a #Christian religious rite and that was Musa as-Sadr!
In his speech during the civil war he said:
“We have gathered for the human being for whom religions came; the religious which were of the same origin, and each promised the emergence of the other, and acknowledged each other.
Every bullet that is shot at a Christian town is as if it is shot at my home, heart, & children."
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1. You can tell a lot about a person by what they “like” in their Twitter feed. For instance, I’ve learned my sister-in-law is a sour individual. And she doesn’t realize her behavior (& many like her) is partly the reason my husband & I don’t want to attend a #church anymore.
2. Here’s the thing. Your actions reflect further than you think. Some of us truly do love #God but the last few years have been hard on us. We struggle watching those who spew EXTREMIST right policies and then marry it to your #Christian beliefs.
3. We watch you say #abortion is wrong but then scream bloody hell about #government assistance for keeping that child. We watch you scream that the #economy is more important than human life. We watch you like posts the #God I have a relationship w/ would never agree with.
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1. Let's start another thread. This one will be on the topic of evangelizing #Protestant people and trying to bring them to the #Christian faith

This I think can help a lot of cradle #Catholic apologists when arguing with those outside the Church Jesus built
2. The VERY first thing you have to understand is that the protestant heresy is FOUNDED upon the sin of pride and a refusal to obey.

THIS is the heart of the matter and what you must attack in your discussions. Everything else is ancillary
3. Trading #Bible verses to show them that their religion they've created is contrary to Scripture will NOT work unless you expose the fact that everything they believe is NOT Scripture, but their fallible INTERPRETATION of Scripture.

This is key
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From an outsider, it looks as though i pick on the collective #Christian but that is not correct. i proudly & boldly say That i am a Christian when asked or talk about Jesus.

i give the term "Christian(s)" a hard time Not2 mock them but to provoke them, to spurn them, to be a..
thorn in their sides but mostly2 encourage them2go back2 when they 1st Loved God. i Want them & the churches to engage, i want them to Ask themselves - is this me or my congregation? Is this what i c in myself or in my flock? Are we speaking for Truth to the community, city..
county, state, nation by our actions/deeds/creeds? Is there evidence to support or refute the answer above?

Sometimes, we need an outsider to do a constructive criticism in order for us to grow & mature. Not to lose sight of who we r but to invigorate us on this journey..
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"Breaking: Chinese War Against The United States"

1/There is a horrific story here but the Mockingbird Media has clearly decided to ignore it
News around China decodes a Chinese silent but colossal war against America on 5 different platforms, if not more…
1-There are reports about a Chinese pedophile ring, tied to some names in America.
2- There are verified rumors about Coronavirus build in a laboratory in China.
3- Evidence of Chinese censorship & propaganda in American media including major news channels & newspapers.
4-Evidence of some American universities run by Chinse government.
5-Probable cooperation between the Chinese government & high-profile American elites & billionaires.
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What's "straight-up NOT #Christianity" is #Antisemitism.

#Jesus was a Jew who led a Jewish movement. People called him "rabbi": "Then an expounder of the Law stood up to test Him with a question. 'Rabbi,' he asked, "what shall I do to inherit the Life of the Ages?" (Lk 10.25).
The #Jesus Movement was a #Jewish movement. When Rome arrested Jesus for treason, he named his brother James & his best friend Peter as its new leaders. Paul never met Jesus, & he had a very different take on Jesus's teachings than the people who'd known & followed him.
Paul visited Jesus Movement leaders in Jerusalem. It didn't go well. Paul hit the road, taking a Jewish movement far outside the bounds of Judea.

Q 1: Will you become a Jew like Jesus?
Ans 1: You want me to cut off the tip of my what?
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2-For me it is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN?
"The whole political sham since 2016, the Russian Gate, Pee Gate, Ukraine Gate, and the impeachment theater were not played just to entertain you but to hold the ground for Crooked Hillary to run again."
2-"The political establishment couldn’t afford to lose and when they lost the Presidential “seat”, they kept sticking to the Presidential “ground” and the false hope that they will obtain it in four years."
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Fun little thread on #Christian apologetics, this one specifically about #Atheism and the request to "prove" God exists.

First thing that needs to be addressed is what I'd meant by "prove"

What many mean by prove is to give scientific evidence for God. The person asking for this is not a serious person.

Science is the study of the material universe. God is not part of the universe, and is not material. Science is unequipped and unsuitable for such a task
What you CAN look to is philosophy. Good philosophy can lead to much truth, especially truths that are not material.

So let's take a look at one philosophical exercise that can shed some light...
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Until I saw #COBRA trending, I had forgotten about this lovely bit of #Christian #charity from #moneygrubber #zootsuiting @JaySekulow.

I have mentioned being #fired by #Sekulow less than 5 hours after identifying myself to my employer, @ACLJ, as #gay.
You can read somewhat about that circumstance, and some of the reasons why you should scrub your whole body after shaking hands with #Sekulow can be found here:…
But, as to #COBRA, when I was fired, @ACLJ and its greasy ca$h maniac, #Sekulow, was required by law to provide me with 90 days of access to my health insurance plan.

To purchase that insurance would have cost me approximately $1800.00 A MONTH.
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1-I wrote this book in Apr 2019 to fulfill my duty as someone who knows. It's not about selling books but leaving footprints. It is on U 2 B informed & inform ppl. U can't forgive Urself as the #Agenda2030 is already in action. Bushfire is the tool to evacuate & possess Ur land.
2- "From Agenda 2030; An Imminent Danger To Humanity" All Rights Reserved.
“Sustainable development” is the UN’s fingerprints & its weapon 2 establish its final NWO. It is hypnotically repeated using NLP technics AKA Neuro-Linguistic Programming 2 print on our subconscious mind"
3-"Many international docs including the UN & the EU’s R based on a disaster which will happen in the future & 2 “protect” ppl against this disaster, blueprints like agenda 21, agenda 2030, global governance 2025, etc, are written as a constitution 2 govern “after” this drought"
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1. For me #Christmas is the story of a baby being hunted by evil in the desert. @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump was threaten by evil and stood aside allowing @RTErdogan to unleashed an ISIS/Al-Qaeda horde on people of N&E Syria including the last Christians. #MAGA Trump will be famous:
2. The American president who was complicit in a #Christian genocide. People who speak the same language Jesus spoke. At least Trump won't be alone. He'll be listed with the Evangelicals and Catholics who also stood, silent. @Pontifex @CatholicBishops
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The impeachment plan was orchestrated in 2016 by Media Matters (Podesta, David Brock & Alefantis or the "character assassination squad") right after the election.
This great research never gets old.
1-This is my Christmas gift 2 U.
Trey Smith has done a great job unfolding Kim Clement 2014’s prophecy on President Trump’s impeachment by attaching his prophecy to the statements and clips related.
2-Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Lindsay Graham & many more are featured in this video. For any reason, twitter doesn't let me upload any pic or video, so I am not able to upload the vid in shorter pieces as usual.
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#MerryChristmas to all my friends of the Christian faith & those celebrating the birth of #JesusChrist.
I'm sure #Iran will be free in 2020 and we can celebrate a special #Christmas in Iran for all Iranians, including our dear Christian community.
God Bless you All.
During this holiday season, please don’t forget #Iran’s #Christian community. #Christmas #HumanRights… via @HeshmatAlavi
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Al Sharpton, who has never had a church, already sold the body of Christ for 30 pieces of silver and then some. He is a charlatan and is a miserable excuse of a human being. #Christian
He can barely speak. Please!
More heretics.
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Some things that REALLY need to be cleared up about #TheNativity #Nativity #NativityScene and the #Christmas story


1. #Mary was a consecrated virgin to the Lord. She was a handmaid (Psalm 116:16) who served in the Temple while young.
2. She had finished her service there, and #Joseph and she married, but were never going to consummate the marriage. She was dedicated/consecrated to God. It was a Josephite marriage for their mutual benefit and protection.
3. This is why Mary is confused at the #Annunciaton, when the angel told her she would conceive a son. She was a young, healthy married woman about to enter her husband's home. Mary wasn't dumb. She knew how babies are made. Yet she's confused about how she'll have a baby.
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New report. Everyone interested in #Israel should read it.

@amnesty @AmnestyUK found to display atrocious levels of unacceptable bias.

1000,000s of posts logged. Dozens of Amnesty accounts followed. months of careful research.

link to report at bottom of this thread.
There is bias evident at every level of Amnesty. From social media activity to official campaigns.

Amnesty's receruitment policy is disgraceful and has destroyed them from within. They take on hard-core partisan activists and then pretend they are human rights campaigners.
There were numerous accounts found to have made unnacceptable posts - calling for Israeli Arabs not to vote - supporting terrorists - telling others to lie - giving advice to Hamas - calling for the end of Israel. There is nothing 'impartial' about any of it.
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May 19, 2017 #Balcony appearance

🔶#JulianAssange last seen prior arrest
🔶4 months after Trump's inauguration 1/20/17
🔶5 months prior to Q's first post 10/28/17
🔶Sweden rape charges dropped aft 7 years

#Q1596 Did we find this location?
Utah is my guess. Not definitive, but it makes sense. Good place to keep server(s) and sources.

JA in the news?
Think JC.
Server unlocks SR.
MS_13 (2 187'd nearby) phones unlock command & control.
ETA (estimated).
It has begun.
June 11, 2018 Server brings down the house!

Q is this man free? Is he safe? If he isn't, can you help him? He is a hero.…

What recent news came out re: SR/JA/WL lawsuit?
Back in the news.
The 'server' brings down the house.
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