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1. Tertullian observes, that the sanctity and purity of the manners of the Christians was a sufficient motive to stir up the rage of Emperor Nero,
#FirstMartyrsOfTheChurchOfRome #EarlyChurch #Christianity #Jesus
2. himself an avowed enemy of all virtue.

He took the following occasion to discredit them: The city of Rome had been set on fire, and had burned nine days, from the 19th to the 28th of July, in the year 64. During this horrible tragedy,

#RomanEmpire #History #Emperor #Nero
3. Nero came from Antium to Rome, and seated himself on the top of a tower upon a neighbouring hill, in the theatrical dress of a musician, singing a poem which himself had composed on the burning of Troy. The people said he caused fire to be set to the city

#Iliad #Troy
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Since it’s Jean-Paul Sartre’s birthweek and #Christianity is trending on Twitter, here’s a little thread about why Martin Luther King, Jr. thought Sartre was wrong about freedom. But first, a photo of Dr. King’s note card on existentialism ⬇️: 1/
In his well-known account of his ‘pilgrimage to nonviolence’, King claimed that Protestant liberalism and neo-orthodoxy both left him dissatisfied: “each represents a partial truth”. Existentialism, he wrote, “in spite of the fact that it had become all too fashionable, 2/
had grasped certain basic truths about man and his condition that could not be permanently overlooked.” It got some things right, offering insight into finite freedom, anxiety, ambiguity. But early on in his “serious intellectual quest for a method to eliminate social evil,” 3/
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Right wing Christians are having an Epiphany in America. This blew my mind. #Christianity #Republicans #Democrats #American #America #WWG1WGA #BlueWave #MAGA #Terrorism
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#Hinduism through the evil eyes of #LeftHistorians.

First of all, there is no such religion as #Hinduism. This name was coined by Britishers.

In this Thread, I’ve tried to bust the lies of #Communist Historians to malign the Sanatana Dharma using facts and evidences.

(1/21) ImageImage
🔸Our philosophy is 5000+ years old and is about the universal truth - Sanatana Dharma that all mankind should aspire for.

It is the oldest religion in the World.

The #Sanatanis have never been a proselytising race. #PanditNehru went on record to admit this.

It has existed from Ancient times, even before the advent of proselytising religions (#Buddhism, #Christianity and #Islam).

Unfortunately, we have always been taught the #Left version of History. which has always been Delhi-centric and anti-Sanatani.

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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Similarities between The Two Messiahs!

Hazrat Jesus (as) first Messiah
Hazrat Ahmad (as) second Messiah

#MessiahHasCome #Christianity #islam #AhmadisAreMuslims #messiah @alislam @muslimtv @muslimsforpeace
The 16 Distinctions Mirrored in Both Messiahs
1. Both are Promised Ones:
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Confused about the threat of #Christianity? No problem! A short thread in the simplest words to help you have an idea about the filth that they are.

“Christianity is as much a religion of love as Islam is a religion of peace”

Christianity is just an empire. Instead of directly conquering lands, they conquer souls. This way they own the lands of these conquered/harvested souls no matter who is in power. These conquered souls are loyal to them and hunt for more souls to conquer. A virus.

The new world – The Americas and Australia.
While the sword of European armies committed genocide on the natives, the evangelists who were hand in glove with these armies attacked the native thoughts and ideas just to spread this virus.

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Discovery = finding or identifying a thing/law/instrument for the first time, which already existed.

But, "Discovery" has its roots in "Papal Bull Inter Caetera" which was issued by "Pope Alexander VI" in 1493 & known as "Doctrine of Discovery". Image
"Bull Inter Caetera" is same as "Fatwa" of a Mosque & is issued by The Church.

This "Doctrine of Discovery" allowed "a spiritual, political & legal justification for colonization & seizure of land not inhabited by Christians." Image
This"Doctrine of Discovery" idea, supported the dehumanisation of those living on the land & their dispossession, murder, rape & forced assimilation (conversion).

This doctrine fuelled the "White Supremacy" among the White European Settlers. Image
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Tribulation Thread
South Austin Barbarshop gives a homeless man named Jeff a haircut and shave for always cleaning up around the shop.

1 min mark Jeff says the homeless are getting micro-chipped and warehouses being built to house ppl
The barbarshop conversation was published Nov.29/19

Probably took place within 2 weeks prior to that.

Either way, before even #China knew about #coronavirus

Those who are not religious it's called the Mark of the Beast in the #Bible

Bible New testament
Revelations 13:16
The Great Tribulation:
Bible prophecy pinpoints numerous events that take place.

•The Mark of the Beast
A global digital currency to be on microchip with personal id and records inserted into the human body.


•A Globalist Government
(New #world Order)
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The Supreme Challenge of #Christianity is how to summon the courage & the audacity to accept a Gift of incalculable value 4 which there is absolutely nothing whatsoever we can possibly do to earn, or deserve. This is an affront to the pride & will of man, as intended by God.
In & through Jesus Christ as an expression of the love of God in the human domain, we are presented directly & unambiguously with an idea or precept that would never have occurred for the life of us not in a million years!

Still, our ego struggles, wants to get a handle on it..
Maybe we can set ourselves up as an authority, & grab up the Bible as a shield & as a weapon?
Maybe we can run away, claiming our unworthiness to receive such a Gift as this, while secretly preserving our pride in a false humility or spiritual piety?
Or, if not of that works..
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In this, the holiest week for Christians, I'd invite people to focus on only one "Corona" or Crown. The Crown of Thorns worn by Christ on the cross. He was crucified, died and was buried. On the third day he rose again and is seated at the right hand of the father...#coronavirus
He died for OUR salvation. Focus on love. Fear is NOT of God, it's of the enemy.
2 TIM 1:7 For God didn't give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control. #EasterAtHome #EasterSunday #easter #Christians #Christianity #Easter2020
Courtesy Janet Revon Grillot ⤵️⤵️⤵️on Facebook 🤗 Image
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The Lily White Church ⛪

“Southern conservatives discovered that they could preserve white nationalism through a proxy fight for Christian Nationalism."

— Chris Ladd

#BlackConservatives Pastor Jeffries with his mentor the late Southern Baptist pastor, W.A. Criswell (1909–2002).<br />
<br />
-- Pastor W.A. Criswell" src="/images/1px.png" data-src="">
"Why the NAACP has got those East Texans on the run so much," he said, "that they dare not pronounce the word 'chigger' any longer. It has to be 'cheegro.'"

-- Pastor Robert Jeffries with his mentor the late Southern Baptist pastor, W.A. Criswell (1909–2002).
“For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.”

— Yeshua,

The Middle Eastern Jewish Founder of “The Way,” later called Christianity ✝.
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The In-depth Story Behind a Climate Fraud
Dr. John Robson investigates the claim that 97% of scientists, or "the world's scientists" agree that #ClimateChange is man-made and dangerous.

Frans Timmermans (#pvda ex-staatssecretaris BuZa 2007-2010).
Frenske hield ook vol dat 97% vd wetenschappers het eens waren over globalwarming 🤣
Echte wetenschappers vegen de vloer aan met de @PvdA onbenul 😉

The Communist Party USA has supported every Democratic candidate for US President from Roosevelt to #AlGore and avidly backed its support for the Democratic Party representatives of big business.
Communist Agenda Behind Climate Change Movement…
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Gus Hall (1910-2000): Stalinist operative and decades-long leader of Communist Party USA
At WWII’s end Communist parties throughout Europe either entered or supported bourgeois governments, blocking the working class to deal with a fascist system.…
American working class embarked on the sit-down strike movement 1936-1937, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) gave further evidence of its usefulness to capitalism by helping to keep this explosive movement tied to the Democratic Party and within the bounds of the profit system.
The Communist Party USA has supported every Democratic candidate for US President from Roosevelt to Gore and avidly backed its support for the Democratic Party representatives of big business.
Communist Agenda Behind Climate Change Movement…
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What's "straight-up NOT #Christianity" is #Antisemitism.

#Jesus was a Jew who led a Jewish movement. People called him "rabbi": "Then an expounder of the Law stood up to test Him with a question. 'Rabbi,' he asked, "what shall I do to inherit the Life of the Ages?" (Lk 10.25).
The #Jesus Movement was a #Jewish movement. When Rome arrested Jesus for treason, he named his brother James & his best friend Peter as its new leaders. Paul never met Jesus, & he had a very different take on Jesus's teachings than the people who'd known & followed him.
Paul visited Jesus Movement leaders in Jerusalem. It didn't go well. Paul hit the road, taking a Jewish movement far outside the bounds of Judea.

Q 1: Will you become a Jew like Jesus?
Ans 1: You want me to cut off the tip of my what?
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Popular Hindu Myths
1. Hindus more progressive than Muslims
2. Hindus more open to reforms
3. Hindu reforms took place under Nehru
4. Not burning widows alive a major reform
5. Pakistan wiped out its Hindu population
6. India is a secular country
7. Hindus are secular by nature
Pop Hindu Myths
8 Indian institutes protect constitution
9 Muslims live under tyranny of fatwa
10 Muslim women need Hindu saviors
11 Strict laws bring swift social reforms
12 Pak is epitome of evil
13 India is d best place for Muslim
14 There's nothing like Hindu terrorism
Popular Hindu Myths
15 Hinduism not religion but way of life
16. Caste is past
17. Hinduism is inherently tolerant
18. RSS is cultural organization
19. India overpopulated due to 15% Muslim population
20. Hindu women has more right & freedom compared to Muslim women
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1/10 In this #USIran conflict, we need #FijiMedia #PacificMedia to run analysis pieces dissecting what it means for us in the islands. Our ignorance is frightening. Analysis on the following in layman's language for all people would be greatly appreciated:

1. #History of #PacificWars - e.g. the world wars and their legacies to articulate generational impact.

2. History of nuclear activity and its impact on island/er(s).

3. #Militarisation in the region and #Demilitarisation efforts over the years.

4. US military bases in the region and the risks we face as a result (Asia-Pacific).

5. #USIran conflict implications on future of #ClimateChange efforts - particularly important because the few small victories we've had as a region have been hard-won.
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The Black American Church vs. Eurocentric Christianity

A church birthed fourth out of the wildfires of slavery and #whitesupremacy becomes one of the oldest institutions opposed to racism in the world: #TheBlackChurch


"Satan, Were Gonna' Tear Your Kingdom Down"
"If it has come about that today The Black Christ; has to be led into the field against The White Christ; by a young black poet, than a deep cleft in the church of Jesus Christ is indicated."

-- #DietrichBonhoeffer

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1/ Fun fact from today’s Islamic History lecture @UniofOxford: the Khazars, a nomadic people from the S. Russian steppe, converted to #Judaism in ca. 9th. Here, a Khazar coin based on an Islamic model swaps “#Muhammad is the Messenger of God” for “#Moses is the Messenger of God”!
2/ Specifically, the Khazar king and his court are said to have converted. This model of top-down religious change happened all over the late antique and medieval worlds, but is most commonly associated with #Christianity and #Islam (not #Judaism!)
3/ The other great example of state conversion to #Judaism is the kingdom of Himyar in S. Arabia. The conversion was so thorough that after 380, pagan inscriptions disappear, replaced by inscriptions with Hebrew/Aramaic words (shalom, amen, kanisat) & names (Isaac, Judah, Joseph)
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Thread: The Mausoleum of Diocletian, constructed during the Emperor’s lifetime to house his remains after death; strategically placed at the heart of his palace-fortress in Split, Croatia, c.305 AD. #Roman #archaeology #architecture #Croatia
The first emperor to voluntarily abdicate the throne, Diocletian enjoyed a short but peaceful retirement at his purpose-built palace where he famously tended to his vegetable gardens. He died in 311 and was laid to rest in an elaborate porphyry sarcophagus in his great mausoleum.
The Emperor's remains were desecrated during invasions of the 7th century and his sarcophagus destroyed. Ironically, considering Diocletian's Christian persecutions, his mausoleum was consecrated as a Cathedral in 653; with an exquisite Romanesque style bell tower added in 1100.
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Is the Biblical Exodus fact or fiction?

A compelling case is provided that exodus is a historic fact: The Bible, Geology & Archaeology are telling the same story. Christianity is evidence based. #SundayThoughts #Christianity #Science (1/18)

Did all it happened as a result of massive geological event triggered by nothing more than nature?

Or were the earthquakes, volcanoes and the tsunamis caused by divine intervention when God decided to free a nation from slavery and forge a new covenant with humanity? 🤔 (2/18)
Key events:-
*Reign of Pharaoh Ahmose
*the Exodus
*the Santorini eruption = ~1500BC and the 10 plagues and the parting of the sea induced as a result of the same

Evidences presented:-
*Ipuwer Papyrus
* 1986 disaster at lake Nyos, Cameroon,
*archaeological findings, etc. (3/18)
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The colonial encounter
between Europeans and Africans
did not always end with Europeans triumphing.
Either at first, or later.

Thread # is #Africanarchive
Check out this fascinating moment
in the history of
colonial encounters between Europeans and Africans:

From 1557 to 1632,
#Jesuit missionaries from Portugal and Spain
endeavored to convert the #Ethiopians
from their ancient form of #Christianity
to Roman #Catholicism
After fifty years of failing to convert Ethiopians,
the Portuguese sent a new group of Jesuits to Ethiopia in 1603,
including a priest named Pedro Paez,
whose diplomacy and sympathy for the
tenets of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
enabled him to convert the emperor.
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Local politics are getting strange...…

... the comments are even crazier.

#witchcraft #citycouncil #texaspolitics #antifa #antiLGBTQ #christianity #witches #FridayThe13th

👆 yes, all these hashtags actually go with this madness.
Some interesting people are showing up in the comment threads as well - Former #Austin City Council-member Don Zimmerman (and current founder of the Travis Co. Taxpayer’s Union PAC)

#AustinCityCouncil #PAC #CedarPark
Splash in a little violence directed at #antifa ...
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