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A person who disseminates propaganda is a propagandist.

Propaganda itself is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view....That's what GOOGLE says, & I agree.
Look at that picture again:

Picture A: BREAKING NEWS...A vehicle ALMOST crushes a smart phone.

Picture B: BREAKING NEWS...A vehicle crushes a smart phone.

Picture C: BREAKING NEWS...Smart phone survives the accident.

Truth about PICTURE A: Vehicle did not ALMOST crush any smart phone.

Truth about PICTURE B: Vehicle did not crush any smart phone.

Truth about PICTURE C: Smart phone did not SURVIVE any accident.

Truth about PICTURE D: There was NO VEHICLE in the first instance.
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PRESUMPTION by @AishaYesufu

Good morning Sis,
Few people tweeted at me yesterday & today when they saw your thread #DontBeLikeBuhari & the continuous toga #Incompetent #Inept #Clueless
I have a little time to earn #BMC N30K now🤣
@AishaYesufu A few days ago, after waiting for 2 days & I noticed that you were not forthcoming to my request, I tried to put a few thoughts in my heart together, not to proof any point, it's just an avenue to raise our level of discussion concerning #ProjectNigeria👇

@AishaYesufu Responding to your thread will never mean that you are completely wrong & will never sweep under the carpet the reality of a few stuff you raised under the leadership of @MBuhari as @NGRPresident although, I think it could have been said in a more decent manner. We are different!
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Think deep & try to reason out the call for #RevolutionNow maybe we can have at least a good tenable excuse, I still don't see one.
As far as I'm concerned with AVAILABLE FACTS, this is the season of #BuharisReformation
Who are the people against #BuharisReformation and which class in the society does Buhari even belong to?

The #EliteClub of the #RulingElites are against him.
The pompous paper solution educated folks are against him.
The downtrodden supporters of LOOTERS are in also. WHY?
On this platform & others, I've seen deliberate effort in place from time to time since 2015 to rewrite history by media houses & their ANALYSTS with big big grammar.
They keep saying IRONICAL words of "the worst is better than this good".
I dare any of you to mention that past.
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Dear @elrufai,
I know this will reach you & I hope you will read it because, it is very important. Please tell @MBuhari that, we the Northerners are his everything whether he likes it or not.

This time around we will never allow & forgive him, if he tries to sideline us like he did after the 12 million votes we gave him, out of the 15 million he got in 2015 elections.
Please tell him that, My southern brothers should not be sideline even though, they didn't vote for him. In democracy, everyone has the right to choose the candidate that will best represent their interest & that's the beautiful aspect of it.
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I am for #PMB #nextlevel #4+4=2023, This is just a short story on the Amaechi's audio clip. Listen to this tape carefully with your minds wide open, this tapes goes as far as telling you how much corruption has eaten deep into the Nigerian system, from publicity sector:
(the press) cause there's no more go home funds 'ghana must go' each time they visit a state house or federal house as it used to be before that they were always handed fat envelopes each time they get an audience with past administrations, but i tell you my brothers and sisters
its for the betterment of the nation, you are not wailing alone, we share part of your tears too but if its for my coming generations to have a better future then let me wail with you now for i know a day will come we will all smile again;
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The era of Seiyefa, appointed by Osibanjo as Acting DG of DSS in August, ends.

#PMB rather prefers Yusuf Magaji Bichi.

This new appointment appears to lend credence to the belief that certain ethnic 'blood' is required for certain security positions in this era of 97% v 5%.
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What did the Owerri women do?

They asked about the whereabout of Nnamdi Kanu!

Those who deserve arrest are #PMB who has some explanations to make about the whereabout of Nnamdi Kanu,the police that #PMB uses & #Okorocha on whose silence the women are being incarcerated.
Nobody has seen Nnamdi Kanu.

According to art. 7 (1) of the Rome Statute of d International Criminal Court, enforced disappearance of persons can constitute 'crimes against humanity'.

Between #PMB, #Okorocha, the police & the arrested #Owerri women, who then deserves arrest?
3 elements of enforced disappearance according to the UN:
(a) Deprivation of liberty against the will of the person concerned
(b) Involvement of government officials, at least indirectly by acquiescence;
(c)Refusal to disclose the fate & whereabouts of the person concerned”.
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Look at the defence of the FG to d allegation of poor infrastructural development in the SE: 'we spent N16.67 billion in the SE out of the N100 Sukuk bond'.

Is the entire capital spending of the FG N100 billion?

Are the SS & SE allergic to new railway lines like other areas?
Why is connecting Lagos with commercial hubs like PH, Aba, Onitsha, Nnewi, Calabar via rail not a national priority NOW (I mean NOW) like the equally important Lagos to Kano corridor?

Nigeria is diverse & this should be reflected in d citing of national infrastructural projects.
You all remember that in his new year broadcast, #PMB says that soon we will have Kano to Niger Republic rail line. But has the FG, as once pointed out by The Guardian, 'connected all cities and important towns in Nigeria to a railway network that serves the nation’s economy?'
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Poor or non-connected people have not hope in this country - God forbid!

#PMB's ministers and officials 'usurps' scholarship offered by China to Nigerian students.…
*have no hope
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Someonr is lying.

#PMB says dt d National Assembly slashed money meant 4 Enugu airport terminal from N2b to N500 million.

But Sen Abaribe & SE lawmakers say dy dont know who & when d cut was made bc they actually lobbied dt d N2b be raised to N3.5 but a #PMB minister said no.
What really happened?
@DoubleEph observes: 'Just a few weeks ago, Hadi Sirika & d Enugu .. governor said the contractor for d Enugu airport terminal had been paid N1.7b & d balance of N300m will be paid once d budget was passed. NASS cut d Enugu airport budget from N2bn to N500m'
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